Is Emailconomy a SCAM? You Bet!

Emailconomy Review

Is Emailconomy a scam? YES. It is run by someone with a great reputation for scamming people, and I have some other good reasons to believe this is not legitimate.

Welcome to my Emailconomy review.

I genuinely hope you have not bought into this program yet, because that may be the last you see of the money.

In this honest and in-depth review of Emailconomy, I try my best to be objective. At times, you may find me taking on quite a biased tone, and I apologize for that, because I really have zero patience for people without integrity.

I will walk you through the details of the Emailconomy program, and examine why it does not have your best interest at heart. Along with the proof for the owner’s incorrigible reputation, you should be able to make a much better informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Emailconomy Review Summary

Product: Emailconomy


Creator: Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez

Product type: a membership program to a direct mailing scheme that promotes itself

Price: $500 to $2500

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : Absolutely not recommended

Emailconomy is a program where you buy into one of its three membership levels, get some basic training on email marketing, direct mail marketing, and pay even more to get them posted out, in the hope that people receiving the letters would naively and unquestioningly send out those checks, so that you would make a commission.

Even without the owner’s atrocious reputation, such schemes are already not legitimate on their own, since there are no products that can be retailed. My advice is to stay far away from Emailconomy, as the law will catch up with it, if it doesn’t collapse on itself first.

What is Emailconomy

To find out what is Emailconomy, let us first take a look at its website.

emailconomy home page

Email marketing

It is supposedly a program that allows you to earn through email marketing. The sales video purports that you just have to spend 7 hours a week, collecting emails, and sending your offers to your leads, to make killer money.

Send an email offer at 9am in the morning, and find $500+ in your account at 7pm that same evening!

Angel Lopez calls this predictable income, better than the weather forecast.

Imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work, and opening up your email to see a $1,000 commission. This can supposedly happen several times a week!

If this is not hype, I do not know what is. The entire video is all about how easy it is to make money, just through emails.

Yes, as an internet marketer myself, I recognize that the money is in the list. It is true for my case as well. My email list is something precious to me.

But there are so many other factors involved in the effectiveness of email marketing:

– whether the people you are reaching out to voluntarily opted to be on your list or not.
– have you added value to your audience before selling stuff to them?
– do they know you?
– have you nurtured a trusting relationship with them?

It is definitely not as easy as what Emailconomy tries to make it sound.

And somehow Angel Lopez seems to be targeting the baby boomers, I’m not quite sure why, perhaps they are well established in their finances, having just retired, and probably looking at doing something?

Not email marketing afterall?

And just as I thought I understood the program, I made one stark observation. The entire time, in the sales video, he threw so many figures around just to convince people how great email marketing is.

But as it turns out, what the company does is actually direct mailing, posting out letters on your behalf – nothing to do with email marketing at all. Or was he so mistaken as to think they’re the same thing?

Or does it all not matter, since that is not what he is concerned with? Could it be that he only wants to take your money, and that’d be the last you would hear of him?

Why couldn’t he have just pitched the concept of direct mailing from the start, which certainly has some strengths over email marketing? Why does he want to say one thing and do another?

Let’s dig around more to decipher this suspicious scheme.

How to sign up to Emailconomy

After filling your name, phone number and email address, you will land on a PDF file, which you are supposed to print out, write your postal address, and then mail it to Emailconomy’s office.

Together with this hardcopy form, you are to send in your money order or cashier check, to pay for your chosen membership level, out of these three:

Inner Circle Level: $500

Diamond Level: $1000

Master Level: $2500

Once that’s done, you’re in!

How does Emailconomy work

So after all that hoo-ha about email marketing, it turns out to be direct mailing. Which makes it worse!

How many times have you thrown away letters, brochures and stuff from your letterbox without giving them a second look, once you saw that it came from someone or some company you did not know?

Well, it seems I’m getting ahead of myself. I should be discussing how the system works. So here goes…

After joining Emailconomy, the next thing you should do is to purchase letter packages, with varying prices according to the number of letters that the company will help you send out, based on their supposedly high converting prospect list.

emailconomy letter packages

As you can see, the prices are exorbitant!

And these are going to be your recurring cost, as long as you are trying to recoup your initial investment of the membership fees.

From what I can see, it is going to be a blackhole that you will be digging yourself into, with no end in sight, until you finally pull the plug to cut the losses.

How do you earn with Emailconomy

Needless to say, the commissions are quite attractive.

When anyone from your mailing list joins Emailconomy, you get to make a commission according to the schedule below. Your sponsor (the person whom you signed up under) would also make a smaller commission, which they call team sales.

emailconomy membership levels

Inner Circle Level

When someone pays $500 to join this level under you, you make $200 commission. Another $100 goes to your sponsor. The remaining $200? Well, it’s pocketed by Angel Lopez.

Diamond Level

From the $1000 membership fee, $400 goes to you, $200 to your sponsor, and the remaining $400 to the company.

Master Level

Out of $2500 membership fee, $1000 goes to you, and $500 to your sponsor, and the remaining $1000 goes to the company.

In a similar fashion, when your referrals also refer someone to join the company, you get passive income through the team sales commission, only for 2nd level referrals.

There’s a catch, though. Full commissions are made only when your referrals join at your level of membership or lower.

Say you are at the Diamond level. If someone were to join under you, at Master level, instead of earning $1000, you make only $400, which is the maximum you are entitled to, at the Diamond level.

If all these sound cool, please do not run off to prepare your cashier check yet. Do read on to understand why Emailconomy is not made to work for you.

Why Emailconomy is created for Lopez to make money

Why I trust an email from Groupon much more than a direct mail from Emailconomy

In the sales video, Angel Lopez tried to use Groupon and other big names as evidence of why email marketing works so well.

Isn’t it a no-brainer?

I mean, everyone knows Groupon, and I’d open an email from them because I know they offer tremendous value. In the first place, for me to even be on their email list, I’d have explicitly provided my contact information to them, indicating that I would love to hear from them.

On the other hand, if I were to receive a letter in the postbox from someone I do not know at all, and especially because it talks about what a great opportunity there is for me to make some killer money, I will stack it in the recycled paper pile right away.

That’s the kind of trust and reception level people would give to unsolicited mails.

Just think about it. Would you send off $1K in money order just because some stranger told you to, and promised you some huge earning potential?

His reputation is long gone, do not trust this guy

Angel Lopez’s bad name has spread far and wide. Complaints about him are literally ALL OVER the internet.

Take a look at just some of the recent ones:

emailconomy complaint 2
emailconomy complaint 1

Apparently he has some great track record at NOT delivering what he is supposed to.

It just makes me wonder whether he will even send out those letters after you buy the direct mail packages. The company can claim that not a single sale came through, when you would have no idea of whether the job actually got done or not.

At any one time, majority of its members are losing money

As a natural result of such a scheme, no matter at which instant in time you dissect the company, you will find that its membership is made up of mostly people who are losing money.

You see, for you to recover your initial investment paid for the membership fee, you would need to make at least 3 sales. That’s not even including the cost of the direct mail packages yet.

And we are just talking about breaking even, not profiting. So for every person to start making a profit, they would need 3 sales under their name. That looks more like a pyramid scheme than anything else.

When recruitment runs dry, the scheme collapses upon itself.

Recurring cost

The recurring cost of purchasing the direct mail packages can add up quickly. To me, it is a kind of blind investment, as you do not know the quality of the leads at all.

Angel Lopez will certainly try to convince you those are highly targeted leads, but the truth of the matter is, you will never know.

So you could be continually throwing money down the drain, trying to market to people whom you do not know at all, and who don’t know you either.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Emailconomy

There is not a single good thing I can say about Emailconomy. My best advice would be to stay as far away as possible.

Cons of Emailconomy

1. Expensive membership!

Even the lowest membership level, at $500 is not something that everyone can afford, not to mention $2500 for the Master level.

2. I wouldn’t trust this guy with any amount of my hard-earned money

It’s amazing, the number of people he had apparently scammed, from all the complaints about him everywhere on the internet.

3. Scheme is not legitimate

Emailconomy has some products (DVD training) as a front, to protect itself. But essentially, it is nothing other than an opportunity to earn when you bring in more members to them.

4. Recurring cost, no guarantee of any returns

The direct mail packages come with a minimum price tag of $557, going all the way up to $3267. That’s insanely expensive, without guarantee of any returns, and without giving you control of who you promote the opportunity to.

5. Refund policy is no good

The timeframe to request for a refund is within 3 days of purchase. That’s so short!

By the time you buy the direct mail packages, and let them run, only to realize they are getting zero sales, it would be too late to try to get your membership fee back!

Is Emailconomy a Scam? 

In my opinion, YES, I do think Emailconomy is a scam.

It is similar to these other programs I have reviewed: Club Cash Fund, Cents for Freedom, and Digital Income System, to name just a few.

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