What is GSP Crypto? (2020 Update: Website Closed)

GSP Crypto Review

If you are questioning what is GSP Crypto, you would very likely have checked out their website, and found them to appear very legitimate.

I will be upfront here. After poking around a bit, I do not trust them at all.

Update 9 March 2020: It appears the GSP Crypto website has already been shut down.

Update 23 July 2019: Many people have been scammed by GSP Crypto, as can be seen from all the comments below. If you are one of them, please report them to your local authorities, as well as to ICCC (Internet Crime Complaint Center), which works with the US FBI.

One of the readers on my website requested me to check out GSP Crypto, that is how I discovered the ugly truth that those people behind the platform do not want anyone to know.

In my honest and in-depth GSP Crypto review, I will show you all the red flags, so that you can decide for yourself if this platform is a trustworthy cryptocurrency investment company, or if you are safer just steering clear of it.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

GSP Crypto Review Summary

Product: GSP Crypto (claimed to be a subsidiary of Global Services Plus Pte Limited)

URL: https://gspcrypto.com/?a=home

Product type: Crypto currency investment platform

Rating: 0 out of 5

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

GSP Crypto appears to be very legitimate because it is able to provide documentation of its parent company being registered with an authority in Singapore.

However, the parent company itself seems dubious, GSP Crypto has a website design that is too similar to another that I wouldn’t trust, called Luno Crypto Limited (LunoCryptos.com).

The earning potential claimed on its home page is too good to be true. There has been some negative reviews from real users. And most importantly, its contact email is fake.

What is GSP Crypto

To find out what is GSP Crypto, let’s first take a look at its home page:

gsp crypto home page

It is basically a Bitcoin investment platform. The first thing that struck me was the very high returns on investment presented on the page, a 75% profit on your investments in 30days?! Who wouldn’t want that? Won’t everyone get rich on this, then?

I’m not about to waste time (yours and mine) explaining how their mining process works. All that does not matter, if nobody is going to be able to cash out any profits from their website.

I will jump straight in to point out all the red flags that are screaming at me to tell you to stay far away from this site.

Huge Red Flags in GSP Crypto

1. Parent company seems very dubious

GSP Crypto claims to be a subsidiary of Global Services Plus Pte Limited, an investment company registered in Singapore, under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). It even has documentation of this.

Though this makes GSP Crypto seem very legit, there was something nagging at me. I do believe the registration of the parent company is real. But the very strange thing is when I tried to do a search on them, it turned up NOTHING.

Not even a website. Would an investment company that calls itself ‘Global Services Plus’ not even have its own website, when its subsidiary has such a seemingly well-developed one?

Curious and perturbed, I clicked on the link for Global Services Plus, found on the top left corner of the homepage of GSP Crypto (where I drew a red border around, if you refer to the screenshot of the home page shown in the section above).

Again, it turned up nothing. Clicking on that link did not send me anywhere away from GSP Crypto’s homepage, but simply opened up the chat box at the bottom of the page.

Just this observation about the seemingly non-existent parent company is enough to give me a very uncomfortable feeling about GSP Crypto.

2. Testimonial does not seem real

You can disagree with me, but a single video clip that lasted 11 seconds long is hardly anything reliable, under their ‘testimonials’ section. It is just this guy making some general statement about having his money work for him, instead of him working for money.

gsp crypto testimonial

3. News section

They make it look like they were in the news.

gsp crypto news

But again, this is just some general article about the crypto industry, there is NO mention of GSP Crypto or Global Services Plus in it at all.

Well, I never!

4. The Team behind GSP Crypto

Next, let’s take a look at their team:

gsp crypto team

Looks legit enough, until I tried to probe deeper. Look what I discovered.

gsp crypto luno team

Hmm, why are the same three people behind two different companies? Why are the designs of this section on GSP Crypto and Luno Crypto (LunoCryptos.com) identical?

If more than $303 million has been paid out, as claimed by GSP Crypto, why aren’t their corporate leaders busy enough with one company?

5. Contact email is fake

This will be the deal buster. Are you ready for it?

gsp crypto fake email

The people behind GSP Crypto had no intention of getting in touch with you at all, right from the start. This is very revealing, and I guess I go not have to say more.

Feedback from real users

Here are some reviews from people who have actually tried using the investment platform:

gsp crypto feedback 1
gsp crypto feedback 2

I have not been able to find a single positive review about GSP Crypto anywhere, so it seems not a single soul has made money here.

If you really want to invest

If you really want to invest your money, go with the established platforms and companies.

Anything that promises excessively high yield cannot be trusted. Investment is a risky business, especially if you do not know the industry or the companies that you are dealing with.

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new and extremely volatile sector. Many scammers are hopping on board and trying to lure people with big potential earnings.

Even with the safest platforms, the risk is your own to take, and be responsible for.

Do not invest anything that you cannot afford to lose.

If it is money for your family’s next meal, or next month’s rent, DO NOT do it.

The proper way to make money online

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But you have to be very mindful that the internet is the wild west. It can be noisy, chaotic, and difficult to tell the real deals from the not-so-good ones.

I guess everyone starts off wanting to make it rich fast. It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature.

But when I realized those empty promises are only going to make other people rich, and not me, I stopped looking for shiny objects.

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Now, let me recap all the good and bad points about GSP Crypto, before concluding my post.

Pros of GSP Crypto

There is not a single pro to this platform. It will cause more harm than good, as it eats up your hard-earned money.

Cons of GSP Crypto

1. You will not get back your investment

It will be a total waste of your time and money, from what I can see of the website. It tries very hard to appear legitimate, and lures with potential earnings that are too good to be true.

2. Dubious parent company

I do not understand the point of showing a registration certificate for a company that does not even have a website. How is it offering ‘Global Services’ if it is not online?

If you happen to have any information of the parent company, do drop me a comment below, I will be very interested to take a look.

3. Contact email is not real

They can always go make their email real after they realise they might be losing ‘customers’ because of it. But it does not change the fact that as of this writing, their contact email does not exist, they have never intended for you to get in touch with them, especially when you face obstacles trying to get your capital back, or in cashing out your profits.

Is GSP Crypto Scam or legit? 

As far as I can tell, it is a scam. Its parent company seems too suspicious, and nobody has made a single cent on the platform.

It is as useless as some other platforms I have reviewed before, like Yestor.net, Seven Dollar Click, and Notion Cash.

An Alternative

I want to show you how it is possible to make an online income, and at the same time provide authentic value to people, by helping them.

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42 thoughts on “What is GSP Crypto? (2020 Update: Website Closed)”

  1. Now there is another platform scamming people big time when you invest with them they don’t say anything about a mining fee, but when you request the withdrawal it goes to pending and when you ask on their chat platform they say your funds will be released upon you paying the mining fee of $200 I know of a few guys who paid that amount and now even the info desk is not answering their emails or the live chat.

    • Oh geez. Thanks for the alert, Timothy. And for dropping the link to me. I will check it out and try to review it, hopefully I can warn enough people to stay away from it.

  2. Thank you. Joo
    Much appreciate the assistance I just wish the authorities in the countries where these scammers say they are located at could do something about their platforms to save a lot of people from the destruction these day light robbers are doing. Recently GSP was encouraging people to take out loans with their local banks and invest with them. I believe those who took out the loans as per the request ae now suffering mental and emotional trying to understand how they are going to pay the heavy debts they have entered into because of these robbers. Initial GSP used to pay out the profits well the challenges started while they were promoting the mid year promo that was the time the alarm bells started ringing with me that something was amiss on the platform

    • Hi Timothy,

      Thank you for your sharing here. It pains my heart to know they are telling people to take loans. These are beasts.

      I hope you are able to bounce back fast. All the best to you.

  3. This makes my heart sad, I used my last thinking this was it. Everything seemed sonlegit and i did my research plus a friend got her money as well from them which made me invest. But something went wrong when they ran this mid year promo. They just gave excuses after excuses, using a false paying bank , etc etc. I wish we could shut down their site. People are investing like crazy and there is no way to warn them

    • Hi Chrissy,
      It’s maddening to see this craziness going on. I’m sorry you have to go through this. Please stay strong and move forward.
      Not easy, but you have to be tougher than them.

  4. We are living in a crazy world, to recover all the money were had lost it’s not gonna be easy .l doubt that FBI and internet crime section will be able to help us.
    The damage is done, we can’t do anything let’s move forward with our life’s and forget our past, we have learned a lesson in a hard way.

    Hard luck guys

    • Hi Bjc,
      I admire your ‘live and let live’ attitude.
      I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with this.
      If this had happened to me personally, I would report it, otherwise these guys continue to cheat other people of their hard-earned money.

      No matter what, you’re right that everyone here is wiser now.

      Wish you all the best.

  5. Gspcrypto is scam…I tracked the person behind it I even found his personal email address [deleted] …he called us the people who puts our money in the system idiots. I’m currently tracking his location…I think we should start a movement and beat his ass…I think he’s obviously a Nigerian! If you have put your money in the system you’ll never get it back! I wont let him get away with my money just like that!

    • Hi, thanks for your input here, appreciate it.
      Do report your case to the relevant authorities.
      I have deleted the email account you provided in the comment, as it’s not appropriate to leave it here.

    • Eish this is so sad… I also have been scammed bu Gspcrypto. Since my withdrawal was sent to my account about 2 months ago but nothing reflects. All my savings went down the drain. So hard to recover but God will make a way.

  6. Thank you so much for your review
    Could you perhaps list all the sites, agencies or bodies where they can be reported?
    Can no authority shut down their website??
    GSP crypto should be prosecuted

    • Hi Verna,
      I really appreciate your comment here, because it drove me to find the best place to report this.
      The Internet Crime Complaint Center is a partnership between the US FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.
      I think they should be in the best position to do something about this.
      Here is their website: https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx
      You can try to make your report there.

  7. Yes.
    Myself also cheated.
    Recently they sent mail that withdrawals sent, but there is nothing credited to my wallet.
    Where can we get support to get back our withdrawals.

  8. Dear All,

    Same here, cheated very badly from GSP Crypto, as invested big amount on behalf of all family members, our savings and even borrowed money too as earlier was getting payout in proper manner. Now stuck up very badly, is there anything we can do to recover our fund???

    My 5 withdrawal request processed but didn’t received single penny. Its horrible.

    Appreciate help.

    • Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about this, Shivanshi.

      Please report them, they are destroying people’s lives.
      Report them to the law enforcers in your country, and to the law enforcers in Singapore (since the company is registered there), as well as to the FTC.
      Let’s hope that they are taken to task soon.

  9. Gsp is now target to new investors..they are fakely giving big amount of payout. Miserably new investors have been cheating by them. They are giving payout only for new investors thats monthly one time. This is my serious survey. They must be catch by gov of singa..in short time. This site will lock very soon…3FttiK2oLJHtJBepvDiuJ24NFkez48HKtW this is the systematic displacement of gsp scammers wallet address..

  10. Hi.. i have also invested with GSPCRYPTO.COM and experienced the same issues most of the people here are going through. However, I am based in South Africa and when i first invested it was using cash via a South African FNB Account belonging to GS KM. I deposited cash to this account and then my gsp account was credited with the initial investment. How do you go about tracing these people? What can be done to atleast get our money back? At first, it was all smooth sailing. I made some profits and withdrew without any hassles. i then decided to invest Bitcoin via my Luno account and now i am faced with the same issues of no payments received each time i request a withdrawal. And the payment is also being made to the same Bitcoin account as most of these other people which is 3FttiK2oLJHtJBepvDiuJ24NFkez48HKtW

    • Hi Marcus,
      I’m sorry about your experience with GSP Crypto. I’m sure these guys know how to hide their tracks, I have no idea how they can be traced.
      You can try reporting them, the more people who do it, the sooner some authority will have to take action.

  11. Hi, Im glad and sad at the same time to see all these review. My first withdrawals were all paid out, recently since their “system upgrade” it has been problems and excuse after excuse. Have friends and family that invested and sadly it seems they will not be getting any returns.
    Really hope and pray GSP get put out and blocked on every platform they have opened to scam people.

    • Hi Nomvula,
      I’m sorry that you had to go through this, your friends and family too.
      I believe the more people who report them, the sooner they will have to close down.

  12. Hi. I Also have made withdrawal and my btc sent to: 3FttiK2oLJHtJBepvDiuJ24NFkez48HKtW. When I follow up with them they just say it’ll be sorted. I told them this is not my btc address and they never said anything. But they must be investigated and they have a page on LinkedIn. Ive reported them to “federal trade commission”

  13. Hi,
    Seems GSPcrypto, Lunocryptos and CPGcrypto are controlled by the same scamer(s). GSP & LUNOCRYPTOS website layout design look the same. GSP and CPG uses the same company certificate. If you see right at the bottom of GSP & LUNOCRYPTOS, then you see they share the same building picture. Everything went well with GSP untill they realize their time is totally up. It’s just a matter of time when we will see the doors are locked. But before they will lock up and go, they already established some new sites like LUNOCRYPTOS AND CPGCRYPTO. I started to invest with Lunocryptos a week week ago. I invested $15 for a 20% daily earning. I must admit that everything went smooth. The payouts was instant to my bitcoin account untill one morning. I saw a huge amount of dollars in my balance account. When I query about this, they said no it is not a mistake. It’s for you. It’s a bonus to you. I was overwhelmed. It was like heavens doors and windows went open for me. But then…must I hear my investment amount and my bonus can only be payed out to me once I (1)Make an investment of $1000 or (2) Get two referrals who deposit a $1000. Sounds for me like another scam.

    • Hi,
      I definitely wouldn’t invest $1000 with them just to get paid out the bonus, it’s too risky, and too large an amount to play around with.
      I hope nobody falls for this.

      Thank you for taking the time to write here and warn others of your experience with GSP Crypto and Lunocryptos. It is much appreciated.

  14. How can a person trace this wallet address??? 3FttiK2oLJHtJBepvDiuJ24NFkez48HKtW or where the wallet is being held?? AS two of my withdrawals have been sent to this wallet address and NOT to my own private Bitcoin address!!!!!!!!! by GSP Crypto.They too give some lame excuse however it has happened to me twice now within 4 days of each withdrawal and each time the Bitcoin wallet address is correct – Mine!!!! However the funds are held / sent to pending payment status and not paid immediately, giving whoever a chance to alter the Bitcoin wallet address to: 3FttiK2oLJHtJBepvDiuJ24NFkez48HKtW and bye bye goes ones money!!! They say it will take 14 days to be fixed but this has happened to me twice now and after the first time they said that they had fixed the problem. Not a chance, they took my funds again!!!

    • Hi,
      These people are really despicable. I’m sorry you had to experience this, and please do not place anymore funds in there again.
      Frankly, I do not know how to trace a wallet address.
      But I suggest you file a report with the Singapore Police, since the parent company of GSP Crypto is registered in Singapore.
      Try to file your report here: https://www.police.gov.sg/iwitness

      Do keep us updated of any new development.

  15. Hi there

    I have tried their different scheme options before like 45% for 5 days, 10% daily etc and I didnt have any issues. My concern is now that I have invested in their 75% for 3 days and tried to withdraw, I received a message on 05th July 2019 that withdrawal was successful, and then on 08th July 2019 that payment was made into my account, yet no funds were received. Honestly people, personally this is a scam!!!! they may seem to show that it works fine with the smaller payouts but the larger ones, are just one of their scams.

    Their email addresses: account@gspcrypto dot com used to exist but now, DOES NOT EXIST.
    info@gspcrypto dot com only sends out emails to scam people but they never allow for return of any emails.

    • Hi Michelle,

      The people behind GSP Crypto are very scheming. It maddens me to see all my readers commenting here that they have been scammed of their money. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Appreciate you sharing your heartfelt experience here.

  16. I think what Helen is saying, is that they use the same fake Bitcoin account address to initiate fake payments and not to your account. People don’t get actual payments. It is happening with me too. You just receive an email stating that withdrawal has been sent but you don’t receive any funds.

    • Hi Tylor,
      Thank you for pointing out my error there, now I understand what Helen actually meant.
      This is infuriating, the kind of daylight robbery that is taking place.
      GSP Crypto is a deep one when it comes to deception, they go to great lengths to try and convince people that they are legit, with the company registration papers and all.
      I’m sorry this happened to you, and really appreciate you taking the time to write here.

  17. Yes GSP Crypto is a Scam. You are correct. They are making all the payments to a specific Bitcoin account instead of our Bitcoin account and giving a reason it is due to “Systematic Displacment”.

    • Oh my, that’s atrocious!

      Thank you, Vendi, for taking the time to write your comment here, I hope more people can see this before using GSP Crypto.
      I’m sorry that this happened to you.

  18. I have 4 family members that were supposed to be paid out by gsp crypto…after waiting for 3 months for the funds, all their money were paid out in the same bitcoin account number. They say they are busy with a back log of payments because they had system problems

    • Hi Helen,

      I’m happy to hear that! Glad that things are working out for your family on GSP Crypto. Thank you for taking the time and effort to feedback this to me here.

      I won’t be changing my review for now, though, due to the many red flags as pointed out in the article.
      But if this is really a legitimate investing platform, I’d be happy to be proven wrong.


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