Ad Flippers Bot – FAKE Reviews BEWARE

Welcome to my Ad Flippers Bot review.

I’m so glad you landed on here, because I have seen some fake reviews about this Ad Flippers Bot platform, encouraging people to join the investment in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

It’s disgusting.

AdFlippersBot Review has nothing to do with those at all.

Though in itself, it is a HUGE SCAM that I want to expose here in this honest and in-depth review of the banner advertising platform.

Join me as I walk you through all its red flags that point towards it being a hyped-up program that is an empty shell designed with the sole purpose of stealing your money.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Ad Flippers Bot Review Summary

Product: Ad Flippers Bot


Creator: Unknown

Product type: banner advertising platform

Price: $250 minimum

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Ad Flippers Bot makes up a tall tale about ad flipping, how you can invest in banner ads and make a passive income as they are being clicked. It is utter nonsense.

Advertising does not work this way. There is nothing to their platform. No infrastructure, no liaison with companies that actually put up those ads, seriously… just nothing.

They blatantly ask for your money and then more, when you try to cash out your earnings. Or they simply refuse to answer your emails or take your calls.

What is Ad Flippers Bot

To find out what is Ad Flippers Bot, let us first take a look at its website:

adflippersbot sales page

According to the sales video, this is a method that has been abused by Facebook, Google, Youtube, and all the other giants, to make all their riches.

They do not say how exactly the method works, but fills the entire sales video with hype.

They get paid actors to provide testimonials about how lucky they were to have found Ad Flippers Bot, and how they are raking in $20K a month now.

It is definitely enticing, who wouldn’t want that kind of money?

The spokesperson then compares this method to buying a piece of real estate, except this is digital real estate. And mind you, it is something not many people know about.

adflippersbot digital real estate

After the initial investment, all you have to do is sit back and collect rent, totally passive income.

Though it sounds good, they never really explain how the same concept are being applied to ads.

Some questions that will never be answered include:
– which companies are serving those ads?
– where will people see these ads, on which websites?
– what is the quality of traffic that will see those ads?
– how much money can you make when one person clicks on the ad, or when a thousand people have viewed the ad?

I hate to burst any bubble you may have, but I have to be bluntly honest about this.

This is pure crap.

The advertising industry does not work like that.

No legitimate company is going to make you pay for their banners, run their ads and then pay you money when they get clicks.

Advertising cost is borne by the companies running the ads, they have an advertising team with full control over where and how often they run those ads, tweaking the campaigns, analyzing the quality of their traffic, etc.

It does not make sense for you to get involved, and run ads on their behalf.

These scammers behind Ad Flippers Bot are building some castles in the air, and you will make their dreams come true if you fork out the money to ‘invest’ in those elusive ad banners.

To further prove my point, let me show you the other red flags on the platform.

Red Flags on

Besides the obvious flaw in how the acclaimed ads flipping method works, here are the other red flags that tell us should be totally avoided.

Fake scarcity

These are pressure tactics to make you believe there is an urgency to signing up. If you took so much as a few minutes to try and research up on the company, the last available slot would be taken, and you would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

adflippersbot counter

Or the entire platform will be closed for registration the very next day, due to its high demand.

Strangely, no matter which day you hop onto their website, that always seems to be the last day that they will accept new members.

adflippersbot fake scarcity

Top earners? Nay…

Here, they show their top earners for the week, earning tens of thousands of dollars after just days of their initial investment.

adflippersbot top earners

It wasn’t too difficult to find out these are not real members. They are stock photos, used on all kinds of dubious websites.

adflippersbot image search

Fake testimonials

The actors in the sales video of Ad Flippers Bot are hired from Fiverr. Take a look at this:

adflippersbot testimonial
adflippersbot testimonial fake

It’s quite a scheme, isn’t it?

I hope you are convinced by now that these guys are going all out to scam vulnerable, unsuspecting victims out there into parting with all their hard-earned money.

What Ad Flippers Bot Does Exactly

It does NOTHING. Except take your money.

After you fill in your details on the sign up form, providing your email address, name, password and phone number, someone would call you shortly to convince you to invest a minimum of $250 into the banner ads.

Depending on your luck and who you encounter, they may just disappear right after this.

Or more likely as you see the earnings in your dashboard go up, it wouldn’t take much effort on their part to convince you to invest even more money into the program.

But when you try to cash out, that’s when the suspicions may start to creep up, when they keep finding excuses, or ask you to verify stuff, or even simply disappear from the face of the earth.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Ad Flippers Bot

There is not a single plus point to this scam platform of Ad Flippers Bot. Stay as far away from it as possible.

Cons of Ad Flippers Bot

1. You will get conned

Yeah, unfortunately this is the largest con of Ad Flippers Bot: it gets you conned, if you are not careful.

2. People whom you recommended to the platform will suffer too

If you had recommended family and friends to the platform, genuinely thinking that it were a legitimate way to make some quick bucks, then their wallets would have suffered greatly too, if they had invested a good amount in the banner ads.

Is Ad Flippers Bot Scam or Legit? is quite certainly a SCAM. It will do you all the harm, and not a single piece of good. Steer clear of it totally.

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