Is SCAM? Ugly Truth Exposed

ViralPay Review

You get paid $10 per referral? Is it really that easy to make money? Or is scam real?

This is crazy:

You must have seen people posting their referral links to this platform everywhere on social media. And are sniffing around before you actually sign up.

Or you may have signed up yourself, but are now sensing something fishy about it.

Welcome to my review.

Here, I will be exposing this big scam, by pointing out the red flags, as well as showing you real users’ experiences with this fraudulent site. Review Summary

Product: Viral Pay


Creator: Unknown

Product type: Fraudulent site posed as an influencer network

Price: free to join

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : Not recommended is a fraudulent website. Nobody has ever made any money from it, because they call you a fraud when you try to cash out your earnings. Get out of there, as it’s a dangerous place. And spread the word around.

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Read on for the detailed review of, and why I call it scam.

What is

Viral Pay claims to be the #1 influencer network that can help you make money with social media. And you can start making $500 today.

viralpay home page

How does work (supposedly)

Viral Pay claims that they make their money from advertisements and sponsorship products. When members invite friends, more traffic goes to their site, increasing their ads revenue, which they then use to pay members.

How do you earn on (supposedly)

You simply sign up to their members’ area, get your special share link, and invite your friends to join them through your link. You get $10 for every friend that you refer to their platform.

You can also earn by testing out some of the products by the sponsors, in the members’ area.

Cashing out in

Cashing out is supposedly easy. When you are ready to get paid, you will get your earnings through PayPal, CASH app, Western Union, or mailed checks.

But here’s the kicker:

NO ONE has ever gotten paid by If you are one of the lucky few who have received payment from them, please share your experience here, via the comments section below.

How is SCAM

They do not state any minimum amount for cashing out. But the first time you try to cash out, they will tell you that you have not completed the tasks requirements:

viralpay tasks

It’s a hassle, and a lot of work, which takes up a lot of your time. The tasks include making a video and uploading it on YouTube. Some of the tasks require you to access some websites, which in turn collect your data. I have my doubts about how legitimate those sites are.

So you see, it is not easy to get your $25 signup bonus at all. In fact, I have not seen a single person who has succeeded in cashing out their earnings even one time. And that is AFTER completing all those tasks, you will still be denied your money.

Now, they will call you a fraud, and try to shut down your account.

viralpay message

Look at these reviews by real users of their platform:

viralpay reviews
viralpay complaints 1
viralpay complaints 2

And there goes all your earnings, but more importantly your time and effort, as well as the trust that family and friends put into you when you asked them to sign up through your referral links, by telling them what a good opportunity this is, never suspecting it to be a huge scam.

Even though you have not lost a single cent in this, I’m sure you feel rotten. But you would have learnt a valuable life lesson, so just get out of there, and move on, wiser now to be careful of anything that promises to get you rich quick.

As for Viral Pay, even though they did not take your money, they got all your information, which they will sell to third party advertisers and networks, and that is how they will be making lots of money.

In fact, is the same scam that has been around for years. They simply change their name when people expose the scam and their reputation gets bad. They simply close the website, and create another one, to continue to scam people, collect their information for selling, etc.

Before, they called themselves Kids Earn Cash.

So now you know, even stuff that does not take your money can be out to scam you too.

The Red Flags in

Let me show you the red flags to look out for, so you can tell for yourself if something is suspicious, the next time you come across stuff like this.

On the website of ViralPay, they claim they have been around for 4 years, since 2015.

viralpay influencer network

A simple check on their website domain tells me they were just registered, very recently in March 2019.

viralpay domain

Why do they have to lie about this? Because with such a new website, how will they be able to put up testimonials of ‘members’ claiming what a great money-making experience they are having with

Look at this income claim. Anybody can create this and put in some good looking numbers:

viralpay testimonial

So they obviously needed to get real people to give their testimonials, just look at one of them:

viralpay testimonial 1a

It looks convincing. But in my quest of exposing scams, I have seen their faces many times before. They are actors from Fiverr, hired by Viral Pay to do a gig. This is the same guy’s profile on Fiverr:

viralpay testimonial 1b

Well, I guess we can safely conclude that no one has made any money with, otherwise why would they have to spend money to engage Fiverr actors to give their fake testimonials?

Moreover, the owner of the website has not dared to show himself or herself. No information can be found about the person who owns And yet the website keeps pointing to its transparency in its dealings with members.

I cannot trust a website that has no one who claims ownership for it.

Legitimate alternatives to

Here are some honest platforms on which you can earn some extra pocket money. Not much, but at least you know you will get paid for the time and effort that you spend on them to complete their tasks:

Inbox Dollars
Vindale Research

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Pros of

I very seldom say this, but there is really no pro to this platform. In fact, there is a risk to stay on it. As your information is there, and the scammers are going to make use of it for their own gains.

Cons of

1. They do not pay out

Not one person have they paid.

2. People you refer will be put at risk

Your friends, your family, or even people whom you do not know, but have used your referral link to sign up on the platform, would feel betrayed when they finally get to learn that this website is nothing but a huge scam.

3. Your own information is at risk

Your contact details will be sold to third parties, so you can expect to receive lots of spams, trying to sell you things.

There are traps everywhere on the platform, like the tasks wall, on which you are supposed to access other websites. You do not know how secure those sites are.

If you had provided your payment details to, then please try to cancel it. And keep a close watch on your accounts, you do not know what these scammers can do.

Is Scam or legit? is definitely a scam.


I absolutely do not recommend

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