What is RetailPay.org? Work from home or scam?

retailpay.org review

Are you trying to find out what is retailpay.org because you are getting phone calls or texts, or emails from people promising you high pay by working for just 1 to 2 hours each day, and they are directing you to this website?

You are at the right place! Kudos to you for doing your own research, and not simply believing that anyone tells you at face value. Especially these days, there are so many scams and frauds around, you really can’t be too careful.

So can you really earn $14,000 per month? Or is this retailpay.org just another scammy product that promises the moon but fails to deliver? Or is it much worse – an outright scam that blatantly cheats you of your hard-earned money, and running away without delivering anything it promised?

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Real Profits Online, going by the website retailpay.org, through the following sections:

RetailPay.org: Review Summary

Product: Real Profits Online

Website: retailpay.org

Creator: unknown

Product type: Work from home opportunity

Price: $47 + upsells

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Retailpay.org is a website that people are directed to, promising them a work from home opportunity. From that website, they are then linked to another page with a fake news, or the Real Profits Online sales page, which is the real scam. After paying for a product that they never get, when they try to contact the company, no one can be found, the phone number provided is not even real.

So this is a legitimate scam, through and through. Stay as far away as you can. There are a few websites that also lead to this scam program called Real Profits Online. So be wary when seeking work from home opportunities, or any make money opportunities in general.

I am earning my online income right now, in a way that allows me to build it up into a passive income. The work I put in now will translate into a bigger future income, which is self-sustainable. So I can free up the time for things and people that I love, or just use it to start building up another income stream.

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Read on for the detailed review of RetailPay.org, and why it is a huge scam.

What is RetailPay.org

In trying to answer the question: what is RetailPay.org, I dug right into it, excited to uncover the dark secrets that I was hearing about.

RetailPay.org is a very new website that was just set up in August of 2018. From it, they link you to the Real Profits Online page (which has been around for some time now), or some fake news on ‘CNN’, reporting how people are working from home and earning tons of money with Amazon, simply by putting in a few hours each day. The method they mention is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online. In fact, many successful affiliate marketers are earning tens to hundreds of thousands each month. But there is no magic to those earnings, it’s all good old hard work. I make my online income this way too, I will get into that later.

For now let’s focus on our review of retailpay.org: So back at the Real Profits Online page, they will ask for your information, like your name, email address, and phone number. And you will soon start receiving marketing campaigns of other equally dubious products, as your information has been sold or rented to other marketers trying to sell you their products. Unethical, but still, nothing more than a nuisance so far.

Here is where they say it:

retailpay.org privacy policy


Upon probing a little into easykits.org, which is the support site address as seen above, we found lots of complaints and negative reviews on it:

retailpay easykits complaints


Another red flag: why would the support for RetailPay.org be on another website that sounds totally unrelated, I really have no idea. All I know is that for any legitimate business, support is offered within the company’s website itself, never on another website with a totally different name. It is a matter of accountability for their own products and towards their customers.

So on the sales video, you are told that you do not need any skills or experience to make this work. You can supposedly make a full time income just by working a few minutes a day. Doesn’t it sound absurd to you? Don’t they realise it does sound absurd to everyone?

Once you get tricked into this get rich quick scheme, by parting with your $47 to buy the front end product, which is promised as a done for you website on which you can do your affiliate marketing, you will be bombarded with upsells, where they try to get you to part with even more money!

And yet, they give you NOTHING in return. This is the worst part. People who have innocently fallen for the scam have not even been able to access the members’ area after a few days, and they could not contact anyone from the company, the owners have just disappeared, not that we know who they are even.

You can see quite clearly by now, RetailPay.org is an outright scam. Blatant and in plain sight… what audacity!

One thing is for sure: they will be shutting down pretty soon, with this extent of fraud.


The proper way to make money online from home

To me, this is the best way to make money online from home, and that is why I have chosen to do it this way: affiliate marketing.

In essence, I obtain my affiliate links from the companies whose products I want to promote, place these links on my website. When my website visitors click through these links to purchase the products, I earn a commission from the companies.

Simple concept, win-win-win situation for everyone involved. I promote products that I know are of great quality and value. My website visitors get recommended these products to help resolve certain issues that they are facing, at no extra cost. Companies that create these great products get more business, so they reward me with a commission.

Depending on the niche that you choose, higher priced products will likely earn you more commission. Also depending on the companies, some offer higher commission than others.

And then there are companies like Amazon that has millions of products for people to shop. As long as your website visitors land on the Amazon page through your link, you get to earn a commission off their entire shopping list, not just the product that you promote. That is the beauty of being an Amazon affiliate.

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Is RetailPay.org Scam or legit? 

RetailPay.org is a scam, through and through. There is no question about that.


I absolutely do not recommend RetailPay.org.

And I do strongly recommend this way that I make money online, working from home: affiliate marketing. This method that I am using is the way to build a passive income, because I don’t have to go chasing after the money, looking for traffic to come to my website.

I focus on building up content on my website, that will help my readers solve certain problems and provide information and resources in the niche area. When people go on search engines to look for advice or solutions to their problems, they land on my website, because I get high ranking in search results.

How do I rank so high? By consistently producing authentic, helpful content, which my website visitors will spend time interacting with. Search engines then see my site as the authority in the niche area, so will keep sending traffic to my site.

This traffic is called free organic traffic, and is the most precious kind of traffic because what they are searching for and what my website can provide are the perfect match. That is how they landed on my site in the first place. So they are the most likely to take my suggestions, buy the recommended products, and I get to earn my commission through affiliate marketing.

Free organic traffic will last forever, because as long as the website is up to date, search engines will always see it as the authority. That is how passive income can be built up. Once your website gets established and earnings become full time or even more, you can ease off on your content creation, but yet traffic will continue to land on your site, generating your online income, which has now become a passive income stream.

I learnt all these through an awesome training platform. It has a free starter members area, which you can explore, totally risk-free because you do not even have to enter any credit card details. You get 10 lessons and 2 websites, absolutely free. Take a walk in there, and you will understand how life-changing it has been for me, and can be for you.


14 thoughts on “What is RetailPay.org? Work from home or scam?”

  1. Thank you Joo for warning us about ¨RetailPay.org¨. A scam or legit work from home site?¨Let me tell you this company did a solid wok to present themselves as legit. They were able to get hold of domain name org which is a generic top-level domain of  the Domain Name System (DNS) in the internet. The name is truncated from organization. It was one of the original domains established in 1985 and has been operated by the Public Internet Registry since 2003. The domain is commonly used by schools, open-sourced projects, communities, and as of late by some for- profits entities. Like the one you discussed in your article.That´s why they have this link to another page with the domain com. They present themselves as organization, when in fact they are com scams

  2. Hello and thank you for this wondeful review. It really helped me a lot. I received calls and I also heard about this company from friends. They also got contacted by their call center. Whenever I receive phone calls like that I get suspicious. And looks like I was right.

    Many people fall for the scam like this, but in reality there is no way you could make that amounts of money with only working 2 hours a day. It is just completely false.

    Thank you for exposing this fraud.


    • Hi Strahinja,

      I’m glad you didn’t fall for this. Great that you’re doing your research when you hear of anything that sounds unusual.

  3. Hi there Joo,

    Far to often do we hear about people being ripped off by scammers. It is pleasing to read that you have identified one, who is among many others performing the exact same scam but, using a different banner.

    It is people like this particular scammer you have hi-lighted, that make affiliate marketing carry a huge stigma; Even though online marketing is slowly improving, is mainly thanks to people like yourself who are prepared to shame such scammers.

    You site has been well prepared and very informative.


  4. Very good and informative article. Sounds like another absurd scam preying on the desperate and gullible. There is no such program that lets you earn lots of money without doing anything. Sad that the name sounds legit. Thanks for exposing these scammy products. Hope they didn’t manage to scam you ?

    • Hi Nathan,

      No, don’t worry about me, since I started reviewing digital products, I can sniff out a scam from one mile away. 🙂

  5. Hi Joo – I’m glad I came across your post on RetailPay. I had recently stumbled across this opportunity and was wondering if it was worth perusing.  After reading your post I now know the answer is no.  It’s frustrating to learn that there are people out there that can so easily entice you with promises and lies, and then scam you out of your money.

    Thank you for this information.


  6. Wow, what a scam is this?

    I think this is about the worst online product I’ve seen so far. You get really nothing at all for $47.00, nothing but upsell offers, that’s a joke.

    I’ve seen this kind of websites that when you want to see the product you get directed to the next different product, another get rich scheme but then at least you find a dashboard or a members area at least if you pay the fee.

    I’ll get the news out too now, that RetaiPay.org is a SCAM.

  7. Joo you have exposed one of many scam sites and it is so good that you did. There are too many just like them online and you are so right to advise people to do due diligence when considering signing up to one of these. They all promise the world and in the end they deliver nothing. I am also working with WA and I can agree wholeheartedly with you that it is a legitimate way to build a strong online business. 

    Thank you again for sharing

    • Hi Judy,

      Thank you for dropping by. Yes, too many scams going around these days, one can never be too careful.

      All the best with your adventures in Wealthy Affiliate!


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