Instant Cash Solution scam? What they do not tell you…

instant cash solution review

Heard about the Instant Cash Solution scam and doing your own research to check out how true it is? Or could it really be the life-changing opportunity that can finally earn you financial freedom?

It’s great that you are checking it out before deciding whether or not to commit to this program, as its upfront cost is high, between $100 to $300, depending on the level of membership that you choose.

Can this really earn you $3K to $5K per month? What is the exact method through which it works? A simple copy and paste system? If it were really that simple, why isn’t the whole world full of millionaires by now?

Let’s dig right in and uncover its secrets. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Instant Cash Solution, through the following sections:

Instant Cash Solution: Review Summary

Product: Instant Cash Solution

Creator: Rich Meyer

Product type: Selling a business opportunity / recruiting

Price: $29 registration + $100 to $300 membership

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Instant Cash Solution is basically a system that sells a business opportunity, by recruiting people into the system itself. It is running on an empty shell, with no substance, as there is no tangible product that is being sold. When you join the system, you are buying yourself in solely to get the rights to earn from those who buy in under you.

This business model is not sustainable, and may be walking on the borderline of lawfulness. Certainly not something that I would recommend.

If you want to learn to make money online the proper way, check out the method that I am using. I do not have to recruit people and live with the feeling that I am exploiting them for my own monetary gains.

In fact, through this method, I am genuinely helping people looking for answers in the niche area that I have chosen to work in, which can be anything under the sun, from parenting and horse riding to migraines and vegan lifestyle. Anything. You have the say, so choose something you are really passionate about, and build an online income around it, so your passion and wealth of knowledge for the niche drives your determination to make it succeed.

This is how it can be done, the proper way:



Read on for the detailed review of Instant Cash Solution, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Instant Cash Solution

Information presented in promotional video and landing page

Make thousands of dollars each month, using the simple copy and paste system in Instant Cash Solution. Just post their pre-written ads on social media such as FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter, to start earning from the comforts of your home!

This system is for the unemployed, underpaid, disabled, retirees, college students, people who are struggling financially, people who hate their jobs, and people who are tired of scams.


instant cash solution steps


With 20 minutes a day, simply post the ads everyday between 7am to 7pm, send email swipes to the prospects who respond to your ads, and watch your money start rolling in.

How is it that simple? Is it even possible to make money this way?


What Instant Cash Solution really is

In the sales page, a lot of it is left unsaid. It is simply made to sound like a get rich quick scheme. In fact, it is not easy at all to earn any profits using the method taught here. Let’s see why.

Pay to Play

First, this is a pay to play system. You pay $29 to register and set things up with the training and advertisement materials. You are taught to promote this product, Instant Cash Solution, itself. It is a system that teaches you to promote the system itself. So there is no real value to the training, it cannot be applied anywhere else.

Then you have to choose from one of the three membership levels, and purchase it before you can start earning from the system.

instant cash solution bronzeinstant cash solution silverinstant cash solution gold


Notice how the focus is on the resell rights in each level of membership, and not on the training. Because the training only serves to help you promote this product. This is how you are simply buying the right to play the game.

Moreover, you do not get to earn a single cent from anyone who buys a membership level that is higher than yours. Say you only buy the Bronze membership. If someone comes along, sees your ads, and buys the silver membership, you do not earn anything, but the money goes to your sponsor or their sponsor, the next person up the line who owns at least the same level of membership that is being bought by the new member.

So in a way, you are pressurised to buy the Gold membership, the most expensive one at $300, so that whatever level of membership that people purchase under you, you get to profit.

The only good thing about how this system works is that you get to pocket the entire membership fee of anyone who joins as a member directly under you. This is quite different from the business models of the pyramid scheme or MLM (multi-level marketing), where you only earn a small commission. The owner of Instant Cash Solution only earns the $29 registration fee for anyone who joins as a new member.

So in a way, this system does not work to make the owner vastly huge earnings, at the expense of all the members under him. You do get your sizable profits, provided you are able to pull it off, and get anyone to join the system as a member in the first place, which will prove to be the most difficult task, since there is no tangible product that you are selling, but an opportunity.

Moreover, there will be numerous obstacles along the way when you try to copy and paste the advertisements to get leads.

The problem with advertising for Instant Cash Solution

It is not going to be as simple or straightforward as the sales page would have you believe: post their pre-written ads on social media and start earning money.

Social media platforms these days are very strict when it comes to posting any form of self advertisements. For instance, in FaceBook, no affiliate links are allowed. So if the rules are not adhered to, you can expect to be banned from the platform pretty quickly.

Since the advertisements written for Instant Cash Solution will be of a hyped up nature, promising great earnings, in order to bait people to click on it, it will be seen as spammy. Once other users on the social media platform report your ads as spam, you can expect to get removed as well.

So it really is not as easy as it sounds.

The way around it? – Paid ads. Which is going to burn a hole right through your pocket, whether or not you are experienced in using paid ads to get leads to your campaign. Without any experience, you will not know how to laser-target your audience. The money you spend on paid ads will be literally thrown down the drain.

To run paid ads well, it is a steep and expensive learning curve, which I would advise that you dabble in only after gaining experience as an internet marketer. Otherwise you could easily lose thousands of dollars without getting a single sales. It can be that nerve-wrecking.

Even if there are people who check out your ads, the number that eventually buys in may be close to zero. Because those who need the money are those who cannot afford this kind of membership fee, just to buy this business opportunity. Even $100 is considered very pricey for possibly getting nothing in return.

To make this system work, you have to invest lots of time and possibly more money for running ads. It is definitely not the 20 minutes a day that is stated on the sales page. Even with time and money investment, it does not guarantee that you will earn a single cent.


How to make money online the proper way

The main issue with Instant Cash Solution lies in the system. You are getting people to buy in, and when they do, they are actually ‘gifting’ you the entire membership fee, without getting any tangible product in return, since they are just buying for the rights to profit from this system.

It may be totally within the law right now, but to me, it just feels not totally ethical to make money off people this way.

The way I make my online income is through affiliate marketing. Take the niche area of migraine, for instance. I build my website around this niche, offering remedies to people who suffer from migraines. I can recommend some nutritional supplements, or maybe a meditation series, whatever products or services that I think can help my website readers.

When they click on my affiliate links to purchase those products, I earn a commission, at no extra cost to my readers. They find their answers, the companies which product those great products get increased business, and reward me with a commission.

I am not exploiting anyone’s vulnerability in this business model, instead I am adding value. So people get to trust my website, come back for more information and resources, and search engines see me as the authority in this niche. So they keep sending more traffic to me, all those people who are searching for solutions to their migraine problems, they will see my website ranked on page 1 of their search results, and that is how they find me.

From knowing nothing about setting up websites, I started from scratch and slowly built it up. If I can do it, anyone can too. See the training platform that provided the awesome step by step guide, holding my hand throughout the entire process:


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Pros of Instant Cash Solution

1. Real owner

At least the owner of this product, Rich Meyer, is a real person. Their website is an established and secured one, not something set up temporarily just to promote some hyped up product.

2. Sizable earnings

If you really have the gift for marketing, and can figure out how to promote this business opportunity effectively, you can actually make sizable profits from this system, as you get to earn the full membership fee, not just a small commission of it.


Cons of Instant Cash Solution

1. Business model is not sustainable

Without any real product, this business model is just not sustainable, it is not easy to get people to buy into it. Most people shun away from products that require them to recruit others. I am one. I do not appreciate it when people approach me with a sales pitch, trying to sell me something that I wasn’t even looking for in the first place. So I will not shove such a system into anyone’s face as well.

2. No refund policy

There is strictly no refunds with Instant Cash Solution, so think twice and thrice before you actually decide to invest in it.

3. Posting ads on social media is not easy

Social media platforms strive to give their users the experience that they come in there for: socialising, and not to get bombarded by spams and advertisements. So materials seen as spam are definitely not welcome on most social media platforms.

In certain FaceBook groups where they are explicitly allowed, for example, you will see such an overload of spammy content that it really does not make sense to post anything there, your ads will get drowned instantly.

4. Paid ads are expensive

To get your campaigns seen, the way to go is through paid ads. But this is not for newbies. If you do not know how to target an audience that will give you high conversion rates, which is not an easy thing to master as it takes time and experience in the internet marketing sector, then you will be just wasting your time and money.

So you see, Instant Cash Solution is a high risk venture, with possibly zero return on investment, or even a negative return.

Is Instant Cash Solution Scam or legit? 

I think you already know my answer to the question: is Instant Cash Solution scam?

No, it is not a scam.

It is a legitimate system, you may possibly be able to make some money out of it, if you manage to convince some family and friends that this is a good business opportunity. Or if you know your way around paid advertisements well enough to be able to generate sufficient sales to make a profit.

But this system is not sustainable, as it is running on an outer shell which is empty inside. The only thing you are selling is the right to get into the game to play it. Personally, I am not comfortable with such a system at all, since there is no real value to it.


I do not recommend Instant Cash Solution.

What I do strongly recommend is the exact way that I am earning my online income. Start with the objective of helping people and adding value to their lives, instead of exploiting them. Then the online business will be a sustainable one, because people can see it clearly, whether you are genuine and sincere in offering advice, or you are just trying to monetise the interaction without caring for their welfare.

Take a look at the training platform that has helped me build up my online business from scratch, giving me the luxury now to work from home and be near my kids, at the same time being my own boss in deciding how much to put into my business, and the direction that I want to take it.


4 thoughts on “Instant Cash Solution scam? What they do not tell you…”

  1. …. Thanks for the time in writing this article…
    I have been a member of ICS and this system is legit and I highly recommend it.. It has all the tools (Funnel, Email Marketing, All kind of Ads, also a discount for Solo Ads).
    Here is my link

    Everybody knows that online business depends on traffic… so increment traffic to your website and you will get success..

    God bless you and be safe.

  2. Hello,
    I agree that the system needs perfecting. As far as product, it has a built in marketing system, such as an autoresponder, capture pages ect. It does provide training and marketing tools which is considered product and the system is considered a service so it’s covered from a legal stand point. Value is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, I agree that it’s a bit overhyped, but most opportunities out there, are out of reach for the novice, because they have little to no marketing skills. Marketers can make good money with practically any program on the internet because of the list of loyal opportunity seekers they have accumulated over time. Truly it’s more about learning to market than it is any particular program. This program does showcase various marketing methods some of which are still used. If you are in any type of business you will have to market, whether it’s free or paid traffic. People still use attraction marketing, people still use solo ads, and some still use craigslist, ect. Work ethic and consistency is key in any type of business. Example 1 solo ad won’t build a list, but using good quality solo ads can build a list over time. No one runs or opens up a business for free. Building trust and loyalty over time is key to any business.

    • Hi Benny,

      Yes, I agree with your points of view. A good internet marketer who knows his stuff can make most systems work for him, whether it’s Solo ads, social media marketing, organic traffic, etc. The problem arises when products are promoted as easy solutions to beginners who do not know the ins and outs of marketing. And usually the people who end up making money are the product owners, leaving their users frustrated at the lack of results.

      For anyone to succeed on the internet, it boils down to getting oneself equipped with the skills and knowledge to build a solid foundation for their online business, so that they do not keep going after shiny objects that are not created with their best interests at heart.


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