5 Minute Money Machines Scam or Legit?


This new product, launched on December 7, 2018, has taken the internet by storm. If you are here, it means you are doing your due diligence in checking it out, to see if the 5 Minute Money Machines scam is real, or if it actually turns out to be a great tool in helping you make money online!

In your research, you will come across tons of fantastic reviews about this product. Do realise that those are all written by its affiliates, who will earn a commission when anyone buys it through their links. That is why they are throwing in bonuses of their own, in a bid to attract their viewers or readers to buy from them instead of from others.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at 5 Minute Money Machines, through the following sections:

5 Minute Money Machines Review Summary

Product: 5 Minute Money Machines

Creator: Vicky & Mark Barrett

Product type: eBook with video training course

Price: $12.95 (discounted price at launch is $6.95)

Scam / Legit? : Legit

Recommended or not? : Not recommended

5 Minute Money Machines is basically just some training materials, in the forms of eBook and videos, to teach you a method that supposedly earns you a great recurring income, simply by spending 5 minutes a day. The product used to generate your affiliate commissions is legit and in fact a great platform – Wealthy Affiliate.

But the traffic generation method taught in the training is a paid one – using solo ads. And it is not going to work for newbies like what is claimed, because it takes time and experience to figure out how to make paid traffic work for you, how to find the right sources of solo ads that can convert well, and how to distinguish ethical sources from unethical ones.

I know of a great platform, that teaches you how to earn through affiliate marketing the proper way: by creating great content on your own website that ranks high in search engines, so that you are rewarded with free organic traffic sent from the search engines, which are targeted and so will convert well.

Take a look at how I am earning my online income this way:

Read on for the detailed review of what 5 Minute Money Machines is, and why I do not recommend it.

What is 5 Minute Money Machines – why it will not live up to its claims

Information presented in promotional video and landing page

Like any other hyped-up product, it starts by promising great earnings with minimum work. To be exact, you just have to spend 5 minutes or less setting up a simple ‘money machine’, and you will earn a long term, sustainable and reliable income.

It is a simple copy and paste method, 100% newbie friendly. Even if you have zero experience and no technical skills, you can set it up in minutes and start making money online fast.

No website, no email lists, no complicated funnels, no product creation needed, things that other money making methods usually do.


In this step-by-step eBook, you get to learn

  • the exact platform Mark uses to make easy, recurring income
  • his exact strategy for creating profitable campaigns
  • how to get setup on the platform yourself
  • how to get started promoting and earning
  • how to copy and paste his campaigns and results
  • how to get the traffic rolling in
  • essential tips for succeeding and earning
  • how to avoid issues
  • how to get paid

These are the bonuses that are included in this product:

  • 30 Ways to Get Free Traffic
  • Free Traffic Super Pack
  • Free Web Traffic Made Simple
  • Get Free Website Traffic

What 5 Minute Money Machines really is

The first thing that struck me about the information presented is that it is really vague and sketchy. There seems to be no real product here, as in no software or tools provided, except for an eBook and training videos to teach us about Mark’s method in obtaining a recurring income, with minimum effort.

That is a red flag, typical of many internet marketing products or courses, a gimmick used to pique people’s curiosity, and lure them into buying. Would you buy a car if they told you the brand, model, number of seater, and all the technical specifications are secret, you just have to trust that it will be the most powerful and fastest car in town?

Upon more probing, I found out that that is really all there is to it. EBook and training videos. That’s it.

The method taught in 5 Minute Money Machines

Since it is just some training materials, let’s dig into it and see if the method taught is legit and worth the money that you will be paying for it.

5 Minute Money Machines basically teaches you to promote an awesome training platform, and earn a commission when people sign up through your affiliate link. That is what the ‘copy and paste’ method is about, it’s just copying and pasting your affiliate link. Come on, you mean this action can actually be coined into a ‘method’? How hype-y can we get?

This training platform is in fact what I promote here on my website too. It is Wealthy Affiliate.

–>>> Take a look here, and you will understand why it is so awesome. <<<–

The main issue here is: the traffic generation method taught in 5 Minute Money Machines, to drive traffic to your Wealthy Affiliate links, is not something I would recommend.

Driving traffic by using solo ads

This is the traffic method taught in 5 Minute Money Machines: solo ads.

Solo ads is a pay-per-click, paid traffic source, that makes use of some other people’s established email list, that you would tap on, to blast your email marketing campaign, which links to your sales landing page, opt-in page, etc.

The main problem I have with solo ads is how ethical it is, to buy some email list for blasting your own campaigns, without those people having indicated an explicit interest or approval to receiving your campaigns.

The people who sell the email lists for solo ads, some of them operate ethically, others not. So you really do not know where your list comes from, unless you study it further.

That also begs the question of how targeted your email list audience is. So if you want high conversion rates, you probably have to know their sources well, in order to choose those that you think would convert the best.

Some marketers do well on solo ads, but it is something that takes time and experience to know the ins and outs of how to work it to your advantage. Definitely not suitable for beginners.

The right way to promote Wealthy Affiliate or any other product you recommend

The best way of promoting any product and earning through commissions, is to have your own website. Because on it, you can build your brand, establish yourself in your chosen niche. Only then will visitors arriving at your website trust you enough to buy into your recommendations, when they see that you are genuine in helping others.

By building up authority in your niche, search engines will rank you well. People looking for answers on search engines will land on your site, and you get massive amount of free organic traffic, which is targeted because you are providing the answers to their problems. So your visitors will convert, and you get to earn.

Without a proper website, like the method taught in 5 Minute Money Machines, no one is going to buy from you because there is no trust, no rapport, no relationship.

And you’re just throwing your marketing efforts at random people who may not be interested in what you are offering at all.

The Pros of 5 Minute Money Machines

1. 30 day money back guarantee

At the very least, this basic refund policy is in place, for dissatisfied customers. But how promptly they respond to refund requests, and if they actually go ahead with the refunds, I do not have the information.

2. You do get your training materials

You do get the training materials as promised, and can certainly try out the methods taught in there.

3. There is a face to the owner of 5 Minute Money Machines

Mark Barrett himself appears in the promotional video of this product, and for me, this is always a plus, as it shows that he has nothing to hide, and he is not afraid to show that he is the one behind the creation of this product. It always puts the product a few notches above those that have no faces to them, or even no last names.

Its Cons

1. Owners’ credibility

Why is it that one moment I say it’s good that there is a face to the product, and the next moment I question his credibility?

The answer is very simple. Do a search for his name, and you will discover the pattern that the products developed by him (sometimes in collaboration with other internet marketers) always boast about earning money with minimum effort, or in a very short time – 5 minutes, 8 minutes, that sort of crap. Sorry, but…

This is just making use of a flaw in human nature: laziness, and instant gratification, to monetise from the people who fall for it. If you search carefully, you will also see lots of negative reviews for the past products that he created.

These products come and go. Because after the negative reviews get substantial enough in numbers, people will not buy it anymore. That is, after the hype, excitement and curiosity at the start when the product was just launched.

That is why internet marketers who target on this human weakness always have to keep coming up with new products.

2. Upsells

I really do not like the surprises in products with upsells. And they will always say to make the original product work better, or streamline it, you have to get the upsells along with it. That makes me feel like the original product is beta quality, when it was made to sound like the best thing on earth before I bought it.


The upsells involved in 5 Minute Money Machines are:

Upsell #1: advanced free and cheap traffic strategies – $37 (with downsell of $27)

Upsell #2: done for you package – $47 (with downsell of $37)

Upsell #3: weekly live master class series – $4.95 for trial, and $67 per month subsequently

The downsells come with $10 off, after you click on “no, thank you” when presented with the original upsell.

3. Affiliate marketing just does not work this way

This method taught in 5 Minute Money Machines is just not a sustainable way to earning an income online. First, a cost is incurred, and there is no guarantee that you are going to close any deals, because there is no way for you to nurture the relationship with your leads, how on earth are they going to trust you on your recommended product?

So even though the product promoted to your traffic through the solo ads email campaigns is a fantastic one, a salesy pitch in the campaigns and your landing page, in a bid to get buy-ins, is going to put people off. They are going to see this product as no different from all the scams out there, because it is being pushed out to them in the exact same way.

Is 5 Minute Money Machines Scam or Legit?

5 Minute Money Machines scam? No, this is definitely not a scam. Because you do get some training materials, and the price is not high.

But I really would not recommend the methods taught in there to anyone, as that is not the best way to promote any product, including awesome platforms like Wealthy Affiliate.


Now that we have seen why 5 Minute Money Machines will not work for you in earning a sustainable income, I would like to show you the platform of Wealthy Affiliate itself.

It is from there that I learnt to build up my own website from scratch, write great content that help my readers, and slowly earn the trust of the search engines enough to get ranked on page 1. Once you’re there, there’s no stopping the massive amount of free organic traffic generated by the search engines.

There are 10 lessons available in the free members section, go take a look and you will see how this can pave the way to your online venture that will earn you a passive income the free and proper way.

14 thoughts on “5 Minute Money Machines Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thanks for this review 5 minute money machine to me is a scam because one moment it says something the next it gives something different, any site that does this is not worthy of been recommended, affiliate marketing does not make one rich over night if you do not put in lots of work as it is not a get rich quick scheme.

    • Hi Seun, 

      Yes you’ve stated a true fact about life. To succeed in anything at all, you got to work for it. No short cut around this. 

  2. Thanks for the post. Once thing that we need to recognize here, is the way that many people still believe that there is an easy way to work 5 to 10 mins a day or less, and make money after it. Because of that, those scammers or “smart” guys that create those products, make a living out of those lazy people. Anyway, I was scammed several times, so I have a thick skin now and easily recognize when someone wants to sell a dirty secret that will make me millionaire for few bucks.Thanks for your post.

    • Hi Mauricio,

      Oh man, I’m sorry that you got scammed before. But take it as a life enrichment lesson, and now you know better than many others what kind of programs to avoid. 

      All the best to you!

  3. Thank you for your review about “5 Minute Money Machines”. To be honest, just the name of the product made me angry.

    There is no quick and easy way to make money online if you are after a long term sustainable business. The problem is just about everybody especially when they start out falls for the promises of companies like this, that there are easy and fast ways to make money online. It’s just not true and in the end newbies will waste time and money on products like this, only to learn this same lesson.

    Even though it’s not a scam, hopefully anybody considering this will heed your advice and look for a well established and successful company to help them build a business, one that has proved it’s success over time.


    • Hi Mark, 

      Thank you for dropping by. Yeah I Guess as Long as human beings have a natural tendency for instant gratification, for lots of money without having to work for it, then there will always be products sprouting out that try to cash in on this. 

  4. From your review, I’m seeing that they’re working with Solo Ads wrong. I believe that you should be buying Solo Ads and directing it to a page where they can sign up with their email to whatever program you’re offering. Then you actually have their consent to getting emails from you and it’ll work a lot better in the long run. It’s great you pointed out how this program teaches you to generate traffic.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes that’s a good idea, to get the people on those email list to opt into your own email list. Then the conversion will be better, and you get to nurture the relationship with your potential customers too, instead of simply spamming their emails. 

  5. If the 5 Minute Money Machines is like the one I fell for in the past, I would definitely not recommend it to anyone.  You buy one thing, and then have to buy more and more an more.  I wish programs like that would just tell you in the beginning.  Long story short, after a lot of screaming I got all my money back.  

    • Hi Jessica,

      Yes upsells are a prominent feature of products who just want to squeeze you dry. I’m Glad you got all your money back! Hang on tight to it from now on! 

  6. I use safe-lists for my e-marketing over the years (10 years worth) and have actually become quite proficient at it. You are right when you say in your review that the 5 Minute Money Machines is not going to be good learning tool for newbies. It took me 10 years to learn how to do and use solo adds effectively. Your review is great and your suggestions quite clear.

    • Hi Ilaisaane,

      Wow you’ve been doing internet marketing for 10years! I will have lots to learn from you! Thank you for approving of my review.. 🙂

  7. Hi Joo – This 5 Minute Money Machines is a really new product, glad that you have reviewed it. You provided a very nice and thorough review which should greatly benefit others.  I would not pursue this opportunity based on your review, and also because I am already involved with Wealthy Affiliate.  

    Nice job on your review of the 5 Minute Money Machines.




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