Does Home Income Millionaire SCAM you?

Home Income Millionaire Review

What is this newest opportunity that promises your first $5K in the first week? Is the Home Income Millionaire scam real? Or is this finally the break that you have been searching for?

Welcome to my Home Income Millionaire review.

How does Marc Jennings earn millions of dollars with this program? What exactly is Home Income Millionaire, and how exactly does it work? Why do they not divulge much information about it in the sales video? Are they trying to hide something?

We will answer these questions and more, in my honest and in-depth Home Income Millionaire review, where I point out all the red flags, as well as explain what their business model is all about, to help you make an informed decision – a right that they seem to want to deprive you of.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Home Income Millionaire Review Summary

Product: Home Income Millionaire


Creator: “Marc Jennings”

Product type: Sales funnel into a high ticket program

Price: $97

Scam / Legit? : Scam

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Home Income Millionaire makes exaggerated income claims, that are all hype. Its sales tactics are very shady and misleading. It is a sales funnel to some high ticket program, which you would have to buy in, in order to earn commissions off it.

Such over-the-top products are extremely difficult to sell. It is of no use to you, unless you are a seasoned marketer, with a glib tongue, and have had lots of sales experience, as well as no issue about lack of integrity in convincing people to buy exorbitant products that may not be in their best interest, but simply for your own monetary gains.

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Read on for the detailed review of Home Income Millionaire, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Home Income Millionaire

Let’s find out what is Home Income Millionaire by first taking a look at its home page.

home income millionaire home page

It is “Marc Jennings”, whoever he is, trying to tell us how he made it rich, earning millions, by using this system. Sob story, from rags to riches, how he understands your frustrations, whatever…

It is a low down sales tactic, trying to lure people in with the glitter and glamour of making the fast bucks without having to do any work.

He beats about the bush, never really divulging any important details that you will need to make an informed decision.

All he says is that you will be earning commissions off some high ticket program, without actually doing any selling, because everything has been done for you.

He makes it sound really easy. But no such thing exists in this world.

No one has ever succeeded by having someone else give them a done-for-you system, to start making millions without even lifting a finger. It sounds too good to be true, because it really is.

Let me now show you what lies behind this deceitful veil of Home Income Millionaire.

How does Home Income Millionaire really work?

To tell you the truth, I did not want to waste my time digging out the actual high ticket program that they are selling. Because on their sales page, I can already see lots of huge red flags waving at us. It is not something you would even want to consider.

Before I point out the red flags one by one, let me help you understand how high ticket programs work.

The initial cost of $97 is just the beginning. High ticket programs are mostly full of upsells, going into the thousands (of dollars).

You would have to buy into those upsells, whether they are actual products (like some training materials), or some membership level, before you can earn commissions when people you refer to the program also buy those products.

Hence you are making huge upfront investments, that you may never get a chance of recouping, since these are expensive stuff that will be extremely difficult to sell, unless you are a seasoned marketer.

Where do you find traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any business. For this high ticket program to work for you, you will need to promote it to a huge number of people, and hopefully one or two can afford it, and can be convinced to buy it through you.

But where do you get this traffic?

Free social media traffic is not going to convert, because they are not even interested in the high ticket program in the first place.

Run ads? Well, that is going to be another HUGE initial cost, and can run into another thousands of dollars, without any sight of recovering these expenses at all.

Unless you know how to get free targeted traffic that will be interested in what you have to offer, otherwise you are on the losing end.

How high ticket programs work is that you are digging a hole for yourself, with the huge upfront costs, which you have to struggle to climb out of, before you can hope to make any profits.

Red Flags in Home Income Millionaire

One month old infant

Take a look at the domain age. It was registered only on 8th of May, 2019. That’s one month ago.

home income millionaire domain

And the domain is registered only for one year. If it were really such an established business, making millions of dollars, why would they only register the domain for a year?

Fake testimonials

Take a look at these testimonials shown on their home page:

home income millionaire testimonials

These are actually actors found on Fiverr, freelancers earning their keep by being spokespersons. They were engaged by Home Income Millionaire to give their ‘testimonials’.

home income millionaire testimonial fake

What does this mean?

To me, it simply means that no one has ever made any money with Home Income Millionaire. Why would they have to engage actors to give testimonials, if it weren’t so difficult to find a real person who has actually benefited from their program?

Strangely-worded disclaimer

First, they tell us Marc’s earnings are NOT typical, so do not expect that for yourself.

home income millionaire disclaimer

They even say you may never make any money.

Oh wow. So what happened to all those promises of millions of dollars without having to do any work?

See how they say ‘Home Income Millionaire is her pen name’? Who is ‘her’? Weren’t we talking about just Marc Jennings all along? This is so confusing.

This does not give me any confidence in their product at all, as it seems they do not know what they are talking about.

The best way to make money online

I guess everyone starts off wanting to make it rich fast. It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature. I wasn’t spared of all the temptations on the internet myself.

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affiliate commission

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Pros of Home Income Millionaire

There is no pro to this Home Income Millionaire at all, as it is made to work for its owners, and not for you. They do not have your welfare at heart at all, if they are so secretive about what you will be buying.

Cons of Home Income Millionaire

1. High ticket programs are difficult to sell

High ticket programs are exorbitantly priced, hence not anyone off the street will be able to afford it, neither will it be easy to convince anyone that they need it.

2. Traffic will be an issue

If you do not know how to get free targeted traffic to your offer for the high ticket program that you will be promoting, then chances are you are going to lose money through this venture.

3. All the red flags on its website make me not trust it

There are too many red flags on there, from incredibly new domain, short domain registration of one year and fake testimonials to disclaimer that says you may never make any money, and other weird wording in the disclaimer.

Is Home Income Millionaire Scam or legit? 

Home Income Millionaire – SCAM? YES it is, in my opinion.

Avoid it, as I do not think it will do you any good, much like some products I have reviewed, like,, and CloutBucks, to name just a few.


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