Is NeVetica a SCAM? Not exactly, BUT…

NeVetica Review

Had a pet parent tried to sell you their multivitamins, or almost convinced you of what a great timing this is to join as their distributor? But you are feeling unsure and wondering: is NeVetica a scam?

Welcome to my NeVetica review.

You must be having some burning questions in your mind right now, all of which I will try to answer.

Will its products boost your pets’ health and longevity? Will its business opportunity allow you to earn something on the side while you promote NeVetica to fellow pet lovers?

This article aims to cover everything you need to know about this pet care MLM company, so that you can make a better-informed decision about whether it is worthwhile to invest your time, money and effort here.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

NeVetica Review Summary

Product: NeVetica


Creator: Dr. Lance London

Product type: MLM company in the pet care industry

Price: about $675

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

NeVetica is a pet care MLM (multilevel marketing) company with legitimate products. Though the pet industry is a booming one, it may not be that easy to sell supplements to pet owners, as many will not deem them a necessity.

Besides that, the other main reason why I do not recommend the NeVetica business opportunity is its lack of transparency. It does not openly avail essential documents like fees to join as a distributor, and its detailed compensation plan, until you get in touch with a distributor.

What is NeVetica

A brief background of NeVetica

nevetica founder

This very new MLM company was founded in 2017 by Dr. Lance London, who was inspired by the love for this dog, Rocky, to formulate a revolutionary concept.

In a bid to bring Rocky back to health after he suffered a massive stroke, Dr. London found a solution – the Balanced Raw Food Diet.

These are made of foods that wild canines and felines would typically find in the wild. After months of being on this diet, veterinarians were astounded at how well Rocky had recovered.

Another interesting feature of the solutions offered by NeVetica is its Pet Assessment, that guides the pet owner to bridge the gaps in his pets’ nutritional health and lifestyle, by recommending products like supplements, oral care and hygiene items.

NeVetica Product Line

NeVetica offers a wide range of supplements and health care products for your beloved furry friends.


Its nutritional supplements include scientific formulation for various purposes, from maintaining healthy skin and coat and calming hyperactivity to maintaining hips and joints flexibility and supporting a healthy digestive system.

nevetica nutrition

Oral Care

NeVetica’s oral care product range includes mouth wash and dental chews.


This series includes anti-itch spray, waterless shampoo, and a moisturizing cream to protect dry, chapped paws.

NeVetica Product Quality

Since the pet industry is not a regulated one, in terms of the foods and supplements consumed by our animal friends, where product testing is not required by any authority, I personally won’t buy into this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover myself. I’ve owned numerous pets before, including picking up stray cats from the streets and making them part of my brood.

I have never seen the need to supplement my pets’ diet, unless the advice comes from a veterinarian, to address certain health issues specific to that pet.

Moreover, in an unregulated industry like this, you really never know whether you are doing more harm than good by choosing to supplement your pets’ nutrition.

Any company can claim they manufacture the best products, using the purest and most natural ingredients. But at the end of the day, these supplements are very much processed, there is nothing natural about them.

Feeding them to a creature who does not have its own voice to speak up does not sit well with me.

Of course, these are my very personal views.

If you think there is a market around you, for pet parents who believe in supplementing their pets’ diet, and you yourself are convinced of the quality offered by NeVetica, by having seen its beneficial effects on your own pets, then go ahead to promote them.

You do need to know how to attract an online market, though. If you simply use traditional selling methods to target your warm market of family and friends, the potential for your NeVetica business is going to be extremely limited.

NeVetica App

The Pet Assessment included in the NeVetica app is an interesting idea.

By entering your pet’s age, breed, weight, allergies, and other pertinent health history information, you will get a set of recommendation for NeVetica products that are intended to bridge whatever gaps identified by the program.

Though a novel concept, do remember that ultimately, the app sells NeVetica. Even if your pet is in the finest state of health, the app is ‘obliged’ to push products to you.

NeVetica Business Opportunity

I would have pitched my review of NeVetica in a more positive light had they been as transparent as any other MLM companies in their signing up requirements and compensation plan.

As it is, no detailed information can be found on their website. An animated video paints a very loose and hyped up picture of their compensation plan, giving numbers at the upper limit of the earning potential.

You will not know what you are going to get as a new distributor at the entry level.

If you want to find out more, you would have to contact a distributor, or fill out a form providing your contact details.

What makes me uncomfortable is that even before you make a decision, they want your phone number. My take on this is: be prepared for some aggressive hard selling.

They do not accord you the personal space to examine its joining requirements and compensation plan without having someone exert an influence over you. I find this disrespectful of consumer rights.

How to become a NeVetica Distributor

To obtain the rights to promote and earn from the NeVetica business opportunity, you would have to purchase these:

NeVetica Business Builder Kit $199.99

This kit provides you with printed materials for sales as well as training.

Product Pack $475

There are 15 products in this package that will get you started with selling, by using them for demonstration purposes when you present to potential customers.

Though this is not compulsory, you can be sure your sponsor will be trying his or her utmost to convince you that you really need this package to fast-start your business.

Technology Package $24.99 per month (free for first month)

Though this is optional, if you are considering going into the NeVetica business, I would say this is very much critical for your success, as it provides you a replicate website, on which you can drive traffic to make sales.

If you do not learn how to leverage on online traffic, you are doing yourself a disservice, in this time and age when everyone is on the internet.

As you can see, it will cost almost $675 to get started as a NeVetica distributor, along with a recurring expense of $25/month for running your NeVetica replicate website.

Among all the MLM companies I have reviewed, this has one of the highest starting cost.

How to make money with NeVetica

As with any other MLM opportunity, there are two main ways to earn with NeVetica: by selling its products to retail customers, and by recruiting others into your team and earning on group sales volume and other bonuses.

Retail commission

When you sell NeVetica products to retail customers, you earn a commission, up to 35%.

Though it sounds very good, the keyword here is ‘up to’. You can be sure that when you are just starting out, the retail commission will not be that high.

There is no information on what percentage of retail commission you can get to earn as a new distributor, and what it takes to get to the level where you can make 35% in retail commission.

Recruitment commission

The potential in MLM compensations plans are in recruitment. As you recruit more people into your team, and rise through the ranks, the greater will be your earning potential.

These are the 14 ranks in the NeVetica compensation plan:

1 Nevetica Consultant
2 Senior Pet Consultant
3 Area Consultant
4 Regional Pet Consultant
5 Director
6 Area Director
7 Regional Director
8 National Director
9 Vice President
10 President
11 International President
12 Diamond
13 Blue Diamond
14 Black Diamond

Some of the ways that you can get to earn include First Order Bonus, UniLevel Bonus, Turbo Infinity Bonus, Income Match Bonus, Leadership Advancement Bonus, and so on.

Why NeVetica may not work for you

Though all the bonuses and commissions sound attractive, the truth about MLMs is far from what these companies would try to portray to its distributors.

According to a report on the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) website, 99% of MLM participants do not profit out of it.

Let me give you a very simplified view of MLMs. Things do not have to be as complicated as those convoluted compensation plans that nobody (or maybe it’s just me) seems to be able to understand.

When you first join NeVetica as a distributor, there goes almost $675 out of your pockets, plus a recurring $25 per month.

Wouldn’t that make you a customer?

So you would have unwittingly become a customer, under the veil of buying yourself the rights to promote and earn off a billion dollar pet industry.

Where will you find retail customers, for overpriced products that are not deemed by many pet parents to be a necessity?

This means you would have to resort to recruiting others, in turn dangling the carrot of potential earnings to make them fork out $675 to the company.

Despite all the time and effort in trying to build up a team, it may take months for you to recoup the initial investment.

This is because MLM compensation plans are designed to reward those high up in the echelons, including companies like Jeunesse, Nu Skin, Amway, and Herbalife, to name just a few.

It is also the exact reason why so many MLM participants give up. The meagre earnings do not justify the hard work put into the business.

It also means you would need to continually recruit from a consistent stream of prospects, in order to maintain your income. It doesn’t seem like a sustainable way to make money at all.

Pros of Nevetica

1. New company

The best time to join any MLM opportunity is when the company is new and just starting up. Which is now, for NeVetica.

If you possess the marketing skills to reach out to a large group of highly targeted audience who are interested in taking this up as a home business, then there is a possibility that you could actually be that 1% to profit out of an MLM.

2. There could be a niche market

There might be a niche market for pet supplements and oral care products, though it will most likely not be large. There could be people willing to spend on this, if it is something they believe in.

Cons of Nevetica

1. Expensive products

To the average person, NeVetica products can be priced over the top. This just means it will be difficult to find retail customers.

2. High upfront investment

Almost $700 upfront investment to buy into a business opportunity is definitely on the high side.

There could be monthly sales requirements to be met, which we can’t tell without the detailed compensation plan document.

If so, many distributors will make their own purchases to top up sufficiently to meet those requirements, just so that they remain as active distributors.

3. Focus on recruitment

The NeVetica business will have a lot to do with recruiting distributors into the program, so that you build up your team, and over the months and years, get to rise through the ranks and ultimately make some good money.

That is, provided you have not thrown in the towel while on your way up, in a bid to minimize losses.

4. Not transparent about the compensation plan

This is certainly what I most dislike about NeVetica. Not being upfront about what they are offering as a business opportunity, all the details of what your earning potential is, and what your progression path looks like says a lot about how much they value their distributors.

Is Nevetica a Scam? 

No, it is not.

NeVetica is a legitimate MLM company in the pet health niche. Unfortunately, I do not think its incentive structure is designed with the new distributor in mind.

So I will not recommend it.

This is what a real home-based business looks like:

If you are looking to make money from home, there are many legitimate ways, MLMs being one of them. But to me, that is not the best way.

You should not have to pay to promote any company. In fact, you should be able to promote any number of companies you like, all for free, as long as you find their products to be of great value and quality.

And since the focus should be on companies’ products, you should not have to recruit a single person. The more sales you drive to the companies, the more you earn. Fair and square, and totally transparent.

It will be a business that you own wholly, instead of representing somebody else’s brand.

You will be leveraging on free online traffic, without any direct face to face selling or demonstrations.

If this sounds cool, you have to check it out:

And for reading all the way to the end of the post, I believe you have it in you to make this work. Here is your FREE PDF Guide: 4 Simple Steps to Making Money Online. Fill in your details to claim it:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this NeVetica review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

2 thoughts on “Is NeVetica a SCAM? Not exactly, BUT…”

  1. Hello and thanks for the read! Have you been to a NeVetica overview or a zoom presentation? I ask because I feel like in order to five an accurate review, you’d have to at least see for yourself and ask the right questions. You seem like you’d know what questions to ask. When I went, they never made any guarantees that I’ll earn a lot of money. They said it’ll require me to work, be uncomfortable, build my skills, and make sacrifices. They say in the beginning that it’s like the gym, you get out what you put into it. They even mention that 90 percent of the ppl won’t make a return on their investment. And being in the industry, I see why. It’s not the companies, it’s that people are not really willing to push through adversity. The products are amazing. There are numerous testimonials out. And of course we are technically still not fully launched as they’ve ran into some hurdles but NeVetica had strong calf muscles thank goodness. See the video and picture testimonials of the products working.

    • Hi Stefan,

      Thank you for dropping by and offering your opinion as well as sharing your experience with their sales presentation.
      No, I have never attended a Nevetica presentation before, but I have other MLMs. It is refreshing to learn that they are actually open about the success rate, which is very good because it lets you make an informed decision.

      Wish you all the best!


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