What is Turbo Wealth Solution? HIDEOUS Truth

Turbo Wealth Solution Review

What is Turbo Wealth Solution? You must be wondering whether this 4-step push-button wealth system will actually lead you to your financial freedom. Is it really going to make you $40K in a week?

Welcome to my Turbo Wealth Solution review.

In this honest and in-depth look at what this program is offering, I will walk you through all the red flags that tell us why we should not trust it, despite many other raving reviews from people who claim they have made a fortune from it.

Ready-to-go business, top quality product, hot offer, etc. It all sounds good, but these are exactly the stuff that will spoil the deal for you. Let me explain what I mean, as you follow through my review of Turbo Wealth Solution.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Turbo Wealth Solution Review Summary

Product: Turbo Wealth Solution

URL: https://turbowealthsolution.com/

Creator: Unknown (but possibly Gary Romano)

Product type: MLM company with no retailable product

Price: $1K to $20K, + admin fee

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Turbo Wealth Solution is nothing more than a pay-to-play system that is out to get your money. When you hop on board, you will be equipped with a replicate website, as well as an automated cold-calling system that will call your leads, allowing you to make a commission when anyone signs up.

The difficult part is finding leads to pay a hefty fee, to join this program that only promotes itself. Essentially, Turbo Wealth Solution operates like a pyramid scheme.

What is Turbo Wealth Solution

To find out what is Turbo Wealth Solution, let us first take a look at its home page.

turbo wealth solution home page

It does not provide much information, except for making it all seem so easy to start earning 5 or 6 figures per month, all from home.

The 4 steps they claim to start making you money do not even seem to constitute any real work from your part.

Step 1: Watch the webinar and join the program.

Step 2: Get leads using their secret lead sources.

Step 3: Push a button to send your leads through their automated process.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat.

Here is the process of how things are supposed to work:

turbo wealth solution process

Once you become a member, you get your Turbo Wealth Solution replicate website, which you will send your leads to.

When interested people fill in a call back request, the automated call back system will call the number they provide. When they pick up the call, they will hear a pre-recorded voice message.

In this sense, the system (website and automated call back system) does the selling for you, as long as you are able to send traffic onto your replicate website.

And when anyone in your funnel eventually signs up too, you make a handsome commission.

That is the gist of how the entire program works. It is nothing more than a pay-to-play system, that tries to sell itself. There is no product that you can retail to customers, outside of its membership.

This amounts to a pyramid scheme, so I would strongly advise you to stay away.

How much does it cost to join Turbo Wealth Solution

These are the various membership levels, along with the training that you will get for each:

Bronze Package $1,000

You will get your Turbo Wealth Solution replicate website, with hosting and support. It comes with a tracking system so you can organize your leads and sales.

There are also marketing letters that you can send through your own autoresponder.

Training videos include market research, setting up sales funnels, and internet marketing profits.

Silver Package $2,000

In addition to everything in the Bronze Package, you will also get training on time management and having the right mindset.

On top of that, you will gain access to a downloadable library of more than 100 success seminars, personal development books, and audio lectures.

Gold Package $3,500

On top of everything from the previous levels, you will also get training on setting up a WordPress site, backlinking, viral marketing, driving traffic, content creation, and copy-writing.

Platinum Package $6,500

This package includes everything from the previous levels, as well as more training on lead generation, video sales writing, building your email list, affiliate marketing, etc.

Diamond Package $12,000

Again, everything from previous levels is included, plus more training on blogging, branding, Facebook marketing, mobile marketing, social networking, lead generation, and habits of highly successful internet marketers.

Elite Package $20,000

Everything from earlier levels, plus even more blueprints and strategies.

On top of these membership fees, each level comes with a fixed admin fee of $247.

Tons of training – are they even useful?

I believe everyone would agree with me that the prices of the membership are simply over the top.

Although they try to provide tons of training material, to make it seem like you are getting lots of value for your money, the fact is they will get you more confused than before, if you even tried to go through the training.

They are simply throwing everything they can find from the internet marketing niche in there, with no systematic step-by-step approach that will lead you to making money in a sustainable way. It’s total chaos that will leave you feeling more lost than ever.

Moreover, what they really want you to do is just push a button to run their system, which means you won’t need any of this training at all, if their method works.

Compensation plan of Turbo Wealth Solution

This program pays you through a one-up compensation plan.

This means that for the first person whom you recruit into the system, the commission goes to your sponsor (the person whose replicate website you signed up on).

From the 2nd referral onwards, you get to keep 100% of the commission, capped at your own membership level.

For example, if you bought the Gold Package at $3,500 + $247 admin fee, when a referral signs up through your website for the Gold Package too, you get to pocket $3,500.

Even if anyone were to sign up at the lowest Bronze level, you also make a hefty $1,000.

But if a referral were to sign up at a membership level higher than yours, then you would make a maximum of $3,500 (assuming yours is the Gold membership), and the remaining commission gets passed up to your sponsor, or whoever is further up in the line, who is at that membership level bought by this referral of yours.

Why Turbo Wealth Solution will not work for you

It may sound very lucrative and extremely tempting to buy into such a scheme. Why am I so strongly against it, then?

It is not as simple as it seems.

Where do you find traffic?

The biggest issue is: where do you find traffic to channel through the done-for-you marketing funnel? If no one lands on your replicate website to fill in the form for the call back service, then the program has no one to sell to.

You would not be able to make any sales, no matter how well-oiled the promotional campaign is.

Turbo Wealth Solution will teach you to use paid advertising, to drive traffic to your website. This is very risky for any beginner into the internet marketing space, with no experience in paid traffic.

You may end up spending thousands of dollars on Facebook, or Google Adwords, or whatever platform you choose to run your ads. And without the skills to target a specific audience group who will respond to your offers, you may not get a single sale.

If you are an advanced internet marketer, you really do not need to tap on dubious schemes like this to make money. If you are new to internet marketing, then I urge you not to dabble in paid traffic unless you have a healthy cash reserve that you can afford to lose.

Remember, you may not get any returns from running those ads if you do not know what you are doing.

Too expensive, difficult to sell

Secondly, even if you manage to send some traffic to your website, I do not fathom how anyone would happily part with even $1K just by listening to some pre-recorded voice message trying to convince them that they can make $40K a week with this.

It is not a small sum of money, even at the lowest membership level. $1K plus $247, for no solid product except for a chance at grabbing at the castle in the sky.

The group of people losing money will always be the largest

In such a scheme, the math is really quite simple. You earn nothing from the first referral you bring in. Even with a 2nd referral, you are still making a loss, as there is at least the admin fee that you have not covered.

You would start earning only with the 3rd referral, and that’s a bare minimum.

If you had bought any membership level other than the lowest, then you would need more referrals to break even, considering most people would join at the lowest level, if they ever do join.

And that is what gives this scheme its pyramid shape. The base of the pyramid, those who are in the red, is always the largest group.

So do not be taken in by the 100% commissions, thinking that this is a sure win.

Because the real winner is none other than the owner of the scheme, who pockets $247 from every single member who gets recruited into his scam.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Turbo Wealth Solution

1. Possible to make money

You may be surprised, but it is possible for advanced internet marketers to make money with this scheme, only because they know how to drive traffic to their websites.

However, the other criteria they must have, in order to succeed at this, is ZERO INTEGRITY.

They know jolly well that the average Joe whom they recruit into the program is more likely not a seasoned marketer, and yet they have the heart to take thousands of dollars of hard-earned money from them.

That’s pretty amazing.

Cons of Turbo Wealth Solution

1. Crazy expensive

The prices are out of this world. It’s too huge a risk to take. $1K can be so much better spent on so many other stuff.

2. The cost doesn’t stop there

To even get any chance at making your money back, you’d have to throw in thousands more dollars to run advertising campaigns, in order to drive traffic to your website, and hopefully, if you are really lucky, one or two persons may bite the bait.

3. Illegal scheme

Such schemes are not ethical, because they make people buy a hope, with nothing else in return. To fill the hole in the pockets of the existing members, more innocent parties would have to be roped into the scheme.

Is Turbo Wealth Solution Scam or legit? 

Turbo Wealth Solution is a scam, through and through. It is a burden to society, and will do you more harm than good.

Similar products that I have reviewed include 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, Digital Income System, Make Money Even, and Impact Mailing Club, to name just a few.

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