What is TheMiniPay.com? Shocking Truth

TheMiniPay Review

You may have seen people’s referral links, and that is why you are questioning what is TheMiniPay.com. You have landed at the right place.

Welcome to my TheMiniPay review.

How exactly does this platform work to earn you $500 daily? How is that even possible? Will they pay out where it is due?

I will be upfront with you. This platform is a scam. So please stay far away from it, and do not share your referral link if you have already signed up to it.

Join me in this honest and in-depth review of TheMiniPay, as I walk you through all the red flags that point towards it being much more deceitful than it seems.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

TheMiniPay.com Review Summary

Product: TheMiniPay

URL: http://theminipay.com/

Creator: Unknown

Product type: Referral program

Price: Free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

TheMiniPay.com is a data harvesting site that only wants to capture your name and email address, to be sold at a high price to third party advertisers. There may be other unscrupulous things that these crooks are capable of, since they can blatantly tell lies on their website.

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Read on for the detailed review of TheMiniPay, and why I call it scam.

What is TheMiniPay.com

To find out what is TheMiniPay.com, let us first take a look at its website.

theminipay home page

It looks quite professionally designed at first glance, and claims to be a referral program, where you earn simply by using your referral link to invite friends onto the platform.

Then it occurred to me that its earning potential is much too high.

Earn up to $500 daily, this is really too good to be true.

Earn $1 for every link visit or opening by your friend. It means anyone who clicks on your referral link will earn you $1? That’s not possible!

If it was true, everyone would be rich by now.

They will not be able to pay out this kind of money to their members.

Huge red flags on TheMiniPay.com

Now, let me show you all the lies on their website.

Who is ‘FixMonthly Inc’

They claim, on their home page, that FixMonthly Inc is a large scale marketing and referral company that was founded in 2015.

A simple search on the internet would reveal that such a company does not exist. They are simply making it up.

Domain of TheMiniPay.com

Their website was newly registered in November 2018, as can be seen here:

theminipay domain

It is not even one year old, and yet they claim to have been in business since 2015. Another blatant lie.

Terrible English

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing personal against anyone’s English language standard. My own usage of the language is not perfect.

But for a company that is supposedly a large-scale one, and based in the US, I do not think we should even have to comment on its English standard, it should be such a basic requirement that the company should be ashamed if it can’t meet that.

If they are so huge and established, they should respect themselves enough, and pride themselves in how they are represented on their website.

Take a look at this:

theminipay poor english

There’s nothing else we can say, is there?

TheMiniPay.com Inc Private Limited – all in one breath

Who in the world registers a company called TheMiniPay.com Inc Private Limited?

theminipay inc

They do not even know the difference between a domain name and a company name?

Anything goes, right? Just to make it appear legit.

Support email – does it even exist?

Their email address for support is highly suspicious:

theminipay email

They pave the way for their own scam

No legitimate platform will steal all your earnings just because you had been caught up with other things in life and did not log into your account for just 30 days.

theminipay anti cheat

They are also planning their own exit route by claiming that you will not get paid and your account will be banned if you send fake traffic.

Because that is what they will ultimately accuse every member of.

What TheMiniPay.com really wants out of you

The answer is very straightforward. They want to collect as many email contacts as possible, so that they can sell the list at a high price to third party advertisers.

Their list is capable of fetching them a very good price, because they can prove that their members are all interested in making easy money online.

So if you sign up, you will receive lots of spam for useless products that promise you instant riches. But we all know none of these work, because making money online just does not come easy. Period.

Moreover, by focusing on getting you to promote your referral link, they are trying to get you to do the dirty work for them, by pulling in more people, so that they can make even more money out of your referrals’ contacts.

There are no tasks on the platform at all (at least not when I checked).

Even if there are tasks on the platform for you to complete after you sign up, please do not attempt to do them, because they will undoubtedly lead you to dubious websites with shady promotions.

Or you may get your device infected with viruses or malware.

Or you may simply be making them more money if you happen to click on any PPC (pay per click) ads.

The bottom line is:

This is an unsafe platform. We do not know what else they are capable of, if they can blatantly lie on their website.

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of TheMiniPay.com

There is not a single plus point to this malicious platform. Stay as far away as you can.

It will do you more harm than good, just like these other scams: Cash 4 Kids Club, CashLoad.net, Notion Cash, CloutBucks, DoWeeklyWork, EazyDollars.co, and InfluEarn, to name just a few.

Cons of TheMiniPay.com

1. It steals your data

They sell your contact details, something that they do not tell you.

2. You will never get paid

They have never intended to pay any member, right at the onset. That is the reason they so generously promise you $1 per referral click, which is something that they will never be able to afford to pay you.

3. People whom you referred will lose their trust in you

You may have referred family and friends to the platform before realising that they are such a scam. They will certainly lose their trust in you when they discover the truth too.

4. Unsolicited emails

You will be receiving lots of spam emails in your inbox, after you sign up to this platform. Though a minor irritation, it is still an inconvenience we do not need in our busy lives.

Is TheMiniPay.com Scam or legit? 

The platform is definitely a huge scam. Steer clear of it, as it will do more harm than good.


With the opportunities that abound on the internet, there are so many legit ways to make money online.

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2 thoughts on “What is TheMiniPay.com? Shocking Truth”

    • Hi Jerwin,

      TheMiniPay is not going to get you any money.
      The same goes for anything that claims to get you money the fast and easy way.

      You need to look for a proper job if possible, if you are in immediate need of money.
      If it’s not possible to get a job, there are online freelancing jobs that may help, but those are quite competitive, and if you do not have any experience, the fees you charge can’t be too high.
      Survey platforms and GPT (get paid to) sites may make you some side income if you intend to spend long hours on those.

      No matter what you do, it takes effort.
      Just be very wary of anything that sounds like a get rich quick scheme.

      Stay safe on the internet.


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