What is Infinitus International? China MLM that Pays?

Infinitus Review

A pyramid scheme? A lucrative home business that allows you to enjoy life doing what you love? What is Infinitus International exactly?

How well does it pay, and do you have to engage in aggressive recruiting in order to profit from this Chinese herbal products business opportunity?

Are its health and skincare products made from safe herbs of the highest quality? Are they too expensive to sell well in the market?

Welcome to my Infinitus review of this China MLM company, where I will answer all these questions and more, in this in-depth article that aims to help you make a better-informed decision.

Before starting, I also need to make it clear that I am not an Infinitus distributor. I have nothing to gain or lose whether or not you decide to take it up.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Infinitus International Review Summary

Product: Infinitus

URL: https://www.infinitus-int.com/

Creator: Infinitus is a member of the Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group (LKKHPG)

Product type: MLM (multilevel marketing) company selling health, beauty and home care products made with Chinese herbs.

Price: About US$25 to join

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group (LKKHPG) is a very well established and trusted brand especially in the Asia market. Infinitus products are definitely safe and of high quality. I believe there is a demand for them.

Still, I do not recommend it as a business opportunity because its high price puts it out of reach of the masses.

However, if you are already in the Infinitus business and are stuck with making sales, do check this out:

If you are on the fence, my personal take is NO, don’t do it. Success in network marketing hinges on recruitment and being able to keep the people in the team. This is an uphill task, and also feels exploitative to me, as I will explain further in the article.

What is Infinitus International

A brief background of Infinitus

Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. was formed in 1992, under the Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group (LKKHPG).

LKKHPG is known by practically every Chinese household, especially for its sauces (oyster sauce, soy sauce, XO sauce, chilli sauce, and unique recipe sauces), which feature prominently in Chinese cuisine. It was established in 1888 in the GuangDong province of China.

Since its inception, Infinitus has blossomed into a health supplement giant in the direct sales industry.

Infinitus Product Line

Infinitus products are broadly categorized into four: health and food, skincare, personal care, and household products.

Health and food

These are mainly herbal supplements in the forms of capsules as well as liquid essence. There are bottled drinks (hawthorn, and lily bulb) and protein shakes too.

infinitus royal lingzhi

What stands out to me is the high price of its products. For instance, a bottle of Royal Lingzhi Plus containing 120 capsules retail at about USD100.

A bottle of lily bulb drink of 600 ml sells at about USD24.

infinitus lily bulb drink

It is not difficult to tell that Infinitus caters to a very high end market. Do take this into consideration when making your decision about joining the company.

There is also an item that does not fall under the food category, but it is a health product, so I will mention it here.

The Benelife Health Care Pillow has unique contour designs, air holes for good air flow, and antibacterial, anti-mite, and mildew resistant pillow cover. It retails at USD111.

infinitus pillow


The Beautrio skin care series includes a whole range of whitening products: cleanser, toner, essence, day cream, night cream, face mask, hydrating lotion, etc.

infinitus beautrio skincare

To give a sense of the pricing, a 100 ml whitening toner costs USD30, and a 25g whitening essence costs USD60.

Personal care

Items in this range of Phytocare personal care products include toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, shower cream, etc.

Prices here are more reasonable. For example, a pack of 4 toothbrushes costs USD13.


In the Homemate household products category, Infinitus carries concentrated dishwashing liquie and liquid laundry detergent.

Infinitus Product Quality and Feedback

Just as with any product, there are bound to be happy customers along with unhappy ones. Most users of Infinitus products are satisfied with what they are getting, though there appears to be at least two isolated cases of health issues that have possibly arisen from using this brand.

To engage in direct sales or network marketing activities, you really have to try out the products for yourself, and fall in love with them.

Otherwise it would be almost impossible to convince others to part with their hard-earned money for the sake of health and other benefits that Infinitus can supposedly add to their lives.

Having said that, do consult your health practitioner before taking any supplements whenever in doubt, especially if you have some pre-existing health condition.

Infinitus Business Opportunity

How to become an Infinitus Distributor

To become an Infinitus distributor, you simply pay a membership fee of about USD25. I would say this is very affordable, compared to other companies in the MLM industry.

And as long as you make a purchase of an Infinitus product within the year, the membership will automatically renew itself for another year.

Hence the investment required for the Infinitus business is a very small amount, which gives you a strong advantage.

How to make money with Infinitus

Just as with any MLM, there are two main ways to make money with Infinitus: through retail commission, by selling its products to retail customers, or by recruiting people into your team and earning through team commissions and bonuses.

Retail commission

Retail commission can go up to 25% of the retail price. This is a very good percentage, but it may not be as easy as it seems.

The biggest hurdle to earning retail commission with Infinitus will be its out of this world pricing of its products.

Would you spend USD 60 on a whitening essence product for the face? Well, there will definitely be people who are willing to spend this money, especially if they believe the value offered by the product is worthwhile. Personally I wouldn’t, though.

So if you try to achieve sales by promoting Infinitus to your warm market of family and friends, I’m afraid you are just setting yourself up for failure.

This traditional method should not be the way to market MLMs anymore. With the internet, if you do not leverage on it, you are doing a disservice to your business.

With Infinitus, as its product quality is good, I believe there will be people who really need it, or are willing to at least try it out, for health purposes. And before purchasing, they will be doing their research online.

If you can show up to answer the questions they are asking on the search engines, then you have landed yourself some potential customers.

With sufficient sales volume, just the retail commission alone is going to make you a handsome income.

See how you can increase your Infinitus sales with free search engines traffic:

Recruitment commission

By getting people to join your Infinitus team, you will get to move up the ranks, and see pronounced increases in your earnings.

I will not be going through the details of the Infinitus compensation plan here, as it is complicated, like how all MLM compensation plans are.

It suffices to know that the more people you recruit, and the more products they purchase, the more you get to earn.

This is an aspect of MLMs that I really do not like, as I find it exploitative.

Effectively the company is turning its distributors into its customers. Your sponsor may inadvertently encourage you to make purchases, so that he or she can earn.

Without the earning opportunity, would one make these purchases? That is the test for the true value of the products.

Unfortunately, the answer is NO for most network marketing businesses. Simply because consumers can always find much more affordable items that serve similar needs in the open market.

Why Infinitus may not work for you

The way I see it – MLMs are created to serve the founders (LKKHPG in this case).

Instead of meeting market demands and subjecting themselves to natural fluctuations in market prices as a result of the factors at play that determine a company’s survival, MLMs typically charge a high price, then draw in their customers using a reward structure.

What most new distributors fail to see is how earnings tend to get passed up to those in the echelons of the high ranking. This is achieved through the convoluted compensation plans.

You could be putting in lots of time and energy trying to recruit people, but the earnings you get are disproportionately small. Only when you rise through the ranks will you then get to reap the fruits of other people’s labor.

And that is why I call it exploitative.

Failure rates in MLMs are dismally high. According to a report on the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) website, 99% of MLM participants do not make a profit.

Those who make it are people who know how to use paid advertising on social media or drive free targeted traffic through search engines to their businesses.

This consistent influx of new distributors is what brings them success, without which their earnings cannot be sustained, since the drop off rate is sky-high.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Infinitus

1. Established parent company

The LKKHPG is a household brand. By being able to leverage on its reputation, Infinitus had a good start, as it did not have to build a name for itself from scratch.

2. Evergreen niche

Health the beauty are evergreen niches that will never go out of trend.

On the other hand, it also brings stiff competition to the company.

Cons of Infinitus

1. Exorbitant pricing

Though I believe its products are great, its over the top pricing makes Infinitus extremely difficult to sell.

2. Focus on recruitment

Infinitus is an MLM at its core. The potential for earning big is in recruiting.

But how can one have the heart to convince any person to join the company when he or she is not even making a consistent income yet? This is one thing I personally can’t get past.

If you really want to go for Infinitus, I’d suggest that you first learn to drive sufficient traffic to make a substantial side income through retail commission, then you can teach the people you recruit to do the same.

When people in your team are able to find success just like you, it then makes sense for them to stay in the business. That is when you will start to soar.

Is Infinitus Scam or legit? 

Infinitus is definitely a legitimate MLM company that sells Chinese herbal products in the form of health supplements, skincare, personal care, and household products.

Though it is possible to make it work, the road will be tough, mainly because the high prices make Infinitus out of reach of most people.

Similar MLM companies include Plexus, SuperLife, Atomy, NeoLife, and Emris, to name just a few.

An Alternative

MLMs are not my favorite, that’s for sure.

Allow me to humbly share with you the online business that has allowed me to work full time from home. It is based on a completely different model.

I do not have to recruit a single person, neither do I have to pay any company to start promoting them. This also means I get to promote as many companies as I like, at any one time.

The commissions I earn are based on the sales I drive, hence it is totally transparent, and a fair means of reward.

Moreover, the traffic method brings customers to me, simply by virtue of my offers being able to meet their needs. I am not shoving expensive products into people’s faces, when they are not even searching for them.

If this sounds good to you, check out the details in my other post:

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Infinitus International review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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