What is Funnelize? Is Funnelize a Scam?


If you are reading this, you are probably researching on this product, to learn what is Funnelize. That is absolutely great, because before you part with your hard-earned money to purchase anything, you need to know, is Funnelize a scam, or is it going to be the saviour of your online business.

Funnelize is very unlike most of the other programs and products that I have reviewed. My first impression of the promotional video and webpage was very positive, which was a welcome change from the hype and empty promises that I always see in crappy products.

So let’s dive straight in. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Funnelize, through the following sections:

Funnelize: Review Summary

Product: Funnelize

Creator: JayKay Dowdall  funnelize review

Product type: training for implementing your funnels

Price: $37 (with upsells)

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Recommended, if you already have substantial traffic to your website, but are not generating sales

Funnel, a very common word in online marketing, is of utmost importance if you want to succeed in making money online. But it is frequently shrouded in a thick fog, especially for beginners. Funnelize attempts to bring to light this concept, with concrete steps in implementing it for your own online business.

To make money online, having traffic arriving at your site is not enough. You need to get your visitors to convert into buyers, in order for you to monetise your site. Funnels are specifically designed to do this, that is why it is a crucial step that cannot be missed.

But if you are a beginner in the online marketing world, funnels should come AFTER you are getting decent traffic to your site. If no one is visiting the site, the best funnels in the world will not earn you a single cent.

So if you have not mastered getting free traffic (through search engines sending visitors to your site when they search for relevant terms), you need to get it sorted out as a first priority, before even thinking about funnels. Check out this platform:



Read on for the detailed review of Funnelize, and why I recommend it once you establish traffic to your website.

What is Funnelize

So what is Funnelize? It is a set of training materials and videos that teach you how to get leads, and get your website visitors to convert into buyers, so that you get to increase your profits.

It touches on magnet attraction (how to get your visitors hooked onto your site), and step-by-step process to grow the visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers.

It focuses on 8 types of funnels, not everyone will be applicable to you, simply choose the one or more that pertains to your business model, whether it is affiliate marketing, email list building, e-commerce, etc.

With over 35 training videos and 25 cheatsheets and PDFs, case studies as well as detailed walk-through of all the 8 profitable funnels, Funnelize is great for newbies who are struggling with making money online.


The 8 funnels are:

  1. The Gateway Funnel – get email leads into your business.
  2. The Tripwire Funnel – what to do with paid traffic
  3. The Webinar Funnel – how to reduce cost of getting registrations to a webinar, and increase the show up rate.
  4. The Launch Funnel – create a product launch without using affiliates or JV partners
  5. The Affiliate Funnel – for successful affiliate promotions
  6. The Mega-Ticket Funnel – how gurus are able to sell incredibly high ticket programs using very simple steps
  7. The Offline-Client Funnel – for consultants to put together a funnel and get fast results for their clients.
  8. The Tagging Funnel – for large-scale marketers to take their huge audience and split them into different groups, based on interest and needs.

On top of these, there are also 4 bonuses when you purchase Funnelize:

Bonus 1: Perfect lead magnet training

Bonus 2: Email marketing training (see the mistake that 90% of email marketers make, and how to fix it)

Bonus 3: Retargeting training

Bonus 4: Action-takers blueprint (how to design each funnel perfectly before launch)


Why I like Funnelize this much

First impression really matters a lot. I have done quite a number of product reviews. I must say, JayKay sends vibes of being genuinely helpful, and down to earth. There is no hype about his product, no empty promises that you will be earning tens of thousands within your first month or any stuff like that.

He is also very honest in saying that in fact, many people already know what needs to be done. It’s just that the internet is such a chaotic and noisy place, it is difficult to know which are the essential steps, and which information is redundant. So we may be learning a lot of stuff, but just not targeting at the right ones that will give us increase in sales and profits.


funnelize steps

On top of these, I love it that Funnelize is a tool that is applicable to any business model and type. Whether you have an e-commerce store, are conducting webinars, or simply doing affiliate marketing of products and services, you will be able to find a funnel from the 8 that will meet your needs.

This is very unlike many products, which provide tools that actually only serve to promote the creator’s programs, especially in the internet marketing niche.

What’s the Catch

This is something I want to point out, as it is not explicitly conveyed in Funnelize’s promotional materials: that you really need to already have a substantial amount of traffic, before funnels can work in your favour.

Otherwise you would be wasting time setting up and perfecting your funnels, only to learn that nothing is working because there is no traffic to go through your funnels in the first place.

When that time could have been better spent working on SEO (search engine optimisation), building up your authority in your niche, so that search engines trust you enough to send readers to your website.

This is how I started, as a beginner. Content is king. Spend the time and effort to build up content, so that search engines will start to drive tons of traffic to your site, when they get the sensing that your site is helping people with whatever problems they are trying to solve.

Everything I know about traffic generation, I learnt here:


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Only after visitors are flooding your site, then you know it is time to build your funnels, to get the income coming in.

Pros of Funnelize

1. Real owner with a good reputation

JayKay Dowdall is a smart and successful online marketer, internet marketer, whatever you call it. Before Funnelize, he has created various products, all legit and with the aim of helping people succeed online.

He gives tips that help you apply to and grow your business, whatever it may be, unlike many internet marketing products that require you to build a business around them.

No hype and down to earth, no promise of the sky or the moon. You still need to apply what you learnt in your own business, and that is the way it is. Anything that proclaims lots of earnings without any work, or everything done for you, just press a button and sit back to watch the cash rolling in, all those are rubbish.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product. It shows the confidence that JayKay has, in Funnelize being able to push itself out as a great tool.

3. There is great value in the training

The training in Funnelize is great for newbies and marketers struggling with getting sales, as it presents the steps and information in a very simple and clear manner, throwing out all the distractions and noise on the internet, focusing only on what really matters to increase your sales and profits.

Funnels are a very important aspect of internet marketing, a step that cannot be missed, coming after traffic generation. So I see a lot of value in JayKay’s training, as he is genuine in helping to map out the roadmap for funneling in each business type.


Its Cons

1. Only works after you get traffic going

If I have to think of a con for Funnelize, this is the only main thing, that it works only after you start getting good traffic to your website.


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2. Upsells

Not exactly a con too, if you find it worthwhile to invest further, to obtain other valuable training and resources.

funnelize upsells


There is Funnelize Black Book, Funnelize University, and Done-For-You High-Ticket Funnel.

Is Funnelize a Scam or is it legit? 

To answer the question: Is Funnelize a scam? I’m sure it’s very clear now.

Funnelize is NOT a scam. It is a great product, with valuable training on creating your own funnels to meet your online business needs, in order to convert your website visitors into buyers, so that your profits can be increased.


I recommend Funnelize, especially if you already have established traffic arriving at your site on a daily basis, but are not making much in terms of sales or affiliate commissions.

But if there is no or very few visitors to your site, then funneling is not the issue yet. You should instead be focusing on creating content, and optimising them for the search engines to rank your posts, so that people searching for answers in your niche can find your website on the first page of their search results.

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