Million Dollar Replicator Scam – what nobody tells you

million dollar replicator review

Hi, if you found your way here, you are probably searching for some make money online opportunity, and have stumbled on the Million Dollar Replicator scam, and are wondering if it is really out to cheat you of your hard earned money, or is it a once in a lifetime opportunity to really make it big this time.

Who exactly is Michael Sachs? How does this product work? Are those people giving their testimonials really making a million dollars?

You are at the right place to learn the answers to these questions. With no association whatsoever to the Million Dollar Replicator, I will be giving a thorough, unbiased review of it, and helping you to make the decision of whether or not to go ahead with the purchase.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Million Dollar Replicator, through the following sections:

Million Dollar Replicator: Review Summary

Product: Million Dollar Replicator

Creator: Michael Sachs

Price: $37 + upsells

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Million Dollar Replicator is a shameless scam. Nothing about it is real, including its owner, testimonials, money back guarantee, and so much more. Please stay far away from this product.

If you want to earn money online, there are many legitimate ways to do it.

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Read on for the detailed review of Million Dollar Replicator, and why it is such a total scam.

What is Million Dollar Replicator

The big red flags that are waving at you

First off, the name of the product already sounds so far fetched. Let’s brace ourselves for all the hype, and at the same time pinpoint the red flags that are just waving at us.

million dollar replicator website


Take a look at the promotional page. A few things immediately stand out here. The most starking is how it has all the big names like Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, etc. on there. A simple search on the internet will show you that this product has never been featured on any of these before. It is a low down attempt to make itself seem credible, but this is fraudulent.

See the countdown timer at the top right corner? It’s fake, and it’s to give a sense of urgency, making you think that you have to act fast in order to get the remaining few copies ahead of others. This is very typical of hyped up products. The next time you open this promotional page, the counter starts all over again. All they want is to make your money, why would they deny your access to their product at all?

The big red button that says ‘start your million dollar month’, as well as the words above it that say ‘… make 7 figures in under 30 days! Guaranteed’ – I just find it funny, the way they put it. Seriously, would anyone really believe they can start earning a million dollars that very month? Any success takes hard work. To be a millionaire, it takes a million times hard work. Believe in the easy way out, and you will get scammed by these people.

As you can see, red flags are everywhere, and it was just one screenshot that I showed you.

Ready for another joke? Read this income disclaimer for yourself. This was found right at the bottom of their promotional page.


million dollar replicator income disclaimer


So, there is no guarantee afterall, expressed or implied, that you will make any money at all!!

Frankly, it is difficult to find anything as ridiculous as this. What do we do but laugh it off?

Now for the testimonials, which are supposed to assure us that there are at least some people making money from this program. They are fake too, those people in the video giving their testimonials are actually engaged to do the job.


million dollar replicator fake testimonial 1


This guy in the screenshot above who appeared in the promotional video giving his testimonial, he is actually engaged from Fiverr:


million dollar replicator fake testimonial 2


Next, we take a look at the message from the creator of Million Dollar Replicator: Michael Sachs…

million dollar replicator michael sachs


In 3 years, his team made $38 million using this replicator. A group of beta testers made over $1 million a month, every single month! If this were true, don’t you think it would have been featured in the news or somewhere prominent already?

Here’s the last big red flag, the last straw: Michael Sachs is not even real. His picture can be downloaded from Pixabay.

Bam. Wow.

million dollar replicator fake owner


That begs the million dollar question: is there anything about the Million Dollar Replicator that is real?


What Million Dollar Replicator really is

This product is a big scam, that’s what it really is.

So, Million Dollar Replicator is marketed as a system that identifies the most lucrative opportunities and replicates them in your account. It searches out guaranteed profits, runs in the background and money pours into your bank account.

Totally vague. Like any other hyped up product that does not deliver.

There is no such thing that can run like that, in the background without you lifting a finger, and earning consistently while you sleep and while you holiday, like what is claimed in the promotional video.

In reality, there is no one at all who is making a million dollars with this product, not even Michael Sachs, no.

Pros of Million Dollar Replicator

1. Money back guarantee

Many other products, no matter how scammy, still have at least this basic refund policy, to take care of customers who are dissatisfied with their product.

This one is the worst! On surface, it promises you money back guarantee, on its promotional page as well as in its promotional video. Then right at the bottom of the page, it claims that there is no guarantee that anyone will make any money with this product.


Its Cons

1. It is fake all around

Owner identity, big brands endorsement, testimonials, money back guarantee, countdown timer, … …

Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.

I think it is unnecessary to list its other cons.

Is Million Dollar Replicator Scam or legit? 

The Million Dollar Replicator scam is real. And big. It is a legit scam.


Million Dollar Replicator is the worst product I have ever reviewed so far. Totally not recommended.

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