What is Checkin SociMasters? $5K/mth using FB checkins?

Checkin SociMasters

Wondering what is Checkin SociMasters and doing your due diligence to research more about it before deciding whether or not to make the purchase?

Good for you, not to believe everything you hear or see, and probe more into stuff, to find out what it really is all about.

Can you really make $5K a month, by having 17 people contributing $297 each? Such a lucrative business, simply by using FaceBook checkins?

How does it actually work? Is it legit or is it a scam?

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Checkin SociMasters, through the following sections:

Checkin SociMasters: Review Summary

Product: Checkin SociMasters

Creators: A group of 4 ladies – Alicia, Lorette, Ivana and Mitali

Checkin Socimasters owners

Product type: FaceBook marketing (through check ins) in the restaurant business

Price: $15 offer price (usual price is $47) + 3 upsells of $37 each

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Checkin SociMasters is a product which makes use of FaceBook checkins of restaurant customers to get more new customers, through word of mouth referrals. When you present this system to restaurant owners, they will gladly pay you a recurring fee of $297 per month.

I do not recommend this product, though I find the idea very creative and novel. The main reason is because I personally do not think it will work. A failing restaurant will not be able to afford $297 per month, while a restaurant that is doing well would rather continue with its effective advertising efforts.

Even if there are restaurant owners who buy in to this system, there is no guarantee of a recurring income, because once they get the hang of how it works, they can always implement it for themselves without your help.

Lastly, this system requires you to go chasing after the money everyday. bugging restaurant owners to accept your proposal to help them market their business using FaceBook checkins. To me, this is not the ideal way to make an income online. I choose to work towards a passive income, one that will sustain itself in the long run, without me having to chase after the money.

If you want a passive income, one that ultimately drives itself after you put in the initial hard work, check out this platform instead:

Read on for the detailed review of Checkin SociMasters, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Checkin SociMasters

To answer the question of what is Checkin SociMasters, we examine the information presented in their promotional video and landing page.

Restaurant owners are currently paying anyone who can get them new business, because they struggle to fill their tables and get new customers in their door. And they often waste a ton of money on advertising without it resulting in any new customers.

But when they discover someone who can get them word of mouth referrals on demand, they will be begging you to charge them for the service.

I beg to differ on this point. There are so many facets to running a restaurant, from location and cooking style to freshness of ingredients and cleanliness. It is not as simple as using word of mouth referrals to save a failing restaurant. This does not address the issues faced by the restaurant at all.

If the quality of food is sub-standard, you can trust that word of mouth will make its rounds in the region pretty fast too.

You can do this with a simple viral checkin method. FaceBook checkins are the best way to generate word of mouth referrals, which means loads of new business for a restaurant.

By FaceBook checkin, your FaceBook friends will see your newsfeed as “Tom is at Tommy Restaurant.”

How is this even called viral? Ask yourself, do you get all excited and raring to give a restaurant a go, the moment you see a friend checked in at the restaurant?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t. Sometimes I do pay attention to the food pictures if they look nice, but mostly I just skim through most of my news feeds, hardly registering any restaurant names that I am not familiar with. That is why I can’t see why this is called a viral method.

Sneaky and ultra simple way of forcing practically every single restaurant visitor to check in on FaceBook, generating huge amounts of viral referral traffic for a restaurant. This type of traffic brings in a constant stream of new customers through their doors.

Which means restaurant owners will happily pay you $297 or more every single month.

A restaurant offers an ethical bribe to their current customer for checking in on FaceBook. It’s seen by their friends in their newsfeed. Their friends appreciate their recommendation, and head to the restaurant where they check in as well.

More and more business comes into the restaurant, and you are seen as the hero.

So, teach the restaurant owner to offer freebies, or discount off the bill, or lucky dip, or competitions, etc. to every single customer, to ‘bribe’ them to check in to the restaurant on FaceBook.

Yes, this will work in getting customers to check in. But to say this brings in a constant stream of new customers, I think it is really getting rather hyped up now.

So how easy is it to hook in these restaurant owners? Just copy and paste this one proven email message that books $297/month of recurring payment from grateful restaurant owners.

Without having to call them, meet them, or ever speak to them.

This easy strategy needs no previous experience, no hard selling, no technical skills or confusing software, no FaceBook ads spending, no cold calling, no face to face meetings. With this simple FaceBook check in system, you can easily get 10 or more restaurant owners, each paying you $297 or more every single month. All without having to even step out of your house.

This part is something that I totally cannot agree with. It sounds very much like targeting the lazy streak that is human nature, that so many people will fall for, until they fail enough times to learn that success really takes hard work, or they convince themselves that there is no way they are going to make any money online.

Again, ask yourself, do you think an email message can convince restaurant owners that you are their light at the end of the tunnel, you are their saviour and their hero? Or would it immediately look like spam mail to them?

Without stepping out of your house, without any interaction or relationship, other than that ‘proven’ email, do you really believe restaurant owners would trust you enough to hand you $297 per month?

3 simple steps

The promotional video of Checkin SociMasters then went to show ‘real’ people with ‘real’ results, as proof that you can easily make a 5-figure yearly passive income with this idea, and the following 3 simple steps:

  1. Get a simple discount or freebie from the restaurant to give as an ethical bribe for checkins.
  2. Create the checkin using proven copy and paste template.
  3. Send it to the restaurant owner and watch the checkins roll in.

checkin socimasters steps

Things included in Checkin SociMasters

Once you purchase this product, you get 7 easy to follow modules with videos, pdfs, and checklists. These cover important parts of the program, from getting started, finding clients, to customising the templates, getting paid, and more.

There are also bonuses, which include access to a private FaceBook group, training on how to run viral contests, and a special guide on how to outsource all of these.

Why Checkin SociMasters will not work for you

This product is a novel idea, but it has got too many loopholes, and it will not earn you the income as promised, because it simply does not work, so restaurant owners are not going to get all excited over it and pay you $297 per month for it.

At most, restaurants get more FaceBook checkins. That’s about all there is to this.

Checkins are not going to get restaurants a constant flow of viral referral new customers. Because it hasn’t been the way checkins have worked. Also because restaurant business is location specific. A person may have hundreds of friends on FaceBook, but how many are in the same area as the restaurant?

Even if this idea works, restaurant owners would then take it upon themselves to carry on implementing it on their own, giving away freebies to encourage their patrons to checkin on FaceBook, they do not have to pay $297 every month for this.

So after all your hard work of convincing the restaurant owner to take up your idea, helping them set things up and get it rolling, you are not getting any recurring income afterall.

What this means is that you would have to go chasing after the money, day in, day out. What difference is this from a regular employment, which in fact works better because at least there is more stability.

With Checkin SociMasters, it depends on your gift of the gap, your marketing and interpersonal skills, to convince restaurant owners to pay you for the idea and service. After that, they either ditch you if it works for them, or call you a scammer if it does not work. So despite all your hard work, there is no fixed income, you may earn nothing at all in an unlucky month.

The way I earn my side income, is to build it into a passive income stream, after the initial hard work. So I do not go chasing after the money. This is how I do it:

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Pros of Checkin SociMasters

1. Real owners

The 4 ladies who created this Checkin SociMasters, at least they are real people with last names, and photographs. So I guess in terms of credibility and accountability, they are there to a basic extent.

2. Novel idea

I like how creative this business concept is, even though that doesn’t mean it will work.

3. It may work to increase exposure of the restaurant

Checkin SociMasters will not bring in a constant stream of viral referral customers to any restaurant. But it may work in increasing exposure of the restaurant on FaceBook, as it ethically bribes its customers to check in, with freebies, discount, competitions, and stuff like that.

Its Cons

1. Owners have no known reputation

The owners of Checkin SociMasters are not known for creating any other products in the internet marketing niche, and seem to have appeared out of nowhere, even though they claim they have been in this business for years.

2. Not minimum effort like what it is made to sound

You are marketing this to restaurant owners, who are real people. There has to be connection and interaction on many levels, before rapport and trust can be established. There is no way a ‘proven’ email message can earn you a 5-figure yearly income. Ask any successful business person or internet marketer, and you will learn how much hard work it took to get them there, there is no short cut around it.

3. You have to chase after the money

This is not the autopilot income as promised in the promotional materials of Checkin SociMasters. Because if it really works (by some miracle), big restaurants are simply going to hand this job over to their marketing team. Small restaurants will not have the resources to pay you $297 per month, so similarly, they will take it upon themselves to implement the checkins.

Which means you become a sales person, knocking from door to door, selling the idea to restaurant owners, with no guarantee that you are going to make a single cent.

4. Upsells

There are 3 levels of upsells in Checkin SociMasters:

  1. DFY (done for you) systems – $37 (with a downsell of $27), a prospecting package that includes a DFY prospecting video, DFY copy and paste emails, and DFY landing pages.
  2. DFY templates – $37 (with a downsell of $27), which includes 48 done for you editable templates and their training
  3. Case studies – $37 (with a downsell of $27), which includes 5 video case studies from real restaurants.

Checkin SociMasters upsells

5. No money back guarantee

Even though it is stated as a 14 days money back guarantee, it comes with lots of caveats, so to me, this is not a money back guarantee at all. For instance, you must have sent emails to 3 restaurants every single day in the 14 days, with zero sales, then you will get your money back after sending in proof.

How is this money back guarantee, when the conditions are almost impossible to meet? In the first few days of purchasing Checkin SociMasters, you would be busy studying the materials, learning how things work and stuff. Then in the next few days, you would be looking for restaurants around you that you could be targeting.

By the time you actually get around to sending emails to those restaurants, the 14 days period will probably be up soon. So there is very little chance you can get your money back for this.

Is Checkin SociMasters Scam or legit? 

In my opinion, Checkin SociMasters is not a scam, because it is a novel idea that you can always try out for yourself, to see if it works or not. Though I strongly believe it will not work.


So I do not recommend Checkin SociMasters.

If you are looking for passive income that will work for you, there is a proven way that works. Many people are earning 4 figures and even 5 figures a month on this.

You do not have to chase after the money everyday. Because after the initial effort, it sustains itself, in the true sense of a passive income.

Check it out only if you believe success comes with hard work. Because anything that promises fast bucks with little to no effort is an outright scam.

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