Felice Cafe MLM: New Kid on the Block

Felice Cafe Review

What is this newest craze going around town? What is it about this Felice Cafe MLM opportunity that makes it stand out from the rest of the network marketing companies?

Note: Felice Cafe has just launched in November 2019. Exciting things are making their rounds this holiday season.

If you know me from what I write about MLM opportunities, you’d know I’m no proponent of this industry, because the way the business model is structured is simply not advantageous for the regular distributor.

However, I’m seeing a glimpse of hope here, with Felice Cafe.

This company is still in its infancy stage at the time of this writing. But I do have some information to base my honest and in-depth review on. Join me as I walk you through my personal opinions on the various aspects of this MLM business opportunity, so that you can make a better-informed decision for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Felice Cafe MLM Review Summary

Product: Felice Cafe

Creators: Robert and Sheri Blackman

Product type: MLM (multilevel marketing) company in the coffee niche

Price: free to join, at least $25/month to earn from the opportunity

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : To be frank, I’m half-hearted about this. It really depends on what you want, and the resources you have to make this work. So read my review, and then decide for yourself.

Felice Cafe has a unilevel compensation plan that pays altogether 55% commission on the first three levels, claiming to hasten your ability to start making money faster than other MLM opportunities.

Since it is just starting out, this would be the best time to join. With the owners’ experience in lead generation, they provide lots of resources to help you succeed.

Still, an MLM is an MLM, its pricing has to be over-the-top for the structure to work (pricing of their products is not available on their website yet, this is simply based on my own knowledge of how MLMs work), so your customers are still pretty limited to the high end market.

If you’re in, let me show you the way to leverage on online marketing.

This allows you to get customers for free, from organic traffic coming through from the search engines, onto your business:

Read on for the detailed review of Felice Cafe, and why I am on the fence about this opportunity.

What is Felice Cafe

A brief background of Felice Cafe

Couple owners Robert and Sheri Blackman have years of experience with network marketing, and are the founders of the lead generation company, Profit Leads, Inc.

felice cafe owners

So I guess you can say they understand the issues and obstacles faced by distributors in the network marketing industry, while at the same time are in the position to provide strong support for their distributors, in the area of generating leads for their businesses.

Felice Cafe Product Line

There is very little information to go by currently, about their product line and prices.

It does seem like there will be a selection of coffee that serves various unique needs, like an energy coffee to boost your energy levels, and a calming one to help you relax and promote more restful sleep.

We will wait for more details to get out, and I will update them here.

Felice Cafe Product Quality and Feedback

Watch this space for more information.

Meanwhile, if you would like to know how I am making my online income, which is a model very different from network marketing, check out this link below:

Felice Cafe Business Opportunity

How to become a Cafe Connector

Well, Felice Cafe boasts of its so-called unique concept that everyone who joins them is a customer first.

Only when they start distributing the products to other customers, will they then be considered distributors. And they call their distributors Cafe Connectors.

To me, this so-called ‘unique concept’ is just a matter of choice of words.

You see: to become a customer, you simply place an order for at least $25 CV (Customer Volume). A real customer with complete freedom of choice should not have to be tied down to this minimum purchase requirement like that.

What I’m trying to say is, this already sets the condition for being allowed to distribute Felice Cafe. Because if I were to choose to buy a $10 product, then what would I be? Not a ‘customer’?

As a ‘customer’, you will get Felice Cafe’s replicated website, on which other people can place their orders through.

To become a Cafe Connector, simply refer a customer who makes an order for at least $25 CV.

Ok, I must admit it really does sound like a very low barrier to entry, such that most people will be able to afford it. I’m saying this without having seen their product line yet.

If the lowest priced item in their product line that you can purchase is $50 or $100, then this would be a different story altogether.

Sure, I do agree it is easier to make someone a customer first, rather than a distributor right from the start. That is, provided the prices are still reasonable.

If products are priced out of this world, then it may be more difficult to make people customers than it is to recruit them into the business opportunity.

Compensation Plan of Felice Cafe

Based on a unilevel compensation plan (as opposed to binary), here is what you can expect when you first start off with the company.

Based on 25 CV, your rank is Cafe Connect I. This allows you to make 5% commission off your referrals, and 10% on the next level (your referrals’ referrals).

Based on 50 CV, your rank becomes Cafe Connector II. The commissions will then be 5%, 20%, and 5% for your first, second and third levels of referrals.

Based on 100 CV, your rank will be Cafe Connector III. Here, you will see a jump in earnings, at 5%, 40%, and 10% for the first, second and third levels of referrals.

Beyond this, as you advance higher up the ranks, you will definitely see more bonuses and perks, that I will not be covering in detail here.

Let’s just focus on these three lowest ranks in the hierarchy, as it will be the deciding factor for whether you embark on your entrepreneurship journey with Felice Cafe or not.

I really like it that Felice Cafe makes their compensation plan very clear for all to see, unlike most other MLM companies (for example, Jeunesse, Nu Skin, Valentus, and Amway, to name just a few) that tend to hide the reality of the numbers behind some contorted schematic that I’m guessing even Albert Einstein may not be able to understand.

Looking at this compensation plan, I have to agree that Felice Cafe does make the effort to take care of its distributors, with a good earning potential, provided you’re willing to meet that 100 CV to rank at Cafe Connector III, and that you have at least recruited a good number of referrals under you, who are actively getting customers on board.

Though I still have to say, an MLM is pretty much a leopard that never changes its spots. Even with a relatively more promising opportunity like Felice Cafe, you would still have to focus your efforts more on recruitment rather than on retail sales, if you want to make a substantial income out of it.

Support from the company

This area is another strength of Felice Cafe, putting its distributors at an advantage, through the experience of its founders running a lead generation company.

Here are some examples of the type of support distributors will be getting:

  • An app on your phone, for you to pre-pay for samples to be mailed out to your potential customers.
  • A lead generation system, where you can purchase your leads, and try to promote the products and opportunity to them.
  • Training in the form of being able to see the leaders make live phone calls to the prospects each week, so that you can see first-hand how they try to convert their leads into customers.

Felice Cafe is just another MLM company

In this section, I will be discussing my personal views of how MLM companies work, from a big picture perspective.

A network marketing company, or MLM company, always puts a high price tag to its products. No matter how the company positions itself, this fact will not change.

Precisely because of this, it caters to the high end market, which is obviously very limiting, so it will draw in those from the middle income group and upwards, since its pricing is definitely not competitive enough for the open market.

Who would deliberately go for higher-priced products, if not for the earning opportunity presented by the company?

But to qualify, you would need to first make purchases, and then entice others to join you by making purchases.

Hence, its distributors are in fact its customers. They are the ones supporting the company financially.

This is the intention of the reward structure: to entice people with the potential to earn. But before that, they have to first buy the products, and then recruit others to do the same.

To make it worse, many MLM companies exaggerate the income potential, as well as use pressure tactics to recruit people into the business opportunity.

I’m not saying this is the case for Felice Cafe.

In fact, I can sense that Felice Cafe is different, firstly because their uni-level compensation plan works far better for their lower ranks’ distributors than the compensation plans of many other companies.

Secondly, they do not promise you some life-changing income. They are very realistic in the potential earnings of distributors doing this as a part-time endeavour being a few hundred dollars per month.

felice cafe earnings

For this, I respect the founders of Felice Cafe.

Free Leads

These days, in network marketing, people are moving away from the traditional method of bugging friends and family.

If you do not leverage on the vast potential of internet marketing, then you are losing out on so many highly targeted potential customers, whom you can get, all for free.

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That’s almost $200 in just one single day. It’s nothing to boast about, though, as it’s just a small fraction of its full potential. I just wanted to show you the possibilities.

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Pros of Felice Cafe

1. Newly established company

It is the best time to join an MLM company when it is just starting out, as it greatly increases your potential to earn from it.

2. Clear compensation plan that is beneficial to you

The owners of the company are transparent about the compensation plan, and you can see very clearly that at ranks I and II, your earnings would be very little. Hence to make anything substantial, you would have to buy yourself into Cafe Connector III at least.

That leaves you to decide for yourself, if you can afford to be positioned at that rank.

You are not misled by some sales pitch that would have you believe in some life-changing income from the outset, only to discover that it can’t be further from the truth.

3. Great training and support for distributors

It looks like the support that will be provided by Felice Cafe is going to be immensely helpful, with an option to buy samples for your potential customers, a lead generation system, and so on.

Cons of Felice Cafe

1. Expensive products

I do not have the numbers yet, but I don’t think I will be proven wrong on this point. That makes it very difficult to sell the products to the average person, without the recruitment aspect of it.

Think about it this way: we did not miss out on anything before the founding of Felice Cafe. People who badly need their coffee have always bought it from the convenience store or any of their favourite cafes.

So why would anyone need something that’s priced much higher?

2. High upfront investment

You would have to meet the 100 CV requirement if you want to make some substantial earnings. Similar to other MLMs, you are still digging a hole for yourself to try and climb out of, albeit a shallower hole.

3. Focus on recruitment

The focus on recruitment is still there, though you do not have to build such a deep organisation with your referrals. The key is getting your referrals to recruit, or get more people who qualify as Felice Cafe’s ‘customers’.

4. Family and friends start to shun you

It is natural for distributors to ask their friends and family for support first. People tend to shun network marketers these days, so it may possibly strain the relationship if you try too hard.

Is Felice Cafe Scam or legit? 

Felice Cafe is definitely a legitimate network marketing company, that seems very promising in its earning potential, for people who are not able to commit full time hours and effort into their MLM business.

If you are giving it a shot, do drop a comment below to let us know how it goes!

An Alternative

Opportunities abound these days, especially on the internet.

MLMs are not for me, though. It is my personal belief that companies which subject themselves to the forces of the free market add more value to society.

What I do is called affiliate marketing.

Nothing new, I know. But the beauty of the method I use is how I can get unstoppable free organic traffic coming to my offers, which is definitely something you can do for your MLM business too.

I do not spend a single cent on advertising or buying leads. So everything I make is profit.

Moreover, on a single piece of online asset, I can promote any number of companies I like, there is no restriction to stick to only one or a few companies.

Check out the exact method if it sounds good to you:

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Felice Cafe review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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  1. I agree with you about MLM in general, but it is good to know that there are still a few options that are not scams out there, that can even help with any MLM business like Felice Cafe. I will take a look into it. And also into the recommendation you left for us at the end.

    • Hi Alberto,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Yes, do check out Wealthy Affiliate, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much it can deliver.

  2. Although you haven’t found out much about the product lines, I can see you do have a lot of knowledge of the company and how the MLM system they use works. I agree, I’m not a fan of MLM companies as a way to bring in your side hustle. I have tried them in the past, but unless you know how to get traffic and customers, it can be pretty hard in my mind. Especially as it involves sales. Thanks for sharing your opinion and both the pros and cons.

    • Hi Kat,
      Thanks for dropping by, appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts about Felice Cafe MLM.
      Yeah MLMs are certainly not that easy to maneuver one’s way around, especially if we lack the marketing skills to get a continuous stream of traffic, both for retail as well as recruitment.


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