The Super Affiliate Network SCAM – is it real?

The Super Affiliate Network Review

* Many people have been buzzing about the Super Affiliate Network scam in the recent days. Is it real? What are the controversies about? Why are there such polarised views on this program?

Welcome to my Super Affiliate Network review.

I’m glad you are checking this out, before deciding whether to purchase the product or not.

You really can’t be too careful, with the myriad of offerings on the internet these days, it is not easy to find the best program that will lead you to the success in building an online income.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth look into this high ticket program, and contribute my own honest, unbiased views about it, that I hope can help you make a better informed choice than before you landed on my site.

The Super Affiliate Network Review Summary

Product: The Super Affiliate Network


Creator: Misha Wilson

Product type: affiliate marketing training program

Price: $47/month for Basic Membership Plan, $2497 for Pro, and upwards of $12K for Maui Intensive Mentoring

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : It depends on what you want, and your current skill set.

The Super Affiliate Network has great affiliate marketing training using paid traffic, at the basic membership level. It can be useful to educate yourself. But to go beyond that, many people will start to find the prices exorbitant.

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Read on for the detailed review of The Super Affiliate Network, and why I think it is alright as an educational program, but it is not for everyone.

What is The Super Affiliate Network

To find out what is The Super Affiliate Network, let’s first take a look at the information presented on its home page.

the super affiliate network home page

Supposedly a program that includes informational products, one-on-one coaching and hands on training, one of its main focus is also its own affiliate program, where members can choose to promote SAN (The Super Affiliate Network).

Its informational products are mainly internet marketing strategies geared towards paid traffic, including Solo Ads, email marketing, and other forms of advertising to get traffic to your affiliate marketing business.

Who is Misha Wilson?

the super affiliate network misha wilson

The founder of SAN is a very young and successful internet marketer, one of the best known traffic and conversion experts. He is a multimillionaire, and is a real person, who is not stingy in teaching all the great strategies he knows that has helped bring his company to such a huge success in a matter of a few years.

Pricing Plan for The Super Affiliate Network

This part can get a bit confusing, because there are various membership levels, with different pricing options, as well as some products that are included in the higher levels, but not the lower ones.

Let’s get this part sorted out.

Basic Membership Plan

This costs $1 for a 7-day trial, followed by $47/month. OR $37/month without taking the $1 trial. This gives you the Profit Boosting Bootcamp training, which is the main product here.

It consists of 15 modules of training, access to a private Facebook group, as well as funnels and email copies to start promoting SAN.

There are other training products available, like the Solo Ad Success Formula (this costs $297), and IM Profit Formula is free (just pay $7 for shipping).

Alternatively, the annual membership is at a discounted price of $297. It is also called The Super Affiliate Inner Circle, because it includes the weekly inner circle coaching, as well as monthly immersion coaching with a corporate team member. This includes the Solo Ad Success Formula too!

Affiliate Program for The Super Affiliate Network

When you refer others to join SAN, you get to make 70% commission off their basic membership, and Solo Ad Success Formula (if they choose to purchase this).

If your referrals purchase the PRO Mentorship, you earn 40% commission. If they purchase Maui Intensive or All-In, you make a 33% commission.

I like this aspect of SAN, as they pay a very high commission rate compared to other programs in the same industry.

Do note that you do need to seek approval before you can start promoting SAN with your affiliate link.

Pro Membership Plan

This costs $2497, for more advanced online lessons, bi-monthly one to one coaching, sales funnel templates and tools.

Maui Intensive Mentoring Course

This costs $12,497 or $24,997, depending on whether you take the 6-month or 1-year program.

Both include a 4-day hand-holding course with Misha’s personal team, taking place in Maui.

As you can see, the cost beyond the Basic Membership sees a huge leap, and becomes unaffordable for many people.

Now, let’s examine in more detail what you will be getting with each product and membership.

The Super Affiliate Network Basic Membership

This is essentially a 15-module Profit Boosting bootcamp course, which is the heart of SAN’s training. It gives you very relevant and applicable ideas and strategies that you can use even for your own business.

You will learn strategies, mindset required to succeed, email marketing, building your own email lists, how to sell to your customers, how to automate your sales funnels and campaigns, and lots more.

The thing about this is, the training is not made available to you all in one sitting. This simply means you can’t just pay for the $1 trial for 7 days, and expect to be able to learn everything there is to pick up inside.

But you can choose to take up the $37/month plan without trial, and complete the course within the first month. This is a very affordable option, and something I would recommend doing, to get the most out of SAN at a very reasonable price.

You would be learning the trade from one of the most successful marketers out there, but bear in mind this is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires you to put into practice the skills and knowledge, with some hard work, and lots of luck if you are a complete beginner.

Why do I say that?

It is because SAN’s training mainly teaches paid traffic methods, something that I personally do not recommend if you are a complete beginner to internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

Solo ads and email marketing are legitimate traffic methods. Solo Ads is about buying other people’s email lists, and sending your campaigns through them. Firstly, you can’t be sure the list is targeted, even if the list owners say so.

This means you could be paying hundreds and thousands of dollars, all to be washed down the drain, if you do not know the industry and market players well, and do not know what you are doing.

This is a heavy upfront investment, even before you start making any money, which puts you into a hole that you have to dig yourself out of.

Many internet marketing courses teach paid traffic because it can get you results fast, provided you have already gone through the steep learning curve of knowing your customers well on the specific platform that you are advertising on.

You can achieve this only by paying while you learn to master this art and science of paid traffic. It is very risky for beginners.

I’m not promoting SAN currently, because I’m very happy with my free traffic source at the moment.

Maybe some time in the future, when I’m more ready for paid traffic, I may try out this SAN training, and start promoting it if the strategies taught can work for me.

But if you are happy with the training you get from the basic membership, and have confidence in doing paid traffic, have the excess cash to run your ad campaigns, then go ahead with experimenting and learning.

The Super Affiliate Network Pro Membership

From here onwards, you will start to sense the core business behind SAN. It is not simply an informational product. It is actually big on making money for itself. I mean, I really wouldn’t pay $2.5K even for the best program in the world.

But that’s just me.

Yes, you get tons of additional modules, like Authority Hacking, Magnetic Selling Machine, Push Button Swipe File Collection, etc. which are robust and great, legitimate training, though I wonder why their names have to sound so scammy.

You will experience much more coaching and support, through the bi-monthly coaching, as well as more tools like templates, sales copies, etc.

But, still…

The Super Affiliate Network Maui Intensive Mentoring Course

It just got worse, hasn’t it?

$12.5K? And even $25K? This is really over the top. But I believe there are actually people who would pay for this, though they must be few and far in between.

The 6-month $12.5K course and the 1-year $25K course include weekly one on one mentorship, more templates, and a done for you funnel.

Both also include a 4-day mastermind event held in Maui, Hawaii. There, members are hand-held in an intimate fashion to build out the funnels, webinars, emails, etc. required for their businesses.

On top of these, the 1-year course will also include another 3 workshops.

The Super Affiliate Network compensation plan

In the past…

The Super Affiliate Network used to be marketed as a pay-to-play system. It means you need to buy a ticket to enter the game.

If you had wanted to promote any level of membership, you must have first bought that level of membership for yourself, otherwise you will not be able to earn any commission even if the person who signs up through your affiliate link goes on to upgrade his or her membership, while you did not.

This makes it a program that tends to be under close scrutiny by FTC (Federal Trade Commission), which has closed down dubious high ticket programs in recent years, all in the digital education scene like SAN, that operate like MLM (multilevel marketing) schemes.

Examples are MOBE (My Own Business Education) and Digital Altitude.

From what I can see, SAN does have a solid product, in terms of its training and mentoring programs. Thus it would be a huge waste to see its demise, if it had continued along that path.


SAN has made much changes to its products, membership plans, and most importantly, it has moved away from the pay-to-play system.

In fact, many of such high ticket internet education programs have moved away from requiring their members to have purchased the particular level of membership in order to earn from it.

It is delightful to learn that SAN has moved in the same direction too.

Misha has proven himself to be not just a great teacher who genuinely cares for his students, but one who is willing to heed the calls of his critics, and enlightened enough to shift gear before it is too late.

Now, you just have to be approved into The Super Affiliate Network’s free affiliate program, in order to earn commissions when your referrals join the program.

Affiliate marketing works!

Now, let me briefly explain what affiliate marketing is all about. In fact, it is how I am earning my online income.

You can choose any niche you want

In affiliate marketing, you can choose to focus on any niche you like, whether it’s some health issue, or a hobby, or parenting, traveling, etc. Something you are passionate about.

You should not have to restrict yourself to promoting the membership of any company, unless that is really what you want to do.

You should not have to pay to promote

Affiliate marketing does not have to cost a single cent, no company should ask you for money in order to help promote their products or services.

Merchants and retailers recognise their affiliates as already doing free advertising for their brands and companies.

So stay away from affiliate programs that require you to pay, those would have strayed from the essence of true affiliate marketing.

You should be meeting a need

If people come looking for you, asking how they should deal with their arthritis, and you show them a great product that can alleviate their discomfort, then you are meeting your customers’ needs, while making money at the same time, at no extra cost to them, and not in an exploitative manner.

Take a look at some complaints about The Super Affiliate Network, and you will understand what I mean:

super affiliate network complaint 2
super affiliate network complaint 4
super affiliate network complaint 3
super affiliate network complaint 1

As you can see, people are hardselling the product, just to get referrals into the Pro membership to earn the hefty commission out of their poor customers, not because they are trying to add value to their customers’ lives.

This does not reflect the true spirit of affiliate marketing.

Seeing how SAN has already moved in great steps in a very positive direction, let’s hope we will see this kind of aggressive selling being put to a stop too.

How I get free traffic to my affiliate marketing business

To me, this is the major drawback I see with The Super Affiliate Network, that they mainly teach you to buy traffic, using Solo Ads, and other forms of advertising.

Paid traffic is totally legitimate, but not for beginners, and not for the faint-hearted or risk-averse people like me.

There is no guarantee that you will get any results with paid traffic, since it all depends on the quality of the traffic that see your offers. If you do not make any sales, you could be throwing thousands of dollars down the drain.

I much prefer my method, to get free traffic. Of course there has to be a tradeoff, just like for anything in life.

I do not have to spend a single cent, but my free traffic method takes time and hard work.

Which I’d gladly do, because at the same time that I work on it, I am also building up a rock solid foundation for my affiliate marketing business, such that it will continue to reward me months and years down the road.

With paid traffic, the moment you stop paying for ads, traffic stops.

There is nothing to the model of business taught in SAN, if you can get what I am trying to say. Since there is no website, you do not own anything, nobody knows who you are, there is no way to build a brand for yourself, nobody can find you if they tried to.

On the other hand, I build my business on a solid and deep foundation, such that search engines send free traffic to me, whenever there are people searching for answers related to my niche, related to what I am offering.

So I am right there to meet the needs of these people, who are looking for my offers.

That is how I end up with absolutely free traffic that will convert at the highest rate. I do not have to go around selling and promoting my offers to anyone, potential customers come looking for me by virtue of the search engines.

In fact, even if you want to promote SAN, you may find that people who receive your offers through your advertising campaigns will end up doing their own research on the internet before they actually buy it.

And guess who shows up? Yes, the people with the websites, that get ranked high in the search results! Those SAN affiliates will be the ones getting all the sales.

Hence having a website forms the basis of any online business.

If this sounds good to you, click the link below to hop over to my other post, where I will explain in much more detail how this business model works:

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Pros of The Super Affiliate Network

1. Real owner who is highly successful

Misha Wilson is a highly successful internet marketer, that can only be a plus point. I believe he truly wants to provide people with the skills and knowledge to succeed, but at the core of his business, I think profit is his first priority.

2. You can start for as little as $1

That’s basically like free. If you do not like what you see, then you would have lost nothing, just get out of there within the first 7 days.

If you like the training, paying $47 for just one month is a pretty good deal for the quality training in their bootcamp course. If budget is a constraint, then quickly complete the course within that month, so you do not have to continue paying for the basic membership.

3. There is value in the training

The bootcamp course is the core of The Super Affiliate Network, and I believe it would serve any beginner or even intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers well, especially if paid traffic is the way you choose to go.

Beyond that, the training and resources you get would be more specific to promoting this company itself.

Cons of The Super Affiliate Network

1. Paid traffic

Paid traffic is not my cup of tea, especially when there are ways to get free traffic, which is in fact higher quality than the paid ones, from my experience.

The methods taught in SAN also do not help you build out a strong foundation for your business, especially if you are simply promoting SAN as its affiliate.

2. Too expensive

I think this will be the deal-breaker for most people. Whatever beyond the basic membership is really too over-the-top.

Is The Super Affiliate Network Scam or legit?

The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam. In fact, its core product, which is the Profit Boosting Bootcamp course inside its Basic membership, has some great value to it.


The Super Affiliate Network is alright as a business opportunity, now that it is no longer a pay-to-play high ticket program.

Still, it is very expensive beyond its basic membership plan, similar to programs like Legendary Marketer, Six Figure Success Academy, and Super Affiliate System, to name just a few.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start making some money on the internet, because of its low cost. What’s even better is there is actually a free traffic method that can get you real and sustainable results. You must be prepared to put in the work, though.

This real deal does not promise instant results, but instead gives me knowledge and the lifelong skills required to grow a successful online business. Check it out by clicking on the button below:

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding The Super Affiliate Network review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

4 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate Network SCAM – is it real?”

  1. Totally agree with you, Joo. The fact you need to be a PRO member to get commissions on PRO membership sales is a joke! The day I joined this system, I was assigned a coach who tried real hard to sell me $2497 membership.

    This program is a scam and I’m sure it will have the same sad ending as MOBE and Digital Altitude, just a matter of time.

    • Hi Faith,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience here, I really appreciate it.
      And I’m glad you didn’t take up the $2.5K membership.
      It really does sound like their so-called ‘coaches’ are just their sales people who are trying hard to earn their own commissions.

  2. Hi Joo,

    Your content is extensive, to say the least. Why would the feds allow them to continue their business practices?

    I know when I was younger I fell for some programs that did nothing but take my money. I’ve been trying to build my own business for years and in reading your article, it tells me I picked the right one!

    I really enjoyed reading your research and your website is spot on!

    Thank you so much,


    • Hi Donna,
      I guess companies like The Super Affiliate Network still know to stay on the right side of the law, by offering real products and services that do add value to the right people in the right stage of their business.
      Sorry that you lost money to programs that didn’t help you. I’m glad you have found the right one now.


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