How to Sell Online (Template)

Welcome to my comprehensive, step by step guide on how to sell _____ online.
If you already know the _____ niche well, and just want to get started with your very own website to start selling ___ online, check out:
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If you have not done much research into this niche, read on as I show you the way, step by step.
Before you start selling online
What you need to know about _____ (laws?)
Profitable affiliate programs for the _____ niche
Why affiliate marketing
How about promoting _____ for an MLM company
Setting up your niche website
Why you need your own website
Setting it up the technical aspects. domain name, website title, theme, privacy policy, affiliate disclosure
Driving free organic traffic to your website
Why organic traffic
Keyword research
Write content for ranking in search engines
Possible topics to build your posts around

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