Is SwagPay SCAM? Yes, 100%!

SwagPay Review

If you are seeing people splashing their referrals links all over the internet, and wondering is SwagPay scam, I can say with conviction, the answer is a firm YES.

Welcome to my SwagPay review.

This newest platform has been making its rounds just this month, it is in fact a brand new site, playing the part of an old scam. Scammers buy new website domains ever so frequently. As the previous ones become notorious, they have to keep changing up the names to lure in unsuspecting victims.

Join me in this honest and in-depth review of SwagPay, as I walk you through all the red flags on their platform, so that you can see for yourself all their blatant lies.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

SwagPay Review Summary

Product: SwagPay


Creator: Unknown

Product type: influencer website

Price: free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : Absolutely NOT

SwagPay is another one of those scams, I have seen too many of these. They lure you in with a signup bonus and other easy ways to make lots of money. What they really do is to harvest their members’ data, to be sold to third party advertisers.

Completing those tasks on their site makes these crooks more money, while doing nothing for your bank account. At the end of the day, they will not pay you.

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Read on for the detailed review of SwagPay, and why I call it scam.

What is SwagPay

To find out what is SwagPay, let’s first take a look at its website.

swagpay home page

It claims to be an influencer network, where you get to make money using social media, earn $10 to $15 by inviting friends, $2 to $5 for every person that clicks on your link, and make $500 to $1000 today!

It really does sound enticing. But when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

It gets better:

In the video on its home page, they claim that you can earn $30 for each task that you complete. This also means that everyday, you can easily make hundreds of dollars just by spending a little time using this SwagPay platform.

Doesn’t that mean everyone can quit their regular jobs and simply focus their time and energy on making SwagPay work for them?

Now, let me show you all the huge red flags, so that you understand why things are not as simple as they seem.

Huge red flags on

Unrealistic potential earnings

The huge promised earnings itself is already a big red flag waving at us. If it is free to join the platform, where do they get the $25 to give each and every new member who signs up with them?

Yes, they claim that advertisers are paying them. And they share those ads revenue with their members. But the advertising industry does not work with that kind of figures: $25 per person? Nope, it’s much too out of this world.

On most legitimate GPT (get paid to) sites, they pay you a percentage of your referrals’ earnings. This is because they want to reward active members who spend time on the platforms to complete tasks.

If you’re lucky, you may find a GPT site that pays you an upfront fixed fee per referral that you bring in. $2 per referral is already bringing it a little far-fetched. $25 per referral like on SwagPay, that makes it an obvious scam, because no one can possibly pay this much.

The numbers do not add up on SwagPay

In their FAQ, they claim to have been in business since 2005.

Then further down on their home page, under ‘SwagPay Stats’, they say it’s been 7+ years in business.

You see, the numbers just do not add up.

The biggest joke is still on them. When I ran a check on their domain, it turns out that their domain was very newly registered, on 23 June 2019.

swagpay domain

They are just slightly more than a month old, at this time of writing, and they have the cheek to claim they have been in the business for 7+ years, just to appear credible and cheat your trust for them. It’s a disgrace to humanity.

No official email address for contact or support

Would a company that has paid out over $10.2 million to its members have no official email address for members or even the public to contact them by?

All they have is some messaging system, that they will never reply.

They will never pay you

After all has been said and done, the bottomline is always about whether the platform will actually pay out when you try to withdraw your earnings.

And this is something I am sure about. SwagPay will never pay out to anyone, because they can never live up to those huge earnings promised to people.

So when you try to cash out, be prepared to be met with some eerie silence, or they can just as easily slap you with a notice that your referrals are of a fraudulent nature, as they are suspected to be bots and not real people.

Then you will get your account terminated, and banned from getting on there ever again, after they go scott free, having obtained what they want out of your joining the platform.

What do they really want out of you?

You may be asking, how do they scam you when you have not paid them a single cent, when the membership is free to join?

Well, these days, scams come in many different forms. They do not have to cheat you of your money.

They can cheat you of your time, your trust level among people you know (as you unknowingly refer them to this program), your personal details, etc.

SwagPay is a malicious data harvesting scheme

All they want is your data: your name and email address when you first sign up.

This information is going to fetch them a high price, as they can show buyers that people on their list are all interested in get rich quick schemes.

And you will be receiving lots of spam in your email inbox, for promotions that you never opted in for, selling you products, software, programs etc. that are going to make you that $1K within the first week.

Such nonsense will not work, because life is simply not like that. To succeed, you’ve got to put in the hard work. But to sell such an idea will be pretty difficult, as nobody likes hard work.

However, get rich quick schemes will sell like hot cakes. Because that is what everyone likes. So those useless stuff are what you will be receiving, in the hope that you keep on falling for it, time and again.

It is also the exact reason why so much emphasis is placed on getting you to refer others onto the platform. The more people that join as their members, they more data they are able to sell.

Do not complete those tasks found on SwagPay.

Depending on the nature of the tasks, some may require even more information from you, like your phone number, or mailing address, or birthdate, etc. If you provide these details, you will receive even more spam, like unsolicited phone calls, flyers through your mail box, and more.

Others may task you to download certain apps or programs, which can possibly contain viruses or malware. We won’t be able to predict the intent of these people, as we do not think like them. So it is safer to just steer clear of the site.

Thirdly, there may be some harmless stuff that you are encouraged to click on, to earn for yourself. When actually, those could be PPC (pay per click) advertisements, where the owners behind SwagPay earn when you help them click on those. And they are not going to share any part of their revenue with you.

There are many legit GPT sites out there

There are too many legitimate GPT sites out there that actually do pay out. Stick with those. Some examples of those that I recommend include:

Inbox Dollars 
Survey Junkie
Vindale Research

The thing is, legit GPT sites do not pay out much. They can be fun and entertaining, while allowing you to make a little extra pocket money. But they will never make you a part time income, much less replace your regular 9 to 5 job.

If you will let me, I want to show you how I am making my online income:

How I make my online income

I guess everyone starts off wanting to make it rich fast. It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature. I wasn’t spared of all the temptations on the internet myself.

But when I realised those empty promises are only going to make other people rich, and not me, I stopped looking for shiny objects.

I found a dull-looking object, but I knew in my heart that is the real deal. From then on, I have never looked back.

I am now working full time from home, growing my internet business, and making an online income. I started from scratch with zero knowledge in this area. If I can do it, you can, too.

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affiliate commission

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of SwagPay

There is not a single pro to this. Keep out of, as it is going to do you much more harm than good.

Cons of SwagPay

1. It steals your personal information

They take your name and email address (that’s the minimum), and sell them to third party advertisers at a high price, since their list comprises a very targeted audience for selling get rich quick schemes to.

2. They may try to hack into your accounts

With the password that you use on SwagPay, they may use the same password and try to hack into your email account, or any other account that you have provided as a result of engaging on their platform.

Can you imagine the amount of damage they can do if they actually go right into your email account? All the other parts of your life would be laid out in plain view: your bank account, your purchasing transactions, and any other correspondences inside your email account, it’s scary to say the least when complete strangers can get right in there to snoop around.

So if you had used the same password for SwagPay and your email, please go and change your email password right now, to protect your privacy and online safety.

3. The damage that completing tasks on SwagPay could do to you

You never know what lurks up the sleeves of these bad guys. To me, every single click on their platform does not feel safe. You never know which dubious website it can take you to, or when the next virus or malware will be latched onto your device.

4. People whom you have referred onto SwagPay will lose their trust in you

If you had referred family and friends especially, before you realised this was a big scam, would be bound to lose their trust in you when they figure it out too.

Is SwagPay Scam or legit? 

My answer here is definite. SwagPay is a scam that you should run far away from.


With the opportunities that abound on the internet these days, it is also easy to get lost amidst all the noise and chaos, and thousands of shiny objects.

If there is only one takeaway from here, then let it be that if you want something to work for you, then you’ve got to work for it first.

I am going to show you the model that I am using, this may or may not be the answer for you, there are so many legit ways out there.

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