Swipe2Earn.co Review – Swindlers Exposed

Swipe2Earn Review

Welcome to my Swipe2Earn.co review.

What exactly is this #1 influencer network in the world that can allow you to earn $500 now? Getting paid $10 to $15 for every friend you invite sounds like some cool, easy money too.

The real question is: will it really work? Or is there something darker that lurks beneath the masquerade of this platform that connects influencers to advertisers?

If everyone is promoting their referral links on their social media accounts, this must be some lucrative way to earn a good income. Right?

Well, not so fast… Before you plunge right in to sign up, start promoting the website to other people, and even take up tasks and offers on there, I urge you to take some time to read until the end of this review.

I will be pointing out all the red flags that are screaming at us to stay away from this malicious platform, and help you see what they are really after.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Swipe2Earn.co Review Summary

Product: Swipe 2 Earn

URL: https://swipe2earn.co/

Creator: unknown

Product type: influencer network

Price: free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Swipe2Earn is a data harvesting site. It collects members’ names and email contacts provided when they sign up to the platform. The people behind this scam then sell off the data to third party advertisers, fetching a high price due to the targeted nature of the list.

On top of that, there are many other ways your online security could be compromised by engaging in the activities on the site. The bottomline is: no one will ever get paid. So please stay away from this dangerous place.

What is Swipe2Earn.co

To find out what is Swipe2Earn.co, let us first take a look at its website:

swipe2earn home page

Proclaiming to be the #1 influencer network in the world, it connects advertisers to influencers like you.

When you invite your circle of influence to join the network, advertisers get to expose their brands and products to a wider audience, hence they are happy to pay Swipe2Earn to be featured on its platform.

What’s even better is that you get to earn $10 to $15 for every friend whom you invite!

Though it sounds like a perfectly workable concept – sharing of ads revenue with its members, what lets the cat out of the bag is the rate that they claim to be able to pay you.

At $10 to $15 per referral, they are going bankrupt in no time. The advertising industry does not run on this kind of numbers.

If it were really that easy to make money with the platform, nobody would have to work. Everyone would be leaving their 9 to 5 job to just stay at home and refer people to influencer networks.

If this does not convince you, let me show you even more red flags that are waving at us, warning us of all the dangers here.

Red Flags in Swipe2Earn.co

Fake testimonials

The testimonials found on the home page of Swipe 2 Earn feature members who say the exact same things on other scam websites exactly like this, but under different domain names.

swipe2earn fake testimonial

Here’s the proof:

tap2cash testimonials

On Tap2Cash, ‘Lauren’ has become ‘Alissa’, and describes exactly how she has been earning with the platform from a year ago.

Tap2Cash is another scam website that runs on the same concept as this Swipe2Earn.

And there is no way anyone could have started earning with the platform a year ago, because its existence began only very recently, as you will see later.

Fake email address

The email address provided on the Swipe 2 Earn website does not exist, just as for any other similar scams running on different domains.

swipe2earn fake email

This clearly shows that there was never any intention of getting in touch with members, right from the outset.

It also means after you spend the time and effort trying to get as many referrals to sign up as possible, they are not going to pay you a single cent.

Most people will discover the scam only when they encounter issues with cashing out, and try to get in contact with the support team.

I hope you have not been cheated of too much time.

Fake social buttons

The social buttons found at the bottom of the Swipe2Earn.co website do not link to the social media accounts of Swipe2Earn, because they do not exist.

By clicking on those buttons, you land on the home page of whatever social platform that you clicked on, for instance, Facebook, or Twitter, etc.

Those are the main pages for signing up, or you may go right into your personal account. But not the accounts of Swipe2Earn, as one would expect.

How is it possible for an established #1 influencer network to not have any of its own social media accounts?

Lie about years in service

On its ‘About Us’ page, Swipe 2 Earn claims to have been started in 2015. That’s a huge lie.

swipe2earn story

Take a look at what I uncovered from its domain information:

swipe2earn domain

Its website was barely registered in November 2019.

If these people can lie about their years in service to cheat the trust of its members, I guess nobody can tell for sure what else they are capable of.

FAQ Page

This must be the winner among all the red flags. If Swipe2Earn had been in existence since 2015, how can it possibly mess up its FAQ page so badly, by copying and pasting the same answer for all the different questions on the page?

swipe2earn faq

What Swipe2Earn.co Does Exactly

Data harvesting

Basically Swipe2Earn.co exists to steal your data, namely your name and email address, so that they can sell this information to third party advertisers for a high price.

You see, the make money online niche is a very lucrative one. Simply by signing up as Swipe 2 Earn’s member, you become a targeted audience for selling make money online products and programs to.

It is easy for unethical vendors to claim that they have the secret method, or the done for you system, that can make you your first $2K within the next 10 days, and other similar kind of nonsense.

So you can expect to be spammed with such offers in your email inbox, all trying to make you part with your hard-earned money.

Thus even though Swipe 2 Earn does not take your money directly, since it is free to sign up, and people have a false sense of security thinking that they have nothing to lose. Ultimately, Swipe2Earn.co makes money off their unsuspecting members.

So when you try to get more referrals to join the platform, you are unknowingly doing the dirty job for them.

Compromise your online safety

As you try to complete the tasks and offers on the platform, you could easily put yourself in danger, since you can’t tell what you would be getting into.

For instance, free downloads that earns you some rewards or cash may actually be viruses or malware in disguise.

Clicking on links may land you on dubious websites of unregulated health products, or some illegal online casino.

Signing up for free trials may end up with your payment details being stolen.

The people behind Swipe2Earn.co are up to no good, since they can lie blatantly on their website.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Swipe2Earn.co

There is not a single pro to this platform. It will do you more harm than good, so I would strongly suggest that you stay as far away from it as possible.

Cons of Swipe2Earn.co

1. It steals your contact information

It is completely dishonest for the people behind Swipe2Earn.co to use your contact details for any other purpose than membership registration. It’s a breach of trust and your privacy.

2. Engaging on the site may compromise your online safety

You do not know what kind of trap awaits you on the next click of the mouse. As long as you stay on the platform, it is not safe.

3. No one is getting paid

You could be getting excited watching your earnings go sky high on the dashboard of Swipe2Earn. But if you look around, there is not a single piece of genuine payment proof. The website was set up to scam people, so no one will ever get paid.

Is Swipe 2 Earn Scam or Legit?

Swipe2Earn.co is definitely a scam. There are too many of these around, all using the same technique to waste people’s time and effort.

Some recent examples include Tap2Cash, ShareCash, Clout Bonus, and Money Genie, to name just a few.

An Alternative

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