What is RewardDollars.co – Full of LIES

What is RewardDollars.co, this self-proclaimed number 1 social media network that wants to let you earn up to $1,000 per day?

Is it even possible? Enjoy daily paychecks from the comforts of your home, just for sharing your referral link, installing mobile apps, and completing simple surveys? If it were true, no one would have to work their regular job anymore.

Welcome to my RewardDollars.co review.

RewardDollars Review

Here, I will walk you through all the red flags, so that you can see for yourself what a huge deception the whole platform is, and know to stay away from it.

I will also explain exactly how it works to scam people, if they are not even taking a single cent from you.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

RewardDollars.co Review Summary

Product: RewardDollars

URL: https://rewarddollars.co/

Creator: unknown

Product type: social media network

Price: free to join

Rating: 0 out of 5

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended

RewardDollars is a data harvesting site that will sell the contact information you provide during the sign up process. Moreover, as you engage on the platform, they earn but they will never pay out to any member, not one cent.

The vendors they work with could be equally unethical, hence you risk your online safety and security as you try to complete the tasks that promise to earn you big sums of money.

What is RewardDollars.co

To find out what is RewardDollars.co, let us first take a look at its website:

rewarddollars home

What does it take to earn $500 to $1,000 daily on this platform? Sharing referral link, downloading mobile apps, and completing simple surveys? Can it really be that easy? Can these simple tasks really earn you something so much more than a full time income at your regular 9 to 5 job?

I hate to burst the bubble, but want to be very upfront here. RewardDollars will get you nowhere except leaving you frustrated and angry at their unethical act.

$25 sign up bonus, $2 for every click, and $20 for every referral sounds really cool. But where are they going to get the money to pay you and everyone else?

They claim to work with huge corporations that advertise on their platform to reach out to influencers like you. They then share their ads revenue with you.

Though it sounds completely logical and workable, the biggest red flag is actually the disproportionate amounts that they are offering to pay you.

The advertising industry does not see this kind of phenomenal figures. These are totally out of this world. If RewardDollars really pays its members what it claims to, it will go bankrupt within the first few days of its operations.

This may not be convincing enough for you yet. Read on as I walk you through all the other red flags.

Red Flags in RewardDollars.co

1. Lies on their ‘About Us’ page

RewardDollars claims that they were founded in 2000, and had been featured in news, recognized by Inc 5000 and Better Business Bureau.

rewarddollars story

All these are fake. You will not find RewardDollars being featured anywhere, or recognized by whatever organizations they name.

They are not 20 years old. The truth is RewardDollars.co had their domain registered only in March 2020, about three months ago from the time of this writing.

Here’s the proof:

rewarddollars domain

So they are liars, just trying to create a false sense of credibility where there is none.

2. No social media presence

The social media buttons at the bottom of their website are for show. They do not actually link to any social media accounts of RewardDollars.

rewarddollars social

They have zero social media presence.

Isn’t that very fishy, for a company that calls themselves the number 1 social media network?

3. Fake payment proof

Take a close look at the payment proofs provided on the RewardDollars website. How do they pay members in 2019 when the site was not even in existence yet?

Even the Youtube videos in which members are praising RewardDollars, notice that no one was showing any payment proof. These are victims of the scam itself, thinking they would make $50 per video uploaded to promote the platform.

And all those videos coincidentally were created at about the same timing, in April 2020. That’s when word of the ‘new’ platform RewardDollars was just going around, after it was set up in March 2020. Not in the year 2000 that they are trying to have you believe.

4. No legal pages

For such an established company that has paid out millions to its members, isn’t it bewildering that there are no legal pages for privacy policy that the public can access before they decide to sign up?

Terms and conditions, too. These are very basic information that is required by the law, to be presented clearly on any website, and not AFTER they go right in to become members.

I can spend half the day pointing out all the other discrepancies on RewardDollars.co, but let’s not allow them to waste anymore of our precious time.

Now, let me explain how their plot really works, if they are not making you pay any money. How exactly do they scam you?

How RewardDollars Works Exactly

1. They sell your contact information

Your name and email address that you provided for signing up onto the platform will be collated into a list with other members’ information and sold off to third party advertisers.

This will fetch a very good price for RewardDollars, because it is considered a highly targeted list.

The mere action of signing up onto the website indicates your keen interest in making money online.

Hence you will receive lots of unsolicited emails in your inbox, trying to sell you the done for you website that will make you instant commissions on autopilot, or the underground hack that no successful internet marketer wants you to know, and other nonsense that we all know will never work.

This is a lucrative niche, because everyone wants to get rich quickly and easily, with minimum effort.

2. Your online safety will be compromised

As you go about doing the tasks on the platform, you may be heading for trouble, as some of the vendors that these guys behind RewardDollars.co work with may be up to no good, just like them.

For instance, clicking on a link may land you on some shady website that sells health supplements illegally. Downloading some mobile app may introduce a virus or malware onto your device. Signing up for some free trial may get your payment information stolen.

3. No one is getting paid

At the end of the day, RewardDollars.co is not paying anyone. Do not believe any of their ‘payment proof’.

You may get excited seeing your earnings on the dashboard go up and up, but this money is not going to see daylight, or your bank account. It is a scheming plot to make people do the work without ever having to pay them.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of RewardDollars.co

There is not a single advantage to the platform. It will do you much more harm than good. Steer clear of it.

Cons of RewardDollars.co

1. It harvests your data

Though it may sound like a minor issue to receive spam emails in your inbox, the fact remains that it is a wrong and unethical thing to do, to take the information you provided for signing up onto a platform and turn around to sell it behind your back.

2. It puts your online security at risk

You never know what landmine you will step on, as long as you are engaging on the website of RewardDollars.

I absolutely wouldn’t trust people who can tell blatant lies on their own website.

3. No one gets paid

This is the bottomline. Do not waste your time and energy trying to make something work, when there is an intent to cheat its users, right from the outset.

Is RewardDollars.co Scam or Legit?

RewardDollars.co is definitely a scam. Stay away from it, as far as possible. Do not let it mess with your life.

Other similar scams that I have recently exposed include CashForShare, CreateBucks, PlentyBread, Paid2Share, and GramFree, to name just a few.

An Alternative

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