Is Click2Sell SCAM? Ugly Truth Revealed

There is a buzz going around town these days, and everyone’s wondering if the Click2Sell scam is real, or is it a legit opportunity for earning some passive income.

Welcome to my Click2Sell review. This post is specifically about only.

Update: After this piece was published, several readers have commented below, and it seems this is really a huge scam. Please steer clear of it.

Click2Sell Review

What is this expensive platform that claims to provide the fast-track for running your own effective advertising campaigns?

How does it work exactly? What are the risks involved? Are there people making money out of this?

We will answer these questions and more, in my honest and in-depth review of Click2Sell.

Most importantly, I will be pointing out all the red flags in this relatively new platform, as well as showing you real users’ feedback, so that you can hang on to your hard-earned thousands of dollars safely.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Click2Sell Review Summary

Product: Click2Sell


Creators: Unknown

Product type: banner advertising platform

Price: $250 to $25K just for membership + thousands for ad banner campaigns

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT Recommended

Once you become a member of Click2Sell, you can buy banner ads to try and make money when people click on those ads, or buy the products in the ads. This supposedly gets you in the advertising game without having to own a business or products.

To me, the model does not make sense, and it is too easy to manipulate.

There is no way to tell how many people actually click or purchase, you do not even know where they place your ads, how targeted the campaigns are, etc.

Even if your dashboard shows profits, you will not be able to cash out, which is the common experience of many users of the platform.

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Read on for the detailed review of Click2Sell, and why I call it scam.

What is Click2Sell

To find out what is Click2Sell, let’s first take a look at its home page.

click2sell what is

Apparently you can participate in this online advertising revolution, without any experience or technical knowledge.

If advertising were so straightforward, everyone would be making money by now.

Any form of advertising comes with a risk, because of the upfront investment, which you can potentially lose if you do not know what you are doing.

So do not let anyone tell you that you can run ad campaigns without any experience or technical knowledge. They are targeting beginners who do not yet know better, making the opportunity sound like a sure-win.

How does Click2Sell supposedly work?

In gist, once you become a member (by paying a hefty sum), you can start to buy ad banners to run your campaigns. You make money when people click on your ads, or make purchases through those ads.

Memberships of Click2Sell

These are the membership levels and their exorbitant fees.

click2sell membership

The cheapest membership at starter level is already a whooping $250, and that does nothing but get you onto the platform.

Diamond membership is an outrageous $25K.

I don’t know about you, but this is enough to put me off.

Create your ad campaign in Click2Sell

Once you’re in, you can start creating your campaign. It looks pretty simple.

click2sell campaign

But the red flag here is precisely its simplicity. All you have to do is select the category, and your budget, which comes packaged with the impressions that you will get.

The Click2Sell model is not the way to run ads

Advertising does not work like that at all. This is pure nonsense.

Who owns those ads? Which companies are they advertising for?

Where are the ads going to be placed? This part is really vague. And who is to guarantee that you really get those impressions that you are buying?

To me, it looks too easy to manipulate what actually happens to those campaigns.

If you spend this money and end up with zero clicks, and zero sales, who do you blame? Are the ads even shown to a targeted audience in the first place?

In this model, the people buying those ad campaigns seem to have no say or control at all, over how the ads are run, to maximize their effectiveness. The only parameter they can control is the exact ad location on the predetermined websites.

Look at the amount of uncertainties here:

click2sell campaign rights

You basically pay into this scheme, just for the hope of generating some profits. You do not own the ads or run them in your own way, with your own audience or traffic.

To me, it feels like a sure-lose.

They present you the hype upfront on the main pages of the website, while hiding the real risk in their terms and conditions:

click2sell financial risk

Confusing payment terms in Click2Sell

Here, they claim that you get to earn 85% commission per click of the ads, and per sale generated.

click2sell commissions

It is completely different from what is stated in their terms and conditions, as you can see here:

click2sell payment

The pay per click rate is to be based on Click2Sell’s decision, and the commission per sale also based on their decision, but not less than 0.001%.

This really threw me in utter confusion. Why is the lower limit set so low at 0.001%, when on their site they state the rate as 85%? Will they ever bring it down to that low a rate?

If you are or have been a user of Click2Sell, I would really appreciate it if you could shed some light on this: is there transparency on the commission rates that they are paying?

Unreasonable request for information when you try to withdraw funds

This is what they will ask from you when you try to withdraw funds from Click2Sell:

click2sell kyc documents

Passport or identity card, a copy of your card being used to make the transactions in their services (which could mean your credit card!), and a copy of your recent utility bill with your name and address clearly stated.

To me, it’s quite a no-brainer why you should never furnish this information to people you do not really know.

In fact, it is straight up another huge red flag that we have no idea who are behind this platform, and yet they are trying to obtain every personal detail about you.

The tricky thing is, you may not have spotted this requirement in their terms and conditions before paying up for the membership and ads packages.

By the time you find out, either you lose all that investment to protect your privacy, or you risk identity theft to try and withdraw the money.

Either way, they win.

Real users’ feedback about Click2Sell

So far, all the feedback and reviews out there by real users are negative, and it seems that not one single person has made money on this platform. Most have lost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Take a look at these taken from

click2sell feedback 1
click2sell feedback 2

It looks like everyone should really steer clear of

How the advertising world really works

In the real world of online advertising, companies, small businesses, you and I, can run ad campaigns for our own products or affiliate links.

When our target audience buy our products directly or through the affiliate links, we make money.

In another model, companies may use our property to run their ads, for instance, our websites. In that case, we get to earn based on the number of impressions, or based on the number of actual clicks.

There is no such model as the one in Click2Sell, where companies put out their products for you to buy ad packages, design your own ads, and pay you when people click on the ads or buy their products.

It just does not make any sense that they should put their brand’s reputation at stake by making online marketers pay an upfront fee that is so exorbitantly high.

Advertising costs have to be born by the companies, it should not be passed down to online marketers like that, in such an exploitative manner.

Nobody should have to dig such a deep hole for themselves to climb out of, which is what you will be doing if you buy into the scheme of Click2Sell.

The proper way to make money online

There are too many legit ways to make money online, do not go for such shady schemes, that promise you will get rich fast.

Because methods that will earn you some serious money online are never easy, it will involve lots of hard work.

I guess everyone starts off wanting to make it rich the fast and easy way. It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature.

I wasn’t spared of all the temptations on the internet myself.

But when I realized those empty promises are only going to make other people rich, and not me, I stopped looking for shiny objects.

I found a dull-looking object, but I knew in my heart that is the real deal. From then on, I have never looked back.

I am now working full time from home, growing my internet business, and making an online income. I started from scratch with zero knowledge in this area. If I can do it, you can, too.

Here’s a peek into my daily earnings:

That’s almost $200 in just one single day. It’s nothing to boast about, though, as it’s just a small fraction of its full potential. I just wanted to show you the possibilities.

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Click2Sell

I seriously cannot think of anything good about this platform

Cons of Click2Sell

1. Their business model is too peculiar

I do not know of any legit platform that runs a banner ads program with this model.

I can quite confidently say this is a scam.

2. No one has made any money on Click2Sell

They come up with excuses, or try to get you to pay even more, or simply ignore your requests to withdraw.

3. Too much personal information required

No money-making site should ask personal information of you like passport or identity card, photocopy of payment transaction card, and recent utility bill.

They are not any authority organisation, they do not even dare to show their faces, the people behind this platform.

So there is just no reason to put your trust in them.

4. Investment is too high

The membership fees and ad packages are just over the top. You would be taking a very huge risk, as you have little to zero control over how effectively the ads are run.

Is Click2Sell Scam or legit? 

In my personal opinion, the Click2Sell scam is a real one.

It will do you more harm than good, just like these products I have reviewed:, CloutBucks, Seven Dollar Click, and Secret Profit Club, to name just a few.

Other programs similar in nature to Click2Sell include OneAdPack, Ad Flippers Bot, ClicksGenie, Build My Downlines, Ripple, My Traffic Business, My Adds Up, and Crazy Crypto Club.

An Alternative

Even legitimate advertising is a risky business, due to the existence of upfront costs, with no guarantee that you will recoup these sufficiently to start making profits.

Hence the realm of advertising is not for beginners, unless you know what you are doing.

The way I run my online business, I get all my traffic totally for free.

Through an awesome training platform that focuses on setting up your very own website and getting free traffic to it, I have never spent a single cent on any form of advertising so far.

This real deal does not promise instant results, but provides the knowledge and lifelong skills required to set up and grow an internet business that you can call your very own.

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Click2Sell review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

55 thoughts on “Is Click2Sell SCAM? Ugly Truth Revealed”

  1. SCAM keep your money out !!!
    They stole all my money, I got my lost funds recovered by Mrs Antonia
    She helped me recover all I had lost
    You can contact her via her email [deleted]

    • Hi Eric,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
      I’m afraid I’m not able to publish the contact details that you provided, as I have not personally verified its legitimacy.
      Hope you understand.

  2. it was a success, I got my lost funds recovered am happy to share my experience so far in trading binary options have been losing and finding it difficult to make a profit in trading for long, traded with different trading companies but I couldn’t earn profits and I ended up losing the whole live-saving I gave up on trading until I meet [deleted] who help me and gave me the right strategy and winning signals to trade and earning process and also I was able to get all my lost fund back from all the brokers and trading companies I traded with, now I can make profits anytime I place a trade through her amazing masterclass strategy feel free to email her on mail [deleted] her WhatsApp contact [deleted]

    • Hey Thomas, thank you for sharing your experience with us here, it is appreciated.
      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to publish the contacts you provided, as I have not personally verified its legitimacy.
      Hope you understand.

    • This is the email I received from their support team, they are advertising on Facebook. As not having to pay a single dollar to join. Earn 1K a day.

      Your support request has been received.

      Hi Joseph!,

      We have received your request fot support And will contact you in 48 hours.

      Reason: Other reason (provide details below)

      Description: OMG This is, Under a new name

      Thank you,

      Platform Support Team.


  3. HI Guys
    I dealt with Scott G, Lloyd and Emma Wilson, the smooth talking scammers got me to invest my whole TPD payout. Lloyd promised me that in a years time I would have enough money for a new house. So when it came to withdrawing some of my money, this is when everything started going pear shape. They’ve been trying to buy me out with $1000USD. Now if we all get together and get in touch with the police action UK squad, The UK Ombudsman. I here in Australia have reported them to the ACCC and Cyberscam. The more complaints against the dogs, the more chances we have of winning this. I got a call from Clinton yesterday, telling me that after investing $20,000USD. He said he has it on record that I only invested $10,500USD. I said to him really, thats because when Lloyd if that’s what his real name is ( it probably was you). Said we like to look after our Australian customers so we charge USD and put the transaction through in AUD. So you don’t have to pay the exchange rate? He said anyway moving on from there, I really hate to tell you this but unfortunately during this Covid epidemic, the company has gone into liquidation. All our partners have pulled out, our contractors and I just burst out laughing my head off. I said to him you’ve scammed that many people, you expect me to fall for your sob story. Using Covid as your way of getting out of all the debt your in. He said the sad news for you is, I can only offer you $200USD to close your account. If I don’t accept it. You get nothing, I said to him I’d rather see you all in ISO behind bars, before i accept your despicable offer. Im going to send you a form to sign, i said send it, then i can tell you personally what I really think about you and Click2Scam. Unsigned.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I wish something could be done about this. You’re right that every single person who lost money to Click2Sell has to lodge their case with the local authorities, and hopefully an international body can take this up and bring justice to all the innocent victims who have been scammed of their hard earned money.

  4. this click2sell outfit is just the biggest SCAM!!!! smooth talking gain your confidence ring everyday …. put a bit here put a bit more etc then graphs and profits looks good… but come time to withdraw…. no deal!!!!! SCAMMED $5000US off me and i do feel very STUPID!!!! i hope authorities get these thieves !!!!!

    • Hi Carlos,
      I’m sorry that Click2Sell took your money so shamelessly.
      Thank you for letting us know, it will definitely warn many others to stay away.
      Appreciate this.

  5. DONT get involve with this company…

    i got my lost funds back thro the help of Mrs Antonia, she help me recover both my deposit and profit

    she help me invest and earn meaningful profit weekly through her master class trading stratgy..

    you can contact her via email [deleted] or whatsaap [deleted]

    • Hi Joseph, it’s great that you managed to recover your losses. I’ve deleted the contact, as I can’t advocate a service that I have not experienced for myself.

  6. I too fell for this scam—I trusted this fellow Kyle Jonathon and Warren Jacobs–i have been severely traumatized by this and i too have contemplated suicide. I lost a lot of money and I am very distraught at upset at myself for falling into this trap. Any help I can get to receive my Money , even some of it will be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Jimmy,

      I’m sorry you had to go through this trauma because of dishonest people. Please stay strong, you will get through this.

      You can try filing a report with ICCC (Internet Crime Complaint Center), which works with the US FBI.
      I’m really not sure what the chances of getting back your money are, but I think this is one possible place to start.

  7. are a scam. They say they are an advertising selling company. They get you to buy ‘ad campaigns’ with the promise of returns due to ‘clicks per sale’. They also trap you by telling you to take their ‘bonus’ (which is money they give you initially to help you purchase more ad campaigns). The bonus effectively traps you, so that you can never, EVER get your money back. Each employee gives different explanations on how the bonus works. They tell you to take the bonus as “it’s a good thing”, but in reality it is a trap. Blatant lies are told about the bonus, with each different employee giving a different explanation about how it works and how you can get your money back. It’s not until you try to withdraw your money, do you then find out that you can’t because you took the bonus. This is why this company is a SCAM and FRAUDULENT. The employees names are: Lee Taylor, Alan Black, Sean Edwards and Clinton Lincoln. Run away as fast as you can from this unethical company. They need to be shut down. I’ve reported them to, and Purchase Guard just refer your dispute to Clinton Lincoln who is employed by

    • Hi Dancomp,

      I’m sorry about your horrible experience with Click2Sell. If they are trying so hard to get members to take the bonus, and then use it as the excuse for not allowing you to cash out, I’m guessing they probably have some hidden clause somewhere that puts them on the safe side of the law. They probably got themselves protected.

      Though I’m not too hopeful, but I definitely wish something good comes out of this. These crooks need to pay for their ill doings.

    • It is like you are writing my story about this terrible co,all the same names you mentioned and the description same as mine. After I had to file bankruptcy, and lost my excellent credit, and dignity, Clinton contacted me to say they are no longer working with the USA and too bad for the monies I gave them just went bye-bye. There should be something we could do to f__k them back as it would be a little better to deal with this whole stressful situation.

  8. I posted this on Trustpilot 5 days ago. My loss was closer to $70,000. Money directly out of my pocket, nothing to do with the bonus $ part of the scam. My mission is to shut them down and keep more innocent people from getting scammed and losing $$ that they can’t afford to lose, especially in this economic crisis. If no one takes a legal stand, more people like you and I lose.


    I was completely played by the HEARTLESS, DISHONEST, DISGUSTING, LYING COWARDS at I lost over $50,000 because I put my trust in David Phillips, one of the many professional scammers at Click2Sell. David told me many times that I would start receiving $$ in March 2020. They told me for a year how great my account was performing. My account showed earnings of $240,000 and appeared to be going strong. Then, they used the COVID-19 virus as an excuse that in 3 weeks my account was essentially worthless. I received a call from the head of customer relations, Clinton Linken, and he informed me that they went to bat for me and offered me $6,000 if I closed the account. It was very interesting because Clinton contradicted what David Phillips told me. He informed me that my account wasn’t eligible for any withdrawals until it earned $1.3 Million. Based on my account’s performance, it would take 8 to 10 years before I could withdraw any money. So, why did my account manager, David, tell me that I would get money last month. Clinton made sure to tell me that it was my fault for not reading the rules of the contract in enough detail to understand how Click2Sell works. He added that all the clients that have lost their money, and the clients that are currently losing money weren’t smart enough to understand the rules. He made it worse by saying if clients wanted to make money, they shouldn’t have taken the bonus $. So, in order to make money, a client needs to be a member of Click2Sell for a year, not accepted the bonus $, and all the campaigns need to be expired. But, if all of your campaigns are expired, the account is essentially closed. To keep the account open you have to send them more $$$. After speaking with Clinton, Click2Sell thinks they can use a very complicated contract to keep the company from legal problems. Well, we are smarter than those scammers. The contract could possibly be defended if the company was truly trying to make money for the clients. But, it can be easily proven that Click2Sell’s rules in the contract are designed to make it almost impossible to make money. LET’S GET OUR $$ RETURNED AND PUT CLICK2SELL OUT OF BUSINESS. A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT. Whether you lost hundreds or thousands of $, get the satisfaction that you put the lying scammers back out on the street. We can go after the company and the employees that stole our money. DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS BULLSHIT! I worked for the company Philips which has its headquarters in the UK where Click2 Sell is based. I know people in the UK, so I’m getting in contact with legal counsel there and here in the United States. SHOW YOUR INTEREST.

    • Hey Rick,

      I’m sorry for how these horrid people have taken your hard-earned money. I do hope something comes out of this.
      Wish you all the success in bringing a lawsuit against them.

    • Hi Rick, I got scammed too. They are thieves and need to be closed down. I would be interested in forming a class action to get my stolen money back.

    • Rick,
      I am also all for sueing Click2Sell scam. I also invested lots of money and since this cornivirus has taken effect I don’t have a pot to piss in. I contacted the buyout team and they only offered me $2,000. I wrote them back and asked how can that be when I invested so much. They said that they would have somebody contact me the next day and they never did.

    • Yes I reported to fraud department for seniors.
      I was too severely scammed. I suffered brain trauma from which I received a settlement! I invested with them under the premise that they were going to help me invest and take personal responsibility for my account to prosper.
      I was on disability at the time so Gavin Presely made a clear deal with me to replace my disability amount with a monthly bonus from my account ! Within 1 year I was told my earnings would double and that I woul be able to buy a house and start a community account which would show 100% increase because of their special platform to advertise.
      Within 1 year my account manager Gavin Presely announced my account was soaring and that by May of 2020 I would be receiving $5000/ month and a large amount of cash to purchase a house.
      Well I had to go through a training and sign all these papers! The next day after signing these papers I got a call from the client relations scam team that said everything is closing in the US market and that my account is closed and the money is gone . This guy Diego Marshall said he was the Head of the whole Dep. and that what a tradgedy this is for him to tell me . He then said he would see if they could work on a refund which I’ve yet to see .
      I lost a total of $90,000

      • Hi Lori,

        I’m so sorry this happened to you. It sure is no small sum.
        Thank you for opening up about your experience with us here, I’m sure it will help many people.

        I hope you get the refund, and I wish you nothing but the best.

    • Hi Rick,
      I also worked with Clinton Lincoln and many more of these thieves. I would be very interested in a Class Action Lawsuit . Please inform me how this works so I can get involved. Lost all my money and a lot of my 401K from Feb of 2019 to January when they stopped talking to me. I started to try to get my money back but my cards said the debt was too old.
      Thank You-June

    • Hello Rick,

      I am going through similar process as you and my contact is Clinton Linken who told me if I do not accept the offer from the buy out company then I would lose everything. I declined.

      I would like to take further, they should not get away with scamming innocent investors.

    • Hi Rick, Just seen your post regarding Click2sell. I am a UK resident and have been scammed by Click2sell. I have been informed by them that the company is closing down and they will cease trading. I was asked to contact them for a buyout option, which i did. Total funds that i have deposited are over 19,000 dollars, the balance of my account is 11,250 dollars with 7 campaigns left to run. I have used credit, debit and bank loans to fund this, which of course i still need to pay off, as a part time Nurse this is going to be very hard for me to do. I felt very pressured and harassed by them times when they wanted more funds for the account with the promise they would match the funds in bonuses. After taking me through my account details, bonuses and agreements signed by me, they said there wasn’t anything in my account and as a good will gesture the would give me a buyout amount
      Of 650 dollars. This was despite me telling them that i am 100% sure they are a scam, that the bonus paid were not actual funds just numbers put in, therefore i would not be bound by the bonus agreement, plus i said the the campaigns were never posted on any website. So they could not talk about money generated from the campaigns. Clinton Linton got quite annoyed and said he didn’t care what i thought or not and if i didn’t take this amount my account would be closed and i would get nothing. He also said if i went down the legal route because of the agreements i had signed i would getting nothing at all from that. I have been sent the agreement for the 650 dollars which i need to sign but it states that by signing i agree that no further action will be taken on my part. So question , do i sign and get the 650 dollars or not. I am happy to be part of any legal action here in the U.K. i hope that not arrived too late as I see from your messages it was posted in April.

      • Hi Melanie
        I got a similar call from the scumbags, only they told me unfortunately due to Covid we didn’t make it. We are going into liquidation, you invested $10,500USD all we have to offer you is $200 USD. How do these dirty dogs get away with this, if I don’t agree I get nothing. Surely Police you have to read this, this is cybercrime/ boilerroom at it worst. Read all the people that have been ripped off here, get the bastards and lock them away for good.

  9. We trusted them and invested our life savings US$90,000 into because we believed in the very friendly and convincing lies of their team members Scott G and Lee T wanting to help us use this money to make extra money for our charities. Scott told us that this platform always makes money and that he has never seen it actually lose money before but obviously that’s because it makes 100% profit for them because it’s not even real! After transferring our funds mid last year they insisted on me emailing copies of all of my identification documents including passport and to sign a so called ‘bonus agreement’ before they could “activate” my account. At first it all looks good on screen and they say “your account is ticking over nicely” but when it comes to withdrawing your money you can’t! They verbally assured us that we can withdraw easily anytime. We have not been able to withdraw a single cent of our money after six months of excuses and countless hours of the run around on the phone to multiple different people, getting passed from one new ‘fake name person’ to another only to have them say the “customer relations manager” tell us our account manager will be reprimanded for mismanaging our account and that we now have no money in our account to withdraw.

    They literally stole our entire US$90,000. Australian Cyber fraud squad are now onto them and we have been assisting them. We have given Click2sell a deadline to return our funds to us. We will update this review if that happens.

    This money we had saved for over 20 years of good intentions to make a greater difference in the world is now in the hands of heartless criminals. I have been left extremely traumatised and at times suicidal after learning such a harsh lesson from the dark side of humanity and my dear 60 year old husband has had to deal with the worry about my mental health and our financial future.

    I know it’s my own fault for trusting the information I was told by these scammers.

    Everything is energy, I have no doubt Karma will come calling for all of those involved in this scam…. so be it.

    • Oh my. Michelle, I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. That is certainly no small sum. But please remember no amount of money is worth losing your sanity and your health over.

      Please take care of yourself. Karma will take care of itself.

      I really hope you get the money back.

    • Hi Michelle, so sorry to hear. I got scammed too by these liars and thieves. I believe in karma and it will come back with a vengeance on these disgusting people.

  10. Hello Peeps,

    First of all I am sorry for the people that have been scammed, I know how this feels as I have lost thousands and still in the proccess of recovering my money.

    You can recover the money yourself.

    1. Ask your bank to reverse the charges on your card. Banks don’t like doing this as it costs them money. The bank is involved with the scam by allowing the payments to clear. Any monies paid via card has a guarantee and yoou’re entitled to full refund if services or product isn’t given. In this case now service was provided.
    The bank will try and lay them blam on you, don’t take no for answer. It’s the banks problem not the customers problem.

    2. Find out who PSP (Payment Service Provider) are, contact these people and explain that they are involved in a scam company and you want a full refund. If they are unwilling to refund you the money, tell them they will be reported for support scam companies and may lose there license. PSP would rather lose few thousand, than lose there business.

    I can only tell you what I know, this may or may not correct information. Use at your own reisk. Do your research before doing any of the above. I can’t be held responsable.

    I hope this will help.
    Good Luck.

  11. Like people in above comments I have been robbed by click2sell they did the same tactics with me like a fool I believed them and have lost $2500 to them with no returns after being promised 90 percent returns. It started off with $500 then told I needed more money to help get better returns that I did not receive. There has to be some department that can help us to get our money returned. Can some one please help us get back our hard earned money.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      I’m sorry that you lost money with Click2Sell.

      There are great recovery services around, and at the same time just as many who pretend to be the professionals that they are not. So please be careful in choosing.

      I’m not in the position to recommend any recovery services as of now. But I do intend to look into this area, and find some good ones that I can recommend to my readers.

      In the meantime, please stay safe on the internet.

  12. I have been scammed out of $2200US by – I was totally dubious about the venture after I deposited the money in an account. I straight away put in a withdrawal request to have the money refunded as my account manager stated we do not ‘steal’ peoples’ money, but that is exactly what they do!!!!! This scoundrel called Lloyd rang me and was pushy and aggressive and fed me a pack of lies to refute whatever I claimed. Then he wanted me to deposit $5000-$10000 US on a 2 week campaign at the World Rugby cup – I of course didn’t do that. The whole venture is fake and everything they tell you is false. Don’t know how I can ever get the money back

    • Hi Kathy,

      I’m so sorry you are going through all this nonsense with Click2Sell. They sure are a dishonest lot.

      I believe there are fraud recovery specialists who will handle this if you engage them, but it certainly means more money out of your pocket, and I don’t think they can guarantee they will be able to get everything back. So there’s a risk to it as well, that you would have to weight.

      Please stay safe on the internet.

    • Hi Joo, I have had a favourable ending to my so-called banner advertising/selling campaigns with When my two campaigns were only making $1-2 US a day I went ahead and put in a request to have my investment money $2200 US refunded and I listed from the reasons options that the venture did not perform as I was lead to believe. Anyway, the next day I went to log into my account and the access was blocked. . I thought of course that I had lost the money for good. Anyway, when I got my next credit card statement had within a day or two refunded the full sum back into my credit card , and with a credit on the transfer fees the total was $3600 Australian. I did send an email to acknowledge I was very surprised and grateful to have my money returned. have, however, not given any reason for their decision – however I feel I am one very lucky lady!!!!!! Maybe others could try this approach and good luck

  13. Have you moderated my entry yet? There has to be a department where I can get my money back. Is there any chance that these 2 scammers can be brought to justice.

    • Hi Karen, sorry for my delay in getting back. I have just responded to your earlier comment.
      Do keep us updated if you can.
      Wish you all the best.

  14. Hello my name is Karen Nugent and I am from Sydney, Australia. I have “invested” $200 (US) on Click2Sell I know it is not a lot of money in the big scheme of things but I want it back.. I dealt with Kyle Gordon who was very enthusiastic and was just about to go through the whole money making system when suddenly he did a complete about face and said that $200 was not enough money to get any real returns. I was very up front at the beginning and told him that is all I can afford currently. This must be where the investor says would another $500 make it worthwhile. I could not afford any more money. He hung up before I could ask about a refund. I have tried to phone him but all I get is an engaged signal (chances are he has blocked me). Is there a complaints agency in North America or any way to get the money back.

  15. This sounds very similar to the binary options trading platforms online. The one I’m referring to WAS called but at some point they changed the name to finrally, which they later informed me that finpari was bought out by finrally and so all funds that hadn’t been used within a specific period of time that the funds would no longer be available. I had become interested in learning how to trade stocks. I came across this site and after everything was said and done I had been scammed out of $1000. Not a lot but nonetheless I was scammed. Similarly, they asked for basically the same documents mentioned in your article. There are apparently also groups designed to try and get people their money back but unfortunately they only handle large sums of money that have been scammed from people who apply those funds to their account. I just read your article right before I typed this up, so don’t remember all the information for the group I contacted to try and get help. But i do know they exist. I strongly suggest that nobody registers for any binary options trading platforms. They are most definitely a scam. If you read through all of this, i sincerely appreciate your time and hope that nobody else falls for these scams anymore.

    • Hi Christian,

      I’m sorry that you got scammed by the binary options trading platform. You are right in pointing out the similarity between that and this Click2Sell platform, where they ask for too much of your personal information.

      There are too many scams around these days, it’s good that we have recovery services like what you mention, that can help people try to get their investments back.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. It is much appreciated.

  16. I have to admit I have been Scammed by them, have lost $1100 , should have stopped after the first $363, but got convinced to try again with a further us$500 which friends and family said I was giving away too much information too them. Well I have learnt a very expensive lesson. Wish I had seen some more reviews before getting my fingers burnt. Hopefully others will read reviews and steer clear of these people. to all out there please take care and don’t get caught.

    • Hi Ron,
      I’m sorry about your experience with Click2Sell.

      Thank you for making the effort and taking the time to share this with us. Really appreciate it.

      You’re so right that doing one’s due diligence is very important, especially on the internet these days, where the scammers proliferate.


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