Is Traffic Mojo a Scam? We reveal all here…

traffic mojo review

If you have landed here, you have probably heard of this latest product launched on the 12th of January 2019, and are thinking: is Traffic Mojo a scam? Can it be what you have been searching for, to give the traffic to your website a boost?

You are definitely at the right place. Here, without any association with Traffic Mojo, you can be assured we give the most objective and unbiased review of it.

A breakthrough software that creates viral memes to generate free traffic that will explode your affiliate commissions? Find the most popular social content to attract massive free traffic? What exactly is Traffic Mojo all about, and what does it do?

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Traffic Mojo, through the following sections:

Traffic Mojo: Review Summary

Product: Traffic Mojo 

Creators: Dan Ashendorf and Yves Kouyo

Product type: Traffic tool

Price: $27

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Traffic Mojo is a cloud-based software that searches for most shared content and images on social media platforms, creates memes out of them, so that you can share them on your social media to generate tons of free traffic, which will explode your earnings.

Knowing how online traffic works, I do not recommend Traffic Mojo, because it will not deliver. It focuses on the superficial things like memes and GIFs, which are great for social media sharing, but do not lead to targeted traffic that will convert into buyers of your products.

To trust your website enough to buy from you, your website visitors have to see you as the authority in the field. Solid content is what matters, GIFs and memes are for after-work entertainment.

Check out this platform in the red button below, which has taught me how to build up my website so that search engines rank it high in search results, sending loads of free organic traffic to me. This traffic is targeted and converts well, because I provide the exact answers they are searching for.



Read on for the detailed review of Traffic Mojo, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Traffic Mojo

Information presented in promotional video and landing page

Traffic Mojo is a system that sends you free targeted traffic, which is primed to buy your products. It does that by first finding out what already generates that traffic, then siphons it for your own purpose, to get you streams of free traffic.

This cloud-based software finds the most viral and most-shared content and GIFs on the world’s largest social media platforms, whatever trending content that is getting massive traffic. It then takes those images, and converts them into red hot traffic using their Meme Factory.

It comes with an extensive library of quotes and images, that will pull audience like bees to honey (erm… I think bees make honey, they are pulled to nectar).

With 3.03 billion active social media users, social media is the largest driver of traffic on the planet. Memes and GIFs get shared like nothing else. So those who know how to work social media traffic get leads and sales like nobody else. They get engaged traffic that is ready to buy.

Traffic Mojo is for affiliate marketers, eCommerce store owners, bloggers, YouTube video marketers, social media managers, and anyone looking for more traffic. It works with all kinds of content: Instagram, paid ads, YouTube, FB posts, blogs, and online stores. And it is compatible with all browsers.

traffic mojo steps

These are the 3 simple steps by Traffic Mojo, that will take you from being a complete newbie to a successful internet marketer:

  1. Find the most viral images and GIFs from social media, and convert them into memes using their Meme Factory.
  2. Share them on your social media.
  3. Sit back and enjoy your buyers traffic and earnings explosion.

What you will get when you buy Traffic Mojo:

  • Find trending content on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Imgur and Giphy (how about FaceBook and YouTube? Why are these popular social media platforms not covered?)
  • Post / schedule campaigns on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Reddit, and Tumblr.
  • 30 campaigns per month, up and running in 10 minutes.
  • Campaign tracking to monitor your performance
  • Pixabay integration
  • Create engaging quotes and memes with built-in designer
  • One-click sharing of campaign on social media
  • Add custom messages and hashtag to campaigns
  • Library of over 5000 quotes and images

And these are the bonuses that come along with it:

  1. Live training – secrets to a six figure affiliate marketing business, from a super affiliate.
  2. Sales page magic – software that creates sales pages for your products.
  3. Funnel Master – to generate sales.
  4. Social Media Detonator – learn how to develop your website so it has the best social media apps.
  5. Viralicity – learn the elements you need to create a viral campaign.


What Traffic Mojo really is, and why will it not work for you

Creators, testimonials…

First, I want to point out that the creators of Traffic Mojo are known for making hyped up products. If a product is really that good, you just have to stick with that one and keep promoting it and selling it to people, and it will sell because it is good.

If a product is no good, then you have to keep producing different products because word gets around that the last product does not live up to expectations after all, so sales will decline after the initial hype and excitement during its launch, when no one knew better.

Moreover, if you look at the testimonials on the sales page of Traffic Mojo, those so called top marketers are actually all friends with the creators, all chipping in to give testimonials whenever someone from the group launches any new product. I know because I recognise them straightaway, having reviewed many of their products, all of which I never recommended.

They are all in the same business, churning out new products every month or so, in a bid to rip off unsuspecting newbies. with their well-pitched marketing tactics.

Great reviews all over the internet

As you do your research about Traffic Mojo, you will also find lots of raving reviews about it, all over the internet. You will see a pattern: they all offer extra bonuses of their own, on top of what is offered by the creators of the products, in an attempt to entice you to buy the product through their links.

Those are their affiliate links. They are affiliates of Traffic Mojo, and will earn a substantial commission out of it when anyone buys it through their affiliate links.

That is why they are singing praises of it, even though I’m quite sure none of them benefited from Traffic Mojo at all. I hope this has helped open your eyes to this internet marketing world.

The problem with Traffic Mojo

The main issue with this product is that it focuses on superficial stuff like memes and GIFs. Yes, it may get you traffic. So what if you get hundreds of thousands of views, and tens of thousands of shares. Are they going to convert like crazy, such that you get a huge explosion in your earnings?

The main problem with social media traffic is that it is not ready to buy. Unless you already have a social media presence, and have your own loyal following, or a fan base. Then whatever you say or recommend would be taken as the golden edict.

If you are not a social media influencer, social media is actually not easy to work with at all. Views and likes do not lead to sales. Shared viral content does not mean you get primed traffic that is ready to buy.

This is because most people go on social media for recreation, during their lunch break, or after dinner at home. Sharing funny or clever stuff increases social interaction, and is a basic human need. But it simply does not make people start buying, because they were not looking to buy anything in the first place.

The sales page of Traffic Mojo also claims that those who don’t use social media traffic struggle with expensive paid ads, with a low return on investment, and low sales.

How totally WRONG is that?

Newbies in the internet marketing world, or beginners who are looking to make some money online may believe that statement. Let me tell you now, what gives the most targeted form of traffic that will have a very high conversion rate.

It is called organic traffic, and it is totally free. It comes from search engines. When people look for something to buy, or search for answers to their problems, search engines send them to sites that are able to provide what they are looking for.

So the focus of any online business should be to build up on their content, with the genuine aim to help people in the niche area. This will make your website become the authority in the field, and you get massive traffic sent to you for free, from search engines.

Once you build it up, it is yours to stay. You will still be getting traffic years down the road. This way is a sustainable method to making money online, and this is how passive income can be generated. Learn how it can be done here:


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Pros of Traffic Mojo

1. Real owners

Yes the owners are real, we know who they are, we know they are real people. Though they do not have a lot of credibility in producing great stuff, but at least they are not hiding behind the screens.

2. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

3. You do get your Meme Factory

No matter the usefulness of Traffic Mojo in exploding your income, you do get access to a program that can search for viral contents, build your own memes, and schedule it for sharing on some social media platforms. Maybe you get some surge in traffic, but I can’t say the same for conversion of the traffic into buyers.

Its Cons

1. It works on superficial stuff

Memes and GIFs, to me, are superficial stuff, great for helping one relax after a rough day at work, but not for if you are trying to establish yourself as an authority in the field. Unless the field is the entertainment industry.

2. Social media traffic is not targeted

Since you are expecting your memes and GIFs to be shared all over the place, the traffic that you get is definitely not going to be targeted enough to buy your products or take up your recommendations. This is the main issue with this product, which means it doesn’t serve its purpose of increasing your business profits at all.

3. There is actually not much value in this product

Besides not serving its intended purpose, even if you just want to have some fun creating your own memes, there are many softwares and apps which you can use for free.

The materials offered in the bonuses section of Traffic Mojo, can also be found for free, once you know who are the established and successful internet marketers whose business models are the same ones you use. You can easily find their blogs, and start learning about creating high converting sales pages, funnels, and campaigns.

4. Upsells

As with any product aimed to squeeze the last bit out of you, Traffic Mojo has upsells that will be presented to you, once you purchase the upfront product. If it is really that good, why do you need endless upsells that are marketed to you as making the original product work better? Why are they holding back on these features in the first place when selling the original product?

Upsell 1: $47 – unlimited campaigns, 25K+ images and quotes, scheduling for Google+ and Linked In, recurring campaigns, etc.

Upsell 2: $67 – Mojo Club, 1000 done for you images every month

Upsell 3: $67 or $97, depending on the reselling package that you take.

Upsell 4: $97 – 12 weeks of group coaching

5. Two different pricing

Something I really do not like about Traffic Mojo, is the two pricing on their sales page.

$25 for lite, $27 for premium.

traffic mojo pricing 1traffic mojo pricing 2traffic mojo pricing 3

The lite version excludes so many of the features promoted fervently on the sales page, like much more limited social media platforms on which searches for viral content are performed, and scheduled for sharing.

The most ridiculous thing is the lite version does not have the Meme Factory! Isn’t that what Traffic Mojo is mainly built around? To search for viral content, use those viral images to make your own memes, and share them around?

With a mere difference of $2, no one will be going for the lite version since it does not even include the Meme Factory. So why make the differentiated pricing in the first place? This is something that bothers me.

Traffic Mojo a Scam? Or a legitimate system?

To finally answer your question: Traffic Mojo a scam?

I say… no. Traffic Mojo is not a scam. It is a legitimate product, that can search social media platforms for viral content, build memes with their Meme Factory, and helps you share them on your social media, attracting free traffic.

But those traffic will not convert, because they are not targeted. The traffic you get from Traffic Mojo is just randomly scrolling through their FaceBook news feed after dinner, not looking for anything in particular. So it is not likely anyone is going to buy the products you are selling or recommending.


So, I do not recommend Traffic Mojo.

Targeted traffic comes from people who are actively searching for things, on search engines. They know what they are looking for, whether it’s a birthday gift for a nephew, or the best smoothie blender. Or they may be looking for ways to relieve their arthritis pain, or the best vegan diet program.

These are the people who are primed and ready to purchase.

So based on their search terms, they choose some of the websites on pages 1 to 2 of the search results. If they land on your website, which seems to provide very relevant and expert information on what they are looking for, then they may take your recommended products, or they may bookmark your site and come back to interact more with it in the near future.

So how do we get our websites to rank high in search engines? By producing enough quality content to make the search engines see us as the authority in the niche area, we will get great rankings.

In this way, you get free, targeted organic traffic. This is the way to go, in any online business. And it is exactly what I am doing now, to earn my side income from home.

Everything that I know today about making money online the proper way, I learnt it through this amazing training platform and community, which taught me to build my online business from scratch.

From setting up a website in a few simple steps, and finding the niche area that I am passionate about, to building up content to get free organic traffic, and monetising it through affiliate marketing, I learnt it from here:


32 thoughts on “Is Traffic Mojo a Scam? We reveal all here…”

  1. Hi Joo! I have over a year with my site and really need to give my traffic a boost. I heard about Traffic Mojo and immediately decided to do my homework and research about this new product. I like to discover good opportunities from the very beginning. But I’m glad I found your review because you explain really well what Traffic Mojo is. As you have stated, it’s not a scam. But it won’t increase significantly our conversions. I fully understand what you mean when indicating that sharing GIF’s and memes on social media may drive some traffic to our site. But because social media isn’t targeted audience, most of them won’t be interested in our products. Thank you very much for putting things into perspective.

  2. Hi Joo,

    Thank you for the in-depth review of Traffic Mojo. I agreed that the system doesn’t work although it does attract traffic from social networks but no conversion. Social customers are not potential customers and you have to spend a lot of time on engagement with the visitors.

    The best free traffic is from SEO and customers are ready to buy as long as your content able to solve their problem.

    I hated hidden upsell – why can they just be transparent and let the customer know upfront.

    Definitely, l won’t recommend this product to my friends and associates.

    My advice to everyone is to learn and master SEO so that you can get free traffic to your site and I would recommend everyone to sign up for the free training with Wealthy Affiliate. I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate and now l have my own website.

  3. Thank you for your review. Fabulous review! . You really done a nice review on Traffic Mojo. When we are searching for an online traffic platforms, we normally fall a victim of being scam. we fail to do some research. The fact that this company claims you can make traffic but non of those traffic can be converted into buyers has a negative features.  I have learned my lesson with MOBO, one of the scam traffic platform which would have had me ready to sign up back years ago. But this time around, i made a decision which is to search for reviews like yours. Thank you for showing us the details these platform try to hide from us.

    • Hi Bibian,

      I’m sorry you got scammed years back. But I’m sure you gained a lot of life experience from that. And that’s why you are here now, doing your research on products. All the best to you!

  4. I agree with you. I think traffic mojo is good to an extent but only for a limited purposes and goals as it doesn’t really bring such a traffic that can be monetized. As for me I want to build a great website and work on it from the scratch,  offering quality and affordable products which is going to make people storm my site. I think is good to raise your business from the scratch, then soar higher with time and that’s why I so much like wealthy affiliate. So dear I equally do not recommend traffic mojo for anyone who really wants to build a multi million brand website. Thanks and I wish you well in your online business world.

    • Hi Kenechi,

      Yes, building up a website from scratch is so much easier these days, with the technology and how we do not have to know a single word of coding. This is the right way to making money online. All the best to you too!

  5. Alot of times we have come across many website telling how they can help bloggers in getting lots of traffic on their website while most of them are true some aren’t,  I have paid for one of the services they have to offer but it wasn’t up to expectations as there were more uplines and it was becoming annoying and also in my opinion I don’t think traffic mojo is good enough for me as those traffic will not convert, because they are not targeted.

    • Hi Seun,

      You are right, Traffic Mojo’s traffic will very likely not convert. I’m sorry you spent money on something that couldn’t deliver. The best is still free organic traffic from search engines, but that really takes time, lots of hard work, and perseverance. And the total faith that you can do it. 

  6. Joo, thank you for preparing this super informative and honest  review of Traffic Mojo.   It is so easy to think if I just had xxxx, I will be able to make more money with my website.   I can see how the Meme’s and GIFs can help encourage people to share a little bit more on social media.    Yet, you made an extremely good point.  Why would I want to pay for Traffic Mojo when I can use free programs to do the same?   I don’t.  

    I will take your advise and focus on creating good quality content.   By the way, your website, layout looks great.  Where did you learn how to such an attractive and engaging website?     

    • Hi Sondra,

      Thank you for your kind words. This is not my first website, so I have learnt and stumbled along the way too. As for website layout and design, my advice would be to choose a free WordPress theme that you really like, then go and check out their support forum. If the designer is active on the forum, and is open to helping users make minor tweaks to the layout and design without simply directing them to the paid version, then that is what you should go for.

      I hope this helps. Do feel free to let me know if there is anything I can help you with. 

  7. Thank you for your fabulous review of Traffic Mojo. I have been scammed before, and have now learned my lesson which is to search for reviews like yours. They claim they are able to accomplish so many things, but you really got to be experienced to figure out whether those are true, or just to make you buy the products. 

    Thank you for showing us the details these products try to hide from us.

  8. Hi, Traffic Mojo seems to be a powerful tool for traffic building, You mentioned it good for Affiliate Marketers, will it work effectively for Wealthy Affiliate members? You are seeing that they are all marketers in one Niche or the other.

    Of a fact, Social Media is an authoritative source to drive traffic, will Social Media ever work for those who do not understand how to extract the resources that Social Media is offering?

    You do not recommend Traffic Mojo, but if it is not a scam from the information given it got to be a help.


    • Hi DorcasW,

      Thank you for your comment. I do think that Traffic Mojo is able to increase traffic to websites to a certain extent. But the quality of the traffic is not targeted enough to convert into buyers. So I don’t think people doing affiliate marketing will benefit from this. 

      As for social media traffic, there are many different social platforms, each with its unique group of users profile, and each platform requiring different ways to extract the traffic onto your website. It is an art, a mastery of each social media itself, that requires lots of time and effort, experience, and steep learning curve. Of course once you master it, your reputation and traffic, and hopefully earnings too, are going to see a huge boom. 

      For someone who does not understand social media yet, I’d strongly suggest to focus on building up your website, so that search engines will send you free organic traffic. 

      Traffic Mojo is not a scam, but it really does not mean it will definitely help. It’s not a scam because there is a real product that you get, you do get to create your own memes, but how much it will help in boosting traffic like what it claims, I really have my reservations about it.

      Hope this reply helps you in some way or another. 

  9. I recently learnt of Traffic Mojo in a Make Money Online facebook group. Thanks God I found this review. I have always been skeptical about traffic softwares. It is one thing to have massive traffic, and yet it is another thing if the traffic converts. Personally, I wouldn’t go for such product. Even though it is not a scam, some of these so called traffic generating softwares are over-hyped and comes with annoying upsells after the front-end products. If they trust the product enough then there should be no upsells or at most one.

    • Hi Phranell,

      Yes I agree with you. A solid product should not have any upsells, because whatever is needed to make the product work at its best should all be included as part of the package. When there are upsells, you know the creator of the product does not really put his or her customers’ needs at the forefront. 

  10. Hi Joo – thanks for sharing this review. I had recently heard of Traffic Mojo, so I was interested to see what you thought of it. I can see it is fairly new on the market. On initial examination, it looks promising enough, although I am not particularly into all the social media hype around the use of memes. Even though I am relatively new to affiliate marketing, I am aware of the value of free, organic traffic and clearly, this programme doesn’t help with this at all. I will be staying well away from it! All the best, Diane  

    • Hi Diane,

      You’re totally right. The best traffic is free and organic traffic. With this knowledge, just stick to churning out great content for your website visitors, and you will get there. All the best to you too!

  11. Hi Joo,

    Nice review. I am also an affiliate marketer. So basically I know which traffic really converts in an online business. You can throw thousands of traffic on your site. But if those audience is not the right niche for your site, definetely they will not convert. I really agree with you Joo. 

  12. Thanks for the info on Traffic Mojo. How long has Traffic Mojo been going? Is it a new product? Im wondering whether in time it will turn out to be a winner. I havent used memes before but the younger generation seem to know a lot about them. I like your thoughts on building content and becoming an authority on a particular subject. It takes time to become an authority but it is the better route I think

    • Hi,

      Traffic Mojo is a very new product, launched on 12th of January 2019. 

      Yes, you do have a point. Young people these days are quite fascinated by memes and stuff like that. They may very well get this product only for the Meme Factory, and see how traffic turns out. Especially if their niche area is not on a topic too serious. But personally, I still wouldn’t like it for my own sites. 

  13. So in another word  we should stick in what works best for you not those Mojo’s and meme they won’t give any advantage over those who are doing it the right way  so even if it is legit it won’t be of any benefits for affiliate marketing or bloggers even those who are seriously on internet business.

    • Hi Charles, yes you’re right. You can’t use these gimmicks to gain an advantage over those doing it the right way, it just doesn’t work. 

  14. Hi Joo – great information you provided here about Traffic Mojo.  I was not familiar with that prior to reading your post, so thank you for the information.  Their concept of using memes and GIFs is interesting, but I understand your point about it not delivering.

    Than you for writing this review and providing this information.


  15. The idea of traffic mojo on using memes to generate traffic is quite brilliant but I’m not so sure it’s a game changing idea. Before I’ll pay for anything of such, it has to be game changing for my business. Traffic can be generated in so many other cheaper ways online. Thanks for the review. 

  16. Hi Joo,

    Thank you so much for your review on traffic mojo, I was not sure about that site before but reading your review I am impressed at how much you have uncovered that I knew so little of. I agree with you I don’t want my content to be advertised with memes and gifs so I will follow your recommendation. Thank you so much for your time.




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