Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Review – MLM or Pyramid?

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Review

Welcome to my Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins review.

Ever heard of sanitary pads that are infused with the Nobel Prize winning material graphene? Well, if you haven’t, now you have.

Do they really work? What benefits do they claim? Are there any complaints from women who have used these Jewel Pads?

What about its business opportunity as an MLM (multilevel marketing) company – will its products sell well in retail, and what does its compensation plan look like?

Join me in this in-depth review, as I walk you through the ins and outs of the sanitary napkins home business. We will also examine your chances of success if you choose to become a JewelPads distributor.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Review Summary

Product: Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins (also known as Jewel Pads)


Creator: no official information

Product type: MLM (multilevel marketing) company that sells sanitary pads

Price: $50 (per year) to enroll as a distributor, and optional kits costing $100 or $250.

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : OK

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins is an MLM company with a “ladies only” market. Its products are good quality, and priced affordably.

It can work for you, especially if you know how to up the game with free online traffic:

The down side to this company is the monthly purchases required to keep you qualified for commissions, which can add up quickly, though the amount does not seem too high.

If you do not want to be tied down to any MLM, check out another business model (my personal favorite) where you do not need to pay to promote any company:

What is Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins

A brief background of Jewel Pads

Jewel Sanitary Napkins LLC was started in the US in mid 2019. This makes it a very new business in the MLM industry.

Its CEO appears to be Demond Crump, and its COO Qiana Crump, though the information is not readily available on its website, which is rather strange for an MLM company.

jewel premium sanitary napkins home

Its tagline – “Finally, her feminine flow has met its match!” does stand out to leave a lasting impression.

Its sanitary pads boast of great absorbency and infused with graphene, which it claims to potentially relieve menstrual cramps and eliminate harmful bacteria, among other benefits.

I suspect these statements may not have been scientifically proven, but they are quite general and can be easily accepted by the vast majority of the population.

What I found intriguing is that “graphene moves heat away from your core and contains vibrational energy”.

Wow, I couldn’t stop myself taking a second and third look at that, wondering if they had just dug their own grave with such a claim.

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Product Line

There are 5 main sizes and thickness of sanitary pads in Jewel’s product line, each pack with a different number of pads and costing only $6.

  1. Ultra thin panty liners without wings – 30 pads
  2. Very light liners with wings – 20 pads
  3. Moderate flow – 10 pads
  4. Heavy flow – 8 pads
  5. Super heavy flow – 7 pads

That’s all they carry.

I like it that their product variety is not cluttered, leaving everything very straightforward.

Jewel Pads Product Quality and Feedback

Let’s take a look at what real users say:

jewel premium sanitary napkins feedback

Even outside of its own website, all I could find were raving reviews. Many people are claiming that their menstrual cramps have been substantially reduced since they started using this company’s products.

I did not try the product for myself, as I am fortunate enough to not have big issues with cramps to begin with.

But watching its demonstrations videos did amaze me that its sanitary pads are so absorbent. I was impressed.

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Business Opportunity

How to become a Jewel Pads Distributor

To enroll, you sign up on their website, and pay a $50 annual fee. This will include your replicated website, and back office which tracks your sales and stuff.

There are two optional distributor packages that you will be encouraged to get:

$100 Standard Kit

$250 Advance Kit

These kits are supposed to provide an appropriate amount of inventory for you to build a solid customer base (this means selling to your family and friends, face to face).

The thing is, there are no details on the actual items that you will get in the packages, so you can’t tell how much value you are paying for.

How to make money with Jewel Pads

The 6Star compensation plan provides all the information you need on the business opportunity. I will summarize it here, by explaining the main ways that you can make money with this company.

First of all, to be qualified to earn commissions, you must maintain a monthly autoship order of at least $30.

Retail commission

Jewel Pads makes a distinction between wholesaler sales and retail sales.

Wholesaler is one who chooses not to benefit from team building (the recruitment aspect of the business), but wants to simply sell products online or offline.

A wholesaler receives $1.50 in commission for every pack of sanitary napkins sold. Her sponsor will earn $0.50.

For retail sales, you earn $1 on every pack of sanitary pads sold, and are in the position to benefit through team building. This also allows you to earn 4 levels deep, through the sales made by your downlines – $0.25 per pack sold, on each of the 4 levels.

No rank requirement is necessary for you to start earning with retail.

I see potential here, since this compensation plan allows you to start earning commissions right away, without having to first work your way up the ranks.

But if you’re thinking of selling sanitary pads to just your family and friends, then I can tell you right off the bat – it will not work.

This face-to-face strategy should not be the way to market MLMs anymore. With the internet, if you do not leverage on it, you are doing a disservice to your business.

With Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins, as its product quality is good, I believe there will be people who really need it, or are willing to try it out. And before purchasing, they will be doing their research online.

If you can show up to answer the questions they are asking on the search engines, then you have landed yourself some potential customers.

With sufficient sales volume, just the retail commission alone is going to make you a handsome income.

See how you can increase your Jewel Pads sales with free search engines traffic:

Recruitment commission

The recruitment aspect of Jewel Pad’s compensation plan is complicated, like any other MLM’s. I will not bore you with the details, which can be found on this document.

For now, it is sufficient to understand that the more distributors you recruit into the company to form your downline, the higher up the ranks you will climb, and the greater your earning potential.

I have always believed that a good company starts with producing great products that genuinely serve its customers’ needs.

When there are happy customers who stick with the company for the value it offers through its products, instead of solely for its earning opportunity, then it is something worth promoting.

When its products can sell through retail and you are able to start earning as a distributor without any rank to begin with, that makes it much more convincing for you to recruit others, who can follow your footsteps to earn in the same way.

Your team building efforts then come by naturally and easily.

Will Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins work for you

Yes, I believe in the potential here, even though I am not a strong proponent of the MLM business model.

The only thing that may hold you back is the autoship requirement of $30 per month to maintain your active status as a distributor.

In effect, such a reward structure makes Jewel Pad’s distributors its customers, and they may not even realize it, because what they focus on is the income potential.

So if you are thinking of becoming a Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkin’s distributor, be aware that the monthly purchases can add up quickly, while it can take some time for the business to pick up, as you learn the nuts and bolts of internet marketing.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins

1. Good focus on retail

Its products are good, and Jewel Pad’s compensation plan allows you to start earning without having to make any rank first.

2. Evergreen niche

Sanitary napkins are not something that will ever go ‘out of fashion’. With its unique product features, mainly its absorbency and graphene strips, its branding can stand out in the crowd, boosting customer loyalty and retention.

3. Affordable pricing

At just $6 per pack, I do not think it is considerably more expensive than other brands in the free market.

Cons of Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins

1. More convenient to buy off the shelf

Women tend to buy sanitary pads off the shelves of supermarkets when they do their grocery shopping. They may not make the conscious effort to purchase through a Jewel Pads distributor, especially if they do not have a stake in the business opportunity.

2. Autoship requirement

I have to admit the monthly purchase requirement of $30 is a small amount compared to many other MLM companies. But still, it is an upfront cost that you are demanded to pay before you can start earning with its payment plan.

3. Focus on recruitment

Just as with any other MLM opportunity, there is a strong focus on recruitment here in Jewel Pads, since your earning potential increases exponentially as you build your team and rise up the ranks.

4. Most distributors do not make money in MLMs

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins is still a very new company, too young to have an income statement of its distributors at the time of this writing.

But based on what the FTC says, more than 99% of MLM participants do not make money.

ftc report

Is Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins Scam or legit? 
Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Jewel Pads is a legitimate MLM company that puts a good focus on retail of sanitary napkins.

In my humble opinion, it is NOT a pyramid scheme.

Similar MLM businesses with equally good opportunities include Atomy, Color Street, Lilla Rose, Felice Cafe, and JewelScent, to name just a few.

An Alternative

Despite this positive review on Jewel Pads, I am not a distributor, neither do I foresee myself joining the company anytime in the future.

This is because I am happy making money with a completely different business model, called affiliate marketing.

I am not stuck with just one or a few companies (unlike in the case of MLMs), because there is no enrollment fee or minimum monthly purchase requirement.

Since the affiliate programs are free to join, I can promote as many companies as I like. And I’m spoiled for choice, picking only the best so that my customers trust my recommendations and come back for more.

You have to check this out:

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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