Is My Ecom Club SCAM? It’s DEAD

My Ecom Club Review

What’s with all the hype going around this product? Can this big ticket training course really make you huge earnings with eCommerce? Here, we find out how real is this My Ecom Club scam.

March 2020 Update: My Ecom Club has been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to deceptive marketing practices.

My Ecom Club, at first glance, impressed me with a professional looking landing page, and site security. But looks can be deceiving. If it were such a great product, it does not have to hide under the multitudes of false facade, to lure people into it.

Why do I say that?

What exactly do they offer in this program that is priced over the top? And what are its members saying about it?

We will reveal all here, from the good to the bad, in this honest, unbiased and in-depth My Ecom Club review. Then you can decide for yourself if it is something worth your time and money.

My Ecom Club Review Summary

Product: My Ecom Club


Creator: Teo Vee

Product type: eCommerce training

Price: $37, or $97 (depending on which landing page you sign up into the program), $37/month, $1997, and even upwards of this amount, as you progress along in your training

Scam / Legit? : Legitimate

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

My Ecom Club is a training program that teaches you how to make money by setting up your own online stores. It is priced exorbitantly, and its hidden costs are the main issue, as you do not get to know about it until you reach the next stage of training. It means you never get the complete suite, until you pay increasingly crazy prices for it.

The other main problem with this program is how seemingly unrelated products will sprout out, which are all hyped up about how easy it is to make money with the system, only to funnel you into My Ecom Club after making your payment for those shiny objects. This gimmick is not very nice.

Examples are 100K Online Secret and Broke Dishwasher.

What is My Ecom Club

Information presented in sales video and landing page

my ecom club sales page

Basically it is a training platform that teaches about eCommerce. It is free to start, and you pay a fee of $37 if you would like to add an advisor. That’s all the information you get on the sales page when it comes to the fees involved. Which sounds totally reasonable.

You will get a free webinar on how to start your own online store. The team can also build your eCommerce websites for you, with design, optimisation, and filling your store with hundreds of top-selling products, each of which comes with a description that is crafted to increase sales.

Seeing nothing to lose, I signed up with their free account. Just entering first name and email is fine, but my advice is not to enter your phone number, if you are not getting their coaching service at the moment. Because there is a possibility of getting spammed.

my ecom club spamming

Once in, they will nudge you to get an advisor, for a fee of $37.

my ecom club upsell 1

I ignored that, and went ahead to get through the 6 steps of eCommerce Essentials Training:

Step 1: The power of eCommerce

Step 2: How to find a niche you’ll love – how to research on a niche

Step 3: Thinking like an entrepreneur – all about mindset. He quotes from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Step 4: Proven eCommerce suppliers – here, Teo Vee talks about dropshipping and AliExpress.

Step 5: How to use Shopify – you are taught to sign up to Shopify (using Teo Vee’s affiliate link, so he earns a commission. Nothing wrong with that, except that it should be made known to you explicitly). Then he goes through how to use Shopify, in a pace that is too fast for my comfort. If you are not technically savvy, you may have some problem following this module.

Step 6: Discover the hottest products to sell – using FaceBook as your research tool.

Having gone through this training, I felt it was alright. I do appreciate that he tries to provide value first, though these are quite generic stuff.

And even though the duration of the training seems quite substantial, like 40 minutes, 50 minutes each step, it is actually because Teo Vee has the tendency to go on and on quite a bit, about mostly general stuff, but things that do make sense nonetheless.

This is him, by the way:

my ecom club teo vee

At the end of this training, is of course when they start selling their service of a done-for-you eCommerce online store. You get 2 stores, in fact. For the whooping price of $1997.

my ecom club set up stores

Yeah, no mistake about that. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s an insane amount to charge.

Without this, you go no further in this online journey with them.

So either you stop here, try to get all your refunds (because what they taught so far is simply not enough to set up your online store properly) or watch your money go down the drain, or you pay $2K to continue exploring eCommerce opportunities with them, and they will do up two stores for you, as well as provide more training for you to move on.

Both do not seem to give you the best choice, which in my opinion is to have the chance to take their training at a more affordable fee, without them doing up the store for you. But it’s too bad they never made this as an available option.

Sales gimmicks that are not so cool

Depending on how you landed on their sales page, some people would have already forked out $97, just to access their coaching services.

my ecom club facebook comments

Which is another big issue I have with their sales gimmicks. You see, every now and then, a completely new product will be launched, that gives no hint that it is related to My Ecom Club.

Those are funnels that ultimately channel people to My Ecom Club, but they will realise it only after buying those phantom products, which in fact do not exist. Behind those flowery veils is none other than My Ecom Club.

So people are actually paying like $47, or $97, or possibly other different amounts, depending on the specific funnel that they landed on. Old funnels will disappear, as people find out about the real hidden costs of $2K and up, behind what they signed up for, and started giving negative reviews about it.

See the confusion when all these people come together on their FaceBook page:

my ecom club different pricing

And new funnels will be created, with all the usual hype about how easy it is to make lots of money with this system instantly, all on autopilot, and hence zero work on your part. This will bring in fresh, unsuspecting traffic to My Ecom Club.

I will be updating this post as I do up reviews on those funnel pages with the phantom products.

UPDATE: This Broke Dishwasher is one of those sales funnels that lead to My Ecom Club. Another one is 100K Online Secret.

This is what I have gathered for My Ecom Club. In the next section, I will be going into the details of eCommerce, with dropshipping in particular (seeing that it is a very popular business model nowadays), and why I personally choose not to engage in this form of online business.

Why dropshipping may not work for you

How does dropshipping work

With the dropshipping business model, you set up an online store, and visitors landing on your store will purchase the products from you directly.

On the back end, you would have worked with suppliers to agree on a discounted pricing. Alternatively, you could source for the products on online shopping platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and so on, if you can find some low cost items.

When your customers make the purchases, you then process their orders by getting your suppliers to deliver the items to your customers, or go on those online platforms to make those purchases and send directly to your customers as a gift.

Your profit is the difference between your selling price to customers and the cost price at which you obtained them.

Advantages of dropshipping

There are two main advantages to the dropshipping model.

Besides the set up cost and monthly subscription fee to run your eCommerce platform, there is no need to purchase or store inventory. You buy the products only when customers make their orders on your store. So there is no risk of stocking up on goods and having nobody buy them.

The other advantage is you do not need to worry about delivery of the goods, as it is the job of your suppliers or those online platforms. But of course you do have to be answerable to your customers, should any hiccups occur with the delivery of their items.

Disadvantages of dropshipping

Low profit margin – You can’t price your items way too high, otherwise nobody would buy from your store. At the same time, suppliers would be the ones rightfully pocketing the bulk of the profits, since they are the ones doing all the hard work. Which means profit margins for you, as the middleman, would be very low.

Frequently, you hear of people making a certain amount in revenue on their online stores, sounding like a lot. But in fact the percentage of the revenue that actually becomes their profit could be not even enough to cover the cost of running the business.

Middleman woes

Being the middleman in the transactions, you have to deal with middleman woes, the big ones being customer complaints and refunds, and unreliable suppliers.

If customers receive their items late, or get damaged goods, then they will come back to you, as the sale transaction was made with you.

On the other hand, the item never even passed through your hands. So you have to go back to your suppliers to sort out whatever issue it was, get them to replace the item, or handle the refund.

And if your suppliers are not as reliable as you thought they were, you can be sure you will get a big headache from all the complaints you will get all day long.

All these require interpersonal skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, conflict management skills, etc.

Profitability of the business depends on your ability to negotiate a good price with suppliers

This will be crucial to your business. Time and effort will be involved, and you will definitely need good connections as well, to know where to find the best suppliers.

If you are sourcing for the products from online shopping platforms, there is also the issue of transparency. I’m not sure if your customers will be happy to receive a product from Amazon, with its low pricing indicated on the packaging, and knowing how much you profited through this transaction.

It is also not very likely that they will come back to you as repeat customers.

Traffic is key

Traffic is key to any business, whether online or brick and mortar. It does not really matter how well everything else is done, if you are unable to get traffic to your online store.

The main way to get traffic to an eCommerce platform is by paying for advertisements. This constitutes yet another high cost, even before you start earning any money.

Paid traffic is not a straightforward case of getting results as long as you sink in the funds. If you do not know your potential customers well enough, their behaviour and preferences on a particular social media platform or whichever platform you choose to advertise on, their demographic profiles, where to find them, etc. you can incur losses of up to thousands before you start to recoup.

It’s a steep learning curve when it comes to paid traffic. And the thing about this is you pay while learning. Because you learn as you do. You run some advertising campaigns, analyse the results, tweak some parameters, run another campaign to test it, tweak again, test again, and so on.

So to start an online store, you really need to set aside a good amount of start up cost, and advertising can eat into your reserves, if you do not know what you are doing.

It is because of all these drawbacks in this dropshipping model, that is why I won’t go into it. The business model I use is, in my opinion, much neater and hassle-free. Let me now explain how I make my online income.

How I make money online

The model I use is called affiliate marketing. In simple terms, I promote somebody’s products. When people buy those products through my affiliate links, I earn a commission.

I love this method because I do not have to source for products at low price, decide on the selling price, handle customer complaints and refunds, or deal with unreliable suppliers.

Because in affiliate marketing, the sale transaction takes place between the customers and the retailers whose products I promote. So I’m freed of all those hassles. I earn simply by bringing customers to the virtual doorstep of those retailers.

If this sounds good to you, click on the link below to hop over to my other post, where I detail this method at length:

–>>> My #1 recommendation to make money online <<<–

Let’s now do a recap of all the pros and cons, before I end off this review post.

Pros of My Ecom Club

1. Real owner, legitimate platform

The owner is a real person, their website is a legitimate and secured one, not something set up hastily like many low quality products. So at least Teo Vee is proud to stand in front of his training program, showing its credibility and accountability.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product. But note that this is only for products.

It is stated clearly in their refund policies, that services are not refundable. Like coaching, web design, etc. And I guess that would include the $2K item, because they can argue that they have started on the web design service of your online store once you made the payment, so the service has been rendered, hence is non refundable.

my ecom club refund policies

3. There is value in the training

I do believe there is value in the training, as you advance through the materials. But whether it’s worth the money or not, that’s a different question altogether.

Cons of My Ecom Club

1. Much too overpriced

This is one of the main deterrents why even people who are very keen to run their online store and willing to buy a training program to learn the ropes will be reluctant to sign up for this.

2. Uncool gimmicks

People get funneled through various phantom products that do not exist, just to find themselves landing in My Ecom Club after having paid through those products, for some method that supposedly makes you money fast and easy, with minimum work.

To me, this is a very misleading marketing tactic.

3. Dropshipping woes

If you choose to do eCommerce through dropshipping, you would have to face the issues inherent of this business model, like handling customer complaints and refunds, dealing with unreliable suppliers, negotiating with suppliers for a good deal, researching the market to know how to price your products, paying huge sums for traffic to land on your store, etc.

4. Upsells

The upsells of My Ecom Club are hidden. That is the danger here. And I believe they are much more expensive than the $1997 for the two done-for-you stores.

You will only get to find out their costs after you reach that particular stage.

my ecom club products

Is My Ecom Club Scam or legit?

I would say My Ecom Club scam is not real. It is definitely a legitimate training platform for eCommerce, albeit an extremely expensive one.

An Alternative

I do not recommend My Ecom Club. If you do not pay the thousands of dollars to get through the training and the set up, then it is as useless as many products, like 7 Minutes Daily Profits, Profit Raider, and WP Backlink Machine, to name just a few.

Setting up an online business does not have to be expensive at all. In fact, a main advantage of having an online business, as opposed to a brick and mortar one, is precisely its low startup cost.

So why go for something so high risk that it can burn a big hole right through your pocket if not done properly?

The way I am doing my online business only requires website hosting, domain name, and maybe an email autoresponder (this can wait until your business gets more established). That’s it, extremely low cost, the way it should be.

If you are interested to learn the exact method through which I use affiliate marketing as my business model to earn my online income, click on the button below:

And for reading all the way to the end of the post, I believe you have it in you to make this work. Here is your FREE PDF Guide: 4 Simple Steps to Making Money Online. Fill in your details to claim it:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this My Ecom Club review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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