OGTask Review – SHOCKING Truth

OGTask Review

Welcome to my OGTask review.

What is this influencer network that wants to give you $25 bonus just for signing up, and $10 to $15 for every friend you invite?

Is it for real? Or is it a real big scam?

I won’t beat about the bush here, because I don’t want to waste anymore of your time than what they have wasted. This is a SCAM, through and through.

I will explain the ulterior motive behind this platform, how it really works to benefit these bad guys, and point out the red flags along the way, so that you learn not to fall prey to people who want to stuff money into your hands.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

OGTask Review Summary

Product: OG Task

URL: https://ogtask.com/

Creator: unknown

Product type: influencer network

Price: free to join

Rating: 0 out of 5

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

OGTask is a data harvesting site that will sell your name and email address to third party advertisers. At the same time, whatever tasks you engage with on the site will make more money for the people behind this platform.

At the end of the day, they are not paying out to anyone. Not even a single cent.

What is OGTask

To find out what is OGTask, let us first take a look at its website:

ogtask home page

It looks like a get-paid-to site, where you can make money by completing tasks and surveys on the platform, and also by referring others.

It’s free to join, and they even offer a generous $25 just for signing up!

OGTask says they work with advertisers, who pay them to expose their brands to a large group of targeted audience on the platform. You, as the influencer, help by bringing in the crowd when you refer others here.

Therefore they are happy to share their ads revenue with you.

Sounds like a workable plan, except for one glaring fact.

The amount they are offering to pay you are out of this world.

The advertising industry has never seen such colossal numbers. And that is how I know it is a scam.

If they were to keep to their word, and pay out those bonuses, referral fees and tasks payments, they would have gone bankrupt within the first week of operation.

The question you might be wondering: if they haven’t taken any money from you, how do they scam you?

Well, scams these days come in many forms. They do not have to take your money. They borrow your hands to do the work that earns them the money.

Read on and you will see what I mean.

How OGTask Works

1. Data harvesting site

First and foremost, OG Task is a data harvesting site. When you sign up, you have to enter your name and email address, among other details.

The people behind OGTask collate all their members’ information in a list, and sell this contact list at a high price to third party advertisers.

To any vendor in the make money niche, this is considered a highly targeted list. You see, just the act of signing up onto the platform tells people that you are interested in making money online.

This makes you a good target for selling the secret formula to instant commissions, or the done for you business-in-a-box, or the traffic software that no marketer wants you to know about, and other nonsense that will never work.

So your inbox will be flooded with unsolicited offers from companies you never knew existed.

2. You do the work, they get the money

All those tasks on OGTask.com will make them money when you complete them. $10 for downloading an app, $30 for a survey, etc. These are baits to lure members into completing as many tasks as they possibly can.

OGTask will make the money, but the amount doesn’t even come close to what they are offering to pay you. Hence we know they never intended to pay out.

3. Your online safety will be at risk

As you download an app, you may be in fact introducing some malware onto your device.

When you sign up for some free trial, you may get your credit card information stolen.

As you click on a link, you may land on some illegal online casino or some other shady place.

You really do not know what these people can get up to, so the best bet is to stay off the platform.

Why do I have such a bad impression of them? You might be wondering…

Now, I want to show you the hard evidence that these people can be dangerous, because they are willing to throw away their ethics and morals just to make some money.

Red Flags in OGTask.com

1. Fake testimonials

The testimonials on their home page are fake. Take a look at this.

ogtask fake testimonials

Which world’s leading #1 influencer network would get their spelling wrong like that?

I’m not a perfectionist, I’m not perfect myself either. I do not have any issue with anyone making mistakes.

But for a huge organization that is supposedly paying out millions of dollars to its members, you would think they would care enough to have a website editor for ensuring the information on their website is accurate and up-to-date.

Then take a look at Bryan S., who is making a doctor’s salary with the platform, and claims he has been using OGTask.com for a little over a year.

He’s lying.

The OGTask.com domain was only registered this year, on January 16, 2020. That’s just 1.5 months from the time of this writing.

ogtask domain

See how the platform is staged to trick people into thinking it is a credible website?

2. Fake payment proof

Look at all these fake payment proof.

ogtask fake payment

The payments are made on dates prior to the existence of OGTask.com.

3. Attempt to provide address?

Take a look at this.

ogtask no address

They expect people to find them using this address: ‘Houston, TX’.

That’s rather interesting.

4. Fake email address

A quick check of the email address provided on their home page revealed this:

ogtask fake email

This is bad.

It shows that OGTask never had any intention of getting in touch with its members, or providing any form of support, right from the outset.

When you complete enough tasks to hit the minimum threshold for cashing out, and encounter some issue with the process, there is no way you can contact anyone.

Only then will the truth come to light, and people will start exposing the fraudulent site that it is. Before that, most people would be eagerly doing the tasks on there without checking up on the background of the company, as they get excited seeing their earnings skyrocket on the dashboard.

5. Fake social media buttons

Those social media buttons at the bottom of the website are fake. Clicking on them does nothing but have you land on the exact same page of their website.

6. More lies

More blatant lies. OGTask started in March 2015 in Amsterdam? I seriously don’t think so.

ogtask story

And look at how disastrous their editing job is. Tap 2 Earn is a similar scam that I have exposed. It looks like it’s the same group of people behind OGTask and Tap2Earn, seeing how they have left behind trails and evidence that link up these sites.

In fact, it is what they do, these crooks. Once an older site gets exposed, they register new domains and create exact duplicates of the same scam, under different names.

But at times they get careless and miss on changing out all the names completely.

Well, I can spend the rest of the day pointing out more discrepancies and lies, but let’s not waste anymore time on this.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of OGTask

There is really not a single advantage to the platform. It will do you lots more harm than good. Please stay as far away as you possibly can.

Cons of OGTask

1. It sells your data

Although it might sound like a small irritation to receive spam in your inbox, the fact remains that it is wrong to trick people into entering their contact email address in the name of signing up to a platform, only to turn around and sell the details behind their backs.

2. It makes use of you to do work

The more tasks you do on OGTask.com, the more they earn. And the more people you refer to the platform, the larger their ‘workforce’ to do all those tasks for them.

3. It puts your online security at risk

You never know what you will be getting yourself into, considering how unscrupulous these people can be. There could be a landmine everywhere you step (I mean, click).

4. No one gets paid

At the end of the day, OGTask is not paying anyone. It is a well-staged plot from the beginning till the end.

Is OGTask Scam or Legit?

OGTask is a legitimate scam, that’s what it is.

Similar scams that I have exposed recently include CashInfluence, SwiftBucks, Earn And Go, ShowCash, and EarnBucks, to name just a few.

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