What is Club Shanghai? A Scam?

club shanghai reviewIf you’ve landed on this page, you have likely received some promotional email, or seen it somewhere on the internet, and are checking out what is Club Shanghai all about.

You’re at the right place, because I will be providing an honest and unbiased view of it. It’s great that you are sniffing things out before deciding on whether any product is suitable for your needs, without simply taking anything at face value.

There are so many scam products out there these days. Is Club Shanghai one of them? Does anything even exist in this world that can actually make you $128, 538.50 in just 13 clicks? When it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

So let’s dive right in to find out. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Club Shanghai, through the following sections:

Club Shanghai: Review Summary

Product: Club Shanghai

Creator: “Jermaine”

Product type: WeChat marketing (it’s a form of messenger system)

Price: $7 + upsells

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Club Shanghai is overhyped, and will never be able to deliver up to your expectations, based on what they try to portray in the sales video. It is about marketing your products or affiliate links through WeChat, a messenger system much like the one in FaceBook. As with any type of marketing, it takes time, effort, experience, and sometimes lots of budget to make it work.

I say this is a scam because its owner does not make a single appearance, except with a first name. Does it mean they are hiding something, or so that it’s easy for them to run when they get exposed? Moreover, whatever training inside is pretty much worthless.

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Read on for the detailed review of Club Shanghai, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Club Shanghai

Let’s check out what is Club Shanghai, by first looking at their sales video and landing pages.

So this is a secret method that nobody knows about, and it’s making Jermaine $128, 538.50 with just 13 clicks.


club shanghai secret


It’s based on some technology used in WeChat, which is a messaging system which started in China in 2011. It runs on a similar idea to the Messenger in FaceBook. And because it is a communication system, of course anyone can capitalise on it to market some products to the masses, there can be different ways to do it.

According to Jermaine, credit goes to Steve and Warren (who are they??) for coming up with the technology behind Club Shanghai. The very same technology used in WeChat, is now spreading across the globe, to many Western countries, without people realising it.

So if you start using Club Shanghai’s system, you will be among the beta testers to benefit from it. And you can expect earnings of $18K a day.

But why does it only cost $7? If it’s such a great system, why is it so cheap? Oh well, because Jermaine wants this to be available to the people who need it the most. Only the first 100 people who sign up get to be in their beta testing group (this is a scarcity tactic used by most scam products, causing you to click ‘buy’ without taking the time to do your research).


club shanghai scarcity


I didn’t waste my time buying this and then having to go through the hassle of asking for a refund, just to test it out. Because the red flags and the tell tale signs are all too obvious.

When there is no real owner, no one is responsible for all the claims that are just thrown all over the place. It’s plain nonsense. Even if I want to give this product a chance, I can’t because there is no one I can trust, who can be accountable for it. There’s no one I can contact for any support, any issues that arise, or any questions that I may have. Where on earth am I going to hunt down Jermaine, or Steve, or Warren??


Why won’t Club Shanghai work for you

Look at the FaceBook messaging system. Where there is traffic, there will be opportunities to make money. There will be plenty of chances for advertising, or for using some tool or system to reach out to the masses.

But what is the qualifier to play the game? Yeah, you guessed it. Money, of course. Just like when you want to put up any advertisement on FaceBook or any other social media where lots of people gather, you need money. You want to send email marketing campaigns to a list, you need money to buy the list, or even if you have your own list, you need to subscribe to an email service provider for mass-sending and scheduling of your campaigns.

These are hidden costs that will not be made known to you, until you really try out the method.

And there will be no secret method, there has never been, there never will be, any method that can get you rich fast. The only ones who will make money through Club Shanghai are Jermaine, Steve, and Warren. And there weren’t even making their money off the method taught in there. They are making money off innocent beginners who never expected there to be so many scammers around!

So from now on, anyone who tempts you with a get rich quick scheme, just run fast in the opposite direction.

Their training is not much use

There is no trending messaging system that is up and coming and yet no one knows about. So whatever they teach you in there, you’ll not be able to apply it. Anyway it is all in an outdated PDF eBook, that contains lots of hidden upsells. It’s simply a low quality product, that’s what it is.

Upsells, upsells, and more upsells

This is what you get inside the members’ area, once you spend the $7 for Club Shanghai.


club shanghai members area


Every button you try to click brings you to more upsells. Including Cryptocurrency and eCommerce, those just lead you to spend even more money, in money making products that are totally unrelated to what Club Shanghai is about! What nonsense!


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Pros of Club Shanghai

1. Money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

I’m afraid this is the only good thing about Club Shanghai that I can think of. Even the training is low quality and recycled from some outdated materials. So, I can only shake my head…


Cons of Club Shanghai

1. Real owner does not show up

There’s no way I can trust any product if the real owner doesn’t show up. What is he so afraid of, I wonder…

2. No such thing exists that can earn you $128K with 13 clicks

No one is earning a single cent with whatever system that is inside Club Shanghai.

3. Upsells

It’s out to squeeze you dry, every single drop. Look at their preliminary upsells;

Upsell 1: $197 – Club Shanghai Priority Lounge

Upsell 2: $97 – Shanghai eCommerce Profiteers Society

Upsell 3: $147 – The Millionaire Calendar

Don’t you think this is criminal? Look at those prices. If the front end product is low quality and cannot deliver, they still expect people to buy into their upsells, and throw even more money down the drain?

Is Club Shanghai Scam or legit? 

If you ask me, my answer is that it’s a scam. Owner doesn’t show up, and low quality training that is simply recycled materials, together with upsells that burn a hole right through your pocket, it’s obvious they do not care about you at all. They just want to feed their own greed, their insatiable greed for money.


I definitely do not recommend Club Shanghai to anyone. It is as useless as these other products that I have reviewed before, just to name a few: Freedom Profits, Easy Cash Club, and Cash Formula

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