Mister Dollar Review – HYIP Ponzi Scheme

Mister Dollar Review

Welcome to my Mister Dollar review.

You must be eager to find out if you can earn on this self-proclaimed world’s best trading platform.

I got very curious too, to learn how they are able to make such high returns on their investments. So I set out digging and probing around to find out more.

As it turns out, Mister-Dollar.com is a high yield investment program (HYIP) which is a Ponzi scheme at its core. No real investment actually takes place.

Stick with me as I walk you through all the red flags on this new platform, and explain how things really work, as well as your chances of profiting with it.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Mister Dollar Review Summary

Product: Mister Dollar

URL: https://mister-dollar.com/

Creator: unknown

Product type: high yield investment program (HYIP), Ponzi scheme

Price: free to join, $1 minimum deposit

Rating: 1 out of 5

Scam / Legit? : Not legit

Recommended or not? : NOT Recommended

Mister-Dollar.com is a Ponzi scheme that takes new investors’ money to pay early investors. It is nothing other than money exchanging hands.

Though possible to earn, such schemes collapse as quickly as they spring up everywhere. When it happens, majority of participants lose out while the creators of the program and their earliest investors make off with the money.

What is Mister-Dollar.com

To find out what is Mister Dollar, let us first take a look at its website:

mister dollar home page

Depending on how long you choose to place your deposit, you can possibly make 4.58% hourly (for 1 day), 1.375% hourly (for 5 days), or 250% in 10 days.

It sounds really exciting, and that is what every high yield investment program (HYIP) is about. They make it seem really easy to get a huge returns on your investment.

Further, Mister-Dollar.com claims that this is a daring project by young financiers and managers (without identifying themselves). They purportedly started way back in 2012, and are even able to provide the certificate of their company’s registration with the UK Companies House.

This is a common tactic by Ponzi scheme creators to appear legitimate, as I will explain in a later section.

Mister Dollar goes on to state that they trade on the exchange, winning by the difference in currencies. It sounds like a forex trading platform, then. But the truth is far from that.

Free to register

To get registered, it is free.

All you need are to provide a username and password, choose a payment system and data plan, and then open a deposit to start earning.

The available payment channels on Mister-Dollar.com include Payeer, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney, Bitcoin, Card, LiteCoin, DodgeCoin, Ethereum, and Berty.


Depending on the plan you choose, there are minimum and maximum deposits for each one. For instance, on plan 1 (one-day), the minimum deposit is $1, and maximum is $11.

Affiliate Program

You can earn with Mister Dollar’s affiliate program even if you choose not to make any investment. But the commission you get will definitely be lower than if you have an active deposit account, at 1% commission (as opposed to 5%).

And to earn as an affiliate, your referral must have an active deposit on the platform.

It all sounds promising and exciting, but before you hop on board, make sure you read the next two sections to understand the high risks that you might be getting into.

Red Flags in Mister Dollar

1. Brand new platform

The Mister-Dollar.com website domain was only very recently registered on February 17, 2020.

mister dollar domain

If this group of financiers and managers has had such huge success with forex trading, and had been in business since 2012, why do they not just stick with one website, one domain all through these years?

Why do they register their parent company with a different name (Billion Dollar Services Limited) than their website?

2. No real investment takes place

Being a registered company does not mean its business operation is legitimate, because there is no one monitoring the activities of registered companies, as long as the basic legal paperwork (taxes and stuff) is accounted for.

Furthermore, investment companies fall under the purview of regulatory authorities in the finances sector.

And yet, nowhere on Mister-Dollar.com does it make reference to this.

Is it regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)? Is it the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK, or some other regulatory body?

The lack of information in this respect, coupled with trying to appear credible by splashing its company registration certificate on its website, give me good reasons to suspect it is a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

3. No founder details

Anyone can say they are a group of trading experts.

But if they do not reveal their true identities, there is no accountability.

I personally find it very hard to trust any company that is not transparent about its founders.

How Mister Dollar Really Works

My personal take on this is: no real investment actually takes place.

It is a simple game of passing the parcel.

Money from new investors is used to pay earlier investors. Hence, it is possible to make money with this.

The thing is, if you invest a small amount, the peanuts you make (even if you really do profit) is not worth the time and energy involved.

But if you invest big (something I’d totally NOT recommend), you risk losing big.

Sooner or later, this scheme is going to collapse, as all Ponzi schemes do.

When the number of new investors dwindle, existing investors find that they are not getting paid, and their money is stuck in the deposits.

At this point in time, the creators of the program will boot and run off with all the money. That is their ultimate objective of creating such programs: to get your money.

They have to let go of the small fish in order to catch the big fish.

Thus at the start of the operation of Mister Dollar, they will pay out, as they want to earn investors’ trust, so that they will refer friends and family to join, and at the same time feel confident to invest in larger sums of money.

The bottomline is: for anyone to profit from this, many more people have to lose their money.

Money does not just fall from the sky. If there are no real investments being made, there is no value added to whatever money that is circulating in the system.

It is simple math.

And that is the reason why Ponzi schemes are illegal. See what SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) says about it here.

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.

Pros of Mister Dollar

1. Possible to make money

Yes, if you know how to catch it at the right timing, it is possible to make money. But since the risks are so high, investing a large amount is playing with fire. On the other hand, if you invest small, that makes this scheme not worth the while.

At the end of the day, the decision lies with you.

All I can say is: act prudent. And NEVER use money you cannot afford to lose.

Cons of Mister Dollar

1. No founder information

I will never entrust my money with people who hide themselves. It is easy for them to do whatever they want since without real faces that stand behind their program, they do not have to be accountable to their investors.

2. Unrealistic claims on ROI

Do not be tempted by the high returns. If it were really that easy, nobody would have to work at their jobs. Everyone can just invest on Mister-Dollar.com to get 250% ROI.

3. Lacks pertinent details

If it is not regulated by an authority that governs the finance sector, chances are it is not legitimate.

Company registration certificates do not count.

Is Mister Dollar Scam or Legit?

Mister-Dollar.com is not legitimate, as far as I can tell. You can invest small and possibly profit small if you really want to, but your timing has to be good (before it collapses). The moment you invest big, I’ll bet that’s the last you see of your money.

Some similar programs include Hourly Dollars, GSP Crypto, Yestor, GoFounders, and Infinity Residuals, to name just a few.

An Alternative

Everyone wants to be rich, but guess who will make it?

It’s a very natural thing, that’s just human nature. I mean, find me someone who doesn’t want to get rich fast, and with minimum effort.

I wasn’t spared of all the temptations on the internet, hopping from one shiny object to the next.

But when I realized those empty promises are only going to make other people rich, and not me, I stopped looking for shiny objects.

I found a dull-looking object, but I knew in my heart that is the real deal. And from then on, I have never looked back.

An honest, down-to-earth method that will get you there. It’s not going to be easy, but it will get you there.

Versus the fast and easy way to empty your pockets and get you nowhere.

Which would you choose?

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    • Hi Markeeta,

      Thank you for providing your insight with high yield investment programs.

      Sadly, there are also many scams involved with fund recovery. Refer to FTC’s take on it here.

      As I am not able to verify the authenticity of the contact you provided, I have removed the email address from your comment.


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