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keyword: Intro Without further ado, let’s dive right in now! What is _____ Product line Customers’ feedback How to join _____ Compensation plan How _____ may or may not work for you Pros and cons An alternative Product: Review Summary Product: URL: Creator: Product type: Price: Scam / Legit? : Recommended or not? : Summary … Read more

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Review – MLM or Pyramid?


Welcome to my Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins review. Ever heard of sanitary pads that are infused with the Nobel Prize winning material graphene? Well, if you haven’t, now you have. Do they really work? What benefits do they claim? Are there any complaints from women who have used these Jewel Pads? What about its business … Read more

Top MLM Earners – How do they do it?


You may be wondering: how in the world did those top MLM earners ever get to where they are right now? Did they really recruit everyone in their circle of family, friends, co-workers, and the lady along the supermarket aisle? How did they ever master the art of persuading people to buy those expensive MLM … Read more

Natura MLM Review – Is it worthwhile?


Welcome to my Natura MLM review. To be clear, this post is about the company Natura Brasil that does direct sales of Brazilian cosmetic products. It has nothing to do with Natura4Ever and Natura International, which are different entities. So, what are the unique features of Natura that makes its products so marketable? Will you … Read more

Quanjian MLM Review – the SCANDAL


Welcome to my Quanjian MLM review. The latest development just this month is its founder, Shu Yuhui, has been sentenced to jail for nine years. I guess it is safe for us to say this signals the collapse of the direct selling company that sold Chinese herbal products. This article aims to provide some insights … Read more

PERFECT China MLM Review – Is it really flawless?


Welcome to my PERFECT China MLM review. Can the products’ integrity be trusted? Are they too expensive to sell as a distributor? Is the market already saturated? Is this MLM company running a pyramid scheme? How does its compensation plan look like? Can you earn comfortably simply on retail, or do you have to recruit … Read more

What is Infinitus International? China MLM that Pays?


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Does Karatbars International SCAM You?


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