Is Modere a Scam? Ugly truth revealed

Is Modere a scam? What’s in the liquid collagen produced by this MLM company? Can it really make your skin look younger?

Or has someone approached you about its business opportunity, and is trying to recruit you as their social marketer?

You may be sitting on the fence. To join or not to join? Are their products marketable enough so that people will actually want to buy these pricey items from you over their cheaper alternatives?

We will answer all these questions and more. The fact that you are here says that you are a careful person who will invest some time to sniff things out before committing yourself.

You’re definitely at the right place, because I am not promoting Modere here. Having no association with the company, you can be assured my Modere review will be an honest and unbiased one.

So let’s dive right in to find out all about its product range, their quality, as well as the income potential in its business opportunity.

Modere: Review Summary

Product: Modere

Creator: Robert Conlee

Product type: Health and wellness, personal care, and household products sold under the MLM (multilevel marketing) scheme

Price: $29.95 to start as a distributor + $399 Builder Collection Package (not compulsory, but strongly encouraged to purchase)

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Modere is actually an old MLM company rebranded only in 2015. Its product line belongs to the evergreen niches of health and wellness, personal care, and household care. It has developed a new generation of collagen, called Liquid Biocell.

After rebranding, the company has seen some growth in revenue, as it ditches its traditional ways of ‘forcing’ a monthly autoship order on its distributors.

But at its core, it is still an MLM company that focuses on recruitment. And as it turns out, the rebranding merely hides the same wolf in a different sheep’s clothing.

The good news is if you know how to drive targeted online traffic to your Modere business, it can be easier now, after its rebranding, to make money just by selling its products.

What is Modere

modere brand

A brief background of Modere

Modere actually started off as Neways in 1987, in Springville, Utah.

The old MLM company had a very much lope-sided focus on recruitment, urging distributors to simply sign people up as their downline, and earning their commissions as their downlines make the monthly autoship purchases.

The strategy to market their products to retail customers was nearly non-existent.

Its lawsuits

In 1993, Neways recalled its “Quickly” weight loss products because of potentially dangerous amounts of a prescription drug found in them.

It gets worse:

In 2003, Neways paid a fine for knowingly selling an anti-aging dietary supplement containing HGH (human growth hormone), which cannot be sold without a prescription.

In 2006, Neways founders Thomas Mower and his former wife were sentenced to jail for evading income tax.

Even after the rebranding into Modere, the lawsuits continue. But at least those are trade related, unlike how the company was willing to endanger its customers’ health for the sake of making money, in its earlier days.

It’s no wonder that they needed a rebranding to get off to a new start.

Let’s now take a look at its product line, as well as the business opportunity offered to its distributors, to see if they live up to their hype.

Modere Product Line

Committed to their clean label “Safe and Effective. Live clean.”, Modere has made a conscious choice to leave out unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in conventional formulations.

Examples include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), triclosan, petrolatum, parabens, phosphates, formaldehyde releasers, among numerous others.

Though commendable, I believe it is something consumers would expect of an MLM company, considering how over the top their pricing tends to be.

In fact, all MLMs will boast of superior quality products, pure and beneficial ingredients, complemented with the latest technology, backed by intensive testing and research in their labs.

If not for these selling points, why would anyone want to pay a premium for their products?

Now, let’s take a look at the wide range of products available in Modere:

  • Collagen Sciences – their new generation of collagen, in the form of Liquid Biocell drinks and gel, and creamers.
modere collagen sciences
  • Health and wellness – multivitamins, probiotics, dietary supplements, meal replacements, body sculpting packages, etc.
  • Personal care – skincare, hair care, makeup remover, eye care, etc.
  • Household care – laundry wash, fabric softener, dish wash, surface cleaner, etc.

As you can see, the choices are endless when it comes to the health, personal care and household care line of products offered by Modere.

A stark commonality that strikes me as I went through their product catalogue: the exorbitant pricing. It’s atrociously high.

It’s no wonder there is no market for retail customers. And this spells the start of all the trouble when a person is swept into an MLM scheme like this that over emphasizes on recruitment.

I will explain in more detail in the next section.

Modere Business Opportunity

How to become a Modere Distributor

To become a Modere distributor, or what they term as social marketer, you have to:

  • pay $29.95 to register as their social marketer
  • purchase a $399 Builder Collection Package. Though this is not compulsory, but you will be strongly encouraged by your upline to purchase this, in the name of promoting the products to other people.

On top of these, there is actually a monthly “Smartship” (what other companies call autoship) plan, which is a minimum purchase of $100 each month. You can skip this monthly purchase requirement if you hit their monthly sales quota requirement.

How to make money with Modere

As with any MLM company, there are two main ways to make money with Modere:

  • Retail commission – you earn a percentage in the sales you make to retail customers. The more you sell, the more commissions you earn. This is a fair reward scheme, unfortunately it is not what Modere chooses to focus on.
  • Recruitment commission – these are what you make when you sign up distributors under you, to form your downline team. As they make purchases, and they sign up people under them, your team grows, and you move up the ranks, to earn higher bonuses and commissions.

The exact compensation plan of any MLM company is always too convoluted for my simple mind to grasp. So I will not go into the details here, but will attempt to explain the compensation structure in very layman terms, in the following section.

Why Modere will not work for you

The crux of why MLMs opportunities do not work for more than 95% of distributors lies in their compensation plan.

Behind all the complexities of ranks, bonuses, revenue sharing, residual commissions, leadership bonuses, luxury cars, luxury cruises and what not, is the very fundamental reason for the existence of any MLM:

The incentive structure is specifically designed to work for its founders and those at the top of the echelons.

It is as simple as that.

Because it is structured to be so.

And if this concept were made known openly, then no one would join an MLM scheme. So it has to be masked behind a complicated and convoluted incentive structure that looks very busy and lucrative, with so many bonuses and commissions in place.

The truth is, for any new entry distributor, the compensation can never offset your initial investment into the business.

Not until you work your butts off for the company, promoting its products, living its brand in your own life, and exhausting your circle of friends and family with your sales pitch to try and recruit them into the business for your own monetary gains.

It may take years, with a full time effort and commitment to the business, in order to climb up enough ranks to start making enough income to cover all those initial losses. Meanwhile, anytime that you call it quits, you will be worse off than before stepping foot into Modere.

And if you try to look at the big picture: the trouble with the MLM scheme starts with its exorbitant pricing of its products. So it kicks itself out of the free market, as there will be no natural demand for its products which are priced too much over the top.

Fear not. Because that is the job of its incentive structure.

Reward people and promise them of shared earnings, so they will buy into the program, and thus buy the products!

Turn distributors into customers, without them realizing it!

And that is where all the revenue of all these multi-million companies come from. The bottom ranked distributors are the ones supporting the financial weight of the company, paying to promote its products, paying to get into the game, and never getting their fair share of earnings.

They work themselves so hard, and at the end of the day, many do not even realize that the meagre commissions they get are not even worth a part-time income, after accounting for all their purchases.

In fact, they are paying for the dream lifestyle of those at the top levels, and the founders of the company.

MLM is not just a simple work at home job

If you are considering an MLM business opportunity because it will give you the time and space flexibility of working from home, working any time you like, and spending more quality time with your family, then I urge you to think twice.

To promote its products and to recruit people into your team, you would have to work when others are off work. Which means on weeknights, and weekends. That would eat into your family time even more.

And it’s not something that you can just do a few hours a week, and hope to get some side income out of it. If that is the level of commitment that you are thinking of putting in, then you would be making losses, not to mention a part-time income.

Without establishing yourself through moving up the ranks, by recruiting lots of people under you, and then equipping them with the correct skills to do the same so that they stay in the business, there is no way that any MLM opportunity can become a life-changing income.

You see, the drop off rate for MLM distributors is sky high. Precisely because the rewards reaped do not do justice to the time and hard work invested, especially in the early days.

This means that even if you do manage to work up to some satisfactory income, it is not a sustainable one. You need a consistent stream of new leads, to replace the large number who will give up.

Now, I want to share with you what I do to make my income from home.

My favourite way to make money from home

The way I make my income from home is also through promoting other people’s products.

But the huge difference is, I do not have to limit myself to any one company. I can promote as many products from as many companies as I like, all at the same time.

Another huge plus to how this business model works: I do not have to pay to play.

These companies recognise that I am doing free advertising for them in promoting their products, so why should I have to pay them? They pay me my fair share whenever a sale is made. Which is a fair and transparent reward system. The more I help them sell their products, the more they pay me.

Also, I do not have to recruit anyone at all. Recruitment does not come into the picture in this business model.

That’s a happy thing for me, because I can’t stand the thought of exploiting people around me for my own monetary gains, trying to convince them to embrace some expensive and supposedly superior product in their lives, when they were not even looking for anything like it in the first place.

In this method I am using, I promote to people who are actively searching for those products. I’m adding value by meeting their needs at no extra cost to them.

At the same time, these people are ever ready to buy, because it was with their intention to buy that they managed to find my offers.

If this sounds good to you, and you are ready to learn more about how this business model works, click on the button below:

Pros of Modere

1. Eco-friendly products without the usual harmful ingredients

I believe Modere does stand for eco-friendliness, not just in its products, but also in its manufacturing processes. It is also committed to not using harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

modere eco friendly

2. Evergreen niche

The niches of personal care, health and wellness, and household care products are evergreen, and will never go out of trend.

On the down side, we see more and more MLM companies emerging in these exact niches. So even though the demand is there, there are now many more hands reaching into the same pot.

3. Great training and support for distributors

Modere distributors have their training and support to be comprehensive and detailed in helping them jump start their business.

There also seems to be a shift in focus on using social media to promote the business, instead of solely relying on the traditional methods of direct face-to-face selling.

Cons of Modere

1. Exorbitant pricing

This is how MLMs are made to run. Send the prices sky high, and lock people into buying the products with the promises of attaining their dream lifestyle.

2. High upfront investment

Even though the Builder Collection Package is not compulsory, your upline will exhaust all means to coax you into buying it, because it would affect his or her commissions. $400 is not cheap, to pay for entry into the game.

3. Focus on recruitment

You won’t be making that much sales to retail customers, as the products are too expensive. So the focus on recruitment is evident, for distributors to try and stay in the business.

4. Most distributors do not make money

Look at the income disclosure of Modere for 2017:

modere income disclosure 2017

As you can see, close to 95% of active distributors made an annual income of $6.9K or less. 80% made less than $1K in the whole year.

How is this even a part time income? And I’m sure many distributors put in close to full time hours, to make these earnings of hundreds for the whole year. It is just not worth it at all.

5. Family and friends start to shun you

As interactions with family and friends start to be pitched around recruiting them into the business, or even selling them the pricey products, the authenticity of the relationships will be put at risk.

Is Modere a Scam or legitimate business opportunity?

To answer: is Modere a scam? I would have to say no. It is not a scam.

Modere is a legitimate MLM business, as you do get products for the money that you pay.

I do not recommend Modere, or any MLM company (that focuses on recruitment) for that matter.

It is no different from these other MLM companies that I have reviewed: Scentsy, Valentus, and Young Living, to name just a few.

A real home-based business

If you are looking for something that allows you to work from home, it does not have to be anything MLM. Well, that’s my personal advice, because of what I have found to work for me.

100% of my working hours are spent at home, on my laptop. I call the shots, I decide what companies and how many of them I choose to work with.

I do not have to pay these companies to get started, no minimum quota to meet. The more sales I drive to them, the more commissions I earn, it’s a fair and transparent system.

I do not have to recruit a single person. And I drive sales using online traffic, I do not have to meet with anyone for direct face to face selling.

If this sounds good to you, then you have to check this out:

And for reading all the way to the end of the post, I believe you have it in you to make this work. Here is your FREE PDF Guide: 4 Simple Steps to Making Money Online. Fill in your details to claim it:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Modere review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

8 thoughts on “Is Modere a Scam? Ugly truth revealed”

  1. Modere has one of the worst customer service departments I have spoken to other than Comcast. The employees have no idea on how to deal with customers that are having problems with their orders. I was on the phone for 1:20 and decided to send back all the products they have sent me and shop elsewhere.

    • Oh Jenny, no personal attack on Asma Ishaq! But you made me laugh…
      And you do have a point that it’d be that much harder to convince people.

  2. Products are not good at all. You can buy much better for much less. Stay away from MLM they will promise you gold and you are going to work like crazy and end up with no money

    • Hi Branda,

      Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us your experience with Modere products.
      Yes, I agree with you that MLMs are not made to work for their distributors. It’s not worth all that time and effort, and possibly soured relationships.

  3. Thank you for your insight on the Modere company. As great as some products are, I have always felt the same way about companies that focus on recruitment. It turns a person into a constant salesperson and makes them an “undesirable” friend and family member. And in my experience, I have never made any money to make it worth my time.

    • Hi Danica,
      Thank you for sharing with us your experience with Modere.
      I hope you didn’t wait too long to move on from there.
      Wish you well in whatever you are doing now.


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