DFY Lead Pages Review – SCAM or 15,936 Leads in 30 Days?

DFY Lead Pages Review

Welcome to my DFY Lead Pages review.

Can this new product of Ankur Shukla really get you almost 16K leads within 30 days, or is it another scam that makes money for no one else but the software creator himself?

Will this be another one that adds to the list of products that have given you lots of frustration and no results?

Is DFY Lead Pages suitable for a beginner just starting out in the internet marketing space, or are there other things you require that are not spelled out in the promotional video of the software?

In this honest and in-depth look at this product, we will answer all these questions and more. Then you can decide for yourself if it is something that adds value to you.

I am not an affiliate for this product, so whether you decide to buy it or not, it makes no difference to me. I just want to provide a balanced view, so that you can see the real story beyond all those raving reviews published by its affiliates.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

DFY Lead Pages Review Summary

Product: DFY Lead Pages

URL: https://dfyleadpages.convertri.com/

Creator: Ankur Shukla

Product type: Software that allows you to build your email list with done-for-you lead magnets and lead pages.

Price: $19.95

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Ok

DFY Lead Pages is a software that comprises 20 done-for-you capture pages that allows you to collect visitors’ email addresses, and store them in the product’s cloud app system without having to subscribe for an autoresponder service yourself.

20 lead magnets are also done for you, along with pre-written sales copies in 7 email sequences for each lead magnet.

It will work for a beginner to save time in creating lead magnets and lead pages from scratch, but ultimately you still need traffic landing on those pages to see any results. Moreover, the niche involved is very much limited to affiliate marketing.

What is DFY Lead Pages

To find out what is DFY Lead Pages, let us first take a look at its sales page:

dfy lead pages home

Look beyond the hype.

If you have not seen much success with internet marketing or trying to make money online, using DFY Lead Pages will not start paying the car or loans for you.

In this section, I just want to present the facts.

What exactly will you be getting if you purchase DFY Lead Pages?

You will get 20 lead pages, all done for you. An example is this:

dfy lead pages example

When someone clicks on the button to get their free gift, also called a lead magnet, a box will pop up that requires them to enter their email address.

dfy lead pages email capture

Upon completing the field, the free gift will be sent to them.

Those 20 lead magnets have all been done for you too, so you do not have to create anything from scratch as free gifts for your visitors.

The email addresses collected by the system is stored in the cloud app of DFY Lead Pages, which you are free to download for further follow-up, after the DFY email sequence of 7 pre-written emails per lead magnet.

This means you get a total of 140 pre-written emails in this product.

Sounding good so far, as it seems like a very simple software that is going to get you thousands of leads (Ankur’s words).

Now, it is my job to burst the bubble and tell you the real story.

Things they don’t tell you about DFY Lead Pages

Products are limited to the internet marketing niche

They claim you will get 20 lead pages in 20 niches, which is not true. What you are getting is just 20 different products to choose from, but they are all in the same niche of internet marketing.

Examples of those lead magnets include how to grow your Instagram followers, how to grow your Twitter followers, how to do CPA (cost per action) marketing, etc.

These are all related to internet marketing.

You are not going to get lead magnets about health, beauty, sports, weight loss, vegan recipes, or personal development.

So if you are already on some online business in a specific niche, DFY Lead Pages may not work for you, because the lead magnets may have nothing to do with what you are selling to your audience.

Build trust with your audience

For me, I create my own lead magnet. I do not need 20. One is all I have, customized to my audience’s needs because I understand what they are looking for.

To grow a proper business, effort has to be put in to connect with your audience, and to add value to them by giving them what they are looking for.

Not randomly throwing free gifts around.

People are very perceptive. They can tell when someone prioritizes making money over trying to help them.

Yes, people may grab those lead magnets simply because they are free. But when it comes to actually taking out their wallets and buying stuff, it has to be from someone they know, like and trust.

To establish trust, you need to build a brand. And you need at least a website of your own that people can find you at. It is there that they can get to know you.

Without it, you would be throwing those landing pages around, getting possibly many email leads but they are not targeted and not responsive to you.

To those people, what they see is a stranger offering some free download, and then spamming their email inbox with offers and promotions, just trying to get them to buy stuff.

They have no idea who you are, what you stand for, and whether you have their best interest at heart.

You still need traffic

No matter how fantastic the lead magnet is, and how professional looking the lead pages are, you still need traffic to land on them, without which you will not collect a single email.

This is the part that Ankur does not tell you about.

To get thousands of leads, you will need tens of thousands of traffic landing on those lead pages in the first place.

Where will you find them?

You can spend money to advertise your lead pages on social media, forum, search engines, or any other relevant platform. But it involves high cost and high risk. Not something I’d recommend to beginners who are not yet profiting online.

Or you can do it the sustainable and free way: establish your own website in the search engines, so that when people search for information related to the products you are promoting, or the niche you are in, the search engines trust your site enough to present it to their users.

This method gets you tons of free traffic which are highly targeted, with strong buyer intent, just by virtue that they are searching for your products.

With a website that people can land on to interact with and learn more about you and what you do, they start to trust you. And when your email sequence gets sent to their inboxes, they will not see it as spam.

If this method sounds good to you, check out more details by clicking on the button below:

No autoresponder service

Though it sounds so cool that you can host your email list on the cloud app of DFY Lead Pages for free, without having to pay for an autoresponder service, the fact presents itself differently.

DFY Lead Pages will not send affiliate links to your list. Ultimately, to make money with your list, you would have to get your audience to buy things through your affiliate links.

Thus you definitely need to follow up beyond the 7 emails included in this software, using your own autoresponder service provider.

Moreover, those pre-written emails may sound very sale-sy and hyped up, which may not be your style, or the best way to gain the trust of your audience.

Down side of free hosting

Yes, you can host the lead pages with the product vendor for free. But since you are not paying for this service, they can take it away anytime they find that the business is not sustainable.

The best thing to do is still to download the pages onto your own website, so that you have full control, and no one can take them from you.

See the training platform that will have you set up your website in 10 minutes.

The way it should be done

If you are trying to make money online, the bare essential is your very own website. It lays the foundation upon which you establish your brand, and create content to help people.

Once you get that going, you actually do not need any lead pages. I am collecting emails of my website visitors without using a single lead page. I use forms and popups, which are all part of the tools and features provided by my autoresponder.

I subscribed to the service many months after starting my website, as I used the initial period to build up content that my audience will find useful.

Because people trusted my site, it was profitable for me even with a monthly subscription of close to $30. Prior to that, there was no point for me to do email marketing as I hadn’t figured out how to convert my audience into buyers.

The same goes for DFY Lead Pages. There is no point in purchasing it until you are getting a good amount of traffic and understand your audience enough to get them to buy from you. By then, you could easily create your own lead magnet that really serves the needs of your potential customers.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of DFY Lead Pages

1. Real owner

Ankur Shukla is putting his name and reputation out there.

This is already a few notches above those product creators who make some crappy stuff just to take your money, and do not even dare to appear as their real selves.

2. 30 day money back guarantee (with genuine reason)

Though the 30 day money back guarantee is in place, note that it is NOT a no-questions asked type of refund policy.

If an issue arises with the software that cannot be resolved by their support team, then you get your money back.

3. The lead pages and lead magnets do save you some time and work

Provided you intend to or are already in the internet marketing niche, DFY Lead Pages will work for you to save time and effort, as you can simply use the DFY landing pages and lead magnets.

Better yet, if you have your own website, you can try to blend these seamlessly with your content, such that they really add value to your website visitors.

Cons of DFY Lead Pages

1. Only works in the internet marketing niche

Since the lead magnets are all in topics related to internet marketing, it only makes sense to give these to your audience if you are in this niche.

If your niche is in health, you would leave question marks in your audience’s heads if you tried to send them free materials about growing their Instagram followers.

2. Not minimum effort like what it is made to sound

First, you have to get traffic to those lead pages. Buying DFY Lead Pages alone is not going to get you thousands of leads, on its own.

Then, even with targeted traffic coming to your pages, you need to establish credibility and gain the trust of your audience, before you will start to make any sales.

No one wants to buy from someone who is only concerned with making money

3. You still need an autoresponder

To sell stuff using your affiliate links so that you get to earn commissions, or even sell your own products, you still need to put your list onto an autoresponder email provider, because DFY Lead Pages merely sends those 7 emails in the sequence, and that’s it.

4. Upsells

I have never liked upsells, especially if they try to sell them to you even before you get a chance to try out the front end product. If the main dish is substandard, what is the point of all those garnishes and dressings?

The upsells in DFY Lead Pages include

Upsell 1 $37 – Pro Version: Unlimited leads can be stored in the cloud app system, more lead pages, more lead magnets, more emails in the sequence, autoresponder integration, etc.

Upsell 2 $27 per month or $1 trial – Monthly emails will be sent to your leads

Upsell 3 $67 – Agency License

Upsell 4 $97 – Resellers License

Is DFY Lead Pages Scam or Legit?

DFY Lead Pages is a completely legitimate software. I can see its potential in helping beginners in the internet marketing niche save time and effort.

But do bear in mind that ultimately, it is traffic that converts that will start you in making money. Collection of leads will not pay off your car and loans until your marketing skills mature, which comes with hard work.

Some other earlier products created by Ankur include WP Backlink Machine, WP Video Machine, and WP Affiliate Machine, to name just a few. Some are alright, while others are not.

An Alternative

Everyone wants to be rich, but guess who will make it?

It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature. I mean, find me someone who doesn’t want to get rich fast, and with minimum effort.

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I found a dull-looking object, but I knew in my heart that is the real deal. And from then on, I have never looked back.

An honest, down-to-earth method that will get you there. It’s not going to be easy, but it will get you there.

Versus the fast and easy way to empty your pockets and get you nowhere.

Which would you choose?

I am now working full time from home, growing my internet business, and making an online income. I started from scratch with zero knowledge in this area. If I can do it, you can, too.

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