Goodwill by Brendan Mace – Really?

Goodwill Review

Is this latest product called Goodwill by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong really that good? Can it earn you $500 per customer? Is it really the fastest way to making $100 per day?

Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong launch product after product, each time claiming the newest launch is the best, and easiest system ever that can get you started with making money online.

Some of their products are just alright, but most of the time, I find their methods to work mainly for themselves, but not for beginners just starting out in the internet marketing space.

Will Goodwill live up to its expectations, or is it yet another waste of time and money?

We will find out this and much more here, in my honest and in-depth Goodwill review, where I break down how the method works exactly, whether you are getting value for your money, and if there are loopholes in the system.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Goodwill by Brendan Mace: Review Summary

Product: Goodwill


Creators: Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong

Product type: affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Goodwill by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong is about giving out a freebie to people, so that they will buy into some ‘high-converting’ products. Everything is done for you, including the freebie and a software for you to get traffic.

These are all old products. The freebie is ‘The Lost Code’, the traffic software is ‘Aurora‘ which I have reviewed and do not find it to be a great traffic method. The upgrades for The Lost Code are not cheap, and people are generally not going to trust you enough to buy it if this is their first contact with you.

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Read on for the detailed review of Goodwill, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Goodwill by Brendan Mace

Let’s check out the homepage of Goodwill by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong, to find out what it entails exactly.

goodwill homepage

It starts with giving away a freebie, with the idea that you have to provide value first, before selling to people.

It is a great concept, considering how so many low quality products on the internet these days are just focused on trying to get your money without considering if you are getting the best deal.

As people find value in the free product, they would buy the upgrades, supposedly. And you get to earn commissions through those upgrades, which would have your affiliate links when your customers click through those to buy from you.

So far it sounds promising, but who would you be sending the freebie and selling the upgrades to? And what exactly is in the freebie? Is it created to really provide value to its customers?

Freebie in Goodwill – The Lost Code

The Lost Code is the freebie that you will be giving out to your potential customers, if you buy Goodwill. It is another one of Brendan’s products that was launched earlier.

Now, to be frank, I do not find Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong’s products to really serve their customers well. Their marketing pitch has managed to sound sincere and convincing for many of their products, but the methods taught are really not catered for beginners in the internet marketing niche.

From what I can see, their products are created more for their own pockets, than to really help you succeed online. Why else would they launch product after product? Each claiming to be the best?

I will not be reviewing The Lost Code in detail here, but in short, it teaches strategies of selling high ticket products, with its own very expensive upsells (in the range of hundreds of dollars) within The Lost Code itself.

And that is precisely why it is supposed to earn you the big bucks, because the upgrades are so expensive. It would take a lot of trust-building for people to purchase the upgrades from you.

That brings us to the next section, where I will discuss more about traffic.

Traffic source in Goodwill – Aurora

Traffic is the bloodline of any business, whether it’s an online business, or a brick and mortar one. Without traffic, there will be no chance of monetising it, no matter how great the products are.

The supposedly done for you traffic source in Goodwill is simply access to Aurora, which is yet another product that was previously launched by Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace.

You can read my detailed review here. In short, it is a bot that automatically follows the Pinterest followers of some influencers in your niche, specified by you, in the hope that some of them would follow you back, so you can promote your stuff to them

I really wouldn’t go there, unless you do not mind getting your Pinterest account banned.

No matter which social media platform, authentic social interaction by users is always the desired behaviour. Hence anything that tries to game the system will be risky for your account.

In addition, Pinterest traffic, from my own experience, is curious and interested, but they are not ready buyers. They are simply reading up general things related to the niche.

So if you do not use Aurora to try to get traffic to send your freebie to, then what? Where will you find traffic?

Let me show you where I get my traffic, totally for free.

The best source of highly targeted traffic is free

People interested in the niche that you are in is not targeted enough, as there are thousands of products out there, all claiming to serve their purpose.

The most highly targeted traffic is people who are actively searching for what you are promoting. Wouldn’t you agree?

Say someone had a freebie sent to him, and it’s The Lost Code. Maybe he found the concepts taught interesting, and was ready to try out one of the upsells. Do you think he will simply buy that upsell from the person who promoted The Lost Code to him, not knowing the person at all?

The very likely thing he would do instead, is to go on the internet and try to research on the upgrade that he is intending to buy, to see if he can find any helpful reviews on it.

And guess who he finds?

Brendan’s or Jono’s websites themselves, they will be ranked high up there, on the search results, when people look for more information on The Lost Code.

What does this mean to you?

That you had just spend $13 buying Goodwill, to send more business to Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong’s other products, with the traffic bypassing your pocket and going right into theirs. Smart tactic, yeah?

What is the bottomline here?

Anything done-for-you is not made to work for you, but for its creators.

If you want to make money online, one of the most straightforward method is to establish your own website. So that it gains the trust of the search engines, which will then place your site in the top ranks when people search for things related to your posts.

Traffic coming to your offers this way is the most highly targeted, and it is free! You do not have to spend a single cent on any form of advertising.

And because you have your very own website, your visitors are going to interact with your content, feel your authenticity in trying to help them, so they will very possibly take your recommendation, to buy the product through your affiliate link.

In fact, the concept of providing value first is of utmost importance, and it is exactly how great companies thrive. All the great names that you know of, they go beyond your expectations, offer customer service that goes the extra mile, develop products that are the winners in creativity and functionality.

That is how they earn your trust, so you will buy from them.

This is about understanding human psychology. You can’t just shove a product up a stranger’s nose and expect him or her to buy it. They do not even know you.

Unfortunately, this is what many of Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong’s products teach. There is nothing about getting organic traffic, or nurturing relationships with your potential customers.

But would you believe it, organic traffic and building trust with their own subscribers are the exact things that they are doing, they just do not teach it to you, because it takes time and hard work to get there.

So they keep launching done for you systems, shortcuts, the easy way out, which is what many people will go for. But these are not going to work for you, as much as they work for Brendan and Jono. Examples of their more recent products include Octane, StealthD, and Boomerang Buddy, to name just a few.

The best way to make money online

This website of mine that you have landed on. This is what I want to show you, how you can set up something like this, how to build upon it to get it ranked in the search engines, and how to monetise it.

You do not have to be restricted to the make money online niche. You can focus on any niche you want, practically anything under the sun, from parenting hyperactive kids, or back pain issues, to horse riding, or knitting.

Yes, it can be anything, as long as there are people searching for stuff related to that niche, then you will have a chance of monetising it, while at the same time adding value and helping visitors landing on your site.

Making money does not have to be a sneaky thing, misleading people into buying a product that does not deliver what it is supposed to.

With this method I am using, I am now working full time from home, growing my internet business, and making an online income. I started from scratch with zero knowledge in this area. If I can do it, you can, too.

Here’s a peek into my earnings on a recent day:

affiliate commission

As you can see, more than $100 a day is very do-able. And this is not even at its maximum potential yet, I’m still growing this business every single day.

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Pros of Goodwill

1. Real owners

Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong are definitely real people, willing to stand in front of their product, if it is of any assurance.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

3. You do get your freebie to send to people, and traffic software

If you have your own traffic source, for instance your own email list, consisting of people who know and trust you, then giving away the freebie could possibly work to earn you commissions through the upsells in The Lost Code.

But remember, your customers may not be happy with those upsells, simply because it will not be easy for them to make money selling high ticket items, which is what will be taught to your customers in The Lost Code.

Cons of Goodwill

1. Only works in the internet marketing niche

The freebie to be given away, The Lost Code, is a product in the make money niche. Nothing wrong with this niche, except that there are too many useless products that promise huge instant bucks, which will never deliver because it is not how things work.

So if you buy Goodwill, and try to offer it to people who do not know you, you will be seen as spamming.

2. Traffic method will not work for you

Using Aurora, you will be placing a bot in your Pinterest account, to try and follow people so that hopefully they follow you back. Not a legit method, so there is nothing good I can say about this.

3. Upsells

Goodwill is not just $13, no.

It is packed full of expensive upsells, just like The Lost Code, and any other product that is created to dig deep into your pocket.

Upsell 1: $47 – Pro version

Upsell 2: $197 – ‘Steal out backend’ to get $1000 commissions

Upsell 3: $397 – Done for you

Upsell 4: $197 – Limitless traffic

Upsell 5: $167 – License rights

The thing I do not like the most about upsells is how they make you feel that you are not reaping the full potential of the front end product, if you do not get those upsells.

Is Goodwill Scam or legit? 

Goodwill is definitely a legitimate product, and a good concept that you should offer value first, before people will trust you enough to buy from you.

But the traffic method is not a good one, so I seriously doubt you will be able to make any decent income out of this.


Easy, done for you methods will not get you anywhere, because they never work.

That is why not many people are able to succeed making money online, because they keep going after shiny objects.

If you are someone who believes success comes with hard work and dedication, then I want to show you the trodden path that many successful internet marketers have taken.

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