Does Cash 4 Ads Team SCAM you?

Cash 4 Ads Team Review

Let me guess, someone showed you this rare opportunity to make money with FaceBook, and you are trying to find out if the Cash 4 Ads Team scam is real?

You’re on the right track, this is the exact thing you should do, each time you’re presented with some opportunity: check things out for yourself, instead of taking it at face value. There are too many scams floating around on the internet these days, you really can’t be too careful.

With Cash 4 Ads Team, can you really make $50 to $200+ daily? Without doing any work? How does it work, and how is it even possible?

Find out these and more in my honest, unbiased and in-depth Cash 4 Ads Team review, as I point out the red flags to you, as well as examine the mechanisms and implications of this money-making method.

Let’s dive right in!

Cash 4 Ads Team Review Summary

Product: Cash 4 Ads Team


Creator: Unknown

Product type: FaceBook ad laundering

Price: Free to sign up

Scam / Legit? : Not legit. This is a dishonest and dangerous way to make money.

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

Cash 4 Ads Team engages in FaceBook ad laundering, which means they rent your FaceBook ad space to put up ads that are not allowed by FaceBook. The one to get into trouble will be you, if you do this. You can get your account banned, and information in your computer could be compromised.

Do not waste your time on this, as it is dishonest, and an easy way to get yourself into a huge mess. Check out my #1 recommendation instead, if you are looking to make some serious money online:

Read on for the detailed review of Cash 4 Ads Team, and why I really think you should stay far away from such schemes.

What is Cash 4 Ads Team

Information presented in sales video and landing page

Once you land on their website, you will see their sales video, with this lady explaining what it is all about, and sounding like she is one of the owners of Cash 4 Ads Team.

cash 4 ads team sales video

But the fact is, she is actually a freelance actor that the real owners had engaged from Fiverr, to appear in their sales video.

cash 4 ads team fiverr spokesperson

If this is a legitimate product that these people stand by, why do they not show their faces and build trust? Why do they have to hire someone to sound like she is the owner instead?

Or at least, she should make it clear that she is a spokesperson, and speaking on behalf of the owners, revealing their names, contacts, and photographs.

But nope, nothing of that sort.

This, to me, is a huge red flag. Right away, I knew these people are up to no good.

And look at their website domain. It was only registered in March 2019, too new for me to trust them at all, since nobody would have any real experience with them, to provide feedback on whether they really pay out or not.

cash 4 ads team domain

How you are supposed to make money with Cash 4 Ads Team

They have clients all over the United States, who want to advertise on social media. This is an opportunity for their team members to grow financially, simply by applying the free training provided.

You do not have to pay to join them. In fact, they pay you $25 just to join, and $15 monthly for renting out your FaceBook page ad space. Furthermore, you earn up to $65 for every person you refer.

With this, you stand to make hundreds of dollars each day!

It is safe and easy, and no work required to rent out the ad space in your FaceBook account.

Well, they make it sound really attractive so far. It does seem like good, easy money with zero effort. So why is my verdict on it such a harsh one?

Why Cash 4 Ads Team will not work for you

You see, this activity they are trying to get you into is called ad laundering. Basically their clients want to place ads that are not allowed on FaceBook. So they rent people’s accounts to place those ads, and never get into any trouble, because the accounts that get shut down are those on which the ads are placed.

They are forever hiding, never making an appearance, nobody knows who they are. But they make money when people buy their products through those ads.

The nature of ads that FaceBook does not allow include stuff like online casinos, and male enhancement products. They place the ads on people’s accounts, for as long as FaceBook does not take notice.

When an account gets shut down, they simply move on to another one. That is why you get rewarded for referring people to them. So they can have an endless supply of accounts on which to engage in this ad laundering activity.

It is also why they can afford to pay you for signing up, and for monthly rental of your ad space. Because their ads pay off.

I can’t be sure that Cash 4 Ads Team really does pay out to their members, but it is possible that they will pay, as it makes business sense for them.

The thing is, this is a very bad way to be making money, if you are considering taking part in this activity. You would be proliferating the ad laundering scheme, allowing people to promote products that are not acceptable on this social media platform.

Your information could be at risk

People who take part in ad laundering activities may not realise how much of a danger they are putting themselves in.

By giving other people access to your FaceBook account, your data, information, pictures, etc. will definitely be at risk.

The ad launderers also look for accounts that are at least one year old, are based in the US, and have not previously run any ads on FaceBook. With these conditions, FaceBook would have no reason to be suspicious of the accounts, hence it would be much easier for the ad launderers to pull their act off.

Since you would have to install a browser plugin built by the ad launderers, this kind of remote access to your computer is very dangerous, as they can easily steal your personal files from your computer, not just your FaceBook account.

Things like your bank information, tax submissions, personal details, and any other sensitive information that is found in your computer can possibly be compromised.

There are even cases of ad launderers who give away a free laptop to people who sign up. Many people happily bag the free gift, unsuspecting of the preinstalled softwares that not only run ads from their FaceBook account, but also putting them at risk of other dangerous activities.

Do not be foolish to do this, for the sake of easy money.

There are too many ways to make money legally, ethically. It may not be as easy as the method in Cash 4 Ads Team, but at least you would have a clear conscience, which is priceless.

How to make money online safely and ethically

I want to show you the business model that I am using, to earn my online income. It does not come overnight, I have to be frank with you.

I guess everyone starts off wanting to make it rich fast, especially on the internet. It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature.

But when I realised those empty promises are only going to make other people rich, or in some cases like this Cash 4 Ads Team, it can even possibly get me into trouble, I stopped looking for shiny objects.

I found a dull-looking object, but I knew in my heart that is the real deal. From then on, I have never looked back.

You can do this too. Check out this training platform that provides all the resources, tools, along with an entire community of aspiring as well as already successful online income earners. The best part is, you get to start for free:

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Pros of Cash 4 Ads Team

1. Possible to make some money, before you get banned by FaceBook

Any potential earnings will be short-lived, that’s for sure. Sooner or later, FaceBook will get to know of the activities going on in your account. And I do not think registering a new account would be so straightforward, it may not be possible to do so, since FaceBook would know your IP address, your contact number, and so on.

Cons of Cash 4 Ads Team

1. It is an ‘illegal’ activity on FaceBook

Do not become the tool for people who are trying to make money through unethical means on FaceBook.

2. You risk other stuff inside your computer

It is foolish to allow anyone to gain access to your FaceBook account, as well as have remote access to your computer. You might as well be showing all your passwords to everyone.

3. Risk losing your FaceBook account

Once you lose your FaceBook account, do not have much hope of getting it back.

4. People whom you refer to the program are unknowingly putting themselves at risk by trusting you

If you had already referred friends and family to the scheme, and now that you have just discovered the wolf under the sheep skin, you should shout it out to them to get out of there.

Is Cash 4 Ads Team Scam or legit?

Cash 4 Ads Team SCAM is real. Stay far away.

It is as useless as many products I have reviewed, like Copy My Email System, YouTube Secrets, and, to name just a few.

In fact, this will do much more harm than many other scams, even though it does not scam you of your money.


I absolutely do not recommend Cash 4 Ads Team.

If you are serious about building an online income, I want to show you how I am doing it.

It is a neat and hassle-free business model, where all the work can be done online. In fact, it can be built into a passive income stream, because of how I get traffic to my business.

Check it out, before deciding for yourself if this is something you may want to do:

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Cash 4 Ads Team review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

2 thoughts on “Does Cash 4 Ads Team SCAM you?”

  1. Completely inaccurate information:
    1. Facebook preapproves ads and so if it was illegal ads that were being run on the accounts, why would Facebook approve them in the first place. Internet Marketers with legit products have their account shut by Facebook all the time. Do the research and then present accurate information.
    2. The banning of ones business account does not affect the personal account whatsoever. Send me one example where a person’s account was shut down because of ads.
    3. The remote access to someones computer is for a 15 minute verification while the person is there and afterward the person is free to remove the software so come on really !!! Since this is a free program and people do actually make money very quickly.
    4. In promoting your Affiliate link to WA , do you really have to push down other legit opportunities so you can earn an affiliate commission. How ethical is that ? Miss High HORSE (tHINK ABOUT IT)

    PLease give one example of people of the internet that actually had any bad feedback and actually had any of the things you are saying happen to them ??? Point Proven !

    • Hi Mo,
      Facebook uses algorithms to approve ads, that is how people with ill intent can get around it. Facebook does not have the human resources to manually approve every single ad that goes out, there are so many ads going out every single day. That is why these people are looking for accounts of honest people off the street, accounts that are clean, that the algorithms have no reason to sound an alarm for.

      The fact that people have not gotten into trouble with their accounts does not mean this is something legit. The internet is the wild west these days, you shouldn’t trust people easily, much less give them access to your Facebook ads space, for which the IP address is linked to you, and you are wholly responsible for what goes on it.

      If a friend, or a relative, or an acquaintance approaches you to ask for access to your Facebook ads, would you agree? Would you not be suspicious? Then why would you give that access to total strangers? Does making money out of it make it any more legitimate?

      Can you name me just one company, operating on the right side of the law, that needs to go around renting the Facebook account of individuals off the streets?

      All the best to you, and stay safe.


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