PlentyBread Review – NOT the Bread You Want

Welcome to my PlentyBread review.

Can you really make $500 per day by using social media to drive referrals to this influencer network?

$30 sign up bonus, $20 per referral, and other tasks on the platform that pay really well… Are these too good to be true, or the answer to financial freedom that you have been searching for?

PlentyBread Review

I will be upfront here. Do not waste your time on It is a scam website that will waste your time and effort, and not pay anyone a single cent.

Let me walk you through all the big red flags on the platform, so that you see through the deception for what it really is.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

PlentyBread Review Summary

Product: PlentyBread


Creator: unknown

Product type: influencer network

Price: free to join

Rating: 0 out of 5

Scam / Legit? : SCAM

Recommended or not? : NOT recommended is a data harvesting website that will sell your personal contact details. Your email inbox will be spammed with unsolicited offers from people that you do not know.

As you engage in tasks on the platform, your online safety may be put at risk. At the end of the day, no one is getting paid

What is PlentyBread

To find out what is, let us first take a look at its website:

plentybread home

Besides claiming that you can make $500 today, they also want to give you a $30 sign up bonus, and $20 per referral, on top of the easy tasks that will earn you $20, or $30, or even more, for every task you complete.

The first thing that may come to your mind is this: where does PlentyBread find the money to pay its members? How does it all work?

Well, they say that their huge base of influencers (that’s you) is able to attract companies who love to leverage their platform for brand exposure and advertisements. gets paid, and they share their ads revenue with you.

It sounds totally workable, and is in fact the premise upon which many advertising platforms work on.

However, the phenomenal amounts of money that they want to pay you rang my first alarm bell. The advertising industry does not work with such over-generous figures. If PlentyBread really does pay out this kind of money, they’d be bankrupt within days of starting their business.

This may not be enough to convince you just yet. Read on as we examine more red flags exposed on the platform.

Red Flags in PlentyBread

1. Fake story

This is found on its ‘About Us’ page, which claims that was started in March 2015.

plentybread story

Well, I know for a fact that is not true. Take a look at when its domain was actually registered:

plentybread domain

It is a very new domain, registered only one month ago from the time of this writing. It definitely was not set up in 2015.

If a company has to lie about its beginnings just to appear credible, then that says a lot about its integrity.

2. Fake social media buttons

If you click on any of its social buttons at the bottom of its website, you will land on the home pages of the respective social platforms, which are nothing remotely related to

For a self-proclaimed influencer network to not have a single social account specific to its brand seems very fishy.

3. No legal pages

For a company that claims to have paid out more than $158 million to its 730K members, it seems strange that there are no legal pages in place.

How do you know you will actually get paid?

What about privacy policies – will your personal data be protected if you sign up onto the platform, or will it be sold to third party advertisers?

These documents should be readily available to anyone who lands on the website of any legitimate and honest company.

Unfortunately, it seems like PlentyBread is not.

Besides trying to lure unsuspecting readers with empty promises and phenomenal figures plucked from thin air that are simply not realistic of the industry, there is zero credibility and nothing on its website that would make me trust this ‘company’.

Your next question may be: if the platform is free to join, how on earth do they scam you?

How PlentyBread Works Exactly

1. It harvest your data

First and foremost, sites like harvests your personal contact information to be sold to third party advertisers at a good price.

The act of signing up onto the platform indicates your keen interest in making money online. Thus the people behind will be able to sell off their members’ contact list as a highly-targeted one.

Vendors who offer products in the make money online niche will pay a lot of money just to get their hands on such lists.

Before you know it, there will be plenty of unsolicited offers in your email inbox, trying to sell you the done-for-you website that earns instant commissions on autopilot, or the underground method to your first $1K within the next 7 days, and other nonsense that we know never work.

2. It puts your online safety at risk

As you engage in the tasks on the PlentyBread platform, there will be hidden landmines everywhere you step (or rather, click).

Signing up for some free trial could get your payment details stolen. Clicking on a link could land you on some illegal online casino. Downloading an app could introduce some virus or malware onto your device.

(This article by TechWarn cautions people against free apps.)

With these people who tell blatant lies on their own website, you just never know.

3. They will not pay out

At the end of the day, no matter how many referrals you get for them, and how many tasks you complete, they will not pay out a single cent.

There never was any intention to, right from the outset.

Yes, you may get excited seeing the earnings on your dashboard go up, but it is not your money until it gets into your bank account, which will never happen in the case of PlentyBread.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of PlentyBread

There is not a single advantage to this platform. It will do you lots more harm than good. Steer clear of it, as far as you can.

Cons of PlentyBread

1. They sell your contact information

Though it may seem like a small hassle to receive spam in your inbox, it is still a wrong thing to do, to steal the information you use for signing up onto the platform and sell it for monetary gains behind your back.

2. Your online security will be compromised

We do not know what kind of shady characters these people behind the website work with. From what I can tell, they are unscrupulous, and will stoop low to make money at your expense.

Hence engaging in any task on the platform would mean putting yourself at risk.

3. No one is getting paid

Ultimately, they will not be paying out to anyone, not even a single cent.

Is PlentyBread Scam or Legit?

PlentyBread is a scam, through and through.

It is no different from many other scams that I have exposed recently, including Paid2Share, GramFree, ZoanCash, MoreCash, CreateBucks, CashForShare, GlobalRTX, and CloutOG, to name just a few.

An Alternative

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I think I can guess your choice. 🙂

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