Is Magiimaker a scam, or finally some decent stuff?

magiimaker review

I could sense this product is different when I first took a look at it. I’m sure you are here because you asked the same question as I did, is Magiimaker a scam? Can it finally be some down to earth product that genuinely tries to help people succeed?

Does this product promise the moon like the others? This is what captured my attention right at the start of reviewing it. It says you can make $100+ per day, $3000+ per month. This, to me, is a very realistic and achievable figure. Vastly different from the ‘make $1000 in an hour’ claimed by some other products.

So it looks like there is hope. This may finally be a possible answer for many newbies and struggling marketers.

As usual, I aim to be honest and unbiased in everything I write. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Magiimaker, through the following sections:

Magiimaker: Review Summary

Product: Magiimaker

Creators: Kevin Fahey and Mick Mckay

Product type: Internet marketing training

Price: $12.95

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Recommended

Magiimaker is a training course on internet marketing, suitable for newbies and marketers who are struggling to make money online. The stuff it teaches are top quality, especially the mindset coaching part. Mindset is of utmost importance to anyone’s success or failure in any online venture. Without the right mindset, many are doomed to failure.

In many ways, Magiimaker is similar to my #1 recommended platform to learn to make money online. That is why I know Magiimaker is a real deal too. But there are still a number of features that are non existent in Magiimaker, or pale in comparison, and that is why my #1 recommendation still remains as the top choice that I would recommend to anyone just starting out, or having ventured online for some time but is struggling to make an income out of it.

Do check it out, there is a free starter member area that you can explore, with zero risk, without even having to enter any credit card details. It’s your loss if you do not give this a chance. If you do not like it, simply hop back out.



Read on for the detailed review of Magiimaker, and why I think it is a great product.

What is Magiimaker

The script sounded the same as any other crappy product:

  • you do not need any skill or experience
  • anyone can start using this method, even if you are a total newbie
  • easy traffic method
  • scale it up to as big as you want
  • start earning in less than 24 hours.

These sound all too familiar, they are all marketed the same way, products aimed at newbies hoping to get rich quick.

But then there was something nagging at me, something I had seen that gave me the instinct that this is a different species from those other crappy products. And then I knew it, there it was staring at me: make $100+ per day, $3000+ per month.

I haven’t seen anything as realistic and down to earth as these figures in any of the products that I have reviewed so far. Those scams all boast of $1000 in an hour, or 6 figure income per month.

Do you think $3000+ per month is good enough for you? If it is too little, then ask yourself honestly, how much are you earning right now in your online venture, whatever it may be?

I am going to be brutally honest with you. If you think $3000 is not enough, then you are simply going to keep falling for those worthless products that lure you with a $10K bait, which all have the same ending: the only ones earning any money are the product creators!

Because making money online is a marathon, if you want to do it the proper way that can build it into a passive income.

Mindset and self coaching

magiimaker questions

That is why I am encouraged by this part of the training, on mindset and self coaching. And I agree with what Kevin and Mick say: Even the best programs are junk, if they are wrong for you.

In an online business, it is important for you to follow your heart, know what you are good at, know your passion, and strike out a path for yourself, based on self awareness. Because it takes lots of hard work to succeed in any online business. Barrier to entry is low, so competition is high. There are so many people trying to strike it rich on the internet these days, if you do not own some grit and perseverance, there is no way you are going to succeed.

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme that will get you anywhere, otherwise everyone will be millionaires by now. So forget about getting rich quick, just get ready to do some serious learning, and prepare for the long haul.

Above are my personal views and thoughts that I have gleaned from being a part of the community on my #1 recommended training platform, and while building up my online business.

Now, let’s get on to take a look at what is being covered in the training videos of this Magiimaker’s mindset and self coaching guide:

  1. What are you doing here? & 4 key things you have to know
  2. The way to think about internet marketing and knowledge problems
  3. Results-not-fast-enough and other energy drainers
  4. ‘You’ problems: time, frustration and building stamina
  5. The really great news and a huge super power secret.

It is really rare to see any internet marketing product cover training materials on mindset, so I find this section very refreshing. And I know the importance of having the right mindset, if you want to succeed in the online world.

So many people come into it thinking it is a goldmine, with cash everywhere for you to just pick up from the ground. And when they do not start earning as soon as 24 hours or the first week, they get disheartened, and try to find the next shiny object that promises the moon or the earth again.

If this kind of mindset does not change, the ending does not change.

What to sell, along with 3 proven and tested methods

You will be given some advice on what kind of products are great for selling and promoting, as well as the methods that you can incorporate into your business.

Set up your business accounts fast

To simplify the process of setting up your online business, which includes getting your own website, hosting, WordPress, email autoresponder and a page builder, Magiimaker recommends using BuilderAll, which has all of these tools in one platform.

This is something I am not too comfortable with, because going on BuilderAll does not allow you to choose the best service provider for each marketing tool.

Each tool has many aspects to it. For example, for hosting, you have to look at the company’s reputation, server speed, etc. For email autoresponder, some service providers do not allow you to place your affiliate links in the email marketing campaigns, while others are fine with it. So if your business is in affiliate marketing, this will be an important factor to consider.

Specialist companies have been in their own industry for years, having built up their reputation, knowing the market demands well enough to cater to customer needs. You can’t expect a such a new product like BuilderAll to have the best of each marketing tool within its package.

Since this is my own online business, I want the flexibility and freedom to decide for myself the provider I want to use, for each tool, that will serve my purposes and needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. I do not want to be tied down by a package, such that should I decide to find my external hosting provider, for instance, I will be incurring extra cost, on top of the BuilderAll subscription fee.

The cheapest BuilderAll subscription plan is $9.90 per month, which seems to include lots of stuff but in fact the only ones you really need are hosting and domain, the rest of the features being peripheral and many of which are available for free if you use WordPress plugins. For hosting, most of the reputable companies charge a much lower price than this. As for domain registrars, you typically pay in the range of $13 to $20 PER YEAR. So you go figure.

For the first few months of starting out your website, you should focus on building content on it. So in fact you can keep your cost very low if you choose to, by getting just domain and hosting.

I didn’t get an email responder until I had substantial traffic coming to my website, and even then, I chose a free version, with limited features of course, but they are all that I need, so why should I be paying for stuff that I can live without?

The same goes for page builder. You do not need one, until you are a much more experienced internet marketer and blogger.

There is a 7 days free trial for BuilderAll, but that it just too short for you to tell if it works great for your business. You would just be getting your domain name, and setting up your website. You will not have the chance to try out most of their other tools.

So my advice would be to take your time, there is lots of learning at each stage of the process. If you try to fly before learning to walk, you will be overwhelmed.


–>>> This is where I learnt to build my online business the proper way, with step by step guidance. <<<–


Traffic Methods

Magiimaker will teach you some basic free traffic as well as paid traffic methods.

Let me tell you what I learnt about traffic, through the training platform I mentioned. The most powerful traffic comes from search engines, because what your website visitors are searching for, and what your content provides are the perfect match, that is how they found you in the first place.

This kind of traffic is called organic traffic. Most valuable kind of traffic. All for free. Very likely to convert into buyers, simply because you are providing the answers to the exact questions they were searching for.

But organic traffic takes time and effort to build up. Because for search engines to see your website as the authority in your niche area, you must prove to them that your content is authentic, has real substance, gives value to the readers, and that you are here to stay for the long haul.

Search engines do not want to be sending people to websites that would stop updating and adding to its content a few weeks or months down the road. Otherwise their reputation would be at stake. Thousands of websites get abandoned when their owners do not see the financial returns they were hoping for. If you can outlast them, your chances of being given high ranking in search results, so that people find you on page 1, get higher too.

This is the magic formula. That’s it.

In a way it is no magic, because everyone who has had some experience with internet marketing knows it.

Yet it is magic, because not everyone can do it. The idea is simple, but it is tough to delay gratification.

It helps a ton when you see everyone around you doing it, and you get inspired whenever someone delivers a success story. That is the beauty of the community that is part of my #1 recommended training platform. It is a genuinely supportive and helpful community, of like-minded people, some highly successful and experts in the field, still sticking around, coaching and offering advice to newbies. Everyone is working on their own business, in whatever niche they prefer, all spurring each other on. Nowhere else will you find a place like this.


–>>> Take a look at this top-notch training and amazing community. <<<–


Pros of Magiimaker

magiimaker what is

1. Authentic owners

It is really rare these days to find product creators who offer the real deal. I can sense that Kevin and Mick are authentic and sincere people, with lots of experience to share, and they are willing to share the real stuff.

2. Great philosophy and teachings

Kevin and Mick’s teaching: Add value wherever you go.

This highly resonates with me, as it is what I try to do every single day in my online business. It is also exactly what I have been taught in the training platform where I learnt everything from.

Cons of Magiimaker

Despite the authenticity of the owners and their training materials, there is still a strong hint of aggressive marketing that is typical of products that prioritise making money over customer welfare and satisfaction.

1. Money back guarantee period is too short

With a 14 day money back guarantee, this product gives you half the amount of time that most other products do, in allowing you to go through their materials and tools to decide if it is really for you.

2. Countdown timer is fake

On the sales page, you are given the impression that the price would increase once the countdown timer reaches zero. That is not true. The price stays the same even when you return the following day.

This is a fake scarcity tactic, to rush you through the purchase before you have a chance to research carefully or think through clearly.

3. Upsells

This is too typical of hyped up and scammy products. So I was rather disappointed to find that Magiimaker has not shined above the rest in this aspect. Here are their upsells, which you would be persuaded to purchase, after buying Magiimaker:

Upsell 1: $28 – Get faster results (more advanced training and resources)

Upsell 2: $38 – 15 secrets to unlimited free traffic

Upsell 3: $68 – 100% reseller rights.

Is Magiimaker a Scam Product or a legitimate one?

To finally answer the question: is Magiimaker a scam? The answer is a definite NO. Magiimaker is not a scam.

It is a great product that recognises the most important values and traits that determine if someone will succeed or fail in the world of online businesses.

Sadly, its marketing strategies are very much alike many other digital products that exist solely to make money for its creators, without any regard for the value added to their customers. I am not saying Magiimaker is like them, it is just that the marketing tone is similar, with fake countdown timer, upsells, and even a shorter time period for money back guarantee.


Even though I do recommend Magiimaker, it still pales in comparison to my #1 recommended training platform and community.

The most precious learning I got out of this platform – how to make the search engines trust my website enough to drive massive loads of free organic traffic to me, day in, day out, is critically lacking in Magiimaker.

The community that I am a part of is also pivotal in keeping my expectations realistic and mindset primed for success. So far, I have not been able to find any other training platform or courses that is even close to this.

Through their free starter membership, you get 10 lessons and 2 websites (with hosting and domain), absolutely for free. You will see for yourself the top notch training and support they provide.


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