Does 7 Minutes Daily Profits Scam You?

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

What is this free software that can start making you up to $500 today? How real is this 7 Minutes Daily Profits scam?

Frankly, I shook my head the moment I saw their sales page. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

I’m so glad you are here checking it out, instead of buying it on impulse and being lured in by their seasoned sales pitch. You really can’t be too careful, knowing the amount of scams floating around on the internet these days.

As a rule of thumb, your antenna should be up, on scam alert, when something promises huge earnings in an instant, without you having to do any work.

Now, let’s dive right in to take this product apart, in this honest, unbiased and in-depth 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, to see if it is a real big scam or not.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review Summary

Product: 7 Minutes Daily Profites


Creator: “Vince Howard”

Product type: affiliate marketing

Price: $9 for server fee (free software)

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

7 Minutes Daily Profits is out to scam you, it is obvious from the many red flags I have uncovered, like dubious owner, fake testimonials, all the hype of it being a get-rich-quick scheme, fake scarcity sales tactics, and even claiming to be a “FREE” software!

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Read on for the detailed review of 7 Minutes Daily Profits, and why I call it scam.

What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Information presented in sales video and landing page

7 minutes daily profits sales page

The method is something I have never seen before? I seriously do not think so…

It’s all hype surrounding the sales video, telling you how great this system is, showing all the video testimonials of people claiming to have made lots of money with this, within hours of using this software.

It’s supposedly very easy, you just need 7 minutes a day, to start raking in $500 a day! It will not make you a millionaire overnight, but if you think $500 a day is good enough for you, then get this now, before the sales page disappears at the time stated right on top of the page (of course it will still be right there if you go back to check).

The sales pitch went on and on, just trying to lure you in.

And never once did they reveal the method that would be used to make you those $500 a day! Is it because they know nobody will buy this thing once they know what exactly they are offering?

It doesn’t show much regard for you, does it? The fact that they make you buy something without letting you in on what exactly you are buying. They only have one concern: to fill up their own pockets.

Oh wait, isn’t it free?

Well, it turns out to be a low down sales gimmick. Telling you it’s a free software, but you have to pay $9 for server fee. Why don’t they just say the stuff costs $9 then? Unless they take us for fools?

I’m sorry, my emotions are getting the better of me. I always find it hard to accept that such atrocities actually exist.

Right. Now let’s get back to business.

All the red flags in 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Having reviewed many of these scam products, it’s easy to spot the red flags.

Dubious owner

Who exactly is Vince Howard? The photograph shown in the sales video is simply a stock image. If you try to search for him on the internet, try to find his social media profile, it does not exist.

So why is the real owner hiding? So that it is easy to run away when customers come chasing after him because they are not making $500 a day?

Free software??

Well, obviously it costs $9, so they should not say it is free. This is such a silly thing.

Fake testimonials

From the looks of the video testimonials, I could sense they were fake right away, even though I had not exposed these actors before.

But it is not difficult to find the evidence. First, take a look at this screenshot of one of the video testimonials from their sales page:

7 minutes daily profits fake testimonial 1

Now, look at what I found on Fiverr:

7 minutes daily profits fake testimonial 2

So what does that tell us? That Vince Howard is not able to find a single person who is really making $500 a day with his software?

I just have to find one testimonial that is fake, and poof…. there goes all my trust for this product and this Vince guy, all plummeted down to zero.

Nothing can make you $500 the day you start using it

No such thing in this world exists.

Yes, the most successful internet marketers can be making 5 figure or even 6 figure each month. But they did not do it overnight. They attain their success today through years of toiling, never giving up even when they made nothing in the beginning months.

The only one making money from this is none other than our dear Vince Howard, if you let him.

They always give what everyone likes to hear, all these scammers. Make hundreds per day right away, by just working a few minutes each day.

Who wouldn’t like that? And that is exactly how they make money. By targeting on the human weakness of craving for instant gratification, and yet not willing to put in the hard work.

What’s the bottom line?

Stay away from all these shiny objects. They will just burn a hole in your pocket, without giving you any substantial information or tools in return.

Here’s the deal:

If you really want to succeed online, and you want it badly enough, then you should be willing to put in lots of effort. If you’re prepared to do this, I can show you the path that countless successful internet marketers have taken.

The proper way to make money online

In this day and age, if you want to make a consistent income through the internet, the very fundamental thing you must have is your own website.

Before you run away, let me assure you that this is in fact the easiest part. With the advancement in website building technology, you can have your very own professional-looking website with a few clicks, within 15 minutes.

With a website, you are grounded on the internet. It is like buying an asset in the internet space, so people know where to find you.

Without one, you simply float around the various platforms like social media, or forums, with no identity, you do not own anything, so it’s very difficult to establish a brand for yourself.

On the website, you start creating content in a niche that you are passionate about. It can be anything. Over time, with consistent quality content published on your site, search engines will reward you with their trust, and see your site as the authority in the niche.

When people search for answers related to your niche, they will see your website ranking on page 1 of their search results. They click to land on your site. This is called free organic traffic, the most precious of its kind.

Once you get traffic to your site, you can monetise it in numerous ways: you can have your own store selling your own products, you can do dropshipping, you can bank in on advertisements placed on your site, or you can do affiliate marketing.

I choose to monetise my website traffic through affiliate marketing, because it is a neat and hassle free way to make money online.

It works on a very simple concept: I promote other people’s products. When my website visitors click through my affiliate links to make their purchases, I earn a commission.

It is cool because I do not have to handle any inventory, own any product, deal with delivery or customers complaints and refunds. The transaction is still between the customers and the retailers whose products I promote.

I earn simply by driving customers to their virtual doorstep.

If this sounds good to you, click on the link below to hop over to my other post, where I show you step by step how this can be done:

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Pros of 7 Minutes Daily Profits

1. 60 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

Unfortunately, this is the only plus point I can think of for this product.

Cons of 7 Minutes Daily Profits

1. Dubious owner

Product owners who dare not make an appearance to stand in front of their product really do not deserve any trust.

2. Fake testimonials

Here, there is an obvious intent to cheat their potential customers. It’s a huge breach of trust.

3. Too much hype

There is no way anyone can start earning $500 on the very day that they start trying to make money online. Period.

4. Upsells

As with any product that is created with the sole purpose of making money for its owner, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is no exception.

You will be bombarded by pricey upsells the moment you purchase the front end product. They never give you the chance to try it out and see if it works or not.

They just want to push upgrades, traffic tools, etc. right into your face while your wallet is out of your pocket, because they know after this, they will never hear from you again, knowing how you will be disappointed with their front end product.

The affiliates of 7 Minutes Daily Profits get to make $230 per sale. It tells us that the total price of all the upsells must be a lot more than $300, possibly over $400.

Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits Scam or legit?

My honest and brutal answer is: the 7 Minutes Daily Profits scam is real.

It is as useless as many products I have reviewed before, like Profit Raider, WP Backlink Machine, and Cash Magnets, to name just a few.


I absolutely do not recommend 7 Minutes Daily Profits. Your life will be worse off with it.

If you are serious about making money online, be prepared to put in some time and hard work. Done the proper way, it will be worth it.

Many people get disheartened because
– they keep falling for shiny objects, and keep failing because those absolutely do not work.
– they have seen the proper way and tried it, but did not keep at it long enough to see results, so get disillusioned yet again, convinced that the internet is just not for them.

The internet is a noisy place. Full of scams, full of many different ways to do things.

The thing is to find one way that appeals to you, and learn from successful people who have done it that way, and stick to it with the faith that it will work, because it has been proven.

This is exactly what I am going to show you. It is a training platform that has produced many successful internet marketers. Believe me, you will know a real deal when you see one. Go check out their free starter members area, and decide if this is the gold nugget that you have been missing all these while.

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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