Does Best Easy Work SCAM You? Truth EXPOSED

Best Easy Work Review

What is the Best Easy Work scam all about? Or can it really make you $500 a day with a free, 100% automated and instant money making website?

Welcome to my Best Easy Work review.

I’m so happy for you that you are checking out this program, instead of taking things at face value.

Because there is a lot of stuff here that the owner of Best Easy Work and those promoting it probably do not want you to know about.

Stay with me as I walk you through every aspect of, pointing out all the red flags, in this honest and in-depth review.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Best Easy Work Review Summary

Product: Best Easy Work


Creator: Martin Ruiz

Product type: MLM program

Price: free to $5000, depending on the membership level you purchase

Scam / Legit? : Bordering on a SCAM, depending on whether we see it as offering some retailable product.

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Best Easy Work uses misleading sales tactics to make people think this is such an easy, automated way to make money with a free website. It is basically an MLM that promotes itself, with no product that is of value outside of this context.

To maximise your earning potential, you are encouraged to purchase higher and higher levels of membership. It is possible to make money with this, but in an unethical way.

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Read on for the detailed review of Best Easy Work, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Best Easy Work

To find out what is Best Easy Work, let us first take a look at its website.

best easy work landing page

I must say, my first impression of this program was pretty bad.

My intention is never to bash any product or program, but to use my experience and knowledge that I have accumulated in the internet marketing space to lay down the truth, whether people like it or not, so that my readers can make the best informed decisions for themselves.

A sales copy that reads like the one above is no good.

All hyped up and luring people in, thinking they do not have to do any work and it’s so easy to make money online is the one thing you have to run as far away as possible from.

Success has never come this way for anyone, and it never will. People who tell you this are just trying to scam you.

Now, let’s give it a fair review, and dig deeper to see exactly what Best Easy Work is all about.

More HYPE, and a strong CLUE

This kind of marketing is targeted at newbies in the internet marketing space, who are probably attracted by shiny objects, yearning to achieve success in the fastest way possible.

best easy work landing page 1

And here is a strong hint to what Best Easy Work really is, though until now they are just not transparent about it.

best easy work sponsor

Yes, this certainly reeks of MLM (multilevel marketing), the fact that you need a sponsor in order to join their program.

If it were some product that can really add value to their customers, like all the millions of products and services you get in the free market, why is there a need to go through a sponsor?

People should be able to just buy the product.

If it had a legitimate affiliate program, people would be able to earn a commission simply by promoting it and bringing business to the company.

It is precisely because this Best Easy Work runs on the MLM model, and yet is not being upfront about it, that makes my trust level for this program go down even further.

Compensation Plan of Best Easy Work

Here are their free and 10 paid membership levels, together with the maximum commissions at each level:

Free membership – earn $25 for each paying referral
$88 for level 1 membership – earn $50 commission
$188 for level 2 membership – earn $120 commission
$288 for level 3 membership – earn $200 commission
$500 for level 4 membership – earn $350 commission
$1,000 for level 5 membership – earn $750 commission
$1,500 for level 6 membership – earn $1,200 commission
$2,000 for level 7 membership – earn $1,600 commission
$2,500 for level 8 membership – earn $2,000 commission
$3,500 for level 9 membership – earn $2,900 commission
$5,000 for level 10 membership – earn $4,000 commission

The thing here is this: to earn the potential commission when your referral joins or upgrades at a certain membership level, you have to at least bought that level yourself.

For instance, say you were a level 4 member.

If a referral buys into level 5, you only earn $350, and not the $750. The difference gets paid upward, to your sponsor or the next in the upline who is at that level of membership.

To put simply, this is a pay-to-play system.

Are there any products to Best Easy Work?

You pay more only for the opportunity to earn more, when your referrals pay more into higher levels of membership as well.

Paying more is not for getting some useful product that will help you in something outside of this Best Easy Work business.

Yes, the people behind Best Easy Work, including their ardent supporters, will argue that there are products – marketing tools, training, etc.

There are some extra training that you can promote as an affiliate, which can then count as real products, but this is really not the focus of Best Easy Work, whose main business is in recruiting.

How do you get traffic onto your free ‘website’?

The free website that you will be given is not something that you can work on, to build up some business that you can call your own.

It is a duplicate website that all its members are getting.

No search engine is going to rank this type of website.

Then how do you get traffic to land on your site, so that they will be bought in by the sales copy of Best Easy Work, and join through your referral link so that you can make your commission?

Well, the only way to do it is to pay for traffic. Either through buying Solo Ads (sending your marketing campaign to other people’s email lists), or to run your own ads through the various social media platforms, or forums, Adwords, etc.

As if the membership fee is not digging a hole deep enough, now you have to dig an even deeper hole in the process of trying to climb out of it.

Paid traffic is a very high risk investment, especially for newbies. It takes a steep learning curve, which you pay to learn.

You can’t pick up advertising skills through textbooks. You have to actually run campaigns on the chosen platform, analyse the results, tweak some parameters, run your campaign again, and the cycle continues.

Until you have mastered the art and science of paid traffic, or until your funds are all exhausted, if you do not curb the spending in time.

So do not be taken in by their claims that you will get a free website that runs 100% automated. That’s as far from the truth as it can get.

Who is the ultimate winner in Best Easy Work?

The moment you pay a fee to join the program, the onus and pressure is on you to find people who will do the same as you, so that you can recover your initial investment (don’t forget all the advertising costs).

Firstly, this is not ethical. I find it very exploitative.

Secondly, when you take a step back to look at the big picture, who is the ultimate winner here?

Yes, it’s none other than Martin Ruiz, the owner of the program. He pockets the portion of the membership fees that is not paid as referral commission.

He has all his members forking money out of their own pockets to advertise for his company, and he simply sits back to enjoy the profits that roll in.

What do these members get? No real product, but the disillusioned hope of making it big with this ‘opportunity’, while the fact is many are worse off than before joining this program.

The structure is designed for your failure

Just imagine yourself joining Best Easy Work. The moment you join, you are in the red.

To recover those losses, you will need to get more people into the program. At least two, possibly many more (depending on your advertising costs), if you just want to break even.

As this goes on, at any one time, there will always be a largest group of people who are losing money in this scheme.

It is an empty shell, destined to crumble one day, when recruitment plateaus off to a standstill because of market saturation.

You do not want to be caught just starting out in this program when that happens.

In fact, no one deserves to be caught in that kind of situation.

So I hope this article is able to pull you away from Best Easy Work in time.

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Best Easy Work

1. Real owner

Martin Ruiz is a real person, at least he is not hiding.

2. Possible to make money

If you are an experienced internet marketer, and know a lot about paid traffic, are able to generate leads to your website, get these leads to convert, then it is possible that you can make a killing from this, provided you join at the right time.

Cons of Best Easy Work

1. No real product

You do not get anything out of paying more and more for higher levels of their membership, except for the promises to earn more commissions.

2. Unethical business model

This business model is unethical. In fact, from what I can sense, it has crossed into the grey area of being a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in many countries.

3. Most people are losing money

At any one time, there will always be the largest group of people who have just signed up, and are poorer than before they joined Best Easy Work.

Is Best Easy Work Scam or legit? 

I wish there could be a straightforward answer to this question.

My frank opinion is that Best Easy Work is bordering on being an illegal pyramid scheme, so it is best not to get involved with it at all.

Similar programs that I have reviewed include Six Figure Stamp Club, Club Cash Fund, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, and, to name just a few.


With the vast opportunities on the internet these days, there are too many legitimate ways to make money online, no one should have to resort to exploiting others.

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2 thoughts on “Does Best Easy Work SCAM You? Truth EXPOSED”

  1. Hi Joo

    Thank you for this very informative review. My perception of Best Easy Work is that it is a pyramid scheme and the chances of the average person making any real money is next to nil. I appreciate your honest feedback on the program.
    I agree that there is no get rich quick online business’ out there and if business’ are promoting this, run fast the other way. The reality is, it takes work and a lot of it to make a generous income online.
    Making money online is a great opportunity for those looking to work from home and I do recommend doing it, if aligned with the right business that has honest intentions and is trustworthy and supportive.

    Thanks again for this great review


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