Effortless Restaurant Consulting scam us?

effortless restaurant consulting reviewIf you have received the marketing campaign of this latest product by Luther Landro in your inbox, or seen it somewhere on the internet, and you are here checking out how real the Effortless Restaurant Consulting Scam is, you are at the right place.

With no affiliation whatsoever to this product, I will be providing my honest and unbiased view of it. I will also be revealing a secret that Luther probably doesn’t want anyone to know.

Can you really bank $2K per restaurant owner, simply by offering them a new up-to-date website of their restaurant?

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Effortless Restaurant Consulting, through the following sections:

Effortless Restaurant Consulting: Review Summary

Product: Effortless Restaurant Consulting

Creator: Luther Landro

Product type: website consulting for restaurant owners

Price: $27

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Effortless Restaurant Consulting sounds like a workable idea: look for restaurants whose old websites require Adobe Flash to load, and thus will not load properly on mobile devices. Revamp their websites for them, which is an easy job according to Luther, and sell it to the owner for $2K each.

This Effortless Restaurant Consulting is an old product, which made its rounds in May 2015, thereabouts. At that time, it could work, the market would be there for some restaurants that still had not updated their websites to be interested in this. But today is 2019. Nobody is going to need this kind of service.

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Read on for the detailed review of Effortless Restaurant Consulting, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Effortless Restaurant Consulting

Information presented in sales video

According to Luther, there are restaurant owners frantic to send you $2000 payments, all for a simple service you can do from home, without even having to speak to them.

You see, there is a big problem in the restaurant and food industry: many websites can only load on Adobe Flash, which does not work on mobile devices. So restaurants are losing a lot of booking reservations, possibly about half, since so many people are on their mobile devices these days.

And yet, these restaurant owners are willing to spend a significant budget on their online marketing, considering how expensive it is to run websites on Flash.

As I viewed the sales video, the first thought that occurred to me was: are you sure in today’s time and age, the market is still there for this method to work? Finding a substantial amount of websites that are not able to run on mobile devices? You mean to say restaurant owners do not have the initiative to engage their own website consultants to make things work?

So I didn’t quite buy into the idea right from the start, thinking that it may have worked a few years back, but not today, you’re not going to find clients this way today.

And sure enough, at one point in the sales video, it went:

As of now, 2015, Google ranks mobile ready sites higher than those that are not.

This raised my antenna on red alert. It only took a bit of snooping around to figure out this turns out to be an old product, totally outdated, even the sales video is reused. Changing nothing, Luther simply relaunched this 2015 product in February 2019. Can you believe it?

effortless restaurant consulting old product

Then he went on to show you a sneaky Google hack to find all those restaurants that are still using Flash, and teaches you to take pictures of those broken links from your mobile phone, together with the revamped website that you only need 8 minutes to put together, and sell it to the restaurant owner for $2K.

He also teaches some tips: use photographs from the restaurant’s old site, and put them into their new site that you just revamped for them, choosing a suitable theme (out of the few that are included in this product) to portray the unique style and cuisine of the restaurant. And email everything to the restaurant, charging for $2000, which is but a small fraction of what other consultants are charging.

From his experience, 3 out of 10 restaurant owners that you email will buy the new website from you. So you earn $6K just for 2 to 3 days worth of work!

What was impressed upon me was also the scarcity tactic that Luther kept using in the sales video, suggesting multiple times that he can only make this offer to just a few people, and you better grab it today.


What Effortless Restaurant Consulting really is

As we have exposed, Effortless Restaurant Consulting really is an old product created in 2015, and would possibly have worked then. Now that it is relaunched in 2019, without any improvements made to it, in a time and age when technology has advanced so much compared to just a couple of years back.

The marketing scene is totally different these days. Almost everyone knows about SEO (search engine optimisation), every business owner is trying to outrank their competitors, either on their own if they have the technical know-how, or engaging the experts to help them achieve it. Yes, it’s true that companies are willing to invest in marketing, it affects their core business. But no one is foolish enough to have their sites not loading on mobile devices and yet are unaware of it.

Even individual bloggers are all about SEO these days, what more restaurant owners?

Check out the statistics in this report, which says that even in 2017, only less that 7% of websites were still using Adobe Flash.

So in this sense, I am quite disappointed by the lack of consideration that Luther has for his customers, in launching an old product without any attempt to improve it, even the sales video is an old one. It’s a shame, because I do believe he is knowledgeable in internet marketing, and should be able to add real value to people who buy his products.


Consulting is still a service industry

Even if this were a great product that can possibly help you make money, I still prefer my own business model, because no matter what, consultancy service is still a service that you are providing to your clients. It’s hard to believe there can be no face to face negotiation. The first contact may be through email, and if the restaurant owner likes what he sees, I’m sure there will be tweaks and adjustments that he wants to be made on the new website design.

Not to mention negotiation on the payment terms, after purchase service, like if some technical issues crop up with the website, are you going to be responsible for it? Things like that have to be thought out and sorted out carefully, because your reputation is at stake.

In the first place if you are starting from scratch, how are you going to compete with other professionals in the field? If I were a restaurant owner, I would gladly pay $5K for a job that is guaranteed to be done well, than risk losing $2K to someone without any experience, portfolio, or reputation, because I never know whether that person is a scam or not.

So like in any service, to land the first job is the most difficult. You frequently have a to charge at a much lower rate. And you also need to deal with all the after-sales feedback, any complaints that your clients have about their websites, you need to handle them.

If your service is just mediocre, then it’s harder to get word-of-mouth referrals, so you have to keep looking for business.

In this business model, you go out and look for the money. In the business model that I am using, the money looks for me.


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Pros of Effortless Restaurant Consulting

1. Real owner

Luther Landro is a real person. He has been launching products that help people become consultant in various niches, including SSL consulting, GDPR consulting, law firm consulting, etc. The ideas are usually refreshing and seem feasible, but I wouldn’t recommend them to just anyone. You need some experience and background in the specific niche, and not a complete newbie without any knowledge in the sector.

How do you advice companies on their SSL certificates and GDPR compliance if you do not have the technical know-how? If any person can just pick up his products and become experts in those fields, then wouldn’t it make a mockery of the real experts? Things are usually not as simple as he makes it sound.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

3. There is some value in the training and restaurant themes

It’s true that he does try to value add and provide some great tips, but I wouldn’t try to learn anything serious from Jack of all trades. Moreover, with all the excellent free WordPress themes these days, you can do a lot in trying out clean and elegant designs, without having to buy this product.


Cons of Effortless Restaurant Consulting

1. Outdated product

A 2015 internet marketing product re-launched in 2019, no improvements made. You can make the judgement whether it’s worth the money.

2. Limited to the restaurant niche

This business model is limited to the restaurant and food industry, it’s not a product that is general enough to let you go into any niche you choose.

3. It’s not as easy as setting up a website in 8 minutes

There is a lot of nitty-gritty stuff you need to get into. Like helping the restaurant owners with their hosting, and other scope of work that has to be spelled out clearly, whether or not they are included as part of the fees. And of course you need some basic background on website design, and you need to learn the features of those themes, in order to fully optimise and customise them. It’s really not as simple as it is made to sound.

Is Effortless Restaurant Consulting Scam or legit? 

To finally answer the question: is Effortless Restaurant Consulting scam? I would say, no, it is not a scam. Because the idea and business model are legitimate, though the product is outdated, and there may be no market if you are just looking for restaurants whose websites will not load on mobile devices.


I do not recommend Effortless Restaurant Consulting, because it is outdated and pretty much useless (like some of the other products I have reviewed, just to name a few: Contenu, Ecom Cash Crusher, and Fast Cash App).

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