Does Viral Traffic Builder Scam You?

Viral Traffic Builder ReviewIf you have received some marketing material about this product, and are wondering if the Viral Traffic Builder scam is real, you have definitely landed at the right place.

First of all, let me congratulate you for taking your due diligence to research and probe around before purchasing any product. Especially these days, when the internet is chock full of scams and useless products.

Here you will find my honest and unbiased review of Viral Traffic Builder, as I am not associated to it in any way. Unlike all the other raving reviews that you see, which are written by affiliates, all fighting for a piece of the pie, just pushing any product into your face regardless of its quality.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Viral Traffic Builder, through the following sections:

Viral Traffic Builder: Review Summary

Product: Viral Traffic Builder


Creators: Abhi Dwivedi, Rash Vin, and Gary Alach

Product type: builds traffic by finding and posting viral content on social media

Price: $28.95

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Viral Traffic Builder is basically a software that finds viral content on various sources, and allows you to schedule posting of these content on your own social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Yes, you may get an increase in traffic to your accounts, some of them may click on your links to reach your offers, but conversion rates are going to be low, due to the nature of this traffic being not targeted.

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Read on for the detailed review of Viral Traffic Builder, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Viral Traffic Builder

Information presented in sales video and landing page

It is touted as a breakthrough app that sends you viral traffic, leads and sales from social media using other people’s content.


viral traffic builder schedule content


No more spending money on paid traffic, no more creating your own content, and no more relying on Google. Simply share other people’s viral content to build a huge audience who wants to buy your stuff!

According to the video, if you do paid ads, or build content for SEO (search engine optimisation), you are fighting a losing battle.

They went on to show snapshots of media and entertainment companies’ FaceBook pages having tens of millions of likes, claiming that is the exact same method that they are using to rake in their traffic for free, and that is how they have become so successful.


viral traffic builder media


So with Viral Traffic Builder, it will help you find viral content in your niche, which you can schedule for posting on your own FaceBook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Watch viral traffic flood your shared content, and see how your leads and sales explode.

There are also tracking capabilities, and it is a cloud-based software. You can connect up to 500 accounts, and publish up to 500 pieces of content daily. With this system, you can schedule years of content on all your 3 social media sites, and forget about it, just let it rake in your earnings.

You can create and edit any post, add call-to-action buttons and your own links to your offer pages, and more.

It helps you to stand out from the competition, and explode your engagement because of the awesome daily content that people cannot ignore.

They even show other programs charging hundreds of dollars per month just to help people find viral content, and these tools do not even help you share the content to your own social channels!


viral traffic builder buzzsumo


Now we have seen what Viral Traffic Builder is selling to us, let’s unpack it. Take it apart and scrutinise all the logic they use to try and convince us why Viral Traffic Builder works. Their reasoning do not make sense on so many levels.


Why Viral Traffic Builder will not work for you

Their arguments are all flawed, when they try to sell the idea of Viral Traffic Builder bringing you tons of buyers traffic.

Firstly, the success examples they gave for using this method are all big firms from the media and entertainment industry. Of course they put up lots of content, their own as well as other people’s, who will be more than happy to be featured on these media company’s sites. That is the core of their business: to keep people entertained.

It doesn’t mean we should adopt this method. It also does not mean we will reap in huge money like those media firms if we share viral content like them. We are not even in the entertainment industry, hello… So this is a big flaw in their reasoning of why we should use this product.

The next thing I do not agree with is: going for SEO is a losing battle. Yes, SEO is tough, but it is the way to go, if you want to get free organic traffic to your website, and to your offers. There is no way around hard work. Because the other traffic methods are all paid traffic, or social media traffic which is not even targeted at all.

People go on social media to socialise, see what their friends are up to, view some funny videos and have a relaxing end to their stressful work day. People on social media have no intent to buy. So social media traffic has never been targeted. Yes, I agree that sharing viral content can increase your exposure and engagement, but I do not think it will lead to increase in sales.

Lastly, the platform pointed out as charging hundreds per month just to find viral content, BuzzSumo, is the exact platform that is being used by countless expert marketers, because it helps them analyse the competition in their niche. It is a sophisticated tool not for beginners, certainly not to be mixed up with something as superficial as Viral Traffic Builder.

We should share and make reference to quality content by the authority websites in our niche, as that will increase our credibility and SEO. But to expect simply posting viral content on social media to skyrocket our sales is just nonsense.


The proper way to make money online

If there is only one takeaway from this article, it is this: it all boils down to SEO. If you do not want to spend money on paid traffic. Even with paid traffic, there is no guarantee, and beginners can expect to throw in thousands of dollars for the steep learning curve, before they can grasp their customers’ behaviour pattern, where to find them, what landing pages will appeal to them etc.

So free organic traffic is definitely the way to go. The only problem: it takes time and effort. That is why people get distracted, especially when they put in the work and are impatient to see results, they start to look around for shiny objects, looking for the easy way out.

There is no short cut if you want to succeed online. I can show you the path taken by all the successful internet marketers before us. Follow this path, work on it and you will get there.

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Pros of Viral Traffic Builder

1. Real owners

Yes, the owners are real people in the internet marketing niche, so at least there is some credibility and accountability for the product.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

3. You do get increased exposure and engagement

By sharing viral content on your social media accounts, you will likely get more likes and followers, but I do not think the numbers are going to be explosive. Increased exposure and engagement is likely too, so if that is what you want, then you can consider buying this product.


Cons of Viral Traffic Builder

1. Social media traffic is not targeted

Social media traffic is not ready to buy. Unlike organic traffic, which is actively searching for what you have to offer. So if your objective is to see an increase in sales, then Viral Traffic Builder is unlikely to get you any results.

2. Two pricing plans with $1 difference

This is something that irks me. Take a look:


viral traffic builder pricing


With just a $1 difference, and such a big difference in the features and number of social accounts and FaceBook pages allowed, it is obvious people will take the higher priced plan. You cannot even do a Google Trends or YouTube Trends search on the lower priced product. Neither can you schedule your posts, which is in fact one of the key features that they have been harping on!

So what are the creators trying to say? That they are looking after your needs, so giving you an option between two pricing? This is a very insincere marketing gimmick.

3. Upsells

As with any other product that aims solely to fill the pockets of the creators, Viral Traffic Builder is full of upsells that will be bombarded to you the moment you buy the front end product, even before you have any chance to try it out and see if it works.

Upsell 1: $67 – Viral Traffic Builder Pro Upgrade

Upsell 2: $47 – AmzNeos Commercial

Upsell 3: $27 – Local Leads Neos

Upsell 4: $47 – VidCurator FX2

Is Viral Traffic Builder Scam or legit? 

Viral Traffic Builder scam? NO, it is not a scam. It is a legitimate software that does what it does: finds viral content which you can post on your social media accounts.

It will not bring you the results you hope to see, like so many other products I have reviewed before, like WP Affiliate Machine, Viddx, and VidCom, to name just a few.


I do not recommend Viral Traffic Builder, because it will not bring you targeted traffic.

Free targeted traffic comes when you build enough content consistently on your website, for search engines to trust you and see you as the authority in your niche. When people search for answers to issues they have within your niche, or look for products you are offering, they will be sent to your site, all ready to buy if they can see that your content is authentic and adds value to them, and they trust your recommendation.

This is exactly how I am getting my free organic traffic, and earning my online income.

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Viral Traffic Builder review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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