Does Six Figure Success Academy Scam You?

Six Figure Success Academy ReviewIf you have heard about or been sent some promotional material of this high ticket training course, and are wondering how real is the Six Figure Success Academy scam, you are at the right place.

Here, I will provide an honest and unbiased view of it, digging into what you can expect to learn from the training, its pros and cons, whether it will work to start making you money, and whether it is worth the exorbitant price or not.

Read on to find out if this is yet another product that promises the moon but fails to deliver, or is it some solid training that will show you the right way to go with video marketing. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Six Figure Success Academy, through the following sections:

Six Figure Success Academy: Review Summary

Product: Six Figure Success Academy

Creators: Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda

Product type: Video marketing training

Price: $997

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended because of its price tag, especially if you are a beginner. If you are an experienced marketer, and know what you are doing, then go for it.

Six Figure Success Academy is a training course that teaches all about video marketing. It is definitely a legitimate course that has value in it. But the obvious problem here is the high price tag, which not many people can afford, especially if you are just starting out on the internet, trying to make some money.

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Read on for the detailed review of Six Figure Success Academy, and why I do not recommend it for beginners.

What is Six Figure Success Academy

The 3-hour long sales video (yeah, you can spare yourself the torture by simply reading through this review in a few minutes) details what you will get in this training course. What I do not like is the hype: make $250 to $500 each day, every single day, or even multiple times per day!

six figure success academy sales page

It is not possible for any beginner to make this kind of money on the internet. With grit, perseverance and lots of time and hard work, yes it will be possible one day, provided you have not yet given up out of frustration from not seeing instant results.

This course focuses on video marketing, through creating videos or webinars to promote either your own products or other people’s products. The training is delivered through videos, along with some tools and community support. The videos are short, typically about 10 minute each, with 50 videos in total.

six figure success academy training modules

The course is spaced into six weeks as follows:

Week 1: Crash course in webinars – this is a crash course in getting started to making your own webinars and videos, together with tips on which techniques work and which do not work. You also get to join their FaceBook for support.

Week 2: Partner with people like “Bob” – why and how to create an avatar, as this will be who your potential customers see.

Week 3: Create your money maker – the process of monetising your videos. A few methods will be taught, so you can see which works best for you.

Week 4: Preparing for maximum success (setup) – how to choose your video software, and the types of hardware that you can take your pick from.

Week 5: Generating $1000 payments on demand – here is where you put everything you have learnt into practise, and start earning your first dollar.

Week 6: Optimize and scale – finetune your process and products, so that you can scale up your business. Also learn to test your campaigns, so that you can see clearly which are the effective ones, and spend more time, money and effort on those.

The training is detailed and comprehensive, and to the point so it does not waste your time spouting nonsense like many other training products. There is certainly quite some learning you can take away from it.

What I like about Six Figure Success Academy is that the method taught is a skill set, equipping you with the necessary knowledge and tools you need to promote products using video marketing. Despite the hype about the unrealistic earnings for any beginner, this course is some great quality stuff.

What I do not like about Six Figure Success Academy is they teach you to

  • find training courses,
  • approach their owners to work out some renumeration package for every customer you send to them,
  • create videos, webinars or any other marketing material for those training courses,
  • find and approach some influencers in the niche topic of the courses you are promoting, and get them to promote your marketing materials to their audience
  • share, with the influencers, the commission from the renumeration package that you worked out with the course creators.

This is a totally legitimate way to make money. But it takes LOTS of time and effort on your part, much more than what is necessary.

Let me explain my own method of earning an online income, and you will see what I mean.

How I make money online

First, I am not limited to just promoting other people’s training courses. There are a million products in the market, from physical products to digital ones. I can choose whatever niche I have a passion for, and promote products that are relevant to my niche. It can be anything under the sun.

Secondly, there are countless affiliate programs in place, where retailers want to work with people who promote their products for free. That’s us, the affiliates. They pay us a commission only when we drive business to them. So it’s a win-win situation.

There are so many existing affiliate programs, you do not have to approach the creator of a product to work out something on your own. For instance, ClickBank and Warrior+Plus are great affiliate platforms for digital products. But be wary that there are as many useless products as there are great value ones, so keep your eyes and mind open when looking for products in your niche to recommend.

Amazon, ShareASale, eBay Partners, Rakuten, etc. are great affiliate platforms for promoting mainly physical products. The list is endless, you just have to search for them. And really, the sky is the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing. There is really no reason to restrict yourself to just promoting training courses.

Then comes the traffic aspect of your business. Where do you get traffic to see your offers? The method taught in Six Figure Success Academy involves another party: the influencers, which poses a few problems. First you have to share your commission with them. Secondly, they may not just agree to work with you like that, as they are the influencers, they call the shots.

Many require an upfront fee if you want to promote products through them. So it boils down to your negotiation skills, to reach some agreement that both parties are happy to benefit from.

One thing is for sure: this will take up a lot of your time and effort, and frequently give you more frustration than fulfillment. You may face outright rejection from most influencers. But of course the up side is that if you really succeed in getting anyone to work with you, you will be able to reach out to a massive group of their followers.

The way I choose to promote my affiliate offers will lead to me earning all of the commission, without having to share it with anyone. And I get free traffic to my offers. Free organic traffic that is ready to convert into buyers, because they were looking for what I am offering specifically, it’s a perfect match, and that’s how they land on my offers in the first place.

Free organic traffic is the most valuable, because once you get it, it is unstoppable. It can even be nurtured into a passive income stream.

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Pros of Six Figure Success Academy

1. Real owners

Ty and Mike are real people, known in the internet marketing niche for being successful.

2. There is great value in the training

The training is what all training should be: teach the skills and provide the tools so that people can take this knowledge to wherever they wish, and make it work. Hard work is the only way to go, if you want to succeed on the internet, and anywhere in life, for that matter.

Too many scammy products these days are promising fast cash with little work, everything is done for you, you just have to load and go. Any done-for-you system will not work, for it is not made with you in mind, but the creator of the product.

Cons of Six Figure Success Academy

1. Exorbitant price

Yes, this is the obvious down side to this product. If they had made it more affordable, then a lot more people would be able to benefit from it, and they would profit from volume of sales.

2. Traffic method is cumbersome and not sustainable

Looking for influencers to work with, and actually approaching them to sell your marketing idea and product is a time-consuming feat that may not reap any results. They are also looking to make money, so many of them actually state that they will charge an upfront fee if you wish to promote anything through them.

This also means that you have to keep looking for influencers to work with, otherwise you will exhaust the traffic pretty quickly. That makes this business model not sustainable.

3. Money Back Guarantee is no guarantee

Their 30 day money back guarantee is actually conditional, which means it’s in fact not guaranteed. To qualify for any refund, you need to show evidence that you have at least contacted 2 course owners, as well as 2 influencers every single day in the 30 day period.

To me, this is not realistic. This means you need to find 60 influencers in your niche. They might as well say there is strictly no refund.

Is Six Figure Success Academy Scam or legit? 

My answer to Six Figure Success Academy scam is: NO, this is not a scam. It is an alright product, with useful training. The only things that would have me thinking twice or thrice are the exorbitant price, and the traffic method being too cumbersome, and not something I can see myself doing.


If you have some extra cash, and are looking into video marketing for your offers, and know what you are doing, then go ahead with the purchase. As with other high ticket items that I have reviewed before, like Super Affiliate System and ClickBank University, I will only recommend this to seasoned internet marketers.

But if you are a beginner in the internet marketing space, I would not recommend this product, until you gain some experience, and have started to make some money, and really know what you are doing.

In fact, as a beginner, it really pays to start off by building a strong foundation for your online business. This means setting up a website, and building content around your niche area. As you work consistently to create content on the website, search engines will start to see it as the authority in the niche.

That is when you will get free organic traffic, as your website will be given high rankings when people search for answers in your niche. Since what they are searching for and what you are offering are the perfect match, organic traffic tends to convert at the highest rate. And it’s totally free!

To learn how to set up your own website, how to choose a niche, how to write content that ranks, you do not have to spend a thousand dollars on training.

In fact, the platform that I am recommending is free to start. In the free starter members area, you get 2 websites absolutely free, with free hosting and free domain name. You also get 10 free lessons, so you can see for yourself how authentic and beginner-friendly the training is.

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Six Figure Success Academy review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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      I’m sorry that you are not able to get your money back.
      If you bought it through ClickBank or any affiliate network, please try to ask for a refund through them. Do not go straight through the vendor. The big affiliate networks like ClickBank will usually make the refund process a much smoother and fair one.


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