What is Indeed.com? You’d be shocked!

Indeed Review

What is Indeed.com, what is happening to this job search platform in 2019? Why does there seem to be so many more complaints about the company in recent months? Is it still a trustworthy site for employers and employees to find each other?

Welcome to my Indeed.com review.

We will answer the above questions and much more, in my honest and in-depth review of Indeed.com, as we examine its current state of affairs, so that you can make a better-informed decision for yourself, as to whether you want to use the platform in your job search.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Indeed.com Review Summary

Product: Indeed.com

Product type: Job search platform

Price: Free to search for jobs, free or paid to put up job postings

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Indeed.com is a job search platform that has definitely seen much better days. In recent months especially, it seems to have lost sight of putting customers first and adding value to both employers and employees alike.

Instead, it seems to be prioritising on making money, at the expense of relationships with regular customers, and being careless about having scammers infiltrate the platform, creating an issue with privacy and online security.

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Read on for the detailed review of Indeed.com, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Indeed.com

To find out what is Indeed.com, let’s first take a look at its home page.

indeed home page

With a mission to help people find jobs, Indeed.com strives to put job seekers first, providing free access to job searches and posting of resumes.

Since 2004, it has done a great job, climbing up the ranks of online job search platforms to be the leader in its field.

Available worldwide in more than 60 countries, Indeed had gained the trust of many companies, huge and small alike.

However, things seem to have changed drastically, as you will soon get to see.

How does Indeed.com work for the job seeker

As someone seeking employment, you would want to start by filling out your resume, once you get registered on the platform.

But here’s the kicker:

Because of how it seems that people’s data on Indeed.com had been picked up by others, and have had promotions, offers and all sorts of spam sent out to them, I would be really careful about providing information on my resume that is too personal or sensitive.

For instance, think twice about filling in your complete home address, with unit number, if you do not want to receive pamphlets and brochures in your post box. It is also a security risk to provide your full address.

Moreover, people who had provided their contact number had received unsolicited phone calls from people they do not know at all.

Your qualifications, where you went to school, your working experience, etc. is also personal information that you may not want unauthorised persons to lay their hands on.

Having filled in your resume, you can then decide to set it as public or private.

A public resume is available to companies that are looking to hire, so that they can get to know you better, thereby increasing your chances of getting employed.

A private resume is obviously safer, and maybe that is the way to go, in light of how one’s information does not seem secured on Indeed.com these days. You can always send your resume to potential employers through the messaging on the platform, for jobs that you apply for.

Here are just some examples of some of the most common complaints by users of Indeed.com, that seem to suggest the platform is no longer as safe and scam-free as it used to be.

indeed jobseeker feedback 1
indeed jobseeker feedback 2
indeed jobseeker feedback 3
indeed jobseeker feedback 4
indeed jobseeker feedback 5

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more complaints out there, by jobseekers trying to use Indeed.com to land a proper and legitimate job with a good company that would allow them to make a living.

To me, it is very disturbing that people not verified to be legit representatives of a company that is trying to hire on Indeed.com can get hold of your personal information.

It would seem like Indeed.com is selling their members’ data to third party advertisers and whatever companies or individuals that are looking to buy those information. I definitely am not able to prove it, but the frustrated experiences of their members tell the whole story.

How does Indeed.com work for companies looking to hire

As a company looking to hire people to fill up some positions, you can choose to post a job listing for free on Indeed.com, with limited exposure.

If you pay a fee, then your job listings get featured at the top of search results, so you get lots more clicks, and a higher chance of attracting the right people to apply for the jobs.

Sounds good so far, until you look at the reviews by companies using Indeed.com to hire. Again, these are all very recent comments, all dated within this year, 2019.

indeed company feedback 1
indeed company feedback 2
indeed company feedback 3
indeed company feedback 4
indeed company feedback 5

Again, it seems that Indeed.com is all about making money for themselves, without consideration for the value provided to their paying customers.

How can they ask companies to pay for all clicks coming through, including those that do not even come close to meeting their job requirements?

In fact, there appears to be some fraudulent activity going on, with companies claiming that they are not able to cancel their subscription, and have to continue paying even after their job listings have been taken down.

I’m not sure what is leading Indeed.com to go in this direction, is it pure greed? But it sure looks like it has chosen a path of doom.

Go for the other established job search platforms

Since it looks like Indeed.com is not able to deliver anymore, whether it’s for job seekers or companies looking to hire, you’d be better off bringing your search elsewhere.

There are many other great places to look for jobs, including Monster.com, Craigslist.org, and so many more.

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To round up this article, let us recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Indeed.com

1. It has been around for years

This is the only pro I can think of right now, though I’m not sure how it can help, seeing how much things have changed on this platform.

Cons of Indeed.com

1. It looks like they sell away your information

The fact that job seekers are getting spams and calls from unsolicited parties seem to indicate that Indeed.com is abusing the information they are collecting from their members.

2. Companies looking to hire are being exploited

The cost for sponsoring their job listings are exorbitant, going up into the thousands of dollars, which is just quite absurd, considering the low quality of candidates that the companies are getting, since there is no attempt by Indeed.com to only send clicks from people who are a good match for the job description.

There are also a concerning number of complaints that companies are not able to cancel their subscription on the platform, but have to email the support of Indeed.com, resulting in delays in closing their account, and continued charging to their credit cards.

Is Indeed.com Scam or legit? 

I wouldn’t exactly call it a scam, since it is still providing a service to job seekers and companies looking to employ.

But it definitely does look like some shady practices are taking place behind the scenes, so I’d strongly recommend you to stay away from this site for now.


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