Does 30 Day Success Formula SCAM you?

30 Day Success Formula Review

What is this cash gifting program that is making its rounds these days? Is 30 Day Success Formula scam or legit? How exactly does it work?

Welcome to my 30 Day Success Formula review.

I am not promoting this product, so you can be assured of my honest and unbiased review.

Join me as I walk you through all the ins and outs of 30 Day Success Formula, by helping you understand what’s in it for you, as well as why I personally will never join such a scheme.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

30 Day Success Formula Review Summary

Product: 30 Day Success Formula


Creator: “Simon Petrowski”

Product type: cash gifting program

Price: $89 to $12,500

Scam / Legit? : Not legit

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

30 Day Success Formula is a cash gifting program that is most likely not legit, from the way they steer clear of any online transactions, as those would be readily traceable. Basically you pay two levels of upline, to qualify to receive payments from your downlines.

They use some training and marketing tools to stir up the muck in the water, without which it would be obviously illegal, as it would be just a recruitment scheme without any product.

In such schemes, at any one time, there is always the most number of people losing money. It is a risky business to get into, that exploits vulnerable people who are just looking to make some money.

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Read on for the detailed review of 30 Day Success Formula, and why I do not recommend it.

What is 30 Day Success Formula

To find out what is 30 Day Success Formula, let’s first take a look at their website.

You will need a passcode to get in, I do not have one since I am not promoting it. But it is easy to find one from anybody promoting this program on the internet.

30 day success formula home page

In gist, 30 Day Success Formula is a cash gifting system, where you pay to join in one of the 6 levels of membership. This qualifies you to receive payment from people whom you subsequently recruit into the scheme, two levels down.

Compensation plan of 30 Day Success Formula

So if you decide to join at level 1, you pay $89 in cash, by sending them out in 3 different FedEx envelops. The first ($39) goes to the admin of 30 Day Success Formula. The second ($30) goes to the person who directly recruited you, and the third ($20) goes to the next level of upline.

By doing this, you will get to start recruiting people to join the scheme under you. You will start receiving envelops with $30 for each direct downline that you refer to the program, and $20 for each of their referrals.

Level 1: gift $89, earn $30 on 1st level sales (direct downline), and $20 on 2nd level sales (the next level of downline)

Level 2: gift $250, earn $100 on 1st level, $50 on 2nd level

Level 3: gift $1,000, earn $400 on 1st level, $200 on 2nd level

Level 4: gift $2,500, earn $1,000 on 1st level, $400 on 2nd level

Level 5: gift $5,000, earn $2,000 on 1st level, $500 on 2nd level

Level 6: gift $12,500, earn $6,000 on 1st level, $1,500 on 2nd level

This will supposedly earn you a consistent stream of passive income, as long as you keep your referrals coming in.

If your referral joins at a higher level than you, you only get paid the commission at the level that you are in. For instance, say you are at level 3, and someone joins under you at level 4.

You get $400 in commission, and not the $1,000. The difference ($600) goes to the next upline who is at level 4 of above.

Hence in this scheme, people will always be encouraged to pay to get themselves into higher levels of membership, so that they can maximise their earnings.

How to get leads to join 30 Day Success Formula

If you do not have the means for effective marketing on your own, 30 Day Success Formula offers traffic packages that you can buy, and they will send out those ‘secret letters’ on your behalf to all your leads, through the mail.

These ‘secret letters’ contain the promotional material, to draw potential customers into signing up for this cash gifting program.

These are the prices for the various packages:

200 letters mailed: $299

400 letters mailed: $599

1000 letter mailed: $1,338

“Products” in 30 Day Success Formula

These are the training and tools included at each level of membership. Level 7 was introduced only very recently.

At each level, you do get everything else stated at all other lower levels.

Level 1: Module 1 – Having a successful mindset

Level 2: Module 2 – Lead generation

Level 3: Modules 3 to 8, plus a business toolkit

Level 4: same as level 3

Level 5: Access to fast track credit repair, plus a website for generating more sales

Level 6: 80 Paydex score for your corporation, and a $350K funding capacity

Level 7: A done for you online store, OR join the private, profit-share group

I guess you can see it for yourself, the main selling point of this program has nothing to do with these ‘products’, these are nothing solid, and it is obvious people join 30 Day Success Formula for the opportunities in the recruitment scheme, and not to get their ‘Having a successful mindset’ training.

Red flags in 30 Day Success Formula

Unknown creator

Not having someone who is able to stand by the program is terrible. ” Simon Petrowski” is just a random name slapped onto its promotional materials. He is not real, nobody knows who he is.

A legitimate, honest and transparent company will provide contact details of the owner, people can see his social media accounts, the things that he engages in will be aboveboard, in plain view.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for 30 Day Success Formula.

Why would I trust anyone who is hiding, who does not even have the guts to stand for his own creation?

Cash only, nothing is traceable

In the information age today, who still insists on using hard cash, besides that odd grocery store in the corner of a small town?

To me, it really looks like a plot to cover up their tracks, the fact that they insist on cash only, or with the exception of a money order, provided you call first to obtain specific instructions for the money order.

There is to be strictly no personal checks, under any circumstances.

Their office postal address is simply a UPS box.

So, go figure.

Most people lose money

For any cash gifting scheme, for anyone to break even, more people have to be recruited into the scheme, about 3 in the case of 30 Day Success Formula. Beyond that, you get to start earning.

This also means that at any one time, there will be the most number of people who are losing money, having paid for their membership, and not yet recouped their loss.

Such schemes will not sustain itself forever. There will come a point in time when recruitment reaches a saturation level, it slows down, and the entire structure collapses upon itself.

When it happens, the most number of people in the scheme end up worse off than before they joined the program, while the few at the top who joined early make away with truck loads of cash.

The one laughing the hardest is “Simon”, because there was absolutely no risk to him. The moment he started running this program, his pockets just grew heavier by the day.

High risk

If you decide to join 30 Day Success Formula, you should only use money that you can afford to lose. Because it is not as easy as how they try to make it sound.

Just think, who in the right mind would be so gullible as to send out cash to people they have never heard of, and then just sit in the kitchen waiting for envelops to be delivered, with more cash from people they will never know?

It takes many gullible people for this scheme to take off.

I can tell you my gut feel for this: at the time of this writing, the 30 Day Success Formula is already on its way to decline. From the fact that they pushed out Level 7 of their membership, it goes to show that they are running short of cash injection into the system.

So please, understand the risks before you decide to join.

90-Day money back guarantee

In a cash without receipt system like this, I do not understand how this 90 day money back guarantee can ever work.

It is unlike online transactions, where there are receipts and payment proof, making hard evidence that you have paid.

But in 30 Day Success Formula, who is to prove that you have actually stuffed the money into the FedEx envelops? If you try to get the money back, does it mean that your upline has to return you all the cash that he or she received from you?

Or put it in another way: if your referral decides to ask for a refund, would you happily part with the cash that you thought was yours for good, and had in fact already spent it?

Where would you find the money if many referrals were to suddenly ask for refunds, all at the same time?

Would 30 Day Success Formula ask its members to set the money aside, in case their referrals ask for refund?

A refund policy in a cash only system just does not work, especially when there is no receipt issued upon receiving the cash, there is just no way to prove that anyone has paid up the amount he or she claims.

From what I can see, this policy is there to give people a fake sense of assurance. When they actually try to ask for refunds, and only then will they realise how impossible it is.

The honest way to make money

Opportunities abound these days, especially with the internet.

You do not have to resort to any unethical means, and follow in the footsteps of “Simon” who preys on vulnerable people by giving them the false hope of making it big, in an easy way, in this 30 Day Success Formula

I guess everyone starts off wanting to make it rich fast. It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature. I wasn’t spared of all the temptations myself.

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I am now working full time from home, growing my internet business, and making an online income. I started from scratch with zero knowledge in this area. If I can do it, you can, too.

Here’s a peek into my earnings on a recent day:

affiliate commission

As you can see, more than $100 a day is very do-able. And this is not even at its maximum potential yet, I’m still growing this business every single day.

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of 30 Day Success Formula

1. It is possible to make money out of it

Yes, it is possible, provided you had joined early, at the right time. Unfortunately, I do not think now is a good time to join this program, it should have already reached saturation.

Remember this though: even if you get to join a cash gifting scheme at the right time, whether the country you are in deems it as illegal or not, it is without doubt an unethical way to make money.

You will be exploiting people who do not know better, who are naively led to believe that this is such an easy way to make some fast bucks, and then these poor people end up being burnt terribly.

Cons of 30 Day Success Formula

1. You are helping to build other people’s dreams, at your own risk

Those who make the most out of this scheme are people higher up the hierarchy in the structure, those who joined before you.

An opportunity is no good for anyone if it requires you to dig a hole for yourself to try to climb out of, even as you are just getting started.

2. It is not as lucrative as it sounds

Cash gifting schemes usually do not last long, because most people are able to see through them. It would not be an easy task getting people you do not know to just send cash out to you.

If it’s with people you know, that’s worse. Don’t do it. Your friends and family will see you in a different light if they know you are involved in such a scheme.

3. Unethical

People are not buying into any retailable product, they are buying into the hope of making money with this 30 Day Success Formula.

A hope remains a hope. There is a greater chance of losing money with this, because those at the top of the structure who are making it big has to have their money come from somewhere.

Is 30 Day Success Formula Scam or legit? 

I won’t call it a scam, because it is possible to earn from it. But it is definitely not legit, in my opinion based on what I can see of it. In fact, cash gifting is illegal in most countries.

Other similar programs that I have reviewed include Too Damn Easy, Six Figure Stamp Club, and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.


There are too many honest ways to make money. You do not have to get involved with 30 Day Success Formula at all.

Look at all the people making it big on the internet, doing completely honest and helpful things, adding value to people’s lives, with money rolling in at the side.

What you need to do is to find a proven method that speaks to you, learn the ropes, implement your learning, and keep going at it until you see results.

I want to show you the method that I am using. Take a look, and decide if it is something that appeals to you.

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