Beware: Affiliate Cash Club Scam!

Affiliate Cash Club ReviewIf you are here to check out the Affiliate Cash Club scam, I can tell you upfront, the scam is real.

First of all, let me congratulate you for doing your due diligence to research about anything that you are considering buying. Especially these days, with the rampant amount of scams going around the internet, you really have to watch your wallet carefully.

You have landed at the right place for your research, because without any association to Affiliate Cash Club, you can be assured I will be offering my honest and unbiased view of it.

In this article, I will show you the red flags that prove that this product creator has no integrity. Let’s dive right in now, to look at this in-depth review of Affiliate Cash Club, through the following sections:

Affiliate Cash Club: Review Summary

Product: Affiliate Cash Club


Creator: “Jordan Mathews”

Product type: affiliate marketing training

Price: $37

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Affiliate Cash Club is nothing more than a superficial course on affiliate marketing, teaching you to use expensive paid advertisements to drive traffic to your offers, as well as some other not so sustainable methods.

I call it scam because its real owner hides behind the screen and dares not make an appearance. Its testimonials are fake, they hire freelancers from Fiverr to give fake testimonials. When I see a deliberate attempt to cheat its viewers, that’s it, trust level plummets to zero and I can’t have any good words for the product.

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Read on for the detailed review of Affiliate Cash Club, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Affiliate Cash Club

Information presented in sales video and landing page

The method taught to you to make money online is a completely legitimate one: affiliate marketing. But it surrounds itself with lots of hype, claiming it’s possible to make $4,784.72 every single day.


affiliate cash club


That’s so crazy.

There is no way a beginner in affiliate marketing is able to do that. Even the most successful affiliate marketers are more likely earning five digit income per month. It’s still possible to earn a six digit income, but let’s be realistic.

It will take lots of hard work, patience, lots of learning new stuff everyday, to get there. Years, maybe. So let’s take one step at a time, starting with the first dollar, first affiliate commission.

Ok, I have digressed. Back to the sales video of Affiliate Cash Club.

So they say, affiliate marketing is so easy work, because you are making use of people’s hard work.

What does that even mean?

You see, affiliate marketing is a very neat and hassle-free way to make money, this I totally agree. And in fact this is exactly how I am making my online income, but more about my method later.

With affiliate marketing, you simply leverage on the millions of existing products and services in the market, find those that offer affiliate programs and sign up with them.

Then you promote those products and services to people. When people make purchases through your affiliate links, you get to earn a commission from the retailers or vendors.

Neat, right?

You earn by simply bringing business to the virtual doorstep of those companies. You are not involved in their sales transaction, that saves you all the headaches from inventory, delivery, customer complaints, refunds, etc.

It’s a simple idea, and it works. It can be lucrative if you know the right method.

BUT, simple does not mean easy.


affiliate cash club affiliate marketing


What Affiliate Cash Club claims is that it is so easy, you just need a few minutes a day on your laptop with an internet connection, and you will be able to make affiliate sales automatically! No experience or technical skills are required.

Just take 30 minutes to set things up, and you will be making money the very same day.

This Jordan guy made $10,000 in his first week of doing affiliate marketing. This is not affiliate marketing. It is called pure BS.

NO ONE, not even those who are successful millionaires now, makes $10K in their first week of starting out on affiliate marketing.

They say this because they want people to get excited about this product, about being able to start earning big money fast, right away, on the very first day.

They also use the tactic of fake scarcity to put pressure on its viewers to make the purchase immediately, by saying that the site cannot be around forever, as they only let a certain number of people in on this secret product.

One prominent occurrence is they never tell you any details on the product that you will be buying, other than the fact that you will be doing affiliate marketing.

So you are expected to buy without knowing what it is that you are buying. They just make you feel that you must get your hands on this stuff, otherwise you will be missing out on this golden opportunity.

They do not even care about your well being. They are pressurising you to make a purchase based on an ill-informed decision.


The red flags in Affiliate Cash Club

“Jordan Mathews” is not the real owner

Jordan Mathews is just a pen name. It is not any real person who is in charge of this product. There is not even a single picture of him, we do not know what he looks like. He made zero appearance in the sales video. He does not provide any social media accounts for people to connect with him.

If he is so big into this business, and is a legitimate and successful person selling a great product, he will want to build a following. But no, he is hiding himself behind the computer screen, he dares not face the world for all the puffery he is creating out of the product, for he knows that it will never deliver as promised.


Fake testimonials

Among the persons giving their testimonials of the product, I recognised this guy straightaway, because he has been hired to give fake testimonials before, by so many other scam products!


affiliate cash club fake testimonial


Look, he is a freelancer, offering his service to make video gigs as a spokesperson, on Fiverr!


fake testimonial 2


One busted is one too many. I don’t think I have to waste my time busting all the other people giving their testimonials in this sales video.

It also means that there is no one making tons of instant cash with this method.

When I see deliberate attempts at deception, I can’t take it. To put money above one’s character and integrity is something I personally find utterly disgusting.

So to me, this product is a goner. It does not matter what you can actually get inside of the product. It cannot be good stuff if it comes from a trickster.


Why Affiliate Cash Club will not work for you

What Affiliate Cash Club has in there is some low quality and superficial training on affiliate marketing that will get you nowhere, if not get you further in debt.

Because when they say you will get instant results, they must be teaching you to use paid advertising to get traffic to your offers. Paid traffic works, but only for experienced marketers who have the spare cash to take on this steep and expensive learning curve of using paid ads. They will have to throw thousands of dollars down the drain before mastering the art of finding targeted customers on each specific ads platform.

To get some random instant results, you can also use social media, for free. But the thing about social media is that the traffic you get will not be targeted. People go on social media to catch up with friends, see random funny stuff to relax after a day at work. They do not go there with the intention to buy anything.

So you may get instant results in the form of people clicking to view your affiliate offers, but the conversion rate into actual buyers tend to be miserably low.

So how should we do affiliate marketing, if all these do not work?


The proper way to do affiliate marketing

The best way to do affiliate marketing is something that those guys trying to rip you off will not teach you, because then very few people will buy products from them, so they will not get rich.

You will understand why when I tell you this:

If you want to succeed on the internet, you need sheer grit and hard work. Along with time and patience.

See? Not everyone is willing to put in the hard work. They want success, but they want it fast and with minimum effort.

Sadly, these are the people who will get scammed easily, because there are swindlers all over the internet, banking on this human weakness, to sell their products that promise to get you rich quick.

If you really want to succeed that badly, then you have to first accept that it will only come with hard work.

There is no magic formula, no short cut around this. Go ask the millionaires. Every single one will have untold stories of years and years of blood and sweat behind them that nobody sees.

So, are you ready for this?

If you can accept hard work as the prerequisite for building a successful online income, then I want to show you the exact path that you can take, without spending a single cent to buy paid traffic, to make affiliate marketing your online business:


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Pros of Affiliate Cash Club

1. Money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

Sadly, it is the only plus point that I can think of for this product, since it is a scam.


Cons of Affiliate Cash Club

1. Nobody is getting rich with it

From the fake testimonial, you know it does not work.

2. Real owner is hiding

Is he or she afraid of the law? Or afraid for his or her own reputation? I’m not sure. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

3. Low quality training

If you follow their affiliate marketing training, it will not get you anywhere. Provided you don’t end up in a worse financial state than before you implemented the training.

4. Upsells

Like any other product made with the sole objective of cheating its customers, this one is going to dig deep into your pocket with upsells that promise you even faster results, even more traffic and sales.

You will get bombarded with these so-called one time offers right after you purchase the front end product, even before you get any chance to try it out, to see if it works or not.

These people are smart. They know from statistics that right after the first purchase, you will be much more likely to make the next purchase, and the next, and the next. So they have to strike while the iron is hot (or rather, while your wallet is outside of your pocket).

Look at what its affiliates will stand to earn: up to $844 per sale! That’s the affiliate’s commission for promoting this product, including all its expensive upsells! So they must add up to much more than $1K, for the product creator to earn his fair share too.


affiliate cash club upsells


The internet marketing never fails to amaze me, with all the absurdity going on.

Is Affiliate Cash Club Scam or legit? 

My very frank answer to this is: Affiliate Cash Club SCAM is real.

It is as useless as some of the products I have reviewed, like Kids Earn Cash, Profit Maximizers, and Snapishop.


I absolutely do not recommend Affiliate Cash Club.

The way to do affiliate marketing is to build a solid grounding for your online business. This can be achieved by having your own website, the exact thing that Affiliate Cash Club tells you you do not need.

Because it takes hard work to build. But it will be so worth it.

Having your own website is like owning an online asset. As you build content on it, around a niche area that you get to choose, your website gains authority in the niche.

Search engines will start to rank your website for its users to see, because you are adding value to people searching for answers in your niche.

When they land on your site, and people purchase products through your affiliate links, you make your commissions.

This kind of traffic is called free organic traffic. Yes, it’s free, of course, that’s one main advantage. The other crucial thing about organic traffic is that these are people actively searching for answers to something specific in your niche.

They have buyers intent, very unlike people browsing stuff on social media or people whom you may email your affiliate offers to, who are just a random group of people, with no intention to buy.

This free organic traffic is searching for specific keywords, so if your content matches those keywords, your site will be served up to them, and they will be happy to take up your recommendations on certain great products that can help solve their problems, if they sense you being genuine and knowledgeable in the field.

If free organic traffic sounds good to you, check out this platform that helped me build up my affiliate marketing business from scratch, with zero technical knowledge on setting up websites. It offers 2 free websites to you (including free hosting and domain names that you get to choose), along with 10 free lessons on affiliate marketing.

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If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Affiliate Cash Club review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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