Secret Millionaire Bot Review: SCAM?

Secret Millionaire Bot Review

If you have received some promotional material of this newest product in your inbox, and are here to check out this Secret Millionaire Bot review, before deciding on your purchase, you have landed at the right place.

Firstly, let me congratulate you for doing your due diligence, especially with the amount of scams floating around on the internet these days, it really pays to be more careful.

At first glance, this product does not look good to me. Behind the glamour of huge paychecks rolling in the moment you start using their system, it’s easy for my trained eyes to spot the big red flags waving at me.

And these are what I will walk you through in this article, explaining why this product is not for you, in this in-depth Secret Millionaire Bot review.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Secret Millionaire Bot Review Summary

Product: Secret Millionaire Bot


Creator: “Charles Allen”

Product type: training videos on using Instagram to make money

Price: $37

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Secret Millionaire Bot is basically a some training videos that teach you to use bots to sell your affiliate products on Instagram, along with some other methods of using Instagram to make money.

Though legitimate, this product is all hype about how much and how fast you can make money using their methods. Whatever method you use to make money on the internet, it takes time and effort. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just out to get your money.

What I find most distasteful about Secret Millionaire Bot is its fake testimonials. The intent to deceive is low down, and I simply cannot recommend this product.

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Read on for the detailed review of Secret Millionaire Bot, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot

Information presented in sales video and landing page

What exactly is this secret bot that can generate up to $2479 per day?

Throughout the sales video, we get nothing but hype. It’s all about how much other people have made using this method, and how you can do it too, without requiring any email list, any product of your own, or any experience.

It is so simple, anyone can start generating an online income within days of using the Secret Millionaire Bot.

Basically, they give you everything you like to hear:

Huge instant earnings, simple method, minimum work.

Want to know the best part?

Throughout the video and sales page, there is no information on what this product is exactly, and how it works. They simply tell you it’s a proven system to help you go from zero to getting paid the first day you start using the system.

So they expect you to part with your money without giving you the chance at making an informed decision. Would you go into any store to buy a black box, having no idea about what you will be getting inside?

In the next section, we will take Secret Millionaire Bot apart, and probe into its inner workings, to find out how exactly it is meant to work.

What Secret Millionaire Bot really is

Once inside the members’ area, there will be many other products that they try to sell you. Some are legitimate training (like Super Affiliate System, which is overly exorbitant, not recommended for beginners) that teach you to go for paid traffic, others are as useless as this product itself (like Bulletproof Profits).

You see, the creators of Secret Millionaire Bot are only concerned with filling their own pockets, with money from your pocket. They are not too concerned with delivering a product that really adds value to you.


They also claim you can get a free website. But if you try to go for it, you will then realise it is not free, as you do have to pay for hosting.

The training videos include various methods of using Instagram to make money, but nothing in depth, they are all superficial. There’s no way you can make thousands a day by following this haphazard training.

Stuff covered include:
– how to sell on Instagram,
– how to set up your business account,
– building your brand on Instagram,
– dropshipping on Instagram,
– using bot to bring people to your affiliate marketing website, and
– growing your Instagram followers.

Even though it looks like some legitimate training, each video lasts a short few minutes. This kind of information can be found on the internet, for free.

So if you ask me, I really wouldn’t spend the $37 on this product. I think it will get you more confused than before you started out.

Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, becoming an influencer on Instagram, they are all totally different ways to use Instagram to build an online business. Any one method takes lots of time and effort to see some results.

No matter which method you choose, it will be a steep learning curve. So what you need is to know what you want, and then look for training that focuses on your preferred method, and spend the time and work to master it.

You do not need a product that tells you the possibilities, because they are in fact everywhere, the sky is the limit when it comes to making money on the internet.

The method I am using is the best, in my opinion. And I want to share it with you:

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The red flags in Secret Millionaire Bot

There are numerous big red flags in Secret Millionaire Bot, that make me not trust it at all.

Charles Allen is a pen name. Why? Why doesn’t he dare to use his real name? Do the founders of big established companies doing honest businesses hide behind pen names?

secret millionaire bot pen name

Also notice that testimonials were forwarded to them by users of Easy Insta Profits. That’s a totally different product from Secret Millionaire Bot, so why are they using their testimonials? Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all. Read on and you will know why.

Testimonials are fake. Look at this guy claiming how much he has made using Secret Millionaire Bot, in their sales video.

secret millionaire bot fake testimonial 1

He is actually an actor hired from Fiverr. Take a look at this:

secret millionaire bot fake testimonial 2

Again, I question: why? Is there no real person who is making money from this Secret Millionaire Bot? And that is why they have to resort to hiring actors to do up these fake testimonials?

Next, look at the screenshot below. They tried to get themselves associated with some big names like CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post, and so on. This is to mislead people into thinking they are a credible product. In fact, if you try to search up their relationship or any kind of endorsement, there is none at all.

The same goes for Google Play and App Store. They cannot be found on there at all.

secret millionaire bot sales page

One thing I’m positive about:

They have succeeded in bringing my trust level for this product right down to zero.

Pros of Secret Millionaire Bot

1. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the product.

2. There is some value in the training

Well, if you are a complete newbie, you may find the training useful in exposing you to the various ways through which you can build up your online presence on Instagram, and how to monetise it.

Cons of Secret Millionaire Bot

1. Lots of deception

No real owner to be accountable for this product.

Fake testimonials, telling us that nobody has actually made huge earnings instantly using this Secret Millionaire Bot.

Attempts to mislead viewers by associating themselves with big names.

2. All hype

It is definitely not going to make you instant big bucks like what it would have you believe.

3. Upsells

Like any other product that is created to make money for the owners, be prepared to be bombarded by these pricey upsells once you purchase the front end product, even before you had a chance to try it out.

Upsell 1: $147 – Millionaire Bot Pro, make twice the amount, twice as fast

Upsell 2: $147 – Auto Profit Replicator, 1000 times your earnings with free traffic

Upsell 3: $497 – Done for you traffic

Is Secret Millionaire Bot Scam or legit?

Secret Millionaire Bot is a legitimate product, only because its training does give different possible approaches to using Instagram as a platform to leverage your business on.


I do not recommend Secret Millionaire Bot, as it is all hyped up, and not honest or transparent in its marketing tactics.

If you want to learn the proper way to make money online, allow me to show you this method that I am using. It is in fact affiliate marketing.

With any business, the most critical factor lies in getting traffic to your offers.

Instagram, being a social media platform, tends to give traffic that has a lower conversion rate into buyers, as people go on there not to buy stuff.

With my method, I do not have to go out to look for traffic. People who are actively searching for what I am offering will be sent to me. This is the best kind of traffic, because they have strong buyer intent.

Here is how I do it:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Secret Millionaire Bot review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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