Ecom Cash Crusher Scam – How real is it?

ecom cash crusher review

How big is this Ecom Cash Crusher scam? Can it really earn you $2K per day? A legitimate system that finally delivers? Or yet another attempt at pushing a useless product to unsuspecting newbies?

Touted as the money making secret that will completely change your life, something that the product owner’s computer-illiterate mother can use to start banking in within 20 minutes, is this finally the real deal?

If you are here researching on this newest product in the digital market, you are at the right place, as this will be a completely honest and unbiased review of Ecom Cash Crusher. Let’s dig deep to uncover what is in store for anyone who decides to purchase this product.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Ecom Cash Crusher, through the following sections:

Ecom Cash Crusher: Review Summary

Product: Ecom Cash Crusher

Creator: ‘David’???

Product type: Dropshipping training (uses Shopify)

Price: $37 + upsells

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Ecom Cash Crusher teaches you to make money with dropshipping, using Shopify to create your online store. It sounds good on the surface, and is definitely a legitimate way to make money. But there are several inherent issues with the business model of dropshipping that you would have to overcome, including handling customer complaints and refunds.

I do not recommend Ecom Cash Crusher, because the product creator is very obscure, we do not even know his true identity. Testimonials are suspicious too. Moreover, the promotional video is overhyped. So I would be really skeptical about the training in there.

This is what I do strongly recommend instead: affiliate marketing. In this business model, instead of setting up our own online storefront, we have a website, from which we direct our readers to the products’ websites, through our affiliate links. When they buy the products, we get to earn a commission.

In this affiliate marketing model, the transaction is between our readers and the product companies themselves, we are not responsible for any complaints or refund requests. We simply drive customers to the companies, and we get rewarded for bringing them business. Our website readers get to buy great products recommended by us, that would help to solve their problems, at no extra cost.

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Read on for the detailed review of Ecom Cash Crusher, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Ecom Cash Crusher

Information presented in promotional video

Hype, hype and more hype, that’s what it is. The only good thing I can see here is that they do let you in on the business model that you can expect to run, if you use Ecom Cash Crusher – dropshipping using Shopify to create your online store.

Other than this piece of valuable information, oh and that the owner is someone called David, the entire promotional video is about:

  • how this incredible and revolutionary new system is bringing in $40,000 every single month
  • how you don’t need any particular skill or specialist qualifications to make money
  • how you can be up and running and start making money today
  • it is a money making method that almost nobody knows about
  • it is 100% beginner friendly and highly efficient
  • it can be set up and getting you your first sales within 20 minutes

ecom cash crusher income


So as you can see, this is obviously made out to be a get rich quick scheme that dropshipping is obviously not. This is what I like the least about their sales pitch, trying to sell it to totally unsuspecting newbies, who are just trying to look for an opportunity to earn some money online.

And for a huge part of this 17 minutes long video, David babbles on about his entire life story, a sad one. To me, that is irrelevant. Not that I am void of feelings. I know everyone faces their own hardship in life, some get it worse than others. And I can definitely feel for them.

I just find that in a promotional video like this, this is a tactic, he is trying to use his sob story to get viewers on his side, especially those who can identify with this kind of tough beginnings, followed by giving you the sense of hope when he describes the feeling of finally being free of his financial burden after so many failures.


What Ecom Cash Crusher really is

Obscure owner

Our dear friend, David, has not made an appearance anywhere throughout the entire video, we have no idea what he looks like, we do not even know his last name. All we get is the voice-over narration in the video. Why? Because it is easy for him to run away when his scam product is exposed, since no one knows his real identity? Ahh… this is just my wild guess, of course.


I just want to point out one of their testimonials, because it just takes one to break the game. See this guy who was saying how much he is earning from Ecom Cash Crusher, and how grateful he is to this system:

ecom cash crusher testimonial 1


He is actually hired on Fiverr, not a real person who has made big money from this system! Oh, or maybe he has actually made it big, but just wants to do this for fun. I have nothing against this actor, I am just quite pissed that the creator of Ecom Cash Crusher is actually blatantly putting up fake testimonials on his sales video.

ecom cash crusher testimonial 2


It speaks volumes of how much integrity this David has, whoever he is, and how fantastic this product really is.

They monetise not just through the front end sales

You can be assured that after purchasing Ecom Cash Crusher, when they teach you to sign up for Shopify, you will be clicking through their affiliate links, whereby they get to earn an average of $58 commission from each user who gets on the paid plan.

This is another sneaky way that they monetise through you. Although ethically there is nothing wrong with that, since whatever fee that you pay for Shopify will not be increased because of this. But I think it is only fair that you know.

I am not even talking about the upsells of Ecom Cash Crusher yet, which will be covered in the later section under ‘Cons of Ecom Cash Crusher’.


What is dropshipping

Now let’s try to understand the business model that Ecom Cash Crusher is selling to you.

Dropshipping is basically an order fulfillment method of running a business. You do not have to own any products or inventory. But you do need to work with a third party supplier, by forming an agreement that includes a discounted price for his goods.

Then you set up an online storefront, using Shopify, a popular platform that is used by many Ecommerce businesses these days. The pricing plans range from $29 to $299 per month, depending on the features that you want for your store.

So when customers land on your online store to buy products, you pass the sales order on to your supplier, who is in charge of shipping the products to the customers.

This is a sound business model, there are certainly people who have succeeded on it. But it is very difficult to do dropshipping from scratch, especially without any experience from having done any traditional type of ecommerce store before. We will see why…


Problems with Dropshipping 

Dropshipping will definitely not deliver the fast profits as promised in the sales video. You may make your first sales reasonably quick, but that depends on how well you are able to drive traffic to your store. And bear in mind, a sales does not result in a profit, until you have sufficient sales to cover all your costs.


In this business model, you are like the middleman, so you should expect to have to deal with issues on both sides of your business:

  • negotiate a pricing with your supplier that still allows both parties, supplier and yourself, to profit from any sales.
  • chase after supplier if there is any delayed or missed delivery.
  • handle customer complaints of product quality, and any requests for refund.
  • get back to supplier about product quality, and process and refunds with supplier.

As you can see from the amount of work involved, this product is not for just anyone. You will be at the mercy of the supplier, relying on his sound work ethics to deliver the goods to your customers efficiently. And yet when anything goes wrong, you are the one taking the brunt of all the complaints.

Low profit margins

Another major issue with dropshipping is the low profit margin for every sales made. Because you are just the middleman, you can expect to earn the middleman’s income, which we know is very little. Because the supplier of the products will still take most of the profits. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense for them to work with you, if that means cutting their profits substantially.

And we know how competitive the market is, which also means you cannot jack up the price too much, otherwise no one would buy from your store. Especially for dropshipping, which is seen as having very low barrier to entry, there will be many positive and opportunistic entrepreneurs making a go at it, increasing the competition in the business.

Paid traffic

When you set up an online storefront, and nobody knows about it, how do you get visitors coming to your store? So you have to sink in another cost to your business, in order to get paid traffic. It can be done in many ways: search engine ads, or social media platforms ads.

Whichever paid traffic source you use, you can be quite sure that you will be making losses at the start of running your business, until you can master the art of paid traffic. It is a steep learning curve, each paid traffic source requiring a different type of mastery, so it is not as straightforward as throwing out the money and expecting your store to get crowded and bustling with potential buyers.

You can expect to be paying anything in the range of hundreds to thousands a month, to get visitors to your store. So if your sales do not reach sufficient volume, chances are you will be making a loss instead. And in fact, many dropshipping stores close down as quickly as others open up new stores.

Branding is difficult

With dropshipping, it is more difficult to get a loyal following. If the products you sell are of fantastic quality, your customers are going to tell their friends about the original brand of the product itself, and not your shop name. So marketing by word of mouth is just not in your favour when it comes to the dropshipping business model, no matter how great the products are.


The way to overcome all these

Using the business model that I am working with right now to earn my online income, I do not have any problem that comes with dropshipping.

What I do is simply to own a website, and build content around the niche that I have chosen for it. As search engines see my website as the authority in the niche, because of its robust content, they will send people doing searches for answers related to my niche to my website.

In this way, I get free organic traffic, from the search engines, without having to pay a single cent. Traffic that arrives at my site this way will respond to my content and interact with it, as I provide the perfect match to what they are looking for.

I offer solutions to their problems, by recommending great products that I genuinely think will help them. When they click on my links to reach the sales page of the products, and make the purchase, I earn a commission.

The transaction is between the customer and the product company, so I am not involved in any sales order, shipping, or customer complaints and refunds. I merely drive customers to the companies, so they reward me. My website visitors get their problems resolved through buying the product at no extra cost to them, so they trust me and return to my site as loyal readers, and I get to build my following by continuing to genuinely help them.

Depending on the niche you choose and the products you recommend, some commissions are small, while there are plenty of opportunities around to find companies that offer a substantial commission for promoting their products. You just have to know where to look.

This is called affiliate marketing, and is the way to a sustainable passive income. Check it out here:


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Pros of Ecom Cash Crusher

1. 60 day satisfaction guarantee

Here I just want to point out that a satisfaction guarantee is different from a money back guarantee, no questions asked type. Satisfaction guarantee is more subjective, as it means that you can have a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Usually, it can also mean that if you do not earn a single cent despite having set up the system like what is taught in the training materials. So it is a big hassle, to have to show proof of this, before you can get your refund. I’d be very careful about this, and take this into consideration before actually buying the product.

2. There is some value in the training

Well, at least dropshipping is a legitimate business model that some people are making money with. So if you know nuts about dropshipping, then there could be some value in the training for you. But then again, in this internet age, you can easily find experts who are successful in running this business model offering advice, tips, and sharing their own experience online, all for free. You just have to search.

Cons of Ecom Cash Crusher

1. Obscure owner

Big cross. Nothing else needs to be said about someone who has not the gut to face the world with his own product.

2. Dubious testimonials

Another big cross. Fraudulent anything simply closes the deal.

3. Overhyped 

A business model that takes money, grit, a steep learning curve, and lots of setbacks and getting back up again in order to succeed, is marketed as a get rich quick scheme. Start earning in 20 minutes. What honesty.

4. Upsells

Just as with any other product with the sole purpose of making money for its creator, you can be assured Ecom Cash Crusher has its own line of upsells, which will be thrown to you the moment you make the purchase for the front end product.

Even before you get a chance to unwrap what you just bought, you are told to buy this to make it run better, buy that to get you more traffic, blah blah blah.

Take a look at how much the affiliates of this product can possibly be paid… $258! Which means that the upsells will all add up to a lot more than this! It’s no wonder you see raving reviews of Ecom Cash Crusher all over the internet, those are its affiliates, all trying to cash in on this new product!

ecom cash crusher affiliate


5. Problems associated with dropshipping

Middleman issues of not having control over the supply, and yet taking the brunt of customer dissatisfaction; low profit margin in a competitive market, cost of advertising to get paid traffic to your store, and difficulty in branding your store, these are what you have to deal with.

Even if you look past the fake owner, fake testimonials and all the hype, and decide to give dropshipping a go, do bear in mind the potential problems that can arise, which are inherent of this business model. Awareness can sort of prepare you for it, and place you in a better position for success.

Is Ecom Cash Crusher Scam or legit? 

The Ecom Cash Crusher scam is a borderline thing, in my opinion. I would have labeled it a scam, on the basis of its obscure owner and dubious testimonials, if not for the fact that it does deliver some relevant training to teach about dropshipping using Shopify.


I do not recommend Ecom Cash Crusher. The marketing of this product has ethics issues, and dropshipping is not a business model that has a high success rate, due to its unique set of several problems that may not be so easy to overcome.

My #1 recommendation to making money online is through affiliate marketing, and I use the free organic traffic method, by consistently producing genuinely helpful content in a niche that I am passionate about. I know it works, because it is already making money for me. I am continuing to build it into a passive income stream.

You can do it too. I started from scratch, with zero knowledge of setting up a website and running my own online business, and yet I have done it, so anyone can. You just need to be shown the proper way, the exact same thing that I have learnt through this awesome platform.



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