Fast Profit Jacker Scam: How real is it?

fast profit jacker

If you have heard of the Fast Profit Jacker scam, and you are here to sniff things out, then you are at the right place.

How can a product possibly work to earn you a 3 digit income in one minute, and scaled to a 6 digit income in one hour? I was open-minded at the start of its promotional video, like how I position myself with all products I review, until I reached this part. The 6 digit income in one hour really busted it for me.

Now, let’s dive straight in to take it apart, see how things work inside Fast Profit Jacker, and analyse if it is going to be your money spinner, or just another scam.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of Fast Profit Jacker, through the following sections:

Fast Profit Jacker: Review Summary

Product: Fast Profit Jacker fast profit jacker logo

Creators: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari

Product type: Cloud-based software

Price: $22.30

Scam / Legit? : Legit, only because you do get their software

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

Fast Profit Jacker is a cloud-based software that claims to help you identify companies with websites that need sprucing up, in terms of their security certificates, search engine optimisation and stuff. When you offer your services to these companies, to help them improve on their websites, you get paid by them.

Supposedly, you do not need any experience or technical know-how, because the software will do all the work for you.

I do not recommend Fast Profit Jacker because it does not live up to its promises, and is all hyped up about how little work you need to do, to start earning lots of money.

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Read on for the detailed review of Fast Profit Jacker, and why I do not recommend it.

What is Fast Profit Jacker

Information presented in promotional video and landing page

Fast Profit Jacker is a new software that makes it faster and easier than ever to have your own recurring revenue business. Without experience, upfront costs, or any risk, you can get results in as little as 1 hour! Then rinse and repeat as often as you want, for this is repeatable and scalable, just use the software to find more clients, or offer more services of your own.

fast profit jacker passive income

Picture having a constantly updated source of local businesses, online companies and independent marketers that desperately need help. With this software, you will know exactly how to contact them, without getting on the phone or meeting them in person. And you will be paid top dollar by providing or outsourcing simple services to them.

Instead of struggling for traffic, risking your money on advertisements, trying to build your list, creating products and tons of content, then waiting and hoping for results, why not just skip straight to the cash? You will earn passive recurring profits from regular customers. And outsource everything for hands-free profit with just a few clicks of your mouse.

What Fast Profit Jacker really is

First, a bit about the creators of Fast Profit Jacker. Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are well known in the internet marketing world to push out a new product every month or so. It is always done with lots of hype and empty promises.

They create so many products, because none are working, people will see through them pretty quickly, and by the time negative reviews get out, they are armed with the next new product, ready to launch it, targeting at unsuspecting newbies who can’t see through the game yet.

As with many products in the internet marketing niche, you will find many people singing praises of Fast Profit Jacker as you try to do your research. These people are all affiliates of the product, who get to earn a commission when you buy it through their links. That is why the strong competition through giving you numerous bonuses if you purchase through them.

So with this little bit of background, you should guess where we’re heading.

Now to the product itself. 

Fast Profit Jacker is a cloud based software that identifies businesses online, that are not optimising SEO (search engine optimisation), through parameters like detecting the presence of their SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. Mobile optimisation and social media exposure are also analysed through the software.

It then allows you to take action to contact those websites to offer your services that can improve their website’s performance. There are email templates that you can use to promote your services to those companies.

That is basically what the entire product of Fast Profit Jacker is about.

Why Fast Profit Jacker will not work

In other words, Fast Profit Jacker is asking you, as a complete beginner, to help others’ improve on their websites. And you are so going to make a 6 digit income out of this.

Do newbies even know what SEO entails? Yes, you can pick these things up, but it takes time. If you have never owned a website before, you wouldn’t be able to know the ins and outs of mobile optimisation, SEO optimisation, etc.

Or if you are going to outsource this service which is also suggested by the promotional materials of Fast Profit Jacker, then your profit is definitely going to be reduced by a lot. Earning a middleman’s income, how does that amount to a lifestyle income of a 6 digit figure?

How about the website’s social media exposure? To improve on any site’s social presence, it takes time and lots of work. How is this even called passive income? How is providing a service categorised as passive income?

Is a plumbing job then passive income too, because I have ready clients, I do not even have to look for them, they are all my regular clients who keep me busy and fully occupied earning money.

One other point which features a lot in the promotion of Fast Profit Jacker is that there is no need for you to make phone calls or meet with your clients to close a deal. You do not even have to step out of your house.

Do you think it is realistic, that with just an email promoting your service, any company is going to trust you, engage you and pay you hundreds for knowing whatever you know as a newbie to internet marketing? Emails like that always tend to appear spammy. I have never trusted them myself.

How do you provide a service without close communication with the company to discuss their website’s weaknesses and needs, meeting up to implement the changes you recommend, and obtaining feedback on subsequent website performance?

The way I see it, Fast Profit Jacker is much too hyped up in its promotion materials, throwing in whatever ideas that appeal to people in general: passive recurring income, no phone calls or meetings, just sending emails from home, and you get fast cash and big bucks.

The only people who are going to earn anything are the creators of this product. From the way they promote it, it is obvious they couldn’t care less about you making money.

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Pros of Fast Profit Jacker

1. Real owners

Well, regardless of their reputation, the creators of this product are real people, we know who they are. So we hope there is at least some accountability.

2. Money back guarantee

Most products I have reviewed, no matter how crappy, at least have a basic refund policy in place, for people who are dissatisfied with it.

Look at the money back guarantee provided by Fast Profit Jacker, and tell me how shameless it is.


fast profit jacker no money back guarantee


See how the heading and the content are disconnected. Make profits with Fast Profit Jacker or get a refund. Then in the body, “We don’t offer a no questions asked refund…” and “Refunds are for technical issue only…. Other than that all sales are final.”

Would you buy this product?

I’m sorry that even something that should be a ‘pro’ has turned out to be a ‘con’ instead.

3. You do get your software

Well, yeah… you do get something, which is the software. But as to how well it works, I won’t be finding out soon. I’m not willing to let these guys earn my hard-earned money.

Its Cons

1. Overhyped sales page

Too much hype, amounting to untruths, in my opinion. Calling a service industry a passive recurring income is really too far-fetched. Sometimes you really wonder how people can simply ditch their integrity in the face of money.

2. You have to know your way about the service industry

The service industry is rewarding, but it is never easy. To even clinch a deal, you have to identify a prospective client, go through rounds of negotiations to work out the scope of work and agree on your fees. Then you provide your service to them, assuming you are the expert in the area. Even if you are going to outsource, you need to know the industry, to find the best people, as your reputation is at stake.

3. Not minimum effort like what it is made to sound

Zero phone calls, zero meeting with clients. Once you get this software going, skip straight to the cash, your passive recurring income will start rolling in. Come on, who are you kidding?

4. Upsells

As with any product that serves not to help you but to help the creators earn money, Fast Profit Jackers has its own layers of upsells:

Upsell 1: $47 – Ultimate Edition, helps you find unlimited leads from Yellow Pages and Google Maps.

Upsell 2: $97 – triple your earnings by offering a fully fledged SEO business to your clients.

Upsell 3: $197 – a complete professional website for your clients.

Upsell 4: $77 – developer rights, another software that does for the all the rinse and repeats.

Upsell 5: $97 – license rights, to rename the software as your own and sell it to make 100% of the profits.

Is Fast Profit Jacker Scam or legit? 

Fast Profit Jacker scam is real, but I still want to give them some credit for having developed a real product which is the software. Only because they have created something concrete that you can take home, I would call them legit.


I do not recommend Fast Profit Jacker, because you totally do not need this if your calling is to be a website developer and help companies improve on their website performance.

If you are looking for ways to make money online, let me show you the proper, ethical way to do it. This is something that I am doing to earn my side income…


30 thoughts on “Fast Profit Jacker Scam: How real is it?”

  1. It’s so sad they take advantage of people. I would run when I saw the promises they made. You made a lot of good points I didn’t even think about. All I thought was there was no way I could make that much money in so little time. I didn’t even think about the amount of time that goes into building a social media presence, as if that could happen overnight. That is definitely not a passive job. Wow you really exposed this Fast Profit Jacker scam all the way. Thanks for breaking it down. I really hope people read this before considering buying this software. 

    • Hi Evette,

      Yes to us, it is an obviously low quality product. But to many beginners out there trying to make some money online, this can be extremely tempting, and tends to blind their sight for awhile.

  2. The fine prints is ridiculous. They say it’s 100% risk free and money back guaranteed but for technical issues only and all sales are final. I personally only trust the program that has credibility and keep up to their words. I guess if I was younger I’d probably join the program but I am mature now and knows that there is no such thing as easy money. Thank you for the review of Fast Profit Jacker, will share it with my friends so they are aware of it.

    Take care

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      You’re so right. We were all young once, aspiring to make it big and not knowing there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Aren’t we glad we are now wiser. 

  3. I wanted to know about Fast Profit Jacker and good thing that I found this article. I learned everything I needed to know about Fast Profit Jacker in this article. 

    This article explained really well about what exactly it is and how it works. I also learned about their creator.

    So after reading this review I understood that even though Fast Profit Jacker is not a scam it still not worth the time.

    Thank you so much for the review. It was really easy to understand and read the article.

  4. Thank you for your honest review of the Fast Profit Jacker program. Common sense should tell anyone who lands on this page that it is a scam, but unfortunately people are easily enticed by easy money, and many will pay the money that they will never get back! Talk about a terrible Money Back Policy!

    Thanks again, and best of luck.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Tom, 

      Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I do hope this site gets to help people be more wary of things that are going on in this big world out there of internet marketing.

  5. I think you have done a very nice review of Fast Profit Jacker. the key to getting anyone to buy anything is the pitch and angle. If they can get the angle and the pitch right, they could sell a cobra to anyone.

  6. Thanks for reviewing this Joo. I’m glad I ran across your article on this. I was going to try the Fast Profit Jacker out because it sounded like something I could do to make some good money by helping out fellow website owners. But yet again another piece of software too good to be true!

  7. After reading your Fast Profit Jacker review, I now know this is nothing I would go for. They lure you in with the prospect of making lots of money fast, already there it sounds like a scam. I understand how people would get caught up in the big money that they are flaunting but hopefully they will read your review and it will pull them back to reality. Good review of a low quality product. 

    • Hi Alexandra, 

      Yeah, the bait of making lots of money fast is always there, because it is a natural human weakness for instant gratification, so many people will still fall for it. I do hope more people do their homework before just buying anything. 

  8. I didn’t know the Fast Profit Jacker truth until I read this post. But after reading it, I’m pretty sure I won’t join them. Just earning the 6-digit slogan in an hour, my first instinct will feel It’s a scam. I don’t believe that there is a quick way to get rich, except if it’s a lottery. Thank you for sharing this content and letting me know about this project.

    • Hi Yu-Hsien,

      Yeah you’re totally right, there’s no way you can get rich quick. The proper way to do it is through hard work, no short cut to this. 

  9. Hi Joo

    Thank you for the heads up with this fast profit jacker review.

    This seems more like a pyramid scheme than a real software product.

    It’s rather strange that people really think they are going to be dealing with companies software without having any information in the subject

    I do think the more products I see like this, the more I like wealthy affiliate 

    • Hi Bruno,

      Thanks for checking out Wealthy Affiliate, they are really the best I have seen.

      I don’t think this Fast Profit Jacker is a pyramid, it’s just quite a useless method to try and make money, especially for beginners which is whom it is promoted to be for.  

  10. It’s so great how you say if you recommend one product or not! And when you don’t recommend Fast Profit Jacker, you give us one you do recommend, which is Wealthy Affiliate. This is so helpful as you seem to know what you’re talking about, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this kind of thing, so this article is helpful Thank you. 

    • Hi Jayde,

      Thank you for your kind words. Once you get yourself into reviewing these online products, it becomes much easier to distinguish the genuinely helpful ones from those that waste people’s time and money. 

  11. Hi Joo! Thank you so much for sharing this thorough review. I’d heard of Fast Profit Jacker online before but wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. Anything that promises almost instant profit cannot be legit! Is there anything you recommend as an alternative to Fast Profit Jacker for making money online?

    • Hi Sarah, 

      I am personally earning my side income through affiliate marketing, which I think is a great and honest way to make money, because I recommend products that I find useful in a niche that I choose. My readers get to solve their issues with the recommended products, at no extra cost. So it’s win-win for everyone. 

      I learnt everything I know about affiliate marketing through this platform: Wealthy Affiliate. Do check them out. 

  12. Fast Profit Jacker. Oh my, just another piece of hastily thrown together software with a promotion designed to appeal to those who want the instant income without the work.

    And there are plenty of them around, aren’t there?

    As they say, one born every minute.

    As if any reputable company with a website is going to pay someone they’ve never heard of, with no qualifications or experience other than a bit of software that anyone can pick up, to “fix” their website.

    And don’t you just love the affiliates? “DON’T buy Fast Profit Jacker! – Unless you want to make insane amounts of money. Buy now through my link.”

    Thanks so much for this detailed review and your expose of the authors.

    • Hi Phil,

      Yeah, you’ve seen their affiliates’ sales pitch too? They’re rather successful in grabbing people’s attention, I must say…

  13. Thank you for sharing this review about fast profit jacker. 

    Just another program that promises a lot and helps very little or nothing. How can a beginner begin to fix other people’s problems it just don’t make sense. I don’t know how they even sell this program and I feel sorry for people who fell for it. 

    I’m glad you make this review so no more people fall into the trap of this type of programs.

    • Hi GVporras, 

      Yeah, I really do hope no one falls for it. But sometimes people can get blinded by the quick and easy way out to make lots of money. 

  14. I am always super cautious when I start hearing companies make claims that you can start earning amazing money within minutes and while doing minimal work. As many of us know, making serious money is going to require work. Anything worthwhile is going to require work! Thank you for writing this article to point out scams like this before people get duped into giving up their money for empty promises!

  15. Thanks for this down to earth review of this clloud-based product.  It seems that this is just one of many of these type products which make it sound much easier than it is.  Like you said it is much more hype based on writing sales copy without any substance to back it up.

    Also the owners have a history of bringing out products with more interest in making profit regardless of the quality of the product.  Many worthless products which mislead others of what is possible.  You cannot help others with their website problems when you have no experience unless you source it out to experts and even with that you still have to know what you are doing.

    Good job making people aware of this.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yeah it’s a legit product on its own, but all the hype and sales pitch makes it seem like it’s out to deceive. 


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