What is the Jeunesse Scam all about?

jeunesse scam or legit

If you found this page, you probably have someone just recommended to you some anti-aging or health product by Jeunesse Global, and are doing your own research because you are not sure what is the Jeunesse scam that you seem to be hearing about.

You have landed at the right place, because I have tried it out before, and I know how it all works, when they say you can enjoy bountiful youth and wealth at the same time.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth, honest and unbiased review of Jeunesse Global, including their products as well as their MLM (multi-level marketing) system, through the following sections:

Jeunesse Global: Review Summary

Product: Jeunesse Global

Creator: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

Product type: Health and anti-aging products, marketed under an MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme

Price: $49 for entry as a distributor (this may change as certain periods they offer promotions), and a recurring order requirement of about $93 each month (exact amount depends on the country you are in), in order to qualify for distributor commissions!

Scam / Legit? : Legit, as the products are real, and I personally found them to be effective.

jeunesse review

Recommended or not? : Not recommended, as products are way overpriced, and I am not comfortable with their MLM recruitment scheme.

Jeunesse Global is an MLM company selling beauty and health products, focusing on youth and anti-aging creams, gels, as well as dietary supplements. Like all other MLM companies, its products are way too expensive, because the money goes into the pockets of those at the top of the distributor network, not for their real value.

From my personal experience, their products do work. So my involvement with the company has been just as a consumer, not as a distributor.

The main reason is because I am totally not comfortable with how their distributors are required to meet a minimum monthly order of the products, before they can be qualified for distributor commissions.

Moreover, the focus on recruiting more members as distributors, so that I can earn as they buy the products to fulfill their monthly requirements, makes me feel like I will be exploiting my downline (those whom I would have recruited).

So I have never participated as a distributor, and have no intention to ever market this to my family and friends.

If a company truly makes amazing and affordable products that help people, everyone will rush to buy, they should not have to resort to ‘making’ the members meet a minimum purchasing requirement.

A company that is aboveboard and genuinely strives to help people with their products will simply reward those who help drive customers to them, by paying a commission based on a certain percentage of sales (check this out to boost your retail sales with internet marketing).

This is the transparent and ethical way to do it, which is called affiliate marketing. It is also how I have been earning a side income. Check it out…

Read on for the detailed review of Jeunesse Global and their products, and why I do not recommend this company.

What is the Jeunesse Scam really? Why will it not work for you?

So, exactly what is the Jeunesse scam that so many people are buzzing about? How can a multi-billion dollar company be a scam?

Jeunesse Global reached $5 billion in its cumulative worldwide sales in 2016. That is an amazing feat, for a young company which started only in 2009. How it can be so successful, is partly because it has chosen an evergreen niche – the health and beauty market, which will never become outdated, because everyone wants to stay youthful and vibrant, for as long as the human race is around.

Another main reason for its exponential growth is precisely because it is still relatively new, products are effective and supposedly backed by solid research and science. This is the trend that many MLM companies have experienced: fast growth at the start, as there is novelty to their products. Ultimately, their customer base gets saturated as the products are way too expensive for a sustainable lifestyle.

Distributors drop off along the way as they are not earning the income as promised, since it is so very difficult to sell the pricey products to people around them. The general population has become much more wary and skeptical of MLM companies. So distributors may find that family and friends are shunning them.

When that happens, no matter what a bright star the company had become, everything can come crashing down overnight, as the MLM scheme, which focuses on recruitment and works much like a pyramid scheme, collapses on itself.

It works too much like the illegal pyramid scheme

A pyramid scheme is whereby the compensation plan creates a perpetual recruitment chain, and if you want to earn money from it, you have to keep recruiting more and more people in the scheme. In such a system, the vast majority of people lose money. Only the owners of the scheme, together with some of its top tier distributors, pocket everything.

Jeunesse Global works much like this, with emphasis on recruitment commission, rather than retail commission. (If you are already in this Jeunesse business, let me show you how to leverage on a free traffic source to scale up your retail commissions)

Furthermore, in order to qualify for the recruitment commission, you have to pay an ‘entrance fee’, as well as keep buying their products on a monthly basis. And you earn off your downline as they try to keep up with their minimum monthly purchases.

So sales are generated not based on true consumer demands, but as a result of the incentive structure created by the founders of the company. The people under the scheme are supporting the entire existence of the company. To me, it is clearly an unethical system.

The number of law suits filed against Jeunesse Global speaks for itself. It has been involved in numerous cases like pyramid scheme allegations, trademark infringement, harmful chemicals in one of its products (which has since been resolved), etc.

What is in the Jeunesse Product Line

jeunesse products

These are some of the main items in its whole range of health and beauty products:

  1. AM and PM Essentials ($139.95) – essential vitamins and minerals in proprietary blend, to be taken in the mornings and evenings as a dietary supplement.
  2. Finiti ($289.95 for 2 bottles) – an advanced supplement, a proprietary blend, of fruit and vegetable extracts.
  3. Instantly Ageless ($74.95) – a micro cream that tones and lifts skin within 2 minutes, to reduce the appearance of eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores, lasting for 6 to 9 hrs.
  4. Luminesce ($44.95 to $137.95) – a series of skincare products, which restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin.
  5. M1ND ($137.95) – a dietary supplement to reduce distraction and support memory.
  6. Naara ($41.95) – a drink that promotes collagen formation and skin elasticity.
  7. NV (a.k.a. Envy) ($55.95) – includes a primer, foundation and bronzer that give an enviable, professional finish.
  8. Reserve ($137.95) – an antioxidant fruit gel.
  9. Zen Bodi ($21.95 to $399.95) – a series of health drinks made from fruit and plant extracts.

I believe these are great products, as I have tried two of them, and seen their effects.

Reserve has totally helped to boost my kids’ immunity, they never fell sick once during the 5 months that they were on it daily.

Luminesce has helped one of my kids with his eczema night time itch, its effect was quite immediate and amazing, and it helped him sleep better through the night.

But alas, I just cannot afford it financially, to provide them an endless supply of crazy expensive immunity booster and skin healer.

So through my personal experience, I have no doubt that these are quality products. What I cannot accept is the exorbitant price, as well as the way the recruitment scheme runs. It’s a shame. With a much lower and affordable pricing, and an honest heart at helping people, this could be a company that creates legends. Instead they choose to focus on monetary gains above all else.

These days, consumers won’t be easily fooled. It is easy to see through if one is genuine in helping, or just wants to make money out of it. There are many great ways to make money while truly helping people, let me show you how I do it:

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Pros of Jeunesse Global

1. Real owners, legit organisation

You can see the owners of Jeunesse Global are real people, this is a legit organisation that is making billions of dollars, and clinching awards as a direct sales company. So they have to be accountable for their business, answerable to stakeholders, and have to abide by the law, or else they will have to face the consequences.

2. Great products, in my personal experience

Not everyone will have the same positive experience with Jeunesse products as me, I can only speak for myself. Because of the benefits I saw, I believe in the quality and value of their products.

3. Evergreen niche

Health and beauty, especially youth and anti-aging, is an evergreen niche. If the business is handled properly and with integrity, this company can possibly go very far. But with the way things are right now, I can’t say the same.

Cons of Jeunesse Global

1. Heavy financial burden at the onset

This is the most distasteful thing about Jeunesse – having to buy yourself into qualifying for the commissions, so that your upline (the person who recruited you as a distributor) can earn from your purchases.

In turn, you will have to push your downline to meet the monthly purchasing requirements, in order for you to earn.

Though I was eager to earn, I was totally put off by this system, and refused to subject any of my friends or family to this kind of financial burden and stress. As a consumer, I simply bought the products as and when I needed them, free to take my financial situation into consideration.

As a distributor, the story is totally different. Before I was even near to earning my first cent, I would have parted with hundreds and thousands of dollars first. And earnings aren’t even guaranteed then.

2. What do you do with all the products bought over each month?

If the products are bought not as a real need, but as a result of the incentive structure of the company, what do you do with all the excess? That is exactly why you see lots of Jeunesse products, being sold at low price, on online selling sites! Because distributors are desperately trying to minimise their losses.

Until the day their pockets cannot take it anymore, then they would have to drop out of the system. These are just innocent people, trying to earn some money, and ending up losing so much more.

3. Works too much like a pyramid scheme

A true MLM company with genuinely helpful products that people can afford would be able to sustain itself in the long run, in an honest way, by having its distributors market its products to the masses, and rewarding its distributors based on their sales. That would be a fair system, as people who work hard at promoting the products earn more.

Jeunesse works on making its distributors buy the products, as well as having them recruit more distributors who buy. This ends up with a whole entity of distributors supporting the company and feeding the top earners.

4. Exorbitant price

I think I don’t have to reiterate this point. The pricing of Jeunesse products speak for themselves. That is why they have to tie their distributors to the incentive structure, because nobody else would buy from them, given the excessively high price. Only people who are promised potential earnings would attempt the game.

5. Health benefits and claims are not verified by authorities

Despite my own positive experience with Reserve and Luminesce, I know these products and the claims of what they are capable of have not been verified by the authorities. Moreover, take any MLM company, and chances are, their products are just as effective. Buy any good brand multivitamin supplement off the shelf, you will likely not be disappointed too.

So Jeunesse products like Reserve is not a cure-all miracle remedy like what some distributors make it out to be.

6. Like in any MLM, majority of distributors end up losing money

This is the US Income Disclosure 2014 for Jeunesse Global.

jeunesse 2014 income disclosure

Notice that more than 85% of its distributors are making $213.92 or less, per year! Tell me about the fantastic business opportunity it offers.

You may say this income disclosure is for 2014, and outdated. That is because more recent income disclosures are in a different format, and are totally confusing and misleading, making no meaning for us to look at the data, because they do not represent their entire distributors population, and they chose to omit distributors with no downline in the report. This skewed the figures in their favour.

See how I earn my side income, in a win-win-win situation, without exploiting anyone at all.

Scam or legit? 

In my personal opinion, Jeunesse Global is legit, as you do get their products, which are of great quality.

But their recruitment scheme which resembles a pyramid scheme, as well as exorbitant price of the products, are what made me eventually stop all involvement with them, even as just a consumer.

I would not call this fast-growing company a scam, but I have to still say, its incentive structure is very much exploitative of its distributors.

Having said that, I recognise there are people who thrive on the MLM structure, and are able to make a profit out of it. If you are passionate about Jeunesse and believe it will work for you, check out one way to scale up your business.


If you have not gotten yourself involved in Jeunesse Global at this point in time, then my recommendation is to stay far away. I do not recommend them.

The honest way to promote products and earn a commission, without having to exploit people whom you recommend the products to, is through affiliate marketing. You do not need an entrance fee to promote those products, neither do you have to meet any minimum monthly purchase before you can start earning.

Another beauty about affiliate marketing is you can choose any niche that you are passionate about, instead of limiting yourself to products of MLM companies.

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But if you are already signed up as a distributor, and would like to learn how to make this work better for you, I would recommend to target on its retail commission, instead of recruitment commission.

If you believe in their products, market them to the masses, the general public, this will improve your reach drastically. So you don’t limit yourself to family and friends, or even cold calls.

The way to do this is actually simple, once I show you how it works.

You create your own website, which can be easily done in a few simple steps, taking just a few minutes. After that, you build up content in a niche that is related to the products you want to promote, that strives to genuinely help people solve their problems.

As you build up content and gain authority in the niche, the search engines are going to up your ranking, so that your website appears on page 1 of search results, when people try to find ways to reduce their eye bags, just as an example.

Then they land on your page, trust you because they find the content to be really helpful, and click on your link which brings them to the Jeunesse page where they can purchase Instantly Ageless.

With this way of promoting products, you get a perfect match. Because people who are directed to your website are looking for solutions to their problems, the exact ones that you are showing them.

You are not pushing them to join as a Jeunesse member, not exploiting them in any way to purchase packages so that you can earn from recruiting them. They will look at the relevant product, and decide for themselves if they are willing to pay the price for the product, to give it a go.

If they do, you earn your retail commission, they get to solve their problem, and Jeunesse gets business for the products that are effective in helping people.

This model is affiliate marketing, and it has been working for lots of people, who are earning tons of money online, because it is a legit and honest way of earning through helping others. So it is sustainable. Once you get the hang of things, you will find that the sky is the limit, you totally do not have to limit yourself to Jeunesse products at all.

See the training that has helped me do all these – build my own website in a niche of my own choice, build content that ranks high in search engines, get tons of traffic to my site, and earnings that come along with it:

12 thoughts on “What is the Jeunesse Scam all about?”

  1. First off, when I see an MLM product, I leave.  From Amway to whatever, forget it.  They have lost my trust before square one.  40-50 years ago when I tried Amway soaps, I just thought, what crap, and then you get the hard sell from the affiliates and how much damn soap and household products do you need.

    You indicate that the products you tried were good, but too expensive.  I don’t know.  I guess if layer after layer of salesmen need their cut, the pricing will be high.

    You do a good job of filling out the needed facts for a thorough review that confirm that I would not want their products or to work for such a company.

    Your second idea of creating a website looks like a far better option.

    • Hi J52Powell,

      Yes MLM distributors do tend to engage in hard selling their products, not realising it’s doing such damage to their own business. 

      Do try out creating your own website and monetizing it, it’s working well for me. 

  2. Love this article and your complete honesty. I definitely don’t plan to seek out Jeunesse now.

    I am in direct sales myself for a company called RevitalU. I don’t have any minimums that I have to meet. If I did, I definitely wouldn’t be a part of the company even though I 100% believe in the products I am selling. Of course, I can make about a 2% commission on my down lines customers, but I don’t HAVE to have them to be successful as that’s such a small portion of what I make off of my own personal customers. I earn my own commissions. So if I put little effort into it, then I get little out of it. If I put a lot of effort and consistency into my business, I make more too. That’s the way it should be in my opinion.

    • Hi Angie,

      Yes, you can say this is a fairer reward system. Sell more, and you earn more. In a sense, this creates more of a real demand for the company’s products, which is what should sustain it if the products are really good. 

  3. I’ve heard a lot about Jeunesse, Joo.

    In Malaysia they have a huge office near my area and everyone apparently is pushing Jeunesse products in offices, in university and the streets which I find very pushy. I’m not sure about the products whether or not they are good but man, they have got to chill with the pushing, it’s making them too desperate and it makes people think bad of them before they even try the product.

    • Yeah that’s so true, Riaz. 

      The hardselling adds to the bad reputation of MLMs. Some people even describe MLMs as being cult-like, the way they so fervently push their products and business opportunity. 

      • Nothing wrong with MLMs. If you dont like the model then don’t do it. Instead of saying something is too expensive just say it’s not in your budget. Everyone is selling something including you. People love to use the word scheme for anything that’s not a 9 to 5 job BTW they do have an affiliate program. Just came out today

        • Hi Robyn,

          To you, there is nothing wrong with MLMs. To me, MLMs generally hurt more people than they help. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with offering my opinions.

          Yes, I’m selling something, and it’s the one thing that has led me to working full time from home.
          The income disclosure of Jeunesse speaks for itself. You may be making money from it, but as you recruit people into the business, think about how they are seeing their hard-earned money bleed away.

          Without the high income skills that those at the top have acquired, the chances for any new distributor to find success are minuscule.

          Thanks for pointing out their affiliate program, I will try to find more information, and decide whether to edit my review for it.

  4. Thank you very much for this review, I found it really helpful, I have heard about the jeunesse scheme couple of times but I have never try checking it out until now. I found your review of it very helpful and I so detest scheme like this that tends to exploit rather down make you earn bigger. I prefer affiliate marketing ,but don’t you think the health niche is too competitive for a newbie?  

    • Hi Clement,

      I’m glad you found this Jeunesse review helpful.

      Yes, the health niche is very broad, if you do not zoom into a more specific health topic, it’s very hard to get your website to rank well in search engines. Try to brainstorm a specialised health area that you are passionate about. 

      To give you some idea, I personally have a website on eczema, because my children have to deal with it, so I have a vested interest in this topic, having done lots of research just to help them through their worst days. 

      Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks for taking out time to give a comprehensive review of the Jeunesse Multi-level marketing program. This would help potential Members make the right decision as to whether it is a good program for them or not they now have all the information they need as a result of this post.my own assessment from your write-up is that Jeunesse has amazing products that are selling because of its effectiveness, however, the multilevel marketing systems put in place are not very favourable to members.

    • Hi Zuchii,

      Yes you’re absolutely right. It’s the problem with the whole MLM scheme. It is created to mainly benefit the founders of the company and those who joined as it was starting up, at the expense of all the other distributors, who have a hard time earning any profit. 


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