What is ADCode.io? Another SCAM?

ADCode Review

Wondering what is ADCode.io? Is it yet another scam that sucks your wallet dry? Or is it a legit opportunity for making $5K a day, starting today?

Welcome to my ADCode.io review.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

What exactly do you get inside of ADCode.io, that will let you start making huge cash 15 minutes from signing up? Why are they so secretive about the method? Do they even respect your rights to making an informed decision?

In this article, I will provide an honest and in-depth review of ADCode.io, by revealing the real stuff behind the secrecy and hype, at the same time pointing out all the red flags, so you can see for yourself its true colours.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

ADCode.io Review Summary

Product: AD Code

URL: ADCode.io

Creator: “Rob Goldman”

Product type: sales funnel to Click2Sell

Price: free, because AD Code is nothing but an empty shell, it directs you to Click2Sell which costs thousands of dollars.

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

ADCode.io is nothing but a sales page full of hype and ultra misleading marketing gimmicks to get people into Click2Sell, which is a scam that looks like a banner ads platform, but the way it is run has you guaranteed to make losses.

Anyway they let people lower their guard by showing profits on their Click2Sell dashboard, but no money has ever gone through when fund withdrawals were initiated.

You can read my detailed review of Click2Sell here.

ADCode.io is full of huge red flags and deception, pretending to be featured in news and associated with big names. It has appeared under a different name: AdFormula. I have zero trust for this AD Code.

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Read on for the detailed review of ADCode.io, and why I call it scam.

What is ADCode.io

To find out what is ADCode.io, let us first take a look at its sales page:

adcode sales page

As you can see, I have boxed up in red everything that tells us not to trust ADcode.io.

Starting from the top left corner, is a counter that reflects fake scarcity. The first time I landed on that page, the counter showed 1 copy left. Upon refreshing, it showed 7 copies left.

It is to trick people into hastily making a decision to sign up for it, without taking the time to do their research, as they are under the false impression that if they do not sign up there and then, they would miss out on this rare opportunity.

Next, look at all those huge income claims that we know will never come true. $5K a day, starting today, 15 minutes from now? How ridiculous!

It’s nothing more than another marketing tactic targeting the human weakness of desiring instant gratification without doing much work.

Right at the bottom of the screenshot, you see those big names that ADCode.io tries to associate itself with. This is fraudulent, as AD Code has never been featured on any of those huge, established websites and companies.

Right at the start of the sales video, they showed actual news clips that were discussing work at home opportunities in general. The way it was edited and placed in this context made it seem like AD Code was being featured in the news, when the truth can’t be farther from that.

I hope you had not wasted your time watching till the end of the sales video, because there is nothing in there except for all the hype about how much money you can make, how instantly you can make it, with how little work.

In the entire video, they managed to provide zero information about what you would be actually getting in the AD Code members’ area.

What’s actually inside AD Code

Nothing. This is an empty shell that’s been nicely decorated. There is nothing to it at all.

Once you provide your information, you would be directed to the home page of Click2Sell. It is a scam system with membership fees of $250 to $25K, and thousands of dollars more to buy their banner ads packages.

It is a sure-lose system, as that is the intent of these people behind Click2Sell. The way they run their program does not even make sense at all.

See my detailed review of Click2Sell here.

More red flags in ADCode.io

This “Rob Goldman” claims to be the CEO and Founder of AD Code. The thing is, I cannot find any information about this guy. So I highly suspect that he does not exist.

adcode owner

If he were such a prominent figure, why does he not provide his social media accounts so that people can follow him?

Next, remember the ‘Guaranteed profits up to $5K a day” as stated on their sales page? Will look at this now:

adcode disclaimer

So they guarantee profits upfront, and hide in small print within the Disclaimer document that no guarantees are made, and that they cannot guarantee your success or income level.

Then aren’t they blatantly lying on their sales page? Why guarantee when they cannot guarantee??

And how did ADFormula end up in their document for ADCode? Apparently it’s the same group of people behind these two platforms.

“Jack Heaton” is the owner of ADFormula, and “Rob Goldman” is the owner of ADCode.io, is it really that difficult to get these right? Too confusing for their dollar-filled minds?

Why don’t the real owners show their faces? Why do they have to hide behind pen names? The product must be really quite bad, then,

There are too many red flags found on the website of ADCode.io. Steer clear of this.

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To round up this article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of ADCode.io

None. I really cannot find anything good or trustworthy about this site.

Cons of ADCode.io

1. Sales funnel onto another scam platform

It is a scam upon another scam, one stacked on top of another.

2. Real owners have not shown their faces

Which legitimate company does not have a proud owner or owners who are willing to stand for their products?

3. Too much hype and misleading sales pitch

Just to make lots of money for themselves, these people will gladly lie: pretending to have been featured in the news, association with the big names, “guarantee” profits, and so on.

Is ADCode.io Scam or legit? 

Even though you do not have to pay any money per se, to get onto ADCode.io, hopping on board Click2Sell will have you make up for it, paying in the thousands for a business model that does not work.

I’d stay away from ADcode.io. It will do you more harm than good, just like these other products I have reviewed: Seven Dollar Click, Two Dollar Click, and CloutBucks, to name just a few.


If someone tells you that you can make huge cash instantly, you’d better run in the opposite direction, otherwise the only one making huge cash instantly would be that person!

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