What is Wolfpoints.com? SCAM Exposed

Wolfpoints Review

You may have seen many people putting up their referral links on social media and everywhere else, and are wondering what is Wolfpoints.com. Do they pay you when it’s time to cash out, or is this going to be a huge waste of your time?

Welcome to my Wolfpoints review.

I’m so glad you found this page, and are doing your research instead of just believing things at face value. You really can’t be too careful, especially with the amount of scams going around on the internet these days.

I will be upfront: Wolfpoints.com is a SCAM. In this article, I will walk you through all the red flags, so that you do not waste your time, or you can get out of there if you are already signed up.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Wolfpoints.com Review Summary

Product: Wolfpoints

URL: https://wolfpoints.com

Creator: Unknown

Product type: get-paid-to site

Price: free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Wolfpoints.com is a scam. Do not waste your time, do not refer anyone onto this website because you will be giving the crooks what they want. They do not pay out. Surveys are not genuine, they are actually a CPA (cost per action) scheme.

Those CPA just try to collect even more information about you. Ultimately, they also want to sell your contact details to third party advertisers.

Even though they do not scam you of your money, it would be a huge waste of your time and effort trying to complete the tasks and getting referrals, to end up helping these dishonest people make money instead.

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Read on for the detailed review of Wolfpoints.com, and why I call it scam.

What is Wolfpoints.com

To find out what is Wolfpoints.com, let’s first take a look at its website:

wolfpoints homepage

My first impression of this site was that it looked totally legitimate. Earn points to take part in surveys, download apps, try out products, join sponsored giveaways, and more.

Cash out via PayPal or through gift cards, with a low minimum threshold of $1, which is equivalent to 100 Wolfpoints.

Nothing suspicious, it seemed to work pretty much like any other get-paid-to sites, with earnings that seem reasonable.

Its website even has site security, with ‘https’ in its domain name, further giving the false sense of legitimacy.

Why, then, do I call it a scam?

Wolfpoints.com reveals the wolf under the sheep skin

Signing up was a breeze, took me just a few seconds. You just had to enter your user name, an email address, and a password.

Its true colours are revealed the moment I signed up and tried to complete some of the tasks and surveys.

wolfpoints jobs

The $10 USD job is not any real job. It brought me to a page where I could choose one out of 4 prizes from different companies. Some of those brought me to a security warning page that cautioned me against proceeding, others brought me to answer two questions, and asked for my information like birth date and address to send the prize to.

I instantly knew something was wrong.

Similarly, the $5 survey was no survey at all.

wolfpoints survey

Instead, it promised prizes like a new iPhone, $1000 drone, $500 gift card, and so on. These also brought me to the website security warning page.

I shook my head and closed the browser. I had seen enough.

What Wolfpoints.com really does

This is not a legitimate get-paid-to site. It simply wants to get as much personal information out of you as possible. It is also a CPA (cost per action, or cost per acquisition) site in disguise.

Basically, advertisers pay the people behind Wolfpoints.com for certain actions taken by the audience, like clicking on some buttons or links, as well as when we enter our information onto those advertisers’ landing pages.

The people behind this website will also sell your information to other third party advertisers, at a very high price because they can show that their list are all interested in making money online.

Then its members will start to receive lots of spam and promotions that they never opted in for.

That is but a small inconvenience. The danger comes with other things that they can do with your information. For instance, they could try out the password you use in your Wolfpoints.com account, to see if it matches with your email account, or even your PayPal account, if you have provided the information to them.

So if you had used the same password in Wolfpoints elsewhere more important too, please make sure you change those passwords out. You never know what these people are capable of.

Other red flags in Wolfpoints.com

As I snooped around some more, I found other red flags:

wolfpoints bad email

Its support email address does not exist. To confirm this, I sent an inquiry email to them, and this came back:

wolfpoints address not found

They do not want to be contactable by you. When you face issues trying to cash out, and try to get in touch with them, you will be faced with frustrations, only to realise they are a bunch of scammers.

By then you would have already placed your referral links on social media or elsewhere, trying to get referrals signed up under your link. And so the cycle continues.

And if you really open your eyes to look around, you would find not a single soul who had ever received any payment from Wolfpoints before. There are many people who claim they have, but go try asking them to show you the proof. Not the earnings on their Wolfpoints dashboard, that’s not considered real earnings into their bank account yet.

Ditch Wolfpoints.com. Do not be tricked by the wolves.

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Pros of Wolfpoints.com

There is not a single plus point to signing up to this platform. Do not waste anymore time, and do not get any other people to join them.

Cons of Wolfpoints.com

1. It does not pay out

If you know of anyone who has actually received any money from them, please drop me a comment below, I will be really interested to know.

As far as I can tell, they do not have any intention to pay out.

2. They are not contactable

This is something that really screams SCAM.

3. They just want to collect your information to sell it away

Even though you do not get cheated of your money, they make money simply by you providing your contact details, and your referrals’ too.

Is Wolfpoints.com Scam or legit?

Wolfpoints.com is certainly a scam, just like PayingType.com, and Smart Dollars Club, to name just a few.

It is dangerous to stay on that site, with so many insecure links that you do not know where you may end up at, and what you could possibly be clicking on next.


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  1. Thank you for your heads up on wolfpoints.com I’ve come across similar scammy sites,but luckily never got caught out. It always amazes me how they can get away with it. Your recommendation is definitely the best way to build a real business, and one that’s totally legit 🙂


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