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Legal Bundle Value Pack Review

Welcome to my Legal Bundle Value Pack review, a top-notch training and legal pages templates package created by lawyer and blogger Lucrezia Iapichino.

If you are going to or have already built up a website or a blog, whether it is for leisure, or for monetization, it is important to get the legal aspects sorted out properly right from the outset.

Though legalities of blogging can seem cumbersome and plain old boring, it is something that requires just your one-off time investment to stay protected for the rest of your blog’s life.

This will free you up to simply enjoy the writing subsequently, or focus on content building and your marketing strategies.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in now!

Legal Bundle Value Pack Review Summary

Product: Legal Bundle Value Pack

Creator: Lucrezia Iapichino

Product type: Training on the legal aspects of blogging and templates of legal pages

Price: $157

Rating: 5 out of 5

Recommended or not? : YES, absolutely

The Legal Bundle Value Pack consists of four professionally drafted templates:
– privacy policy,
– terms and conditions,
– disclaimers, and
– disclosures
with walk-through training.

And four bonuses:
– cookie policy template,
– GDPR specific requirements module,
– no follow links module, and
– access to the private Facebook group Blogging for New Bloggers (comprising 23K members).

Lifetime access to the course means you will get future versions too, when any updates are made. The entirety of this bundle is worth a value of $1,421.65.

Your website is accessible by people from all over the world.

Ensuring that it complies with all legal requirements not only assures your audience of your professionalism and credibility, more importantly it serves to protect you and your website visitors.

It is about accountability.

Even as a leisure blogger, chances are you will allow your visitors to leave comments on your posts. In the process, their email addresses will be collected.

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), your visitors have the right to know how you process and use their information.

Unless you want to exclude visitors from the European Union, otherwise basically everyone whose website reaches a global audience would have to take care of data protection and privacy of their visitors.

And if you are thinking of monetizing your website, well drafted legal pages are of paramount importance.

No company would want to associate their brands with any blogger or website owner who does not have the proper legalities in place.

Here we are talking about affiliate programs (Amazon, Walmart, and all the individual companies), advertising networks (Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, etc.) as well as sponsors whom you may potentially work with.

Next, we shall reveal the person who is best equipped to help us with the job.

Lucrezia Iapichino – Who is she?

Who is in the position to experience first-hand and thoroughly understand the legal issues faced by a blogger?

Why, a lawyer who runs a blog, of course.

And here we have our best candidate: Lucrezia Iapichino.

legal bundle lucrezia

She is the co-founder of Blogging for New Bloggers and Tinylovebug. Additionally, she is a lawyer and university lecturer (LLB, LLM, PhD in International and EU Law).

Thousands of bloggers have benefited from her courses on how to blog legally.

I seriously can’t find anyone else who is in a better position than Lucrezia to learn and obtain resources from.

legal bundle value pack

The bulk of this bundle comprises these FTC + GDPR + CCPA compliant templates:

  • Privacy Policy template and walk-through (value $149.95)
  • Terms and conditions template (value $279.95)
  • Disclaimers template (value $99.95)
  • Disclosures template (value $99.95)

With lifetime access (value $299.95) to these materials, you will never have to worry about any significant changes to legislation affecting your business. You can keep your legal pages up to date at no extra cost.

If you engage a lawyer on your own to help you with these legal stuff, it can easily cost upward of $1K.

On top of the unbelievable value offered in the main bundle, Lucrezia is throwing in 4 bonuses!

  1. Cookie Policy template (value $49.95)
  2. Specific requirements under GDPR
  3. No follow links module (value $125.90 together with item 2)
  4. Access to private Facebook group Blogging for New Bloggers (value $49/month)

This offer will not last forever, because the price for the Legal Bundle Value Pack is raised periodically. And there is no guarantee the free bonuses will still be there.

So, leave no room for regrets. Jump in now!

To round up this article, let me recap and summarize the pros and cons, before I finally conclude with some tips on how to use this Legal Bundle more effectively.

Pros of Legal Bundle Value Pack

1. Tapping into the expertise of the best person for the job

Not only is Lucrezia a fully qualified lawyer, she has the practical experience of owning and running successful websites. This powerful combination of two different fields is hard to come by.

2. Save you the hassle and sleepless nights

Customizing the templates to suit your business will not take more than half an hour of your time, and is something absolutely necessary.

Get it done in the early days of your online business, so you do not have to worry about major hiccups due to legal issues down the road.

3. Easy access to the bundle (for life)

The Legal Bundle Value Pack is hosted online, giving you easy and instant access anytime you need it.

What’s even better is the fact that you do not have to spend a single dollar the next major legislature changes come along that affect your business. Lucrezia has your back.

4. 30 day money back guarantee

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, you will get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy with it.

Cons of Legal Bundle Value Pack

This must be the most difficult section to write in this article.

If I really must say something, it is that when you see the value provided by Lucrezia, you may be very tempted to spend more money buying her other courses (oops).

Concluding Tips on Using the Legal Bundle

As you go through the course, try not to skip the chapters, as Lucrezia will not only explain each step so that your pages can be set up to align with your business, she provides clear explanation on the relevant legal principles in plain English (not something every lawyer can do).

Lastly, do make it a point to join the private Facebook group. There, you get to network with and get support from other bloggers, learn best blogging practices, and increase exposure of your blog, among other benefits.

If you are just about to create your website, start on the right foot here.

If you can’t seem to get traffic to your site, learn about content marketing here.

And if you have any concerns or questions regarding this Legal Bundle Value Pack review, do comment below, and we will start a conversation from there.

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